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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2018 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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thanks to divers and rescue teams from around the world the last of those twelve boys and their soccer coach emerged today from the caves of northern thailand and underground nightmare that claimed the life of one diver and at the same time gave the one billion people watching a glimpse of the best of our humanity i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. today people thailand stockmen agencies and the private together with media and all the international support. we could make and. it was a first for the world. now
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everyone is leave the cave ok so all i mean good this. is that this. also coming up tonight friends have booked their place in the world cup final thanks to a one nil victory over belgium in st peters. the second half header sending the bill to be first final in twelve years. we begin the day with
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a rescue into the white of day in northern thailand some of the world's most skilled and specialized divers completed what may be the biggest mission of their lives safely leading a soccer team of twelve boys and one coach out of the flooded network of caves that had held them captive for two weeks and one of the rescued divers lost his life trying to make sure that the other divers had enough oxygen one kilometer beneath the earth's surface of this rescue has been an international effort divers from across the world military specialists from as far away as the u.s. all focused on saving lives and in a world that seems more polarized than ever what mattered most this week was the glue our shared humanity and that shared instinct to leave the cave even in ancient greece plato wrote in his allegory of the cave about the innate longing to escape the darkness and shadows just to feel the light and
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instinct that brought an estimated one billion people together this week to watch a successful escape from the cave. it was the outcome the world had been hoping and praying for there was jubilation as news reached the volunteers helping with the rescue operation all twelve of the boys and their coach safely out of the cave and recovering in hospital today is a great day older boys a safe no. triumph two for the regional governor who led that has a to smelt a national mission to get the boys out no one thought we could do it but we did it it was a first for the world thanks to the thai people government agencies and the private sector. specialist foreign divers and members of the time navy's elite seal unit succeeded against only odds in bringing out the group a difficult and dangerous process with two divers leading each of the boys and
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their coach through more than four kilometers of dark narrow and partially flooded underground tunnels that has its highlighted by the death last week of a former tiny baby seal diver who's an supply failed a fleet of ambulances transported the rescued boys from the cave entrance to a hospital in the nearby city of chiang rai. for the families that had been an agonizing wait eighteen days hoping against hope that their loved ones would be brought out alive. i want to thank everyone who took part in the government and all the officials the police the soldiers and the seals both from thailand and abroad and. joy and relief on all sides that for the football team known as the wild boars their harrowing underground ordeal is finally over. and. standing by for us at that hospital where the boys have been whisked
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off to good evening to you know we know that the parents of all of the boys had agreed to no reunion until everyone had been rescued that has happened now have the parents now had a chance to see their children. yeah hi there and well we are learning that the parents still were not able to embrace their kids but yes that they were able to see them through a window also a little bit earlier we saw an ambulance car here coming up to the hospital and parents were able to get a glimpse of their kids and they still have to wait a couple of days until they really get real you know reunited with their kids doctors are saying at the moment that there are still a little bit of warre that the kids could maybe suffer often infection and that's why they're doing this at the moment let me tell you in general that's what we also heard a little bit earlier here during the press conference had really of the kids are
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you know despite what happened in pretty good condition some of them that's what we're learning have been suffering a little bit with low body temperature but in general they're in good spirits they have been asking already for their favorite dishes and it seems that in general they are really in a good mood i mean that is good to hear it is good news but we can't talk about a total happy ending here we have to remember that. navy seal wast his life in this operation. and this was a very international operation wasn't it i mean he was involved. yeah exactly well i mean many people here also talk about this navy diver that you know didn't make it that was that the diet during this rescue mission a little bit earlier we also saw some people here they had his picture in his hand and yes this was really an international at task force basically that was going on
