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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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were to resignations in the british government both over the prime minister's plan for breaks it can to resubmit survive europe is watching in disbelief britain will leave the european union in just eight months the chance of it crashing out with no deal has never been as real as it is tonight i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. mr speaker responsible government must prepare for a range of potential outcomes including the possibility. we're over two years on from the referendum two years of soundbites indecision and common it's been fighting in the two years since the referendum we have had a spirit of national debate i. this is fake how can anyone have faith in the prime minister get
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a good good deal with twenty seven european union governments when she comes broker a deal within her own cabinet but at the same time we should recognise the such a disorderly no deal would have found consequences the playfield k. and the e.u. and i believe that the u.k. . pixie's could just break up this government is not capable of securing a deal to protect big tonally. mixed times. also coming up tonight the chemical weapon known as no we choke it has made for people in the u.k. you know and relations between one did and moscow anemic now someone has died and nobody choke is part of a murder investigation. the investigation is being led by detectives from the u.k.'s cancer terrorism policing network. and they are unable to say at this moment whether or not the nerve agent found in this incident is linked to the attack on
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said script. or we begin the day with a break that bomb in london in the last twenty four hours there have been two resignations from the british government breaks it minister david davis and british foreign minister boris johnson both quitting because they say they cannot support the government's plan for britain's exit from the european union the plan which prime minister theresa may told parliament today is the right breaks it or right or wrong time is running out for britain in march of next year the u.k. leaves the e.u. eight months until one of the most significant political and economic divorces in history and instead of a blueprint for departure what we see is a picture of power politics of theresa may has always said breaks it means breaks it tonight more than ever before breaks it means the possibility of britain leaving the e.u. with no deal in hand and unprecedented disaster that has always been possible has
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now become probable today the prime minister acknowledged that danger and called on the european union to help prevent. what's we are proposing is challenging for the e.u. because. it requires them to think again to look beyond the positions they've taken say and agree anyone that balance of rights and obligations because that is the only way to meet our commitments to avoid hot water between north and on and on and without damaging the constitutional integrity of the u.k. and while respecting the results of the referendum. our to do nobody even charter he is author of several definitive books on britain and the european union he's also the berlin bureau chief for the times newspaper dave it's good to have you back on the show. what do you see happening i mean what did we see today. i think
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we saw the inevitable showdown between the company it's. hard bricks it is you who really want to walk away from everything to do with the european union and always have done the ideological and peace are committed to a very hard brick sets and the soft bricks it is led by series of may these two camps have been at each other's throats for months it's been impossible to get an agreement between them the the coup really the reason may has carried off perhaps on friday at checkers is to present her plan for the brits that talks the final arrangement between britain and the e.u. which is a very close relationship for goods in a kind of a customs union this is not acceptable to the heartbreaks it is the question is how many of them all there how many of them are prepared to sacrifice their jobs in the cabinets to try and force this heartbreaks it and at the moment i would suggest to
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reason may's winning the arguments in the cabinet where you used the word coup what i was going to ask you did we witnessed you know a type of an attempted coup today by hard line brigadiers those hard big city years is that is that what we saw today well i think if it was to be a coup on that side it would need to be a little bit better organized it seemed to me that david davis went because he could no longer stomach the fact that he would be the face of this soft bricks that position what about more journalists sell but he didn't seem to have liaised with boris johnson it's seems to be a surprise and now this could all be acting that could be some sort of drama shakespearean plot behind the saints but i don't see it i don't see the other heartbreaks it is like liam fox leaving the cabinet at this moment which suggests to me that the reason they may just have got the cabinets that she now needs for
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the soft bricks that she visits is the best for. britain and probably is the best of the better way of leaving the e.u. with the new foreign minister is jeremy hunt and he was a remainer he did not want. to lose and he was a remain a right and did not want didn't campaign particularly vigorously for she did keep her options open he was a little bit more certain that he wanted to remain as indeed did david livingstone who's that to reason why is right one now is the leader of the commons on a very important figure in the cabinet now she has now got also with philip hammond the chance of the exchequer they are a group of people who campaigned for a name who are now leading the. the liver in the policy of the soft brush salt bricks if this is all you would argue but this is what britain days before the vote to leave was very close you know fifty percent to forty eight percent if you then try and force an extremely hard bricks that you will delivering what perhaps even
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a minority of the fifty percent really warms and some of those fifty percent wanted to stay pretty close to the e.u. they don't want economic meltdown in britain because the old supply chains have wrecked all of our manufacturing industry this could be the brics it's that person though to fall you know the irony is that you have a prime minister who was a remain or may carry it out you know the irony of history. minister who is now former minister david davies he laid out why he could no longer. serve in this government i want you to take a listen to a segment of the interview he gave. so the return of control to parliament is more illusion this is real secondly the customs arrangements for me will become acting taxes effectively tariffs for the european union they are bound to insist on the european court having a say in that and that will be a problem in terms of bring you back control of our laws again and our borders and
