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this is. the u.s. and russian presidents gear up for a highly anticipated summit in helsinki on crowds have taken to the streets of the finnish capital to protest the meeting it comes just days after the indictment in washington of russian officials on election battling charges will take a look back at us russian relations. and more than four hundred fifty migrants are in limbo off italian shores and italy says it won't allow their rescue boats to dawn on the other e.u. countries agreed to take several nations have now offered to take one hundred fifty people between that. and
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a truce between israel and gaza militants is largely holding despite reports of isolated strikes. uptick in violence between the two sides in years. and welcome to the program after a private trip to scotland over the weekend u.s. president donald trump is heading to the finish capital helsinki there he'll meet with russian president vladimir putin on monday the talks come days after the indictment of twelve russian intelligence agents on charges of meddling in the chou thousand and sixteen u.s. election but finns are not pleased with either leader and many have been making their feelings known on healthy streets. protests have got a head start on tomorrow's summit about fifteen hundred demonstrators have been marching through the streets of how sinky and more protest events are planned but
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up to two thousand security personnel are to be on duty to ensure the meeting goes smoothly. there's a good amount of course is always a challenge to ensure security at such a high level meeting but we've had quite a lot of experience of this sort of thing in finland just three weeks to plan it all wasn't very much but we are well prepared for the card on store about. donald trump and flooding here putin are going to meet at the presidential palace this is far from the first major political event the city has hosted finlandia whole currently the summit press center is where the house thinking of course was signed in one thousand nine hundred eighty five a milestone in reducing tensions between the then soviet and western blocs the signatories recognized the inviolability of national borders and pledged to respect human rights. represented finland back then he's been observing world politics for half a century. i don't expect very much from the trump putin meeting
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still i'm glad it's taking place even if not much comes of it it's important to keep talking when we see better days we can expect better results. as how think he gears up for the big match a small brewery has created a special edition lager to mark the occasion let's settle this like adults since taking office donald trump has spoken multiple times about his wish to improve relations with russia but is that his true intent and can he pull it off given the current political climate are washington and moscow correspondent claire richardson and your ear shadow have this look back at the trump putin relationship . relations between the united states and russia are at an all time low since the end of the cold war but u.s. president donald trump has said repeatedly that he wants to see closer ties with russia particularly with its president vladimir putin he's been very nice to me the times i've met him i've been nice to him he's
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a competitor somebody was saying is you an enemy of my enemy now for president trump detractors all of this is evidence of a close relationship that could potentially be explained by allegedly russian meddling and the twenty sixteen elections they say that russia's involvement helped to tip the presidency in donald trump's favor if hooten likes donald trump guess what folks an asset not a liability now we can only guess what vladimir putin thinks about. the russian president holds back on making direct remarks about counterpart but it's clear that putin will be a well prepared for this meeting he will likely praise from people admire him for swimming against at the time and blame any problems on. barack obama from the tram you see on t.v. is different from the real person he's very particular accurate he's quick to analyze he answers every question if our future relationship turns out like our
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meeting here then i'm sure we can find the necessary consensus with donald trump head of state finally once a real reset for you as russian relations the question is whether the president is interested in that idea in any case since he started he's touring relations between the two countries haven't improved in fact things have become significantly wars so he said one nice thing about me he said i'm a genius yet the how trump is a colorful person he's very flamboyant here. thousand report from our washington correspondent claire richardson and our correspondent in moscow yury rich chateau with regard to the summit with putin on monday president trump himself says he's heading to hell in finland with quote low expectations now to some of the other stories making news around the world in iraq police have clashed with anti corruption protesters as they try to storm
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a government building in basra several people are reported to have been wounded for the past week demonstrators in cities across the south have been demanding better public services and protesting a lack of jobs. haiti's prime minister. has resigned the move comes as. no confidence vote that could have forced him out of office after a wave of deadly protests at least seven people died during three days of demonstrations triggered by the government's failed attempts to raise fuel prices. heavy rain and thunderstorms have killed at least fifteen people and caused major damage across china state media says more than two hundred reverse have flooded roads and railways are under water and bridges have been destroyed thousands of people have been evacuated. in italy to more migrant rescue ships have been refused permission to dock around four hundred fifty migrants are stranded on board
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in the sicilian port of foot salo italy has called for other nations to take them in france malta and germany have all agreed to take in fifty migrants each if no other country offers help it's unclear what italy's next move will be. and idyllic beach in southern sicily in the distance just on the horizon one of two ships carrying a total of more than four hundred fifty migrants. they were rescued from a barge floating in the mediterranean. italy's interior minister met tale salvini doesn't want them disembarking on italian soil saying baltar should take them instead on facebook he wrote smile to the people smugglers the italian do gooders and the whole world should know that the ship cannot and should not enter an italian port initially malta refused entry but later a deal was struck in which malta france and then germany agreed to take in refugees