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here already from the beginning of the thai government force saying we can do this on our own we need international help so they were asking for help for volunteers for professional divers so this was really a mission from the navy seals here in thailand with divers for example from denmark from the united kingdom and because of that there's what many are saying we have had this really successful operation happening today and also yesterday and then we've heard tonight been see for has invited the boar used to come to the world cup final in moscow i mean after all these boys are part of a football team but will they be able to make it go i mean is that realistic. no i don't think this is realistic because also what we heard from the doctors is that they want the boys to stay about five to seven days here in hospital i mean we
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have to remember i mean they were four days in this cave without food with also very limited access water so they really want to make sure that the boys are in good conditions before leaving at the hospital we don't know maybe they maybe some of them were not that tired maybe the ones that were rescued already yesterday so we have not gotten any information maybe they were watching the soccer game here on televisions and the hospital they are all here in the eighth floor in this hospital behind me all right our very own been ok there outside that hospital in northern thailand where those boys and that soccer coach are being treated tonight dana thank you very much. well tomorrow in brussels twenty nine heads of state and government will convene for the nato summit but the spotlight will be on two of those leaders donald trump and on the american w.'s teri schultz reports the u.s. president and the german chancellor seem to be on a collision course i'm going to tell nato you got to see us paying your bills you
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donald trump has relentlessly time to nato allies and how much they spend on defense it is toward un-american u.s. president has directed most of these i are the german chancellor was again in his sights at a recent rally and i said you know i'm glad. i can guarantee. so we're protecting you and it means a lot more to you they're protecting us. how much for texture we get by protecting you that guarantee of mutual defense is the bedrock of the nato alliance trump has hinted he might not honor the so-called article five principle for those countries that don't spend two percent of their g.d.p. on their militaries that new threat coming amid reports he's considering pulling out some of the thirty five thousand us soldiers stationed in germany will be absolutely right be nervous i think sophia better fellow with the london based center for european reform says trump's attacks on medical doctors damaged her
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strength and nato chief nemesis the. relationship between d.c. and berlin being weakened we see that the way that president trump singles out i'm going to potentially that by its european says it's good for putin american lives frustrated by her inability to forge any connection with trump despite her skill in managing difficult relationships. with the u.s. leaders bombastic rhetoric may have made allies reach for their wallets quicker at first but it's becoming counterproductive says jeff ruff of the center for strategic and international studies germans don't want to be seen as compliant with trump he explains and americans may be turning against germany. certainly americans see the united states engaged globally they want to know that our allies stand with us and when they hear the president making accusations in particular toward germany
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that it's not pulling its share of the weight as he puts it i think that has an effect over time many allies spend less on defense than germany but escape the trump tirades this is also an opportunity for european leaders to show solidarity by thanking america you know the fact that the president is focusing on singling her. now doesn't mean that everyone can just in the back and tears and that her write it out but with many of their own records of underspending in the spotlight european leaders are likely to keep their heads down and let america know they're the brunt of trump on her own. well i'm joined tonight by douglas lute he served as u.s. ambassador to nato from two thousand and thirteen until last year he is also a retired u.s. army lieutenant general ambassador welcome to the day is good to have you on the program a question for you will donald trump arrive at the summit in brussels tomorrow as nato is most powerful member or as nato is most formidable threat.
