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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is big news live from berlin the case of the poison spy british police are reported to know who may have carried out the much attack in the city of salt very . well and his daughter you'll be able poisoned with a nerve agent. a news agency report says investigators believe they have pinpointed the suspects using security camera footage live to london also coming up. arrow lawmakers protest against a controversial new law in the israeli parliament it's explicitly defines israel as
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the nation state of the jewish people the prime minister says it's a defining moment because zionism. and thailand's rescue cute boys get up early to pray for their future safety so far the boys seem to be in good health and good spirits despite their near three week ordeal. me thank you for your company british police believe they've identified several suspects linked to the attack on former russian double agents and his daughter and that's according to a report by the press association now the pair were poisoned with. barry in march another two britons in a nearby town were recently exposed to the same no agent one of whom has since died now the media reports saying best gates has used security footage and travel records to pinpoint the suspects there's been no official comment by scotland yard
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so far. and now bringing. us who is in london burkett it's good to see you so what exactly have the police found out. we have to really bear in mind that this is nothing that's confirmed by the police or by the british government it's created by the press association which is a trustworthy news agency here in the u.k. that they have interviewed a source which is close to the investigation and according to this source says the process is the asian investigators are sure that several russians are there have been the perpetrators and they really sure that they are that they are russians of course is very political and we would need to wait for confirmation by the police official confirmation also by the british government so break it bearing that in mind does the source explain how the police got a break in the case what exactly led the police to the suspects. well
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apparently it's been c.c.t.v. footage which is very very prevalent here in the u.k. everywhere you go around you all security cameras and apparently according to this media report that c.c.t.v. footage has been cross referenced with border checks the police would have checked in all the records of people who have travelled in and out of the country and have that matched and found the perpetrators very good it's difficult to ignore the other couple that was poisoning i'm sorry i know it's early days but do police believe there's a link between these two cases. well the home secretary has said that this is the main line of investigation and it's always been the assumption and my belief that police or well experts really chemical experts are trying to find out is it exactly the same batch it's been the. second couple found
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just leftover of the poison really and then axe. themselves so this is always been the working assumption but as far as i'm aware this also hasn't been officially confirmed just as yet we also need to bear in mind that russia is officially denying any involvement in either of the cases so it's a very political case that's really putting the relations between the u.k. and the russian government and it's far from resolved just yet. joining us from london thank you. the israeli parliament has passed a highly controversial law that explicitly defines a country as the national homeland of the jewish people there were killed six scenes in parliament after the bill was approved lawmakers being ejected after protesting now this new law makes hebrew the country's only official language downgrading arabic to quote special status israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu has called the vote a defining moment in the history of zionism critics say the law is racist and discriminatory. but we will keep ensuring civil rights in israel's democracy these rights will not be harmed but the majority also has rights and the majority decides an absolute majority wants to ensure our state's jewish character for generations to come. then there. is a hate crime there are discriminating against the arab citizens against minority with the racist africans especially those jewish settlements and. articles downgrading. the status of the. well to help unpack this latest development i'm now joined by akiva eldar who is a senior political columnist for the l monitor dot com news website thank you for
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joining us so what exactly does this law mean for israel and particularly israeli arab citizens. as prime minister netanyahu mentioned he believes that we takes a goal which means that we are the majority we did jewish people we are eighty percent of the israeli population and. this is also relevant to his relationship with the israeli jewish left. one of the ministers said a while ago what is it worse for us to remove the country if we cannot even rule the media so this is the approach of the current government that we want we have the majority we have the quality and we can dictate the rules to the others and we can dictate also on the different mission of for
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israel the character for israel and of course we can tell the next thing the palestinian people that they have to recognize israel as the jury state because this is what the majority of these ladies have decided so where exactly does this leave the israeli arab community and the one jewish community given what you've just said. actually it is for mole oh a legal definition of the current situation in israel the reality. the majority of the israeli jews don't speak hebrew it's not mandatory to study the story arabic in school. and it tells them that they are now officially. second degree citizens of israel that israel is
