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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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terrilyn. does iran truly want peace. with the countries of their doubts isolate. iran. focused on d w. i lee. football is a simple game twenty two men she's a ball for ninety minutes and at the end i live. on a bit. hello everyone out there this is daniel hey guys i am come the world cup is over but there is still so much to talk about it's that's why we are here right so let's start the show with that question and. why is
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france the welsh champion. i guess there is not one reason why they became well champion and there was this funny saying. oftens wins games the defense wins championships and i guess these boys just proved it's right yeah i mean france definitely before we even go any further i think they definitely deserve to win the world cup they were to have a favorite coming into the world cup they had a team of stars on paper we know their second team could have probably done very well the players they left at home great talent and what i think was the most important was that for example they had a team a collective team of stars yeah and they had a way of playing a system that the shops wanted them to play they had no problem putting everything
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aside and working as a team their defense was quality their midfield was quality and their attack was quality and i think given maybe you won't be remembered as a team who was so elegant but shiny happy when they've got the job done they were clinical in the way they did it yeah absolutely i agree on that maybe we can also add that these were the greatest doubts i thing that they don't they won't grew together as a team but they did it so they got better as eternal progress with tournaments went on so these are pretty much the most important reasons and of course luck get you luck luck is a big part of football when it swings your way you can win and they did. but luck hasn't always been on side that was the two thousand and six when they lost to italy on. the photographer was there and he shot the photo.
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the gesture was so unpredictable and so violent and so fast especially i just had time for one frame and i was shocked as well and the first thing i did was i i'm looking you know around me to about my calling saying did. did you did you see what happened. and my second reaction was one of. i missed the actual head but. i mean there's there are good photographers and there are very good sports photography and in my career i have found that sports photography are very good with their reflexes because they have to be at ninety eight when france won the world cup i was. working in asia covering a lot of riots covering a lot of violence covering situations where things happen fast you develop those
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reflexes as well. the picture was taken during the two thousand and six for cold world cup final between france and italy of course. the match was important in many ways and that's. who heads. the world cup winner in ninety eight one of france's most amazing player is was competing in his last game. for a wire service if you cover a final it's not me alone in the stadium there's a team i think we would least ten twelve photographers in that stadium covering that i was very high up in the stands on the sides. i'd been told to
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do shoot anything except the classic football picture which is two people. before the match i shot some of the spectators and there you have your the best i can remember this is something about sudan so obviously he was already an iconic figure within french for. the fourth time i can say i had one single nice picture from the from the game. it started with i noticed i noticed. marking quite aggressively in the box and. there's a lot of pulling. and they started speaking to each other so i kind of zoomed in and i thought ok maybe maybe something happens maybe there's some emotion so i'm i'm i'm one of the two of them of course nothing happens i don't even i didn't even
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take a picture i mean nothing happens he done walks away walks almost out of my frame and then he walks back and i'm still somehow on the hot seat and suddenly he just that gesture and i just almost like a nervous react like a knee jerk reaction i just. took one picture just one frame. it's the focal point of this this career. this final and this moment it's just it's all right there this kind of tragic occurrence of the way. looking at his reaction you almost feel as though he felt. justified in head but in my city and that he was trying to
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explain that to the referee. a month later i got a little email from he saying oh your picture is the most downloaded picture of the world cup if you look ok it's always gratifying thank you good good job whatever but then what happened at the end of the year. was that. that's when i realized how popular the picture because when you look at the various. and of your slideshows of course the picture figurative most of them. and you had a whole career and amazing career coming to an end in one of the most spectacular ways possible of a world cup final where france could have really won. france got it done twelve years later meanwhile the don has won the champions
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league three times as a caps now we are asking ourselves for this world cup. that's a nice one who is the player of the turn a man. like margaret i'm going to go with him i go with him not only you i mean he got the golden ball yeah i think it was deserved it totally he deserved absolutely he was the driving force behind creation is run to the fine. yes and i liked him too a lot specially i don't really remember one amazing scene of him but many really brilliant passes gore his goal against argentina there was beautiful there was drill and also his mental strength i just remember this game was it against russia when he missed the panel to shoot denmark down and i was and then
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again in the penalty shoot out he scored wow really. he deserved it but i also would like to mention ian has our. third is no doubt about it a top player and he was very good for belgium but i think in general if a moderate had a little bit more because what he meant for curation what he was able to do for that i mean just look at how much he ran for example just the stats on how much he ran how many balls he played in just also that and he never was the ball it was yeah i mean he was he was great he obviously he's world class there's no doubt about it but then just what he just his presence what he did for croatia was i think enough to make him you know the best player turn to because you so valuable to croatia and just like a point of reference point for them all the time he scored i mean he doesn't score
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as much as you know other. fancy players but he gets the job done in every way very important for the team most important probably. wasn't the first time the tournaments best player walks away from the final without a win. last shot of the nine hundred ninety four world cup was immortalized by a photographer. and i. saw him look in the. so this guy lost. that picture was shot at the final of the world made thing maybe four in the united states it's time for. the game was between brasil and italy.
