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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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reports that donald trump could be inviting lattimer put in to visit the u.s. as well she was a scorcher and she could. i thought it was interesting her warship picked up on that she then said. it would be able to tune in for the two leaders to talk about the problem of nuclear proliferation about arms control because they are in possession of ninety percent of the world's nuclear weapons so she was cautious but she said she put down a marker so this is what i would hope for from such a meeting if it takes place i believe she's now addressing the question of trade relations with the u.s. let's listen in we have to. the situation in the world around trade is a very serious. massive financial crisis that we had two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight we could only overcome successfully because we didn't take a unilateral approach but rather a multilateral approach the g. twenty format was introduced by the heads of state government of all twenty countries and you may remember as well at the start of the transition from bush to
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obama we put in programs to stimulate the economy china did a great deal to start the global economy going down the drain as it were we put together regulations for financial institutions set up certain regulations and that helped us get out of what was an extremely complicated situation which is why i believe that once again we find ourselves in a situation that is. requiring the. effort to correct their growth forecast down there are considerable tariffs that we're seeing towards china have been countermeasures in for europe their tariffs on steel and aluminum and with the automotive industry and you can just see how closely linked the value chains are globally and if tariffs are placed on. exports of auto. motive from the u.s.
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to china then that means for in german companies that they have to correct their profit forecast as well and you see how closely linked it all it is it's not just about vehicles going from germany exported to the ads. we're seeing four hundred thousand vehicles built in the u. s. . and being exported to the rest of the world the biggest b.m.w. factories not in germany. it is in south carolina. and this draft hanging in has come up in the hearings in washington underway about the trade issues and this is why we see these terrorists as potential terrorists we should say as infringing on. regulations but we see them also as a real risk and danger for global prosperity generally and this is why we believe that john cloud june cuz trip is important he's going to be putting forward some
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proposals as to how we can get into negotiations that could perhaps stop these things happening now i wouldn't want to speculate as to any outcome here but i think that all of the e.u. member states have said to jump right into that he should go to washington. and we will speak with one voice as europeans through him and we just have to wait and see what comes out of these talks. peter the chancellor there talking about what has become a central point of friction between donald trump and europe but in particular germany which is the question of trade. so interesting that she said the e.u. must stick together the commission president john clune juncker is going to washington next week of course to take their european voice to the americans she pointed to again there's a constant theme throughout the whole interview that we're seeing here today multilateralism she said that back in two thousand and seven two thousand and two in the financial crisis it was
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a multilateral approach with the americans with the chinese for instance and others boosting trying to do everything they could to boy and boost their economies holding together and that's what we need to do these days she said. she talked obviously frankly about higher tariffs on the automobile industry this is coming from the german perspective of being the largest economy in europe the third largest export economy in an economy built around the car industry she still speaking about trade let's listen in. and we'll have to talk about what the options are this is our preferred approach but if this doesn't generate results then and you would have heard that the european commission is also looking at counsel measures that we will put in place but that is certainly the least favorite approach. chancellor i have a question about political culture. after the helsinki summit we have
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seen that the. half life of statements made by heads of state and government when i speak to people in russia they say lying is an acceptable to all in foreign policy i mean do you sometimes feel a bit frustrated by things like this do you sometimes have a sense that. this impacts on the german system and the political culture that we have in germany and that this is changing and being damaged in fact. but i think there has certainly been a change in political culture driven on the one hand by the social media and the opportunities that they entail. i think it's very important that we look at all aspects here both the political side of things and the journalist side of things that we look at the responsibility for true news as it were because as soon as the social media can essentially allow any participant or stakeholder.
