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tv   Kick off - Who will make it to the World Cup final  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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on sword. or pursuing her own vision. but certainly no other woman got so close to. life and death with the fear. starts july twenty first d.w. . football is a simple game twenty two man chase the ball to ninety minutes and at the end the belgians the. french croatia and the english women come on. belgium france england. the welsh cup has turned into a european cup surprising it said the world cup is i like when there's an african countries south american country. there are some continents
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missing if you like all the other ones no i don't think it's that surprising i mean the best leagues are the european leagues and probably i mean arguably all the top players most of them play in europe so i mean strange to see because i think what is the first world cup where like germany argentina brazil none of them have been in the semifinals so it's a crazy raga you. oh man and russia hi all of your insight she and the sun is shining that's right yeah i'm in sochi just after the russia game last night and his definitely shiny very high here it's gorgeous weather and looking good where you in the stadium yesterday at the game russia. i was yeah i was in the stadium and i can tell you the
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atmosphere was phenomenal i'm not sure i've ever heard a noise like that in a stadium before the fans were some of them were just honestly hysterical it was incredible to see before the equalizer though it was kind of kind of calm but. sounded like an explosion to me. everybody just lost there was a guy in the press box next to me who like almost flipped his table and that's what i was working there. this is kind of how people reacted to that exercise equalizer . yeah the noise as i said they just if there was a riff on the place that a blood off england. who will win. i'm going with england for that one it's a difficult one because if croatia really fire with the great players they've got with their rocket engine moderate in paris that magic it and so on and so on and so on then there are really great side and they are certainly capable of beating
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england they just haven't really done it for me in the last couple of games you know and they've played one hundred twenty minutes twice in a row now they're going to penalties twice in iraq so they've got to be a bit tired england had a slightly more comfortable when i have a suite in a normal time so i think they're physically a going to just have the advantage and my god they set pieces from england i mean it's eight goals now i think from set pieces sort of and it's it's just insane i don't know if we have to cope with them thank you ali an englishman things that england is going to win and not go crazy. we just saw all these happy english people but i would like to talk about cruel age the smallest country of the tournaments made it to the semifinal by the way they
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invented the tie. oh thanks for that information. ok they made it to the semifinals for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight we have to talk about the fifteen please give us your helping hand i get the board. then you know if you are the coach for many of creation. creation versus england how are they going to play. i think they're probably going to line up how they lined up the last game i think definitely the keys as everyone knows and i'm obviously sure england knows margaret and racketed really are the engine for this team so their performance really dictates the pace at which croatia will play and what they're able to create because everything is built from the middle from them i think what's also important to mention is that a bitch in paris it's that they need to get wide and stretch the team so that they can get on the lines and create opportunities to get the bonds of the box and be
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dangerous there i think it's important also for them to push numbers forward but that being said it's going to be very difficult they did play one hundred twenty minutes the last two games into the shot so i mean to be interesting to see how they come out you mentioned and ali mentioned it to one hundred twenty minutes in the last two games these boys must be tired how can they make it to the final yeah it's have. was it possible to get to the finals well i mean i think you could see visibly that they were exhausted at the end of the game for sure but i think it was also evident during the game that they were just it just looked like they were missing the next year. what is there plus when it comes against. england they've got a lot of experience and i think that technically they're very strong each player individually is very strong and they can work together like i said it's just
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a matter of if they're going to work together or not because we've seen two very different coalitions sides you know the team dismantled argentina and then a team you know the last two games that have you know not been that convincing it's an interesting match because you have. the spanish and italian and a little bit german team. and then this team a very it's so it's so wide angle ok. so he's got though he's the exception. and let's talk about england i watch the game with some guys from the island check it out how. so confident because they're very good no because we think it's going. to we'll see you. yes you are there are. people here that's
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good yes. we're. turning you know. so welcome to our show a real english man here is michael this is welcome. oh oh. oh so are you doing goes oh yeah oh yeah it was you sober again i can't really guarantee it yeah what does it mean to you what does it mean to the whole country that england's made it to the semifinal we're not used to this feeling we don't know how to manage these emotions especially the young generation. i mean for me i was born for ninety ninety but i don't remember it so you know any emotions. and that's a kind of yeah so i think you invent football believes. and it's an sixty's here
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i've had this before. so yeah. it's been a roller coaster of emotions but i think i did i was starting to become a bit more real right now. that's what's what's going to happen like when when when they go into the finals what are you going to do. i have no unified to home yeah well i was in london for the columbia game and the atmosphere was just absolutely amazing i was in a pub and it was just packed to the rafters there were people looking through the window behind me on the street because i couldn't get into the pub just so they could see a little bit of the t.v. i have some pictures on your i phone i do i do it's insane my hometown croydon south london not the most fashionable place i can tell you they went absolutely nuts for this let me show you. and your family is watching two. families. yeah they're all in my grandparents.