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the game was tied in then the play had another thirty minutes and after thirty minutes the game. keep the title so they had to go to penalties it was the fifth penalty so i was watching what about you and i keep with him. about your was the number ten was the best known player need telly and there wark up i was at the right side of the goal and i had to call her. the kicker only the kicker. when the kicker kicks the ball you have to wait you don't have to move you have to wait for him the reaction. so usually they celebrate bad if they don't celebrate you have to me very very fast that's why i have the picture of
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a budget open look in to the floor after missing the last penalty. i mean dishing to penalty seems to be very easy but it's not so what are the odds that the goalkeeper stopped the ball or you missed the frame. you count calculate that. you are a soccer player thinking why. do. you think of the pictures there are few elements to see the crowd the resilience of a great team and they're about somebody who was probably the best player in the field looking at this for. yeah it was a very good pitcher i mean everybody told me inside the company and we knew dad
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because we were checked in the newspapers and most of the newspaper used the picture but by i didn't know that to be sure was used to make gestures. i want to have one of those for. me you should a picture you take one moment of that person lives. that we never repeat in their life. and you take it and you keep for years that's why for music passion is snug like i should have picture somebody now. you have in paper in two dimensions. you have somebody. playing a. little.
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the role emotions of world cup history saw are all joy and right. when germany played one of the lines in nine hundred ninety emotions boiled over. and this photographer caught it all. up michelle said not on some topic for the most of us it's quite. as content is on. the scene as the word is i. only heard in my godfather one of the legs but he also holding them . and got them to hit me in mumbai. i just didn't heiling wasn't the. media of the principle not on the net much.
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less that nonsense but he isn't have that's not most of the times that side invoking book light of his new autobiography is an amusing guys who takes board fifty one shots of yvonne need to make in between. would be for the i'm one of them and understand that to happen also condemned us as tolerant often is fertile in walk lucetta a slow month and sign couldn't other one thousand indians and in the long run can devolve a stitch that's finally steve who talk at. the senior bush thanking her none can. feel an inch taller on the spot than any other street of congress fox come on received a small supporter to host. lunch with his folks who started this whole thing with. money it's not
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a hot and. humid in austin and on most good to have and comes up with a few have a good spot. on. the chateau going to react are sufficient in biden's speech it's back in the us up . that's us indefinite stuff. about mr or did he play it up on that ad and view that as a investment to see. if i could be stomached i think i could take what he said out and not know all. the basement people snore. has pointed out. in fact and that is far worse off first but so moved to when he said on the us a list i looked. to command for the cost and how much i'd like to see him for the left would be s.q. so last i didn't just have to move in with you up with your attorney financial.