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a jewish state and if you are not jewish you are not part of this state. and were young of the supporters the one and so for the supporters of this law is that if you are german ok you live in germany germany is the state of the germans and israel is not only the state of these where is the state of the jews and according to these really law every jew who lives in new york or in berlin can move tomorrow to israel and become an israeli and will be entitled to vote but he held his meeting in its tail that allow me to jump in because what you're saying is really critical can we then at this point still call israel a democracy. you know the definition of israel as a jewish democratic state looks like. we have managed to live with
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a fine tuning edging to maneuver between those two so good power docs a good definition but this is. treating this like you know a ball in china straw. you know i was born in this well i already mr i was jewish but mr believing that was misspelled i'm sorry i'll have to cut it short we've run out of time but thank you very much for your insights and for the very latest developments from israel thank you very much . all thailand's rested cave boys are finally back home after the hospital stay that followed their eighteen day ordeal now after t.v. appearance yesterday the boys began their first day out of the hospital with a trip to a buddhist temple. to the tune of chanting monks the boys press their hands together in prayer grateful to be safe. i am very happy to be
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home i was finally able to sleep well last night. eleven of the boys and their football coach marked their homecoming with a buddhist ceremony meant to protect them from danger but the wild bulls football team have already beat all the odds with their dramatic rescue that riveted the world. on wednesday in their first public appearance since they emerged to safety the boys showed little signs of their ordeal wearing their football uniforms in a show of health and good spirits. but these boys spent more than two weeks trapped underground for the first nine days they had just a flashlight and nothing to wait until rescue divers finally found them. good could it happened in the evening while we were sitting on the rocks we heard
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some noise of people talking so we told each other to be quiet and listen to the noise we weren't sure if it was for real so we stopped and listened and it turned out to be true i was shocked. it's a miracle i didn't know what to answer it took me some time to answer when he came out of the water he asked me how are you i replied i'm ok. ignoring warning signs about dangerous monsoon floods the team and their coach ventured into the caves in chiang rai province after football practice for what was expected to be an hour long visit when water levels rose the boys and their coach were trapped . once located and anxious wait followed until the water was low enough and the boys strong enough to come out the divers carried out the rescue mission over three days racing against falling oxygen levels and rising
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floodwaters. although the operation in the end was successful the mission was met with tragedy when a former navy seal died delivering oxygen. the team was only told of the risk to his death after they were deemed mentally strong enough to handle the news. the boys have already said they would ordain as buddhists novices to honor the man who died trying to keep them safe. u.s. president donald trump has spent a second day trying to contain the fallout from the summit with his russian counterpart vladimir putin now at the summit he accepted putin's denial that russia had interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections but a day later trump made a dramatic u. turn saying he accepted his intelligence agencies assessment that russia did meddle it whipped up a firestorm in washington but what do ordinary americans really think richardson traveled to tennessee where she found that most people were actually not too
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concerned. donald trump is getting an easy right here in tennessee the uproar over his summit with vladimir putin hasn't reached this range cowhorse classic the writers getting ready to compete think the talks were nothing to worry about they're happy to see trump talking to putin and think you probably did a good job or at least tried his best i think that no matter who is in office somebody can always do a better job and they're always going to be criticized for whatever they do. i do feel that president term does have our best interest at heart. i think that is mr personality it could have been handled better i am impressed with the fact that he like most presidents in the past or human make mistakes and he's willing to admit it and come back and attempt in his fashion the fix of. skepticism in trump heartland also runs deep of how the media is portraying this summit with putin and
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why politicians are bickering over it. republican state senator paul bailey says there's simply not enough information to judge tom's performance there's just a lot of speculation out there from others especially those politicians that want to criticize the meeting but in reality we do not know exactly what took place behind closed doors and i'm assuming that it was a good meeting and i'm assuming that our president basically was very pro-american and he certainly let president putin know that. but some republicans have condemned trump for what democrats say was disgraceful or even treasonous appearing to believe in adversaries denial of election interference over information from his own intelligence service says the republican leadership has been frustrated by the putin trump summit because they think it's given democrats more fodder to rally their base around they would prefer voters to be thinking about things like the tax reform plan passed last year as well as the strong state of the u.s.
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economy as november's mid-term elections come up they're hoping that the scandal surrounding this summit will blow over quickly but trump supporters here never thought it was a problem to begin with they don't think putin is taking him for a ride. don't go too far on if a chair is coming up with the business in just one short minutes thank you. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. every journey begins with the first step and every language is the first word to look beneath the coaxing.


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