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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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you're watching the news live from berlin stranded at sea more than four hundred fifty migrants are in limbo off italian shore of italy says it won't allow their rescue boats to dock and left other in use to agree to take them in several countries have offered to take it one hundred fifty between them but what will happen to the rest. also coming up anticipation is building for the world cup final later today the biggest match in football fans of croatia and france are pouring into moscow for the finale of a thrilling turn event france are the big favorites but in tournaments full of
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surprises can croatia pull off a major upset. and tennis court for germany's kava she cruises past three in a williams to win the women's crown at wimbledon. i'm irish waiter thanks for joining us we begin in italy where two more migrant rescue ships have been refused permission to dock hundreds of migrants are stranded on board near this is silly and part of put salo italy has called for other e.u. nations to take them in france and malta say they'll take one hundred of the four hundred fifty on board and reports are coming in germany might take another fifty but if no other countries offer to help it's unclear what italy's next move will be . an idyllic beach in southern sicily in the distance just on the horizon
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one of two ships carrying a total of more than four hundred fifty migrants. they were rescued from a barge floating in the mediterranean. italy's interior minister doesn't want them disembarking on italian soil saying malta should take them instead on facebook he wrote malta the people smugglers the italian do gooders and the whole world should know that this ship cannot and should not enter an italian port initially malta refused entry but later a deal was struck in which malta and france agreed to take fifty refugees each according to italian authorities that leaves about three hundred fifty people in limbo. selvi is one of the leaders of the italian far right party the northern league he said that he wants to put an end to the arrival of refugees in italy once and for all but there is growing resistance amongst italians to his hardline immigration policies here at the bar band camp in rome volunteers provide refugees
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with basic services via telling authorities have continually tried to clear the camp but the volunteers continue to return and rebuild. the microns continue to come in and as long as the migrants come i hope that this part of the city and the country will do that best to welcome them with a call good legal marriage will still fight it can't bow babb isn't alone in its resistance to hardline immigration policies. this is bent to me earlier on the italian french border more than three thousand people from italy france and spain marched against italy's and the e.u. is migration policies. what should one think about all this there's only one word for this sort of politics fascist there's nothing else to say. sunday not up it isn't navin definitely does be on treaty and italy that's another italy which currently has a link to wise but must still be hurt. this weekend their message was
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clear pusa lottie may know salvini more rescues less salvini. now just some of the other stories making news around the world israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel remains ready to respond to any attacks from hamas militants islamic militant group claims overnight have reached a truce with israel after one of the most serious attacks in violence between the two sides in years at least two palestinians were killed and several israelis injured in the exchanges of fire. in iraq police have clashed with anti-corruption protesters as they tried to storm a government building in basra several people are reported to have been wounded in the past week. demonstrators in cities across the south have been demanding better public services and protesting a lack of jobs. heavy rain and thunderstorms are causing chaos across china state media reported that hundreds of rivers around the country have flooded blocking roads and railways destroying bridges and forcing thousands of residents
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to evacuate several deaths have also been attributed to the flooding authorities say more downpours are expected over the weekend. the world cup final kicks off in a few hours france and croatia are going to do battle for football's biggest prize and mark meadows from the sport is here in the studio to talk through what we can expect so this is this is what we've been waiting for right this is the finale it is indeed and i think what everyone is looking for now is the showpiece final which sums up how great this tournament has been we've had so many wonderful goals drama excitement and you think about the fans who are all gathering now in the home cities in paris in zagreb what they want to see is excitement they want to see a great final however finals don't tend to go that way unfortunately because there's so much at stake it tend to be very tense affairs and those are the fans are going to be pretty tense as well. this is
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a final but there are so many stories linked to the game that make it so interesting and for example killing him back pay the france forward if he scores he's going to be the second teenager ever to score in a world cup final the previous one day which shows you what level we're talking about here and we can actually have a look a look now at a preview of the game. when the possible future world champions are training on your doorstep any to peak with a village is an extra where france is well cup team is based i talk to the second team. and we will always remember this unique moment one day we won't believe that super footballers train just. two hundred metres from our home is that. these super footballers will start his favorites to win france's second world cup their performances have improved as the tournament progressed now they're just one game away from glory. i think the three most
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important words are calm and confidence and concentrations into the course of. the you have to have a good dosage of the three so to be best prepared for the match play ball your music to the national. day show was captain when france last got their hands on the trophy in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight home tournament this ended with wild celebrations across central paris then france knocked out croatia in the semifinals. fast forward twenty years in these croatia fans have now seen their team go one better a country of just four million confounding expectations and drinking up their underdog status for a lot of small covers around the world like us you know they want us to win their support us and that's all i think big just this once in a large and small guy be the bigger guy. this final could come down to one of the smallest guys of all tritch croatia's diminutive captain has been arguably the
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standout player in russia. not on poor to their ups and downs but whatever happens you need to continue to believe in yourself and that is fight for your dreams and success that's what always guided me. there's a slow. progress you have already sharing the south belief to win three three lots of extra time at this world cup fitness holds up a place in history kuwait. so mark what are people predicting for the result was your crystal ball how you well most people are predicting a win for france given that they've won it before one in nine hundred ninety eight this is crisis first final they've never won it before however our friends in the animal kingdom have got a different opinion there's been a russian bear that you can see some footage now of a russian bear who well first time for friends we're going to win but then he changed his mind and he said no no we're going to win and he tore into the melon.