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probable was just if you fleeing the school copped to such as in this movie in the hospital just as i did. on my hands of ashok's tends to. let me stop and look up. i think look up i'm from i'm. just was. gentle didn't know. what the cost of the. test run out of me so i learned i can. that's why in school one. for muslims in india she. still left him for some type of man smith had to be left of that commission boudicca had to let us fly from shooting champion to speech and
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. i think he had a month under the gun since p.-u. . woods is on. a muslim so no one will need to see. the two of them until i was in is a useful classlessness. but what was the lasting image from last sunday best boxing winners from france. all the plucky runners up from croy we were in soccer at for the final and experienced losers who celebrated like well champions but see for yourself. it's one hour to go to the final and the atmosphere here in the center of zagreb is electric you can hear australian english american english german actually gracious from all over the world came here today to be part of this historic moment. now is
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very likely that moment when they go search of it's it oh yes cried. one of the officials here with us or come and she of course was rabbit out of africa and also this is hoping that it would strike up also finally in this all right hey guys i got i got one question yeah what are these are the water polo it's about the school it's really it's well eric yeah you know when did you become a fan of gracious. when japan crashed out and now i suppose to still be in russia the nurse is not in the final so i sold my trick. it's i didn't have the money i boarded the flight for a shuttle and came to spend one week here with my friends but what i also find remarkable about grace's success at the world cup is that not just people into a show or let alone japan know and support russia but also people in the wider region for example listen to what this gentleman has to say bye and i as a clueless we know this is joining us soil or this serbian sports john was going to
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join sky city b. i should not hear these are kind of months to mention the relations between neighbors are not always good down here also because of the wars that happened in the ninety's but maybe it once again football can help bridge gaps and that will be beautiful thank you ok one nil at france i was if i were the i my prediction for this game is for a three fourths race. with a fifteen minutes or so france score to go before one know how. i was
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the way i know the how i finally know why they wear the water polo. oh ok then they had through old i was. the house i thank you thank you. it's a little too much oh do this well yeah it will be small talk. he just said a second look at us i keep my nice thick. and he was nice to you always like the easter egg roll over happy to friends well that was a really good question. was hearing this. much. well i mean. are you ok. just saying
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we. could. never go oh oh no he was a c yes i still live in full swing by nixon which. shot all over. us and i myself was the ok to lie down i just don't think i i was i was yeah you see how old she says you know so i. was just honest ok i had a finally on a real life time you hear what you hear me now but i would say because i was hoping for was going to reflect well you know. the thing you know we have a lot like oh you know so you know because painting it
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was like oh my story so i think it was my now if you think that what happened yesterday during the final was crazy i mean just look at what's happening today and the team will come here in one hour and i don't know how many people you can fit on that square but somehow was. was behind me is the man who was the coach of christ and nine hundred ninety eight with the blessing when they came in. if anybody had said that if there is a god i actually wanted to do an interview with him but i had not i know that whatever first i was so fed up i was just an echo i wouldn't be deemed to even think i was yes i mean him it's good
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stuff i might not see. it was yeah it was going to die i had to say i. mean you learned this i believe me when i did that book with the rebel regular i reckon i think the world maybe the american people the people who think like to do it yourself and your god you want to get out of the rain couldn't you have the miracle that was the reception of the gratian team bus just as joyful and impressive as the simply fantastic celebration the day before i even told a radio reporter that the germans can learn one thing from the collision course i would be so much a spectacle of what we have been waiting like for all right now for did you know right from the airport to the senate where i was caught now i don't think you're
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right. but the people here are thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking. this little thank. god it's a real shame though that this wild partying was overshadowed in the end by the presence of a strong national missing or thompson he entered the team's bus at some point in the company them to zagreb smain square after the celebrations was heavily divided again whether the singer's presence was right or wrong many people on the main square decided not to sing with him sending a clear. a message that they don't want to go back to the past sunday but don't want to see their joy hijacked but why did the teen protest on the pitch there was so much better than most thank you i am a see you soon let us know what you think as well down below and thank you for
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watching you know. football is a simple game twenty two men choose a ball for ninety minutes and at the end. of . the to.
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go about. european stars deliver rousing performance a. misdemeanor so i remain he sings upbeat dance tune and catchy balancing obama using the money. well british singer leona lewis reaches deep inside with her and be good cuts says tina g w.
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we make up about three quarters of half of the under budget five we ought to separate services. they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of dummy's platform africa is charging. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and the little boy in the closing table book i left him with the enemy in one. minute leaving. he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son made son only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass
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jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on w. five.
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u.s. president onal trump will invite his russian counterpart vladimir putin to washington this autumn the white house has said the invitation comes four days after their meeting in helsinki that led to an opera in the united states of a trump's failure to publicly confront putin for moscow's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen and.


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