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but that just gives you some idea of what's going on in england right it's living room the you have there. michel the whole country is loving this team at the moment give us three things we have to laugh about this english squad three things while i only three listen to the difficult questions and i and maybe i can give you three actually i can give you one one was. i think the togetherness of this team united that their team for once england are not used to you know playing as a team it's come from the error of gerrard and. back and these guys but there's no egos in this team so i think that's a really that's the secret weapon i would say and they controlled the game against and this we normally the english you know they're like a little bit of flattered and a little nervous but but they had this they were stable enough bowled i don't know if calm what happened i can tell you i don't know what i'm getting from this
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england team i'm no use to this. oh yeah well he has to be one of the reasons i was we have we actually haven't talk about him because he's kind of a tragic football think of his to english football and i have you know i have fond memories of him now i wonder why right. i mean he was a carousel is remembered of course for his penalty miss and your ninety six against germany but you know for a long time he was i mean i would say even up until the start of this totem and people still think oh he's the guy that missed the penalty but he's changed prevented the team but he's reinvented himself as well and it's special it's very special it's a real surreal kind of heart warming story of yeah it is crazy against england there were some good measure. in two thousand and four your movie might remember you that of the euro with the young wayne rooney i'll remember that for two
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daniel if you are gareth southgate without waistcoats. play ok in your opinion or how would you how would you win against a question. so you can have the last game like this and i think the game before as well so i think i'll probably stick to this lineup because it's what works. so henderson here in the middle externally key player for them i think before the last game against sweden england was kind of struggling to not shuffling but they weren't really going forward and being as vertical as they could have been to like really give their points trouble but then in the last game we saw a lot of good vertical plays you know by henderson to sterling sterling also people might not like the fact that he's you know maybe not the best finisher but he really gets into positions where he creates trouble and he frustrates the other team and you know he's always dangerous i think also aaa with his. final ball into
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the box ridiculous also ashley young too so i think that you know we talked about set pieces so many times that will be a very big key as well for england they're going to focus on that and i think you know bottom line if they keep the ball here and don't give it away from the back then they should they should be ok against croatia. very make wire he plays such a wonderful tournament has been amazing here and. a farmer or something like he shouldn't be on the field you know but now you have the english have a defender who who can really play with the ball well he could dribble i mean yeah and stones well. i mean they're very good for football us i mean i think mcguire is like an old fashioned you have a sense of how you imagine it's a. but he's another one who i mean if you had said to me that we would have about three a year ago about three of walker's stones and mcguire i would have said don't even
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bother going you know that also what southgate was criticised for well yeah i mean the thing is england couldn't really sink any lower. so it was just like well you know he might as well try this so yeah i mean the also interesting is that southgate played in the back three when he played for england so in ninety six and ninety eight so he knows how that system works. and i think it's good for tournament football as well i think it works it gives you flexibility you know a lot of these players now are being exposed to some of the best coaches in the world and i think that is where perhaps we got an advantage maybe where the premier league's advantage is actually counting for us don't you expect a little bit more from stephanie yeah i mean that's a sterling has been the one player who maybe his place comes of the threat but southgate i think is going to stick with him he's got his eleven and he's sticking with it and that's that's fair enough i mean i actually thought the russian
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should've played the last game i think he would have been a bit more i don't know he's got that that ability to finish a bit more sterling kind of as you just said is a bit more hesitant but he creates the chances and i think by changing the team now it might kind of upset things so you just don't change a winning team i'm a fan and in german t.v. they dared to criticize england for not being able to score in open in an open play you have a with a king of set pieces it doesn't matter. where you know where i am i know you know it's quite interesting thing is that southgate went to the u.s. a couple of times this year to study n.f.l. plays and yeah really yeah he's be a do yeah and he just think he was at the super bowl i think for the last two years and he's speaking to a lot of coaches that have brought that into the english game so i mean if you see the root. scene where england scored a free kick from against panama that set play on i was very very very. it was more like adults move. them a is