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thirdly the tactic i'm worried that what the european union will do simply take what we've offered and ask for more white for more and i think if you've got to be a time or get a bit tougher with them and this should be in the time. david people hear what he's saying they can understand his issues but then what does he do he goes and resigns which we have seen time and time again in the u.k. how do you make sense of that if you want to change something in your in power. why do you then resign and walk away the fact is with david davis he was always ideologically very strongly committed to leaving the opinion and i don't think it really thought through the nitty gritty details i don't think anybody had say it's been a revelation to everything you have to go through to the european union to bridge books it may it may have helped. we are where we are and the fact is that david davis was in a job which requires
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a whole hearted support of the prime minister's plan for a soft bricks have to stay very close on the trading of goods to protect his manufacturing future and run the british economy because the markets will take against the hard brits and it could be extremely damaging for the economy so in his position i understand the resignation because he can no longer present that position now is the central position of the cabinets and all not companies meeting on for on friday to reason they said any more dissent and i'm sacking the dissenters ok so the dissenters resigned before they would get fired absolutely there are there's a quote from boris johnson i'd like to show our viewers that maybe you could tell us what boris johnson is trying to do tonight he said that the brics a dream is dying and that britain is headed towards becoming a. post would be. like a colony of the european union this is the letter that he wrote to theresa may and here it is you know the dream is dying and we are truly headed for the status of
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colony i mean that language me colony right well for us is a wordsmith he's made his living through journalism for the last twenty five years he's been a very very powerful journalist and he. is trying to frame the debate again the heartbreaks of his a trying to frame that narrow victory for leaving as a decision for the hardest possible brix it what's the reason why it's saying is forty eight percent of those who voted wanted to remain so we should stay closer to the e.u. than the heartbreaks it is want they want to complete break break all ties really difficult situation i'm ready but no one but no one wanted or no one campaigned for a hard brigs that with no deals simply just cutting ties and that is it in mail that has become probable not maybe most probable but we're talking about it what do you see happening next march i mean i've always asked you will briggs it happen it
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looks like it's going to happen i think it's happening but do you think we're going to have a break with no deal i think the events of the last few days make it less likely that we'll have a new deal bricks that we had to get to britain had to get a unified position for the toll on what the new relationship is going to be between britain and the e.u. and there was always this tension in the company between the two camps as i've said and now if the reason they really has resolved that tension if the cabinet is united then she has the mandate to go for this particular deal which puts him in a much stronger negotiators rather than she's a stronger prime minister tonight as she was last night unless somebody else resigns in the next twenty four hours that it is a plot to. resign but i think so yes i think i think this will be looked on in the history actually as the moment series of threes and i proved. david charter is
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always fascinating to get your insights thank you. we have launched a murder investigation after learning the devastating news that died in hospital last night at twenty six minutes. and the. british citizen. that was the head of britain's counter-terror policing unit neil basu announcing the murder investigation into the death of a woman exposed to the nerve agent no we joke a forty four year old dawn sturges died in the hospital today she and her boyfriend became ill two weeks ago in southwest england not far from where a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with the same substance earlier this year and has blamed for that attack which has been described as the first chemical weapons use in europe since the second world war. here is more now from
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the metropolitan police. this time. of the contamination. in the months since the script. and people. have presented with symptoms. but their reaction has. resulted in them charlie been critically. or british police say that they're working on the assumption that this case is linked to the poisoning of former russian spy sergei's cripple and his daughter in the same area just four months ago london has blamed moscow for that incident the kremlin has rejected claims of any connection my next guest has tragic personal
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experience of lattimer putin's government targeting its perceived enemies in two thousand and six the former russian agent alexander litvinenko was fatally poisoned using radioactive polonium in london british courts firmly established that the attack was carried out by russia an inquiry concluded that vladimir putin probably approved the killing of his wife marina that the ago has campaigned tirelessly ever since then to preserve alexander litvinenko memory and to bring to justice those who killed him misses that and joins me tonight from london good evening to you mrs the we appreciate you taking the time to be on the day there have been four reported exposures to novi joke in the u.k. this year one person has died there's a murder investigation now underway based on what you experienced following your husband's murder is the british government handling the novi showcases appropriate
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. first of all i would lead to extend my condolences to the family of don sturgeon it's absolutely shocking news for what happened and she has died and after that of course the something was not done enough after a few months then says the time they heard about novacek now i have a first innocent victim it means something was not enough. do you see evidence in the cases just suggest to you that british authorities. have not learned from their experience with the inquiry into your own husband's murder i would say when we received news about. yes it was a not learned and ever simple to achieve during public inquiry and we believed
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after two years it would be more done but because it happened to suggest good friday and his daughter julia. realized it was not done it all but only talking about this case what happened just now is a downstairs or it's the same become lame police of doing nothing between march and today because it's only a short how's it did then git a situation and we are front of chemical they are porn and we need to understand. somebody who use it against a few money makes extraordinary danger act. earlier this year you said that you were just mentioning that nothing was done after the public inquiry into your husband's death and you implied that then home secretary theresa
