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tv   Doc Film - Short Report Odessas Colorful 7km Bazaar  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CEST

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a subsequent crackdown has seen more than seventy five thousand people jailed. you're watching d.w. news will be back again with an update at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website d w dot com american and then seen it from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. eco is in germany to learn german and why not with him simple online on your mobile and free. learning course nikos speak german meetings. and i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war. and certainly all citizens will be crain every man woman and child when he from
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their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. a fake fake fake none of this is original but it's legal. i don't know if you need anything just let me know. this is europe's largest market some say it's a black market seventy five hectares thirty nations and everybody gets on fine a lot of homework ya know who'll feel a lot of bloggers. i'm intrigued how do they manage to cooperate while europe is threatening to fall apart because we can't.
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we're almost there we're driving from modesto to the market or the seventh kilometer as they call it here you know even the atmosphere has us full of anticipation things like listen we've got russian music on the radio i think somebody japanese car. didn't get much and this is my translator and right hand man not far from kiev that's a. good. place to add that i want to learn more about how the multi-ethnic multi-cultural multi-lingual cooperation at this market words but i think that people from over thirty nations work together here in a min syria they said yes we'll have a look at it soon it's so march you can spot it from outer space. here we are at the seventh kilometer.
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shift starts a seven am my first encounter is with two ukrainians do not and her mother valentino. but who are you. we just try to communicate with people any way we can. somehow we make sure everyone gets what they want sometimes i type things on my phone sometimes we use body language in the end it all works out so everyone's happy to see if the food. valentino sells shoes he or she buys them directly from chinese wholesalers a few stands further down. this is a copy of brand name shoes one pair costs about twenty euros. when you're pushing on the i'm not working with a lot of foreigners right now aside from the chinese it's mostly belorussians and israelis. no good they all speak a little russian we always manage to communicate somehow. know memoirs of both of
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it i don't see. so it would seem she doesn't need a lot of foreign language skills how interesting. every day seventy thousand people trade here they come from china vietnam afghanistan turkey pakistan and central and north africa it's all the more fascinating considering that in europe right now the biggest topic is isolation there people are tired of hearing about multiculturalism and refugees but it's nice held this place feels like a small town it's as if everyone knows each other plenty to fit into and you can see the structure of shipping containers behind me that's why it's there's always two stacked on top of each other and the one that they store the goods in the top one and the bottom that you see behind me is used for sales. and this is how it works the market managers rent out the containers and the people running the shops hire their own sales people what they sell here is up to them you can find all
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sorts of things here clothing household goods toys bags shoes a lot of it's fake of course. how cool a ukrainian and chinese guy playing backgammon the oldest game in the world no language skills required. that. this is how you need a seller from afghanistan how does he cope with all the different languages. i truly feel for all five. which one. little bit danish and i are talking to me that it's actually an old train. might all not on which they are john and his big. yes. it's not about the only one who walked here today no four to four five one words. so they are multi-lingual but there must be disagreements for the funny and you get the present block and you can go to
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new york tomorrow so soft him who is the into the nicholas company but that it is more the banks that got some consecrated so much you could deal with an awful lot of them if you think a conflict or two for just so no disputes among the sellers there what's their secret you know or which to. them in secret is that. yeah i. say abducted that though because there will be a gun we are all different it's a very good forth but some forty percent of the table want to know why and i like i love evil because there is no or more to. i wanted to learn from him and he's getting about europe but lately europe seems to be more about right wing parties and protectionism if you believe because you are all space the jew out of when your nothing you know is that great if i think you give the darkness no it is not light
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in italy where the light is coming from different things. silicate up coming humans message is clear you have to want to get along there's no room here for negative people. as it's over to fish it's funny walking around and trying to figure out why this place works so well not even before anyone can put it into words if you get a feeling from what the key might be a good sense of humor. what does is known as ukraine's capital of humor and that obviously helps the fool everyone here is in such a good mood to learn that i was in the cold and raining raining hard on me i hear ok it was a little aggressive. humor can cross national and cultural boundaries you can really sense that here. it's too bad that most shop owners don't want us to film them and the money coming