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i think it's important first of all that realize that as president makes his way to brussels on air force one right now actually that he reflect on the value of nato for america you know nato still enjoys something like seventy percent approval among the american nation among adults poles and it's important to understand why america created nato why america's belongs to nato why america leads nato and it's fundamentally not a question of generosity to our european allies it's a fundamental american national interest to be the strong leader of a coherent alliance so this is very much in our own interest and i hope as president trump makes his way to brussels he reflects on that and that that's the attitude he takes into the summit where better what about the trump aiming at
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germany and chancellor merkel in particular he's even threatened a rethink of stationing u.s. troops in germany that's the largest u.s. presence that there is in europe i mean is he acting there in the interest of the u.s. or is he acting more to try and punish america who is germany. well i won't speak to the president's motives but the facts here are very telling obviously germany has among the other than us allies the largest economy in the most vibrant economy is running a budget surplus germany is a natural leader within the alliance and of course history reflects this germany led in the nato mission in the balkans germany leads to this day as one of the key nations in the fight in afghanistan if it leads in terms of nato's a newly placed forward presence in the northeast corner of the alliance with the
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german battalion in lithuania so time and again in the history of the alliance the germans have led and i think the president is right to turn to germany and expect a leadership role which germany ascribes to itself of the reality here is that germans the german nation today only commits about one point two percent of its economy of its gross domestic product to defense there's a program led by chancellor merkel to to improve on that percentage and that process is underway we should credit germany with turning the corner stopping defense cuts and beginning increases but it's really true that i'm think americans appreciate that while germans germany is on a path to doing more more is still expected yes you did make a good point there the trunk has affected change we are seeing other nato members increase their defense spending and yet the message that comes from the white house remains negative and the message is not good enough when do you think that nato
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allies will begin hedging their bets with a u.s. president just can no longer trust and rely on. well first let me let me go back to your assertion that it's president trump that's affected this change i mean first of all the the head of state and government pledge to begin to move toward to stop the cuts in defense spending which go back twenty years and begin to increase towards two percent over a period of ten years began in two thousand and fourteen and i don't credit president bush president obama or president trump with the incentive of among across the alliance to increase defense spending i actually give that credit to vladimir putin because it was in twenty fourteen that the alliance in reaction to russian aggression in ukraine actually took this step to increase defense spending so if anyone is responsible for providing the incentive it's putin himself it's
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interesting you say that ambassador because the defense minister here in germany she has said herself that donald trump was really the catalyst for nato or for germany spending more on its defense but you bring up the reputed and where is he in all of this what we're seeing at nato isn't trump doing exactly what mr putin would like to see and that is this gradual weakening of the alliance. well look there are two basic forms of u.s. leadership for nato one form the sort of the classic form is leadership that provides unity and coheres the alliance solidifies the alliance as one that's the kind of american leadership that that we've seen in the alliance over nearly seventy years now the alternative form the contrasting form of leadership there's a leadership that does that divides the alliance seeks leverage among allies separates out and distinguishes differentiates among allies and actually leads to
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divisions so i'm hopeful that when president trump arrives in brussels he'll take the first form he'll take a form of leadership that coheres the alliance and actually fi does that help place themself in the strongest possible position when a few days later after brussels he meets with latimer putin. this deal and you know you were ambassador to nato what should european leaders be thinking with trump in brussels venting at them and then he heads to helsinki for a one on one with the letter mir putin's. well first of all i think european leaders need to demonstrate some strategic patience here remembering things remembering facts like seventy percent of the american people are supportive of nato remembering that the american congress both houses both the house of representatives in the senate are firmly behind nato and that the seventy year history of coherence in the alliance will pay good dividends for us i wouldn't get
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overly anxious about one summit or one president's rhetoric but i do think nato allies as well have to take serious their responsibility to step up and pull their weight that part of the trump message is shared widely across america there are worries ambassador that the u.s. president could meet with mr putin and agreed to suspend native military exercises as he did with south korea are you worried that he'll do that. i'm hopeful that when the president meets with president putin on the sixteenth of july just several days after brussels that he'll take advantage of two strengths going into that meeting first of all the strength that he will have just consulted with his twenty eight nato allies so tomorrow night at a dinner in brussels the topic is nato russia relations so when the president meets