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in the process of exchanging information responsibility for the truth for the facts is very widely thinly spread if you like and i don't think it's enough for the platforms to say that they are nothing but a physical liaison created between all of the stakeholders i think that these platforms have to be responsible for a hearing to certain standards but of course that's a huge challenge because we're talking about global dissemination of ideas and nationally you can only achieve so much but. we can all only do our own bit to this and i think misfired to set this is well i said in responding to her that i try to be as precise as i can and in my remarks and try to ensure that the facts have been checked and are correct and through giving examples we try to. well
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essentially i'm trying to be a good example so that this culture doesn't fall apart in that sense because i think the way we think the way we speak in the way we act and intertwined. right peter we are also like the chancellor trying to go back and forth that these are questions we learn from trade wars the question of lying being a political tool used and we heard the chancellor say i try to be good a good example in fake news has become an issue that has affected her government as well you know absolutely there have been cyber attacks on the german government on the german bundestag we know about i mean courage to hear that i'm going out less trying to be a good example that you should also come to check your own facts interesting about being a good example because obviously germany recently passed what was a complex piece of. legislation called the networking foresman floor which is
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designed to crack down on social media the not as it were from the from the perspective of the actual law that's been passed not policing the statements that are being made on the social media in question and imposing fines there that it's been viewed as a typical german attempt to do good but also is a typical german attempt or a measure that risks infringing on the freedom of expression and being in that way very german so there are concerns about directions and in particular taking on of facebook which has become in many countries also here a platform for spreading fake news but all of what you had to say about a brewing trade face off your head is more on that and. actually reiterated that the e.u. is determined to counter any u.s. in a further escalation of the trade all started u.s. president donald trump the situation is quote very serious now totally porters in berlin. we don't just have cars being exported from germany or europe to the u.s.
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but also some four hundred thousand cars that are made in the united states and exported to the rest of the world that's the export it was the biggest b.m.w. plant isn't in germany but in fact backside of carolina i know. this idea of interconnection was also mentioned at the hearing in washington in washington or in states that seen video. and that's why we see these tyrants or potential terrorists as an infringement of w t o rules as well as a threat to prosperity for many people in the world feels that it. there were protests on in washington as the u.s. commerce department launched hearings into the import duties because trump stoves don't just a fact effect imported cars but because made in the usa too because his measures put a levy on parts as well as a look at two cars as an example the honda civic and the audi q five compact out
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today cause just over seventeen thousand dollars but see what happens when we slap on prom stooges the prices shot up almost one thousand seven hundred dollars the luxury is u.v. . comes off even worse surprise increase of almost nine thousand dollars that consumers will actually pay depends on how much the companies are willing to share the costs with their customers and higher costs mean cutbacks the peterson institute which worked out these statistics also reports that job losses from these tariffs alone could be as much as one hundred to ninety five thousand factory in retaliation by foreign countries on an equal basis already already on the way as many as six hundred twenty four thousand jobs could be lost and on thursday workers in the industry have made that very clear.
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and for. the u.s. car industry is not the only sector being hit by a president from straight policies. the american. i think we're talking two parts not only we can see only not a day goes by without you. talking about the latest economic shenanigans of the man in the white house what's the latest today. five hundred billion dollars and that's the number that he said i'm ready to go to five hundred that's what he told c.m. d.c. what does he mean by that five hundred billion dollars in tariffs against goods worth that much being exported by the chinese to the united states that was the number two thousand and seventeen five hundred five roundabout billion dollars that
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the chinese exported and trump is threatening to impose tariffs on everything and of course he added we've been ripped off by china for a long time that's a petition that we're seeing here from an interview to c.n.n. b c now if you ask me where is the threshold from a tape trade conflict to a trade war well we're probably at that threshold now if the five hundred billion come then you have that when we went when these remarks became public the market here in europe turned south especially here in germany the dax it's losing about one point five percent in the leading exporters that's probably no surprise companies like volkswagen b.m.w. dime or continental are among the worst losers but nothing seems to be sacrosanct for the u.s. president no he's criticizing his own central bank that's not really considered to be good stuff how did that go down. it went down terribly it put pressure on the
