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tv   Doc Film - Street Food  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2018 3:15am-4:00am CEST

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the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the byock of people. hanging. nothing else. and the like the in the closing. bell and me among. my living. he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. with only a promise to his son while the rats are no leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on w. .
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every journey has its starting point ours is in berlin. our journey will take us around the world exploring foreign cultures and cuisines. we have a dinner date. with the world at. two three worse than fries and a thirty plays that history. will be leaving behind the familiar for some i open an adventurous fast to the far east. will also be learning about the people we meet as we eat what they eat. will be sampling savoring and slumping as we encounter surprises of a come in emissions. will taste life on the street it's food for thought for the wider world.
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do you norman i'm on the first stop shanghai. nice plant thomas straight to china's boom town in the deep end keep me updated. it's saturday night and in the priciest club in the city the local gents that celebrate themselves and their lives of luxury and excess.
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anyone who's anyone order champagne and not just the one bottle or two but happen doesn't dump earn your one naturally at a thousand dollars a pop. china's young nubile reached party hard most of them courtesy of their parents' money. later that night a jaguar pulls up on a street corner in the same town but a world away from exclusive nightclubs. wealthy young night owls may not be used to waiting in line but they're happy to do it here at this no frills fast food stall. choosing you in bed and will be here all night serving up as your child. at fifty
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cents a stick. i mean that your holiday with a good shouldn't taste oily it needs to be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside when you bite into it. something to eat it. like any other hit snack your child is refreshing lee straightforward politely salted dough is cut into strips stretched and then plunged into sizzling oil it's fried until golden brown. your show is classic comfort food something in big demand amid the hustle and bustle of life in the metropolis. can. happen. hot and fatty that. they're going. to street food is one of the few places where all sections of
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society meet the rich and the poor not the healthy and the sick oh oh oh my god who put it he's originally from a quiet little village in the neighboring province where he slept in more but are and less. about. i don't know that either. i had a boring life back home that it would have some nights i slept more than twelve hours you should live here my only stayed three or four hours a day only i get up at five in the afternoon you that i work through to midday the day after oh my god if you want to know money you have to sleep last night and that is what i have this is. a new day dawns in shanghai. the city is deceptively quiet in its early morning slumber. kites flying on the waterfront seem to be dancing with the fading moon.
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in the park it's time for tight cheap chinese downtempo anti-stress workout. but then the pace picks up as the city always. starts are working day by meeting about seto. she's now eighty years old and his business savvy as she was when she started baking buns thirty years ago. but it still is all over the local event so the back then i didn't know how to fill in forms outside of the school gym so i went to round to see how other people made them i copied everything i know from them the books of how they help.
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since then other people have copied her legendary bazza she feels the soft o. with the sumptuous pork in onion filling the recipe however remains a closely guarded secret. but. desolate said. that the stranger who did this guy has. to worry about time not sweets but what if i don't need a scale i can feel the weight of the ingredients with my fingers and all i need to work out the proportions for a meat filling is my heart. no start to the day in shanghai is complete without the crispy brown savory bottoms it's breakfast for the busy. weather at the counter at ms wong stand him. or as
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a pick me up energy person later in the office. they are on the way the moment you tell them nothing on camera about the looks simple enough but for first timers eating them is anything but. once you get the hang of it however the shanghai specialty is a hugely satisfying meal in a mouthful a crispy exterior with a hot and juicy broth and ms wong spicy meat filling us in on. the how to cheat yeah not bad hey. she got on how about you work for me and sell them in your country from. leeds ravioli when you have bouts of. ms wang is never short of new business ideas and she still finds the strength to start afresh she's had to relocate three times over the years after the building
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housing her stall was demolished. the old sleepy side of the city is being eclipsed by the new shanghai looming above with its astronomical real estate costs. that evening after a brief sleep to defies exhaustion and fires up his stove again. he always has his daughter in mind he says she's attending a private school in britain he invests every penny he earns in her future. crime is one of the letter came to visit during school holidays son you know i miss her a lot this is what i have to bury these feelings in my heart so much so i hope she'll one day have a better life than me my look at the time demanding going that i do it hasn't been a. mr trew and ms one have
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earned their modest little share of china's economic boom with their bouts and your child and a lot of hard work they've climbed up a rock on the social ladder hoping that their children and grandchildren will rise even higher. the problem is norman that shanghai st louis vendors are being squeezed out in the city where money was. it's a different story in thailand here business on the street is buzzing. welcome to bangkok a city that resembles one big vibrant and thriving market that office everything you might possibly nate.