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loved it devoured it so. it's no use eagleman that croatia are winning. oversee every will cope you get these psychic animals that suddenly appear in russia we've had rather a lot of us here we have the bear there we had a white go to we had dolphins with hippos we hadn't oughter insult she and cleopatra the tapia who was also picked croatia as winners cleopatra's not so good in the stats i will tell you that france there's a reason why friends are going to win because in one thousand nine hundred eight when france last won it three defended scored and at this tournament. and the scored as well three defend us so that's why i'm going for friends nor in the animal kingdom as advice maybe just well let's take a look back at yesterday's game actually belgium beat england they got third place what do you make of what happened there yet those in one two know it's hard to say they wanted it more but it kind of mattered more to them because the world cup in
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the past in sixty six the best belgium of a don't fulfill so to finish that was important to them to go home with the bones medal they put out a full team in the made a few changes in a still a great tournament but belgium pretty please things and we can actually have a look now at some of the action. belgium were dominant from the off casually playing their way through england's midfield a brilliant pass from remember luke aku found nasser chadli who in turn whipped it in photo my menu i. was one nil after just four minutes. tournament top scorer harry kane couldn't increase his tally but his six goals will almost certainly be enough to secure the golden boot in the second half erik tire was denied by a goal line clearance from toby out of ales while jordan pickford saved a brilliant effort from tom i mean you have the other red. cross
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paid in as i had the last laugh scoring his third of the tournament's in the eighty second bennett to seal a two nil victory. understated performance from both teams and an understated celebration as belgium's golden generation take third place. these teams have both come a long way in if they didn't win this time so what is the future hold for england after belgium. i think for england things that only get better this is a young team that done incredibly well to finish fourth and the next tournament next big tournament is the euros and twenty twenty it's a championship is being held across the continent of first time heard on that but actually the semifinals and finals will be at wembley stadium in london so if england can get far again it will suddenly feel like home turn around and as we know football's coming home all right well mark matters from the deadliest parts thank you so much. and on to tennis or actually a cab that has become the first german to win wimbledon in more than twenty years
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she beat serena williams in a one sided final to add to the australian and us open titles that she won in two thousand and sixteen. one has never won here the other has seven wimbledon titles to her name but she found she kept after also overawed by serene williams on the occasion on center court she didn't show it the germans tactic of forcing her opponent to make errors paid dividends in the first set and the williams tightened up by game in the second it was too late so tonight. however fell to the ground where they have victory was confirmed one champion congratulating a new one at the next cavern is the first german woman since steffi graf in one thousand nine hundred ninety six to get her hands on the wimbledon title was and in the tour de france the riders are headed for the dreaded cobbled stage and i was asked to obey on sunday dutchman
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telling one of their ten that won his second stage on saturday that meant it we shuffle in the standings while his closest rivals were punished for clashes in the final sprint. a dull eight stage turn sour seventeen kilometers before the finish line this pileup was especially painful for german tony mob scene he completed the stage but was later brought to hospital in diagnosed with a spinal fracture the tour is over for the four time world time trial champion green jersey holder peter sagal and initially took the lead in the final sprint i'm yeah but the try to dylan the son of a gun was the quickest winning his second stage in as many days. german under the guy full in financial gravity of colombia finished behind him but were penalized for this clash of heads and elbows they were both relegated by the race jury. was clearly robbed of a stage when due to that maneuver from gov yeah if i had my mind if they. space there is no space flights but it wasn't the first offense for
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a guy who had already nudged an opponent. fellow german mustard kittle also have no joy last year he won five stages but has so far empty handed. the yellow jersey remains with belgian great fun from out. a huge chunk of ice for wish ran aground directly in front of a village in greenland has broken off the iceberg is six kilometers wide and one hundred meters high authorities say it could flood the village if more parts of it collapse a number of houses near the coast have been evacuated scientists say extreme iceberg events will become more frequent which in turn will increase the chances of tsunamis. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you germany has offered to take in fifty of the four hundred fifty migrants who were rescued from a floating barge in the mediterranean on saturday earlier france and malta offered to host a hundred between them italy is refusing to let the rescue vessels talk unless
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other e.u. countries agree to take the migrants and. that's the news about join us again at the top of the hour don't forget you can always check out our website d w dot com for all the latest i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for watching. so most full. blown open air festival in northern germany. marking a medal battle to showcase dozens of newcomers from around the world. w n copper exports are going to the. market opener in two thousand and ten stores are going to suffer. the most.


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