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may failed to act do you have faith in the you case counterterrorism approach under now prime minister theresa may. again when you provide public inquiry and believe all information what people had it might help to prevent any similar case again particularly at that is in may it was sick is it also home and she became a premise is and will power and is and will control but and supremacy to new when i met in two thousand and sixty and they will do everything just such a crime never happened again in a british soil but if such a crime and even wars now and for me it's only thinks not only action of a police need to be. and it need to be more politically involvement as well if you have threatened to sue the russian broadcaster or to russia today for airing
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claims that your husband was murdered by your friend there are at least ten investigations against r.t. that are being conducted by the british media regulator off calm and yet r t's license has not been revoked russia today is still broadcasting in the u.k. what do you make of this. test of oh they did the not to exist broadcast as a court yet every single stock in september and i believe it is say this act before public inquiry or they heard a lot. there is a why my has been killed or whole might be killed him but after public unquiet have it yes it is document then it was a lot of grooves and evidence of who killed my husband and after that then a russian broadcast not only russia today and the test channel used absolutely
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false material and blaming a friend of us who killed sasha saying i was a length in the court and i believe its only way to prevent all this kind of propaganda today exist needed as a quote. i want to share with you and our viewers a tweet that was by a reporter from the telegraph newspaper. and that tweet if we could pull that up it reads one example of the parallel reality that russian propaganda has created is that as a woman in the u.k. is dying of no veto exposure a muscular company is basically highlighting flogging a no v. chip t. shirt the t. shirt makes no b. jokes seem as harmless as a heavy metal rock band i mean that is the perception in vladimir putin's russia today i mean when you consider that is that the yank do you have do you have any faith that russian voters will be able to bring about any change in russia at the
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ballot box. first of all it's not surprising because all this moments i deceived to when it was a lot of jokes and not only about t.v.'s polonium and for me it was every time is cvs is kind of jaw was not so easy and. i believe it's a very important to fight against this kind of propaganda because this propaganda poisoned not under russian this propaganda poison and people abroad and when you could use this kind of information and people watching program in russia today and saw them started to believe and i think it's of it that it that meting merida litvinenko we certainly appreciate you taking the time to be on the day and
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for sharing your thoughts we certainly do appreciate your personal loss as well is that the new thank you thank. mourn your go today the battle for mosul came to an end with the iraqi army recapturing the country second biggest city and finally pushing so-called islamic state out yet one year on parts of the city are still in ruins and hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced. sure of that went to mosul to talk to residents who have decided to return. this used to be a city shops homes this used to be western most of. the rubble is strewn with decaying bodies and unexploded bombs that i have to cut there lived through the fighting she and her family spent two weeks in the siege in their home directly opposite the famous an remus that's where i as fighters hid from the
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international coalition the coalition bumpus city around her. is nothing and no one was spared i was death and bombs and explosions everywhere it simply didn't stop it was awful a lot of the future. explosives expert mark while barton has been in many crisis regions but he says muscle is something new. they have found many bombs grenades mortars and thousands of traps that i s. left on their retreat. they've been very well built but on an industrial scale it's not sort of just. a few people building them here and there this has been sort of an industry to build them to this scale and this amount this was as she thought hospital it was a modern clinic until i s. turned it into the headquarters of. the search and clearance team worked through it
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by hand piece for piece meter by meter the u.n. mine action service has sixty people in mosul it's nowhere near enough clue to the ah yes hidden explosives so well that if you're not extremely careful you don't see them but if someone goes in somewhere where we have an opinion and doesn't look out very carefully they can get blown up york is the center for jihadi. as more people return it becomes more urgent to clear the deadly explosives still hidden in the debris or at least to mark which areas are safe but none of this is happening fast enough the remnants of the bitter fight for muscle are all over the place. because it was ice this is final stand or what we have found here is a lot of suicide belt this is been without
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a doubt the sort of main threat here. this is what he's talking about is suicide belt among the rubble if you move around the corner if you turn ever on but way around the corner we move out of the danger zone in case of close up it's soon clear. the belt had to be packed with metal ball bearings to maximize damage the u.n. estimates that the clean up of festa musselburgh take a decade but the residents don't want to wait that long they are eager to return to their homes. but every shovel of rubble the risk setting of a booby trap rebuilding their homes is fraught with hidden danger. and finally tonight this caught our eye. take a look at the cover of this week's economist news magazine the image of the rift the deepening divide which threatens transatlantic alliance is such as nato the
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white house has already confirmed that u.s. president plans to accuse other nato members of using the u.s. as a piggy bank and not spending their fair share on defense we will have full coverage beginning wednesday of that nato summit in brussels stay with the news for the latest on the transatlantic divide all the day's nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either or you can write to me brant off t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and dead tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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from heart stopping right to childhood dreams come true. we check out europe's hottest. and venture times our series this week. during europe's junkies on an action packed story. zero may never know. what
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a crazy turn into twenty eighteen world cup has been so far. caught. let's take a look at how the quarterfinals went and what's coming up this week. is going to win the title in russia check it out. brown really love apple for hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own ambitions.
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but certainly the other woman got some close to. life and death with the. starts july twenty first on. the beach. hello everyone i'm louise houghton and happy to be here in berlin high senior i'm asking you this coming week let's get the ball rolling with a look at what's coming up on the shaq. crazy.


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