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but bangkok without a street food is unimaginable. manner of dishes served up at the little street stands right their way around the world exotic imports in the west. but on local staples here in thailand the fail of all at every street corner. so you do want acne and began her career in cooking at one of these street stores she had little other choice alternative opportunities for getting ahead a nonexistent it was a question of survival. but how to get her back on to is one of the biggest slums in bangkok there are practically no jobs here but plenty of problems from drugs and crime almost no one has any qualifications. and even those who do find
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a job don't earn enough money i know but i learned by the how much more. people who have nothing have nothing to lose from toohey has a reputation as a rough neighborhood who guides the few tourists who are curious about life in the slums and about the local food that is where poop comes into. war for union member yet me remember not that me you know you can quote we cop or not you can but we kill so hot outfit up to read what you can't eat why wasn't it now we call us all over that.
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somehow we have that you then come to pop a lot poppy thought anyone here and ban that you don't have to the market. cry and found possible. and they actually only let the athlete i don't know for me also been a kid. who is a veteran of the street food scene even if she no longer operates on the street itself she still income to it but now runs her own cooking workshop here which has become a hugely profitable enterprise site. she caters to tourists eager to try to handle street food from time to green curry and tony young all now popular dishes tiny restaurants around the world it's the first stop being an insider tip years ago after jamie oliver featured her on his cooking show. success story is unprecedented here. for pearl and that doesn't stop she now employs it's been
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a route out of poverty even if not a ticket out of the slum. ok now back up and i wouldn't leave here even if i could this is where i belong the government is reportedly planning to tear down the slum and build new high rises in its place that would be a big shock i cried when i heard the news well i love that. who feels thankful but she knows it was hard work that got her that. hit. bangkok is a phenomenon day all night a sprawling mega-city where there are always new temptations to indulge in twenty four seventh's including cullen everyone's. it's a fascinating paradise for food lovers although for outsiders sometimes
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a challenge of your prickly proposition and storm. many of the cullen rejoice that city dwellers relish originally hail from far away in the countryside where life in time run at a completely different pace and rhythm. where the crickets chirp away in peace for now at least. you know. the work is easy if you enjoy it farming insects is something you either love or find boring but i like raising them and listen to them and it really isn't difficult or hard work i can bring them here at home which is convenient.
