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africa on the road. stories about people who make no difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. t w multimedia series from africa. d w dot com. hello and welcome to driver the v.w. motor magazine coming up saying i have and cooper a new brand is born. mazda and cylinder deactivation two it's c x five. and the new porsche g t three r.s.
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. every serious race driver in germany eventually ends up at the country's famous nerver great completing the legendary nordschleife up or northern loop in under six minutes fifty six point four seconds to the series nine eleven g t three r.s. one set a new record. this porsche has what it takes does the driver. but believe it's also obvious our car has to close these with says he's on a special mission today he'll be taking a new porsche nine eleven cheeky three are as the number and brings grand prix circuit they are in stands for a sporty and this car tests and disappoint the four leaders six cylinder engine packs five hundred twenty horsepower says kraus and maximum torque is four hundred sixty new meters if they are as is a real race car he explains but it's also built for the street. here on the nerver
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and ring he's going to see what it can do. plus as things got. closer as adventure starts on the way to the track it's not every day you get to take a beast like this out on the road to get it of a g.t. pretty arias has a tradition at porsche says klaus is a bit around since two thousand and three when it was introduced based on the nine thousand six. back then it only had three hundred eighty one horsepower and i take this for fans like klaus the growl of a naturally aspirated engine is unforgettable driving back roads in the porsche on a sunday afternoon is a big question. since the cars i want to fun but of course he's not pushing it that'll change on the track then he'll be able to go flat out put said golf get. the designers and engineers also work flat out on the car made of carbon fiber
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aluminum and magnesium the chassis is optimized for weight it tops the scale said one thousand four hundred thirty kilograms large quick release wheels make changes when they complete the race fast and efficient. a lot of synthetics weight emphasizes the comfort factor while the roll cage protects occupants of the car flips the overall appearance is very sporty. most of them close says this is awful lot of car so he has a question for project leader i'm doing is pointing out he's known for years did he think that fifteen years ago he could make a car like this and. says that fifteen years ago they still took about eight minutes to complete the nordschleife now this car does it's another seven the designers have accomplished a lot you wouldn't have believed you back then if you told them that they could
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lock up a minute off the record but technology made it happen just now things impossible he says that's another manufacture slogan but it's true for porsche to joe if said city of los angeles him who buys cars like this one of them that many people are hitting the track with them out of the glove scalia says many people love to race on weekends the number of recent events is grown and eighty five percent of the people who buy a g.t. three are in this one and for motor sports not transport it. most will have many cars and just take this one on the track he says there are many people like that and their numbers are rising d's in the of filo develop the mamiya if it does the law says he's going to use it as a means of transport just here in the grand prix circuit. yeah. his car has racing in its d.n.a. he says in here in the grand prix stretch of the nerves are growing you can really put it through his paces that. he hits
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a hundred kilometers an hour in just three point two seconds acceleration found sound at three hundred twelve electronics are supposed to help with the intro. but the close says you have to concentrate ferociously electronics actually toned down the performance and make turns almost impossible but if you shut them off you have a little more control over the car and you can go into these beautiful interests. of their family. which just rear wheel drive that happens practically on its own a lightweight version of the car weighs around thirty kilos less that cost thirty thousand euros more. but the other side law says precise steering is absolutely vital in a car like this the gears in the seven speed transmission can be shifted via these pedals on the steering wheel but it also shifts on its own so you really just have
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to concentrate on driving it's great funny says. the rear axle steering makes the porsche extremely adjunct. so it's a lot of in the end klaus is convinced that the car really is a good all rounder and moves well fast and slow in person and. she looks great and has lots of other talents and it was a classroom to take it out on the track actually get. the role model sit goes to remark some forty kilometers outside of barcelona this historic racing circuit was built in one nine hundred twenty two and a year later posted spain's first international grand prix what better place to
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reflect on the legacy of the cooper spanish carmakers see that sporty model variants that have played such an important role in the company's sixty year history there have been four generations and today. the first was the eat pizza cooper introduced in one nine hundred ninety six. the city by the way this big you know the only has one of the fifty horsepower i know this this power output comes quite high in r.p.m. so if you're really one cool and make yourself a god i think you want to that i fast you have to water it small but the benefit of these is that in cornering. you quickly give us. for a month. cooper a successor it was the leon cooper which made its debut in two thousand and two. is short for cup racing and the leone variant was a sporty your version of sea ice regular mass production model.
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the first layer on corpora which is a car that was a sign and. more for role of racing about. a race car so i took out. some items like b six and with two hundred horsepower which you spent a year it was the first time that. more than one. i'd also the first time we had the poll that i've got. a second generation of the followed in two thousand and six . that already feels like. one of them generation the second. one by far one of the things the high. speed video of the celebration and he has
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a chassis that made me headed to the spot. and here's the latest generation leon cooper with three hundred ten horsepower under the hood a limited edition leon cooper art is a series production vehicle that performs like a sports car. but cooper's aren't being branded as c outs anymore. so you won't find this c.n.n. logo on cooper models in the future. at the cia plant in montrose spain they're taking the cooper it in a new direction. oprah has been through. and now we can both get the broad why because we have. been always as you insights it. has to bring its own light. with the market where it could be because between the must. do is worth
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grow. the cooper brand will be bringing its own models onto the market though they'll be based on c. and plan like take. it striking mirrors and the new logo on the grill emphasized the new brands independence. and at the rear too there's no overlooking the fact that this car is a coupe. the new. brand also stands for innovation especially in motor sport it's a coming to race or an all electric race car is designed to prove its commitment to making the girlfriend leave vehicle the car maker hopes to participate in various recent events. we have improved the out of the race fourteen percent compared to the predecessor of internal combustion engine so we have a lot on the airflow on the side we have we feature there is.