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a good keyboard this team actually won against panama tunisia colombia and sweden dannii croatia the first challenging opponent i mean a lot of people would say that colombia ok we can say colombia was a walk in the park because they're not ok they were missing high miss is a big part of their team but i think you know yet this is going to be a different kind of testing than let's say a different kind of test because you know croatia is a lot technically better than the other teams that they did play against and it will be difficult and also you know this is a final of the rug so this is another level of something that they're just like you know but i think also they have an advantage in the fact that they've played also arguably one less game than everyone else because their essentially be team played against belgium in what was like a a training match and then they didn't go into extra time their last game like her
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way she did the last two games so they're also probably going to be a lot fresher than croatia is which is going to be a definite it through the rest of us are going to be huge advances i think guys we have to talk about that. wow we'll let you get. watch again i am against brazil i enjoyed it a lot and not only me obviously our colleague watched it's in belgium and here is max. i am max often on the brussels bureau chief of d. w. and i watch the game here with about a thousand crazy belgians in the middle of nowhere actually where are we top up wake. up wake so we're not there i'm here with my friend tom with my son noah and all our legion says used to be with germany but now germany is gone so we're supporting belgium because they have a good team and we don't have to change the colors right now on. the one. that. was the only goal of us and you know.
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we're going to go play against everybody i mean the other team so no problem we will beat them all they're going to beat france you know what all three and zero three and you know like my well. let's take a look at belgium and sorry guys you have to get one floor and a days in and day out whereas the borat. you know more about it's probably your next opponent mike filleted flee no hopefully no i think belgium of the strongest team left and so you hope for france i think the great. now actually we a-k. we wanted to get quick. play begat key key here. so i think that like i just said so yeah i will not be playing this game because he's suspended with yellow cards and i
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think that really hurts belgium because he's been such a key both in the attack and in the defense for them so it will be interesting to see because martinez is a coach who really adapts the system as we saw against brazil to the opponent that he's playing against so he's not going to come out with the exact same plan that he did against brazil but i also think that his tactical shift to play with four in the defense and then have fairly any individual in front of them and clog the middle a little bit will also be effective against a team with such attacking prowess like like france so i think that you know i mean who's going to come in here i actually have no idea maybe chadli can come here and can come back in here to the wing i mean i can see him change obviously not the forwards but i also think another key point is to draw in a in this false nine position the fact that filling in with so our behind him really freed him up to be more of an attacking player and give him more freedom you
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know like like we see with him man city and that's where he can be so dangerous when he doesn't have to worry about my god what's going to happen behind me you have to defend so now he's playing with a free mind and he's going forward and that being said his duel with conti in the middle and kind his ability to break up counter attacks is going to be interesting to see so kevin to braun with this free mind and come to you that was an accident comment comment. of yours which was it's something like seventy percent of the earth is covered by water and the rest by context it's really true actually. and i think right about sharply by the way i think he'll come in and we saw him come in against japan as well he was really effective and he started the last game . yeah and what's what's the moral of here the only i mean about a mountain this is obviously a great coach but the what what could be his impact is a cheerleader. i think is
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a lot more than. one of the most prolific. if not striker is an act of cheerleading higher or i must say i care and henri was one of my favorite players ever so like i'm a big henri fan i'm a fair bit of this guy phil are you near the defense he was on the bench before but now he's in the starting eleven is he going to start again yeah i think so i mean martinez showed us that you can if you get a chance to come in and you make a difference that he's not afraid to reward good play you know a failing in chadli and i think he was fantastic against brazil in the defense in providing support to the defense and a lot of times even dropping into the back line so he really reinforcement it from a defensive standpoint so yeah the people can criticize you know he's lanky looks great on the ball whatever but he's effective he scored against japan and he was a one of their key players against brazil so why would he not start yeah and also this is where butts in martin as a showing flexibility already has brought plays in he's taken them out and this is