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work that is enriching in various different ways. jai has everything she needs right outside in her garden. for future filmed plus some sawyer flowers for protein and a drizzle of water. dry has no formal training and she's also self after her daughter developed a taste for crickets and because of the rising cost of groceries and with achieving gradient an endless supply of business was born. it's harvest time year round it might sound on to some outsiders but that's the term they use here harvesting insects. this part of the process may not be too appetizing for the on enlightened insects
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lives are over after just a month the drowning is as the central an ingredient as the fresh leaves and herds growing in giant's garden. and finally of course comes the real moment of truth food xampp. part that last hour i like. a. man. as i burst the shell i'm waiting in vain for a burst of flavor crickets have little if any flavor of the main but evidently tastes. business is good for jarring not least since western diners also developed a taste for insects. creatures food from
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organic production giant joys the backing of dietary and. expects not to mention her many regular customers at a roadside stand. and she also has time to take a deserved rest for her efforts it seems she simply has the perfect recipe for success. by thomas talent shows how passion is a vital element of street food and in some places more recently an innovation to. it's the other way around. here street food is still very traditional. our journey to the baking heat of the to comic-con desert in northwest china feels like a trip back in time. in centuries past the
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caravans traversing the sea of sand along the silk road had not only silk spices and change in tone they also brought with them new recipes new religions and an alternative outlook on life. the day before the bizarre all the moon returns from the field surrounding in a way since on the edge of the top comic-con. the thirty year old farmer and his family belong to the leader of people a muslim minority in china's wild west. speaks minimal mandarin the readers have their own language and identity and their
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own food. cuisine is part of our culture. and we don't want to disappear. so. above them a sizable team john has a very diverse culture it seems on the moment and we hope it will continue to cross purse from us and to evolve. thank you and others of mine. but it doesn't take long for the police to show up the chinese government looks unfavorably on the culture and traditions of the leaders in the eyes of the authorities in beijing they constitute a threat to security and national unity. the police check our credentials with a group of dogs from. wherever we film in the scene john region we find ourselves accompanied by government minders. and what we
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film reflects both sides of life here a magical throwback to the days of the silk road and in the present suspicion and stigmatisation. the next day is a bizarre day this too is part of china albeit a part that feels closer to tear on or damascus than regime where local farmers haggle and barter over cattle as their forefathers did centuries ago back in the. good this is. going to be. a little bit back. alley mo has his own stand. once a week he goes through the same solemn ritual cutting up the lamb into pieces small enough to fit on skewers.
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main liver in fact. the to comic-con recipe for the harsh conditions on the edge of the desert. unlike what people in europe might be used to there's. no everything on it option with a weaker kabob as exemplified by alamos kababs is a fusion of meat and fire. his sole concession to the modern world is a fan which isn't working today. but. sets little square forced down his face a lot of us are. like this. but all is forgotten as the spicy aroma of grilled lamb and one piece of bread permeates the senses. just as in times past we pull the chunks of meat off the skewers it's
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a smoky taste one of the herbs and the scent of. the bobs are a hearty unpretentious affair not unlike the people. next door we witness a fascinating feat of parliamentary choreography. what will all that tossing twisting and turning result in. john style news of course. that the candidate look the public citizen as if by magic there they are all with the same identical fitness. needle making machines are redundant here it is the love of the. rest of it's not something they can learn in a day. the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation of them with one. little book but it's enough that we go coax unknown full of the much of the
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diplomas but let's. not put this list with the dozen they done in a. leak. could it be that marco polo ate noodles and shame john during his legendary trip to china. that noodles were invented here and merely in. produced to europe by the italian explorer. then there's this blend of lamb onions tomatoes and peppers. perhaps a precursor to italy's bowl in a sauce. served by the maestro himself freshly prepared steaming shin john noodles are a warming no frills delight. eaten here of course not with a fork and spoon but with chopsticks as locals looked on amused.
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and. i think. we now leave the bazaar there something else our government minders want to show us. something foreign visitors rarely see. a special performance just for us a wedding dance with traditional instruments and colorful costumes a spirited performance. it it seems as if our escorts are proud of local scene john culture. and except for this peculiar site one of the men is wearing a false beard for the regime in beijing long beards are seen as a symbol of radical islam and only permitted among elderly men.