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dollar because of course if you criticize the fed as the u.s. president which you're not supposed to do then it undermines the confidence and the credibility of the fed and it basically has to assert itself now even if the president just intervenes verbal ie the dollar went down or the euro yesterday was still under a dollar sixteen and now it's over a dollar seventeen trump suggesting that higher interest rates in the united states hurt the competitiveness of visa be the chinese for example when the boston fans would thank you. now the u.s. . star industry is not the only sector being hit by president trump's trade policies would tell you it's our tariffs the you put on american products came into effect at the start of this month for jack daniels the united states biggest whiskey exporter may mean hiking prices in europe and bracing for the worst washington correspondent claire richardson went to lynchburg tennessee to get a taste of the problem. american whiskey in the firing line now that the
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european union has hit back against president donald trump with tariffs of its own companies like jack daniels are being forced to make sacrifices that could hurt their bottom line. i'm here in lynchburg tennessee home to jack daniels of the off whiskey it's why they cited state they said they plan to increase their prices some ten percent modeled for consumers in the year when you and their very good people were choosing what they think they forego the expensive american products and simply pick cheaper. tennessee strongly back to trump in the two thousand and sixteen elections that's likely the reason distilleries here are feeling the brunt of europe's response as brussels turns up the pressure on places the republican party needs to win in the upcoming midterm elections. now the few hundred residents of lynchburg have found themselves in the center of an international trade dispute . if the tariff situation is going to. the
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overall the bottom dollar of jack daniels getting their product to anywhere outside of tennessee or outside of the united states would be and that would raise their cost. and eventually could affect lynchburg. the biggest fear is what unhappy customers in europe would mean for jobs here in tennessee and the immediate probably will be. them having to pass that cost on to the consumer so. poor people in germany would have paid more for risky. sorry. for europeans of price bump and for jack daniels a painful hangover from donald trump tariffs. or u.s. companies are feeling the effects at home and abroad the american chamber of commerce in china is now voicing concern said that members operating in china
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corporations like coca-cola or citigroup are reporting negative effects already our correspondent linda hong is in singapore for us linda how will american companies operating in china be affected exactly well you know american companies say every the put hundreds of billions of dollars of investments in before the stray war and they've actually been reaping healthy profits and so with this tit for tat of course their bottom line is definitely going to be affected if with also heard of how boeing is actually going to suffer as you tariffs and that it's actually going to you know erode welcome light of airline those who actually you know it's already a pretty competitive in the street so there's actually one off some of the impact that we have seen. just the talk seems to be enough to markets these days about how important is psychology in this kind scenario. well you know with seem like business confidence being hurt by this tit for tat even before we actually taken
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place and this is because when you want to put money inside business i actually the peds lawyer for casa lost certainty and when you uncertainty into this whole full cost and how much money can actually make for businesses that actually is a bad for in terms of psychology for the companies already because that would actually hurt investments get hurt in the home thank you very much. north korea has posted its worst economic performance in twenty years figures from south korea central bank show the socialist north kaname contracted by three and a half percent last year as manufacturing and culturally. poor figures can be largely attributed to international sanctions twenty seventeen the un security council banned the north main exports which include coal minerals and textiles kim yong has accused factory employees of not working hard enough.
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and that's all your business it's back to sue now with more world news all right thank you go ahead and we're going to return now to that breaking news actually that's been happening here in germany a knife attack on a bus in the german city of lubec has left at least eight people wounded at two of them seriously that is according to local media also a police spokesman saying there were no fatalities and police also saying that they have a suspect in custody at the moment let's go to correspondent andrea koppel he joins us with an update from lubec on the line hi how to thank you for joining us what is the latest that you're hearing there. so i can't really tell you much much more than it already said. the number of injured. is not entirely scrabbles yet. the prosecutor declined. to actually. fix. the road. both.
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came in the victim of. they will be questioned of course and the police is already called has. called for witnesses. everybody's the. request to report to the police. could you tell us anything more about and we've been looking as you've been speaking with some still images that have come across social media i believe you to tell us any more about this bus and who might have been on the spot. well the bus was full it was going to cover the news which is the coastal resort. and there's a there's a big festival going on there covered with. the sailing event so presumably at least some of some of the passengers on the bus of the world which to the club would have a hood. but would rather that it was just a moral city bus. part and out of just briefly if you can have authorities provided
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any information at this time on the person that they say they have apprehended linked to this incident. well there's a lot of lot of rumors going around. presumably the suspect is a radio. one of the have for. all we know is that. is in police custody. but other than what is for all right journalist a couple speaking to assess from back on the line thank you so much for that update . you're watching news will bring you more news than an update on that breaking news story that's coming up in the next few minutes. cut.