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where this is his strength so i don't think fellaini i think he's is a good option but he's not like a last resort it's not like the ball up to him and he holds up the plays a really key part in this thing in general i lost to martinez because i really. respected this guy he is absolutely i mean if you want to fake up with we going to everton yeah but he's a cup coach this is the thing like two years ago belgium are in disarray you know will most of that had left and he wasn't able to get the best out of this team martinez came in and he's he's galvanized them and you know he said wigan i mean he won the f.a. cup with coach there rumors that he's going to be the coach of new team. that's true and we need to talk about their opponent and this is from. let's start straight with the team. you have any again if you are
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roberto martinez just imagine you are roberto martinez you know if i do not want to be the excuse me if you a d.v.d. a song of the guy from some other retard. so here we go. ok so i think what's important to note is i think tweedy will come back into his position here because to leave so he looked a little bit lost in the last game i don't think you played badly but i think a little bit lost between you will be a little bit better there. the keys like i said you know we showed the last line of is here conti and his ability to break up play and counter-attack is going to be very key for france ok paul was a player who likes attack a little bit more but i think you know. should and will be talking to him also about his defensive responsibilities while now going forward they have
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a who's exploded in the last couple of games so his pace and his ability to stretch and get down the line it looks like he glides by players so i think you know that's what he's going to be really dangerous for them also this combinations you gruden griezmann because as you read you can play the ball into him and he's you know like kind of like a hold up and then griezmann has the ability to work off of that and create opportunities so they're dangerous from a lot of different places here i think france is not really going to they're going to play their game and they're not going to be you know they're going to be confident in what they can do and i think it'll be it's pretty even match up it's going to be a good game to watch that's for sure probably one of the best for this tournament i agree on that is. belgium the first upon and for for france where they really finally have to show all their quality. i think they could be entering the should have been showing although you played against argentina too and you know. i think they've started they've been improving every
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game that's important in a world cup you want to get better as the tournaments advances so they have been getting better and i'm interested to see what they're going to bring to this game because it is going to be the biggest test obviously that they faced in the semifinals of the rug so i don't think france are going to leave so many gaps at the back as brazil did numbers that were really pushing. this is a very pragmatic you know and they don't play most german they play by play of notes they play a bit like. you know how to play it is a. little bit boring but very controlled they didn't make any many mistakes or difficult to get around them all this is why i don't like him as a coach it's not great so much you know it's quite boring i mean with these people with these guys on the pins and i just want to see spectacular yeah it was frustrating is that they have spectacular talents i want him to get more out of the
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yeah as he has it's like watching a judge. if you look at german newspapers always there's all that they always talk about copy of i do when i look at english papers. ok the big star the french stars the well i mean anyone that won the premier league back to back lester and chelsea and well i say we can do it on the biggest stage of all but you left. only you know at this age of stuttgart and then from munich what's wrong with a little there's nothing wrong with him if he's great player but i mean who plays what he but you do played last year when he was suspended with yellow card so he missed the last game and now i think he'll come back again because honestly in the last you know if you saw what he just he looked a little bit lost a little bit out of place there i think he gives and he's you need to tell a says you can't buy him play left in the till and then yeah yeah that was the best that was the case in the quarter finals i mean well well we say thank you very much for watching we are very excited to see the semifinals and may
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the better teams win. goodbye football is a simple game twenty two men chase the ball the ninety minutes and at the end the belgians the. french croatia. the english way imma come by on. the.
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