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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 3:45am-4:01am CEST

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in germany. why not. it's simple line on your mobile and free. w z learning course. german may be easy. i share living in the digital age this time with popular internet means. pats on phone. and of fluid space time continuum but first passwords are so yesterday for unlocking the screen and authorizing payment transactions the latest smartphones use biometric data just how dependable and secure is this innovative technology. when your phone with an iris scan
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looks tough to accept this method it's a stream. that can be a risk of strangers unlocking my phone and then accessing my data. biometric data replacing passwords the first step in this direction was using a fingerprint when lots of phone best selling phones like the samsung s eight and i phone ten take things a step further. instead of entering his pin or bad obama and just held his summer sun sh in front of his face a built in infrared camera stands his irises the data and then compared with a recorded image of his iris on a smartphone this unlocked. i use the scanner a lot at first but i don't anymore because all i wanted to do was check the time and every time the phone would on lock itself obviously i wasn't keen on that. as
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well as being impractical they are a scanner in the samsung model is easy to outsmart as demonstrated by the hackers stop out from germany's chaos computer club. he takes a photo of his eye with an infrared camera and prints out that image on special paper to create a three d. effect in touchy. contact lens on to the paper then he just holds up a new image in front of the iris scan and in the blink of an eye the security mechanism has been cracked. you might be in a cafe or on a train you need literally a fraction of a second while the eye is open if you keep on filming the person's face with your camera eventually you'll get a decent iris image that you can use. and what about the i phone ten uses a don't map to the face idea over thirty thousand laser dots a projected onto the face which you can only see with an infrared camera the camera reads the map and converts it into a three d.
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model which is in turn matched against the key data stored beforehand in addition an artificial intelligence algorithm is used to permanently register any changes in the face and modify the face id accordingly you can now also use the set up to pay online but the i phone technology is not secure either seen in videos on social media with twins unlocking each other smartphone. plus children can access their parents' phone. call be just on walk to my phone with his face. complete strangers can also have the i phone ten space id function experts in vietnam claim to have tricked the mechanism using a special mass. moving through and it's not that easy to hack. but our discovery is of critical importance for users in the security industry politicians and executives. on this and other risk the system records they use this
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biometric key data both manufacturers claim that this is encrypted and secure directly on the phone but that user has no control over what actually happens with the data. we do have one yes and again phone makers have different. approaches to the processing of biometric data apple shows its customers that the data will remain on the device if they wish so this is not the case with microsoft and samsung they could later use that data for other purposes and if you study the terms and conditions that would be possible in the future. a further danger she says is that plain metric information is more sensitive than other data they can't be replaced like a phone number or address can perhaps using that good old pin is the safest option for unlocking your phone after all. shift says be ware of biometric identification . an hour shift ranking the most popular means of twenty seventy at
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number five. on your t.v. cartoon characters sponge bob. every year google puts together a list of top names based on search data people use the sponge bob i mean to make fun of childish behavior and even political leaders it's a huge hit. number for a skeptical looking dog wearing a cowboy hat it's called what in tarnation that southern us slang for what the heck in this mean everyone or everything is wearing a cowboy hat. number three. i mean that stars the children's book character the elf on the shelf it's inspired similar rhyming titles like frog on the dog and obama on the llama. number two a meme that features united airlines last year a passenger was forcibly removed from
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a united flight and the web community responded with some derisive means a protective pillow helmet. or a mouth guard. and at number one kashmir our side is teenager danielle brocoli insulting a t.v. talk show audiotape out. there mark went viral and helped launch danielle's career as a rap artist. her first single hit the billboard charts. that was ranking. and now. digital autonomy block chain technology is expected to transform our lives the same way the internet did artists are now hoping for new ways to market themselves and gain more independence they're counting on digital communities. the slovenian d.j. grammatic is the first musician in the world to rely completely on crypto currency . whether it's the production of his music concerts or tour videos he finances
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everything with blotting many hope that this new technology can help fund cultural enterprises here and see if they artistic gather to talk about it crowdfunding pioneer your highness is convinced knology can change our society. with his technology each person each artist gets the chance to become more autonomous this restore some of the power citizens lost in the past years to large corporations and to technology itself. technology is what drives cryptocurrency is like calling but it can do so much more usually. the financial transactions require an intermediary like banks or traders blotching leds to parties trade directly with each other it's like open source bookkeeping decentralized automated and so far forgery proof the system fosters trust among participants. this principle can also help secure the value of artistic
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creativity. everything for free mentality ushered in with the digital age has been costly for artists. movie maker tony was convinced when he managed financing his first movie with blocked chain alone. chain is no different than accounting you write down what well i mean it's huge and transparency and there's never just one call to. his own across the globe so no one can destroy the records. block a direct line between artists and their audience to plan a project. cryptocurrency shares an audience can also buy tickets with. everybody who supports the project can monitor every single transaction. this kind of transparency is also hope to improve the protection of intellectual property
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rights currently there is no known way to manipulate any information stored in the block. i think in the future artists will become even more like entrepreneurs they already are to a certain degree they live precariously and take high risks and i think those are qualities that will become increasingly in the future. self promotion some artists like d.j. grammatic or tony karon are good at that. in their cases the new technology could really pay off it's a way for new independent art to grow if the technology will actually become widely . among users. share fans promising prospects. and now short and sweet the ship snapshot. you can't choose your relatives that's walked out of the park appears to be thinking.
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now his little sister is also pouring away to attention on social media the resemblance between the siblings is one canny. go to the big hopes to be as big as her big brother one day early days have been caught on camera and she's clearly got expensive tastes already. but when it's time to visit the vet a little brotherly support can come in handy. that was snapshot and now. more on the digital world this is our facebook page digital for all the latest digital news. interesting apps gadgets and helpful tutorials you can watch the ship reports there to. follow us and tell us what you think. d.-w. digital. as
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always we leave shift through the exit our internet find of the week this time a journey through time and space x. cooper a techno producer from belfast northern ireland likes to travel on high speed trains look out the window and see how the electrical wires seem to dance around outside it's changed the way he views the world. irish filmmaker kevin mclachlan has found images that capture this type of perception perfectly time and space seem to stretch and warp this edgy video with his driving beats shows the musicians and filmmakers are on their way to discovering the fourth dimension.
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that's all for today on shift in the next time women are still under-represented in the tech industry even though they have so much talent to contribute female tech pioneers next time on shift. what she said was that the first the well not quite but they put up a good fight. right shifts so hard enough fast often a really good fight of the second save you can see they just didn't have the energy left it's time for our new campaign to take it seems we look back at the final fronts necessarily a sham ethical. d.w. .
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so this is the view from my seat in the horn section. sarah with us knows her stuff . is going to be the most incredible. musicians and conductors. and she shows just how diverse classical music can be here. sarah's music contemporary classical. on t w. i. was a symbol. somebody was my hero but it was also the fear of everybody around the world name.
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she inspires me to stay. on the one hundredth anniversary of. the legacy of nelson mandela.
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u.s. president donald trump has defended russia over allegations that it meddles in the u.s. presidential election in twenty sixteen speaking with russian president vladimir putin at the end of the festive fishel summit. and trump said he had no reason to believe moscow had interfered in the vote directly contradicting the u.s. intelligence agencies findings that. at least twenty two people have been injured in hawaii after a large chunk of lovers smashed.


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