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it means a weaker musician has to dress up as a leader. an ironic twist of fate. cuts off the menu centers on fish cooked on sticks in keeping with weaker custom with fresh herbs peppers and tomatoes over a crackling fire at ft. as night falls the dancers perform their finale around the flames. the little. early. it's promising to be an evening to remember for me an evening where i envision
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weekers an ethnic conch i need a sitting together around a fire eating fish. can hopes of reconciliation be kendall here in china's troubled northwestern province. just moments after the dance is over however the fish is packed up and taken away. the weaker dancers disappear into the night. the only eating done by ourselves in our minders will be later in an ethnic chinese restaurant. near norman they don't eat together and change jobs and that's precisely the problem. that's a shame thomas but i'm experiencing the opposite in vietnam yeah eating brings people together. for two and sharing their daily commute looks precarious navigating the relentless rivers of traffic that dictate life men city formerly known as saigon life here is never dormant everyone appears to be on their
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way to somewhere else. well almost everyone. life is distinctly upbeat here in the city. and indeed the entire country vietnam is a nation in transition baikonur mclane and socially a nation permanently on the move life on the go life to go. something tune and share know all about with the grocery shopping done for the day they head back home to prepare everything they meet for their prized product who choose a noodle soup a simple sounding name belies the veritable taste sensation of waiting in every
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bowl. and then fresh vegetables plus rice noodles. oil pork belly. and then of course herbs and spices chopped up extremely fine and mixed together. all. the broth has cooked for at least four hours. tune could probably do it blindfolded same routine seven days a week a bowl of soup costs twenty thousand dong the equivalent of eighty euro cents on a good day they serve up to one hundred portions but not every day is a good one. for now at least the story of tuna is one of just getting by a story that began where else but in a restaurant. when i first arrived here i got
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a job as an assistant cook that's where i met my future wife was a waitress. after we got married we left the restaurant we wanted to set up our own business. and that plan has come to fruition in there my. just little streetside kitchen. tune and then believe that life is what you make it what they really dream of is having their own fully fledged restaurant one day in city. it's a dream for which tune works well into the night vacation is more or less a foreign concept for him and his wife as it is for many vietnamese families even taking a day off is a special treat. and on this day they're paying a visit to tunes parents they don't live far away the boss needs four hours at
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least traffic committing it's a time consuming and expensive journey into four euro's per person a luxury they can afford only once a year if fact. parents are over the moon to see them they've only seen their little granddaughter tram once before. and. from. now we're poor people but my son is now a self-made business and i'm very proud of him. both up a lot and after that and now. all. their long wait is always worth it on this special day the women take care of the cooking. sizzling away in the pan
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are some mice fresh from the biosphere. eight tunes mother is cooking up his favorite dishes as so many mothers to the well the over. i cry when he comes back home tears of joy when i miss them all so much. our son had to leave home because he can't earn any money here. with. us. tonight his family enjoy the rare pleasure of a day off and a chance to replenish their batteries for a few hours. for others it will be
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another all too short night by the big river. it's still dark when tran t. by begins how working day. i never have a day off people depend on me if i don't show up they have nothing to eat. for years she's followed the same daily routine as her mother before her. at dawn she transports everything she needs across the street to her boat. her. every item has its place. every morning by meticulously loads up the
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pint sized vessel before setting out across the big river. how can we wow and god will reward us someday if we do good deeds he will bless us . i pray every day that he will give us money for a new home. crying and walking by also believes life is what you make it she calls out rice with pork rice noodles with crab whose hungry.
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this is her place a floating markets of the city of qom told. by this point the mekong river is almost five thousand kilometers from its source taking in and telling stories along the way. the mekong delta is a hive of trade after being harvested from nearby fields the fruit and vegetables are transferred from big ships to tiny boats before reaching the stands on land the commercial food chain that works the same way it has for centuries. to the street vendor from the main city always gets nostalgic hair grow up close by but often accompany his mother to the market taking in the sights and smells majorly takes him back to his childhood the food here is still the best he says.
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to live on this floating cross roads to from the big city. from the big river to very different people find they have much in common. i'm originally from here but now i live in hotel in city i have a stand there i've been selling the same shoes as you. for seven years. so i was. business and. it's going ok you know. how about you i'm like that we'll go over the plate of all. the pretty good there are good days and bad days you know you can come back on i think the last. two lines briefly crossed palm seven lunch on the mekong people going their own separate ways again. but they remain kindred spirits and that's not some old vietnamese saying it happens across the world.