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a lot of the elfin that keeps the air very close to the car as well the being covered with little hit extract orse the side mirrors have been dramatically reduced. and we have achieved this by removing the mirrors so we have. three cameras one inside and one in the middle. here we see the screen where the driver stand watch what's happening behind and on the side. below she can be concentrated on just moving straight we have as well reduce the. steering wheel with all the bottoms available for drink radio. and everything so it's been very adequate i'll make. a huge reader spoiler ensures the eraserheads aerodynamics and do the diffusers.
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see that's new sports car brand shows that motor sports and series production aren't mutually exclusive. this is not him ford is launching the fourth generation of once popular focus seeing it's been redesigned from the ground up a three cylinder eco boost to a boat show. gasoline engine with intelligent cylinder control can deactivate uneven cylinders also new. this way and eight speed automatic transmission that employs them in damp if shifting strategy around thirty driver assistance systems are rolled into one and one hundred calls the copilot three sixty among them active parker says didn't collision system. b.m.w. mottola god has come up with a clever idea for the future concept. it's no longer about higher faster
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farther but about striking a balance the nova gentil brings together the best from sports adventure and touring bikes the silhouette is compact and offers an innovative solution for carrying loads a clip on luggage element. mazda has come up with some energy saving alternatives ford's engines even the ones without electric drive the best example may be the sky active she won ninety four designed to deactivate cylinders when the car is coasting now that franklin the largest amount is correct as what cylinder deactivation is all about must as engineers claim it cuts down on fuel consumption but just deactivating two of four
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cylinders doesn't mean saving half the fuel at forty kilometers an hour it say was only about twenty percent but drivers don't generally travel that slow unless they're stuck behind a delivery van that's stuck behind a tractor that can't go any faster. but at a.b. kilometers an hour this ystem still saves around five percent of fuel by temple fischbacher now in my you know fruit of ports and cough stuff. that two and a half liter g one ninety four engine is only available as part of about how you streamline the c x five stop engine puts out one hundred ninety four horsepower for one hundred forty three kilowatts minus to raise its fuel consumption at seven point four leaders for one hundred kilometers. oh yes comments on
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a month this has another key question especially for those who are interested in the technology behind it out as cylinder deactivation actually work he opens the hood illustrate. it here are four cylinders one two three four five to be utter cylinders are always the first to be deactivated those are one in four but that doesn't mean they're uncoupled from the crankshaft and brought to a complete standstill if they keep pumping but the valves remain closed. and she won ninety four engine the valves are not actuated by the camshaft pushing on them directly instead the camshaft moves a rocker arm connected to the valves the joint at the rocker arms other end can be disengaged by removing a little bend so the camshaft action no longer opens the valve this system only comes into play when the driver doesn't need much power when the driver accelerates rapidly the engine in mediately activates all four cylinders the other is inside
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and mottoes points out that car buyers will generally ask whether they'll be able to feel the difference the answer he says is not at all there is no indicator that tells him when two cylinders are deactivated nor is there any noticeable difference in the driving out even when accelerating. there's also no spert that tows the driver when some others one and four have kicked in. it's not noticeable. martha says the engineers deserve praise for their achievement and you know this this. city driving gives the system a little opportunity to come into its own at least not in stop and go traffic measured by the new european driving cycle the must as fuel consumption in town comes to nine point three leaders driver behavior is a crucial factor in calculating real fuel consumption. as well not this can't say for sure if the benefits from cylinder deactivation are really
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as great as claimed the indicator shows he's now averaging about eight leaders per one hundred kilometers that's about a leader more than mazda claims but he still views that as respectable for this s.u.v. . in germany amounts to c.h. five equipped with the fuel saving technology starts at thirty eight thousand six hundred ninety year olds. that kids who alpine rally is one of europe's most popular vintage car events
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together with the prestigious con income ski races its spread the austrian mountain towns fame around the world. on the service driver praises the beautiful surroundings perfect timing nice weather and great people all of these participants learn about backfiring the hard way. this driver explains that they have problems starting the engine in the morning but says better then move and during the race start be under someone's. one hundred sixty nine cars may between one nine hundred twenty three and one thousand seventy five are taking part in this year's kids who i'll point rally which has been drawing a physio now those for over three decades now tactics play a crucial part of this classic car race. made fun of logan think will be driving in the alarum the rally you know he meant to say regularity around like state of the art technology monitors the cars to make
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sure they stick to the rules constant speed is a key factor is that they go into my eyes or explains that the box record speed of the entire time and not just an easy ations the computer looks at where the cars going to be takes the routes and the times. start preparations have entered a critical phase demanding the utmost concentration from all participants and the classification run around kids who are there's a lot of polish chrome and leather on display in the head of the drivers and their vintage vehicles three days and five hundred seventy two kilometers jam packed with spectacular scenery. i am. a combined output of over twenty six thousand horsepower it will take the one