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but still leaving hundreds in limbo selvi is one of the leaders of the italian far right party the northern league he said that he wants to put an end to the arrival of refugees in italy once and for all but there is growing resistance amongst italians to his hardline immigration policies here at the baobab camp in rome volunteers provide refugees with basic services via telling authorities have continually tried to clear the camp but the volunteers continue to return and rebuild and we cannot they won't get all that the microns continue to come in and as long as the migrants come i hope that this part of the city and the country will do that best to welcome them but that accorded legal marriage will still fight in camp about the bab isn't alone in its resistance to hardline immigration policies. this is ventimiglia on the italian french border more than three thousand people from italy france and spain marched against italy's and the e.u. is migration policies. what should one think about all this there's only one word
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for this sort of politics which is fascist there's nothing else to say. he said not up isn't he not navin definitely doesn't on treaty and italy that's another italy which currently has a link to wise but must be hesitant. this weekend their message was clear pusa lottie may know salvini more rescues less salvini. a ceasefire reached between israel and gaza as dominant hamas militants on saturday is largely holding but there have been reports of isolated strikes the truth is the second between the two sides to be brokered by egypt this year and comes after one of the most serious optics in violence in years. this was saturday the most extensive airstrikes on gaza in four years they included hits in the heart of gaza city. israel says it was targeting hamas positions in
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response to a barrage of rocket fire from the palestinian enclave. its iron dome defense system intercepted some rockets but warning sirens sent people running for shelters several israelis were injured. i think of this and i hope hamas has got the message and if not they'll get it later i heard it said that israel has accepted a cease fire that would allow the continuation of terrorism by and sanjoy kinds of balloons this is incorrect we are not prepared to accept any attacks against us and we will respond appropriately. interview that is. the most recent escalation came off the back of months of clashes along gaza's border with israel over one hundred thirty palestinian demonstrators were killed by israeli fire in near weekly protests since late march israel accused hamas militants of using the protests as
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cover for attacks against israel it said its use of force was necessary to defend its borders. ok on sunday palestinians mourn two teenagers killed in an israeli use of force witnesses said they were playing in a half built high rise hit by an israeli airstrike. so it's an open space where he likes to play with his friends. but he wasn't carrying a rocket it was just an innocent kid israel said the building where fifteen year old amir on the mara and sixteen year old were killed was used by hamas for military training although. it has now novak djokovic has kept a fine two weeks on the grass in london by claiming his fourth wimbledon title the serb beat kevin anderson of south africa in straight sets to end
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a more than two year when le streak at grand slams eased through the first two sets and saved five set points in the third before rounding out his victory on a tie break. and the women's final on saturday angele kerry became the first german to win wimbledon in more than twenty years she beat serena williams in a one sided final to add to the australian and us open titles she won in two thousand and sixteen. one had never won here the other has seven wimbledon titles to her name but she found she kept after the rules by serina williams out of the occasion on center court she didn't show it's the germans tactic of forcing her opponent to make errors paid dividends in the first set and then williams tightened up her game in the second it was too late so tonight. her profile to the ground where her victory was confirmed one champion congratulating a new one at the next traverse the first german woman since steffi graf in one
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thousand nine hundred ninety six to get her hands on the wimbledon title. as the biggest match in the football world the world cup final is well underway in russia and ahead of kick off germany's two thousand and fourteen world cup winning captain philip lamb brought the trophy on to the pitch and a large cast of performers including dancers drummers and mo bile led screens joint star performers like nicky jam as well as air and strategy and rapper will smith. all friends are pro a should be the two thousand and eighteen world cup winners i'll be sure to check in with the news at the final whistle for a full match report and reaction from moscow paris and zagreb. if you can't wait that long to w has even more world cup coverage during and after today's final on our kickoff you tube channel our sports team has been following all the action throughout the tournament you can follow is live at you tube dot com backslash d.w.
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kick off. a huge iceberg that broke off a glacier has run aground directly in front of a small village in greenland the iceberg is six kilometers wide and one hundred meters high authorities say it could flood the village and parts of it break off here and crash into the sea and number of houses near the coast have been evacuated scientists say extreme iceberg events will become more frequent which in turn will increase the chance of tsunamis. just a reminder of the top story we're following for you they have been demonstrations in the finnish capital health ahead of a summit there on monday between the u.s. and russian presidents president himself says he's heading to. low expectations. you're watching news more at the top of the hour and you can get the latest anytime on our web site that's. thanks for joining us.
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holding their breath in. the middle. east dozens of newcomers to the. w n. g's.


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