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out but when the camera's off it's easy to strike up a conversation i just spoke with someone from uganda with quite a sum of fact when i asked him where he was from he said from odessa as much as people think of themselves as locals not migrants it's impressive how strongly people identify with the city and its market by empathy. by keep hearing that the markets multiculturalism works so well because about desa and it's people that make sense they're used to living in a city where there's a lot of trade this city has always attracted people from all over the world odessa is an international city and it's liberal too and a bit disreputable after all it is a port city. somebody. but how do you know journalists can't just walk in here and start filming that's
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only possible with our colleague here from the markets press office equally good from there that's up title. she doesn't want to appear on camera but she does take us to see her boss in the markets administration department yes this market has its own press office jim and it isn't of the only people here are interested in doing business and that forces them to figure out how to negotiate and make deals how can i come to an agreement with that chinese seller over there i don't. you know him or his language or how he thinks we're those moving chinese people always smile and say one thing and then do the exact opposite of playing at square dog which the sidestep the spot that was a thought provoking interview she had a good answer as to why this all works so well with thirty different languages and cultures. that's one she said whenever survival or a common interest is at stake business in this case you would have to be open to other people in order to get by that clock home you believe and you have to be
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willing to learn about their language their culture on the shelf about them you need to learn to interact in that broadens your horizons and thus fight it all to modest and click on all but i still don't believe that they don't have any arguments here just look at all the police and security people they've been watching me this whole time and aren't too keen on being filmed either. so i went to meet the head of security. and i like any conflicts we do have always have something to do with national culture for example one person says something on acceptable to another and that we set up a national community council to deal with these kinds of situations if there is a dispute we invite those involved to come and talk to us about it and it works quite well but if we discover any criminal activities between two communities as we reported to the ukrainian police right away. it was. just. the
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fans dad that's interesting this guy has a security force of five hundred people to keep the markets safe and they're not like a militia armed to the teeth they patrol in plain clothes and make a point of meeting with the community leaders or community managers to discuss things especially this with they get together about once a day and they can tell right away if there's a problem and will even get out. that was so this is not at all about the people here adapting to ukrainian culture but about taking into account everyone's differences straight from the beginning that's what the community managers are for . this man is in charge of the largest community here the chinese community he also claims there aren't any problems in fact things are going so well that they want to expand their business a sort of new silk road between china and western europe and it's hard to believe that all these items are counterfeit the original brand doesn't even produce this
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model. but most things aren't that much cheaper i don't think i'd shop here it's like a gigantic version of a german street fair. going to but they're going to look. for this is it the office visit goods here are obviously counterfeit everyone knows that the managers officially deny it become a valid even if you turn off the camera and ask just between you and me what about product piracy you still get the same answer it's not counterfeit goods bought in ever in the us but if you need anything let me know. i must admit the market isn't as wild and rough as i expected but it does have a certain kind of magic i think i understand this place a little better now. that the right after spending several days in this fascinating microcosm i've learned three thinks effort in a multicultural environment you need a sense of humor of the people of odessa definitely have that cited common interest
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to guide you no matter how different the people here all have one common denominator and here they want to make a profit what about the third radical acceptance there's no ignoring the fact that we're all very different we have different origins languages cultures opinions we have to deal with all of that because there is simply no good. around it went and as one of the people here told me exact anything else would be pretty boring this.
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journey to the epicenter of the process some from asia. pacific back live their lives here with us and by him and his six children but it's also with an electorate students from all over here and. we follow the footsteps of martin luther around the city and show how he shaped britain back to the. next couple. entered the conflict zone with mission sleep on. this week on conflicts going on in the lives of poles to excel in that second foreign minister who gathered his being among the politicians searching coming. on the question of love migration the compromise has been cut is a fair deal for everybody conflicts up. in sixty minutes. great
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yourself with d w c interior design channel on the tube. i'm on my way to visit him back in the german state of saxony and halt their very for el bust cycle route takes me straight.


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