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hi thomas there is no taste like home. sounds like japan to i'll be seeing you there shortly. fukuoka is said to be the most livable city in japan. initially i feel a little underwhelmed. but then again we have yet to go out for dinner. after the ten thousand kilometers we each have under our belts touring streets and stands in eastern asia we've now arranged to meet back up at a kiosk in japan. i'm here where are you last week woke up. will be right there yes i got lost by the gaming entrees.
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we finally find each other in a convenience store. among the shelves of magazines on sale is one dedicated to one thing the japanese variety of little city raman. it features one of japan's best known raman bloggers toshiyuki kamimura. but what's his motivation. kamimura tells us that can be best answered over a bowl of noodle soup. he suggests meeting at a sheen to a temple and appropriately enough it's thanksgiving in japan. outside the temple you can buy proper predicting your future. after reading what fate has in store for them or others the fortunes are tied to
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a fence. it looks like some may not have been happy with their fortunes and the cleaning team is kept busy tidying up. kamimura sohn is in his thirty's and remarkably slim for someone who eats four hundred portions of ramen a year. the other tasty morsel available rice cakes filled with being paste claiming kababs and sweet treats do not seem to appeal to him. we're dining at a yacht thai one of fukuoka is rustic fast food stands. i deserve. a powerful media aroma it's me as the bowls of broth are brought to the table as if there were a huge steaming pork roast in front of us i. get so hungry that. you're
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the first to go. and slurping isn't frowned upon what eating ramen. on the contrary. to the local pub the that you have to slip more to suck in the noodles. in public on how i didn't have enough for your name and that the noodles in broth have to hit your mouth. together. slurping really does improve the taste like a quality red wine the noodles and broth have to brief in this case audibly no matter what our etiquette conventions say anywhere from germany to learn not to live music so i think you. yes the noodles taste better if you just look you have to it's part of our culture that had been going. on. and don't forget to wash them down with
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a gulp of broth which has a creamy consistency reminiscent of liquid meat. in the control a lot of sweat and toil goes into preparing tahn coats of the japanese pork process that has a far tang here taste in vietnam. the old anthony noodles atop the spring onions seaweed and pork. i did might look simple but it's an art i'm thank you thank you thank you my chosen from because you're nothing from so much that. she likes raman my child too but she says i eat too much for the third rum still they just wait outside. the remnants of a typhoon sweep across the city but that doesn't dampen anyone's appetite in fukuoka. their love of robin soup is stronger than the whims of whether. the waterfront is jam packed with fast food stalls. with the rain pouring down
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incessantly there are kin to little refuges islands of escape from japan's natori asli hard working day. thank you i was twenty five when i started out here before that i spent four years in office. i was sick of the pressure and overtime every day over the. past. i doubt that congress would cut up laughing. our impression of eastern asia is one of constant ebb and flow of cultural and culling every traditions transition and reinvention. as we saw with ms wong in shanghai who's keen on exporting her savory buns to germany. or china bangkok with dreams of a big future with little insects. we've been impressed not only by our coal unary discoveries but equally by the results one is passion and pride among the people
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who cooked up. such. a strong. reliable data to. use distance first class system just. a little more ships. moving the automotive industry the front.
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where the real talent resides. i come from there are lots of people in fact more than a breed in if you could lead not just democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people. aspirations i'm going to send. the troops in the mission department's fried chicken but after the fourth of the planning one i remember thinking at the time fisa bargain broken forward anything could happen to see her come together and unite her cool place but i do the news i often confronted difficult situations for conflict between does something stand i see despite my job to confront but he does on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most to the congo food security oppression machine as he seems. to not have to achieve
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so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be accountable to do she's my name is on the fact she and i work at g.w. . so. i was. playing. the last four of twelve boys and their soccer coach had been rescued from a flooded cave complex in northern thailand they're being treated in a hospital after being trapped underground more than two weeks rescue teams worked feverish late to bring them out before more monsoon rains. u.s. president donna.


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