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hundred sixty nine entries over and around these majestic peaks. here's a three hundred sixty degree panorama taken from an one thousand fifty eight miles or right before fifty s. with a two hundred eighty or spyware four point nine millimeter engine. for kids people rally drive is a broad range of makes twenty six automotive brands are taking part. in the most powerful entry is a red one nine hundred seventy two lamborghini to run a four hundred c.t.s. carrying a three hundred sixty five horsepower four leader engine police powerful as this one nine hundred fifty eight v.w. beetle convertible it has just thirty horsepower and one point two liters of displacement. the drivers come from eight countries one is rumored to be on
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a secret mission for into lee state police. and the official in the squad that alexander leads jokes that he's from the squadron spent sciatic and is looking for people who've driven the me let me and appearance race were everyone drove much too fast as they can the police issued many tickets now and drivers with unpaid tickets may be hiding here so they owe lear of course a given how many italians still have a lira but he's not giving up. during the lunch break there's a chance to reconnect with old acquaintances like americans charles gibson and his wife. they've taken part in many alpine rallies the car runs great every last year the air conditioning worked this year a dozen or so that will be as project for this year. amounts around before fifty s is another speedster the biggest i've gotten close to resilience in the steps on
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the gas it takes off the amateurs claim you have to feel it in your rear but if you do if you says it's already too late. all the vehicles in this alpine rally together are worth some thirty million euros but the lot of many classic car busfield for their vehicles can be expressed in a number they see their cars are priceless. on the tour however the occasional pride and joy proves stubborn as a mule. as i've always been taught explains his engine just died they don't know what happened and now he's hoping the tow service or rally worker will either pick them up north get it running again. it had been running great until now but they say these british cars don't like the ranger any much and you can do
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anything. even a bentley can be cantankerous on occasion. to a close miner you can explain said the drive shaft is turning but the actual isn't even since the differential down shifted to take a little hill and it stopped. others have no problem putting the pedal to the metal . did i make a stun gun think clemens regular put some of the pre-war cars through their paces on test drives and he was amazed at the big pre-war bently such down things that the vehicles and folk explain please we had to work hard just to keep up with them . so the investment we didn't become an. ex formula one driver and lamont winner on massive germany pilots the jaguar. airport the some of the people often accuse him of having a lead foot he says never being able to take it off the gas but that's not what
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it's all about for him instead he explains it's kind of an especially good experience to drive a car from a past year and you don't have to drive fast to experience things like that in a car. he just loves looking at these top cars from the mid sixty's that's so that's all he wants so we're not. every contestant has to read the road book very carefully it's the only thing keeping you from making a wrong turn. at the final time control the race stewards keep a close eye on the entries meanwhile the very youngest classic fans scrutinize the trade publications. the.
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clay they used in the final stretch after nearly six hundred kilometers the drivers have to concentrate hard the grand finale comes after they cross the finish line during the procession through downtown gets pretty close to a thousand spectators are here to watch and admire the vintage rarities and to welcome the one hundred sixty one thousand soup in the east the twenty eight thousand rally. the winners are committed henniker and co-driver by putting bieber of germany behind the wheel of a triumph. designed canoe elaborates that it's a one nine hundred sixty six triumph forward and a kind of rear suspension and one hundred three horsepower and it ran really enlightened here is devoid of fuel. the two covered five hundred seventy two kilometers in three days all the teams reach the finish line intact with no
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accidents on the way this is a rally of style and elegance a perfect experience for fin each car fan it's. next to him and drive it where the cars fly and so does the mud the world rally crushed championship in sweet. and wait check out opals grand land x. crossover. the book. on. the boat.
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the book. the. climate change. the scene in the movie. environmental projects. biodiversity species conservation exploitation ecology. displacement to move the global local action.
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global three thousand and thirty minutes on. more. than one to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already at home while i return to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for minds. be told. his works that god is for true not.
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the monstrous and fakers. the children finished upon twenty. we'd like to think it's cheaper to burn the fossil fuels that is to get the energy of the way it was the real cost of doing things is the fact of the world around us is warming up. at all to read late fifty years from now the sea levels will rise and we'll have the problems in almost all coastal countries of the world. requires the governments to begin to act begin to try to tax. the tax the carbon it's released into the atmosphere it's one of the ways of trying to slow down the use of fossil fuels and encourage people to move to the other fuels moving to other fuels actually creates jobs it actually creates an entirely new industry.
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tensions run high as it gears up for a controversial election. former prime minister is arrested but says he'll challenge his ten year jail term for corruption. tension in the coming hours after a massive suicide attack and a political rally one of the deadliest in arkansas.


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