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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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odd. the for. the mosque. the most solemn heavy. blow from open air festival in northern germany. fucking metal buffalo bill showcased dozens of newcomers from a. w.f. complex farmer's market. mocking opener two thousand and ten starts
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on his second song don't come on. often fighting for the case this is me in the world oh boy here's what's come out women struck dumb. superhero women smart talks smart state the legend frank recently dangerous time such a delicate form on. this week on little stories. in germany are tales from the streets of china it's all about that face. but first we turn to turkey in the wake of a. once elections the country is as divided as ever and opponents of president
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bridge of tired brother want to see his victory as a further step towards repression. the president's likeness is everywhere across turkey legit typed out one thing to she can thank you for his reelection which has made him almost all powerful head of state. the district of s. and now for example is an ad stronghold most of those living here are pious and conservative almost seventy percent voted in favor of the president and people are happy that he remains in charge. he's a source of pride for us that he represents us well on the world stage he's our leader you know because you. our president has done what needs to be done so far and i'm sure he knows what the path forward is to the. system that's on a choice been so happy since the elections that our country is going to make huge
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progress and god willing a future is going to be bright. buz in the cutty k district of very different many young people live here students artists most of them oppose add the prospect of him ruling for at least another term scares them. a whole generation grew up in the air one it's going to be another five years and i'm sure after that another five years he's imposing his education system is idiology on us that's not good. do about is not my president i see a dark future we don't know what to do we have no hot jobs we have. me on a boat i'm too tired of talking about democracy made them we still know what it is but will our children. the problems that turkey faces are far from over
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surging inflation high use unemployment the war in neighboring syria the president has promised a solution for all these issues but his biggest challenge after old maybe how to reconcile a deeply polarized society. it is believed that there are as many as four hundred thousand women working as prostitutes in germany many of them from eastern europe d.w. talks with a former sex worker in stuttgart. julia does not know how many men she has had sex with she thinks it's been ten twelve or even more every night the thirty year old rumanian has worked as a prostitute for years selling her body and brothels bars and on the street. julia has no school leaving certificate she bore her first child when she was just
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fourteen and then she had another one the money she earned cleaning buildings in romania was not enough to survive she went abroad and became a sex worker get it with me as i knew it would be difficult but it was much worse than i had imagined the first three weeks especially were extremely hard. but i kept thinking about my children and i told myself that i was there to help my family. she worked in switzerland greece and france for the last five years she worked in the southern german city of took art at some point she could not take it anymore she wanted out she had her last customer in march we didn't like julia can get help at sister's association a counseling center for women who want to escape prostitution located in the middle of stuttgart red light district the ngo finds part time jobs for women and gives
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them financial support until they're able to live independently it also provides medical assistance and there's always someone who will listen. in the fall. it is possible for a woman to leave a brothel as long as she doesn't have a pimp and is not being held against her will but that's a thesis that if i lassen. in the social but then it's very difficult to find accommodation and to support yourself if you're not eligible for assistance from the german state. in order or if it so maybe it is the class things but i asked and as this is so often the only option as it is a bus ticket back home most of the common kind is the ticket and. although julia says she has never had a pimp that would make her a rare exception she earned thirty year olds per to thirty minute session with a customer. i mostly worked until three o'clock in the morning that was as long as
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i could manage. but there were also women who enjoyed it all night they drank alcohol and took drugs got high to get through it all thought it was well worth it look at. julia says the pressure never let up she had to earn up to one hundred thirty year olds a day just to pay for a room on top of that she needed to earn money to send home she was hardly able to save anything she began having panic attacks and she still suffers from them today . with hindsight i wouldn't do it again. i kept thinking i have to look for something else but i wasn't able to find any other work. but i think again. now julia once again works as a cleaner she found a job with the help of sisters and she's proud she enjoys the sunshine and wearing normal clothes she threw her old ones away today julia is
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a different person. rachel wrecked. ignition combined with over one hundred seventy million security cameras and cutting edge optics this is the key to providing chinese authorities with their dream of a total surveillance state. to. catch a cab in the southern chinese metropolis of show and turn and like me you can expect to be watched taxes here are gradually gaining close circuit t.v. cameras installed above their rearview mirrors more than half of all taxis are already c.c.t.v. monitored the pictures are transmitted live to the transit authority here and please can see which driver the vehicle is registered with and what's happening in it at all times using facial recognition software or thirty's can also later track
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what route a certain passenger took. in actually take part in we don't see passenger privacy is an issue these are private vehicles but modes of transport that are available to the public and they're used by different people but for that reason we've concluded that there permissible. in china cameras watch over nearly or public spaces using surveillance software created by companies such as magazine the startup in beijing it's software can identify objects on mistreated and recognize movement patterns or faces the technology has long outdone the human eye on accuracy company spokesperson emily jen said. the security services system analyzes facial features and compares them with the database. as soon as a camera catches my features the system looks for my photo in the database and then automatically shows my name and all the information has about me just now spirit
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with me to justice and see that china's authorities keep secret exactly who's data they enter in the database but regime critic jungly fun is highly likely to feature he's been surveyed for years. with as. they no longer send agents to trail you the unpleasant feeling of having someone following you around has gone instead they use technology you hardly notice but don't let yourself be followed this still there it's like in george orwell's novel nineteen eighty-four. yeah i want to know just how accurate this software is transit authority employee takes a photo of me and uploads it into the system then images from six taxis appear mine is not among them. so are the words but all of them are foreigners this man looks a bit like you i tickle maybe we just need more data from foreigners to improve our
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accuracy. even here in china surveillance systems are not perfect. but the country is working hard to fix that. our last record comes from australia peterhof has been running it being near the new south wales for three decades he believes that closer trade ties with the european union could benefit his business. one body with only three hundred inhabitants qualifies as a town by australian standards it is a two hour drive north of sydney and at the edge is a small vineyard. peterhof and his wife have been running it successfully for the past three decades. we are in the middle of the hunter valley
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southeastern australia's second largest wine growing district it's winter a work intensive time for peter the great finds out to be pruned what we need to it for the holidays to become dormant and for that we need water to frost so usually it's mid winter before we get the frost for the vons to go to sleep unlike other wine growing districts in southeastern australia there's still little mass production in the hunter valley the region is known for its high quality wines only a small amount is being exploited in many regions of the world seem to protect themselves against foreign winds through restrictive tariff barriers one of those trade barriers would be coming down. it will be probably very good for the hunter because we are warm climates and we have sure rez samy on now sure rez doesn't lot cool with it loves that he wears there's no way we can produce
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a reason to go something to compete with a german one that would be a waste of if it tried to compete with the german was but you know we need to export but that only makes sense if they have more customers and they're hoping for plenty in europe. step. into the conflict zone with michelle sleep on the fifth week on conflicts going on in the lives of to excel in a second foreign minister who gathered his being among the politicians searching for a common new approach on the question of. migration that
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a compromise has been found is a fair deal for everybody conflicts so folks next on t.w. . be in good shape. when your skin is red steely energy. and stretching only makes things worse. and maybe chronic pride is one of the causes and what treatments help. good shape do sixty minutes z.w. . did before brown really love golf hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's
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mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side. pursuing her own ambitions. but certainly has no other woman got. close to. life and death with the. starts july twenty first. this week on conflict zone i'm in berlin and to talk to a catalina the ever foreign minister of bulgaria she's being among the politicians searching for comment either you approach on the question of large scale migration now that a compromise has been found is it a fair deal for everybody and will the agreement last.


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