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putin he will have heard already from his twenty eight allies that's very important that he consulted with nato in advance of meeting with vladimir putin then the second advantage that i hope president obama sorry president trump will take to to helsinki where he meets with putin is the advantage of alliance unity and this again goes back to my point about american leadership and the alliance leadership that leads to solidarity and unity. mr lute you don't like a good ambassador a man of reason and measured thoughts we can only hope that the u.s. president has some of that on offer at the nato summit tomorrow and thursday former u.s. ambassador to nato that was on the show tonight ambassador thank you. or we know now one of the two teams that will vie for the world cup title lead to this week france has sealed its spot at the finals after defeating belgian jonathan
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crane is here for b.w. sports to walk us through the games or how did how did the french do it but it was solid if spectacular from what they needed to do it wasn't the high scoring open game some people were expecting but it was an absorbing contest nonetheless i think france obviously sat back happy to counterattack in a match where the french defense rain suit it was perhaps freezing that it was a defender who made it if it's let's take a look at the highlights. it wasn't until the twenty second minute it's k.g. semifinal sprang to life belgium's toby and a viral tonight on the turn a stunning say from hugo to race fronts attack next killian and back pay feeding benjamin providing the thirty eight minutes of vital stuff from t. vocal twat this time the breakthrough arrived early in the second tough fronts the summerland t.t. rose highest and not home and swung griezmann scorner in the fifty first minute. nothing courtois could do about that one the bronze turned on the magic to produce
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one of the game slick his moves shortly after a lucky escape for belgium the red devils three men forward in the dying moments but left blur held firm under pressure. to if delirium at the final whistle the first world cup final appearance for france in twelve years croatia england line wait a heart breaking into the tournament for belgium. the villa from its. first. movie was in the stadium for the game let's hear what he had to say after the match ended. so there we have it france will contest the walls cup final just two years after they lost the final at the european championship they haven't played the sparkling a talking football that we would perhaps expect from a team with so much attacking talent but they did provide a defensive against belgium and they showed once again that they simply know how to
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win games just as they did against uruguay in the previous round to belgium it's another disappointment the country is still waiting for its first ever world cup final this time it really did feel different with the likes of debris and playing some brilliant football at times but the white. now all that remains to be seen is who will join france in sunday's final. no that was all they needed and only was talking about a defensive masterclass from france mean how impressed really you by the french performance well i think they were monsters of game management once they works out how belgium are going to play because you never quite know under about a mountain as they worked out was going to be on the way they were going to sit back and come about with them on the counter-attack and then they just didn't really give them any space to play all those flat. kevin to bring in they were completely shots out the game they didn't really get a sniff in the second half off the front to take the lead or he said defensive. man
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of the match c.c. as well the goal scorer he played his part and then criticize it they've got all these attacking players and they maybe don't utilize them in the best way but they really care about that they go through to the world cup final. i feel so much pride . like we worked a lot for this when we did it together just like. i scored the goal but the whole team played well. we did what we had to do to get to the final and i'm very proud of everyone. she fielded people living fortunate but i was the difference is just a double situation yourself playing. the game was as you could imagine fighting cold very tired. and he was going to be decided into maybe the one that he could find the final did in the box or we could get a little bit of a look in front of goal oh yeah it. well i mean do france look like they are going to win the whole thing but i think whoever they play now in sunday's final whether
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it's. definitely not matches favorites they've got progressively better in this tournament they labored through the group phase to some extent they just to go ladies do to get straight and they had an impressive victory over argentina in the last sixteen of the day and then the big finals and today now this is the final that's what it means to the french in paris sort of bracing off to. reminiscence of the scenes we saw in paris in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight that was of course the last time front's won the world cup so i think given what they've seen today given what they've seen through this from unsafe i will be confident that they will be able to do just that. they came so close to reaching their first final so close but they didn't do it so close yet so far a lot of people talking about the golden generation. the likes of kevin the
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burnette and i don't think the golden generation are completely through yet some of the players may be reaching the twilight chris but they still probably have another couple of torments in them but i think they will be very disappointed because this really was one of the best chances they've had in years they felt the course the final stage of this world cup a four years ago they thought of course the final stage and sixty three of the semifinals of the world cup for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty six close to getting one more step to the final but it wasn't to be i think they can be proud of how they played in the final win against brazil was but they came up short against a very well organized and very well disciplined french site. thank you very much we will be here to talk about the second semifinal game as well thank you. the conversation continues online you see right there you can. forget whatever happens between tomorrow another day so you didn't.
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