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. you're watching news returning now to that breaking news story a knife attack on a bus in the german city of lubec has left at least eight people wounded two of them seriously that is according to local media a police spokesman saying there were no fatalities. let's bring in to the views kate brady she's following the story for us i kate bring us up to date what's been happening. so just over an hour ago soon we had the first report confirm from the police that there had been a suspected knife attack in the northern german city of lubec and so far we've confirmed from police is that there are eight injured people in the suspected attack five of those according to police have suffered light injuries and three of them suffered fairly serious injuries now local media are in fact reporting more injuries at the moment but all we're hearing from police so far is that eight
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people have been injured and police were very clear in saying that there have been no fatal it is in this suspected knife attack what we've heard as well so far from local witnesses is that people traveling on the bus at the time. they were traveling in the cook knit district of lubec when a bag fell to the floor of the book and the attacker pulled out a weapon which reportedly according to some eyewitnesses was a kitchen knife now the bus driver it's of pulled over the bus stop the bus and open the doors to let off as many passengers as possible and we've since heard from the chief prosecutor in lubec saying that nothing has yet been ruled out in terms of a motive behind this suspected attack at local transport in the area has now been affected and there are reportedly no trains now traveling to that district of cook it's in
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lubec and now we're just waiting for more information from the police we've just heard also that the. attack of the suspected attacker at least has actually been arrested and that the ordnance team are actually now inspecting the suspect's backpack. you know kate we can see from the still images some of them have come in to us that there is a large police presence also a presence of emergency services on site have they have authorities provided any more information on that suspect or the people who were on the bus or you know so far is it the bus was very full of course it was a friday afternoon many people leaving early from work on a friday in germany but so far there have been some rumors as to the identity of that suspect but nothing has yet being called by all surratt is except that they have actually detained someone already debuts correspondent kate brady following
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the latest for us thank you very much kate. to china now where the courage of a handful of young women is galvanizing the country's fledgling me to movement they call themselves silence breakers and they're campaigning against widespread sexual harassment in chinese society particularly universities and on public transport it is an uphill battle as they confront china's male dominated culture and authorities try to sweep the problem under the rug. young educated and a little bit funky. this is what feminism looks like in china. she is a ph d. student in gender studies at hang go university. taking inspiration from the meat to movement that began in the united states she's launched a campaign to combat sexual harassment including on public transport that. sells
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i'd like to see my auntie sexual harassment stickers all over the subway system. ideally there would also be a loud speaker announcements and ads on the screens. that's out there. is trying to get permission for this from the transportation authorities in eleven major cities a bureaucratic ordeal but in china it seems to be the only way to get the message out. there was no way to end this protest took place three years ago and ended with prison sentences for the activists the women sang a song against the notorious gropers on public transport they were jailed for thirty seven days. me too in the u.s. it's been championed by celebrities in china it's a fledgling movement led mainly by university students. it began with
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a former doctoral student who accused her professor at bay honey university in beijing of trying to rape her the allegations posted on chinese social media one viral garnering millions of views and shares many describe going through similar experiences but for china's censors it went too far. we took to the belgium. they blocked our me too micro blog so we changed the name to the chinese words for rice which is me and bunny which is to raise bunny meat to me. it's a clever way to avoid powerful government censors this is me too in china the rice bunny on the internet it looks cute but behind it is a powerful network of strong women all linked to one another. in shanghai joy lynn is an advocate for victims of sexual violence she has an
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internet platform where she offers advice and publishes articles but even the small scale events she organizes are viewed with suspicion by police just because they're for women for the screening like iran ten people came and and talk about certain generally shoes. and they thought one is the small it wouldn't be it would be for the authorities but still i got called and. also in beijing me too in action feminist document renee's case her ex-boyfriend trying to rape her in the underground garage of another university she went to the police but they didn't want to take the case renee's university even put pressure on her parents so she wouldn't go public.
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parent turned john name my father said to me come home and listen to your university otherwise they'll expel you. from i asked him why should they expel me i've done nothing wrong he had no answer to that he only repeated that i should listen to the university. britney's consultation with her attorney is sobering there is no national legal framework for dealing with cases of sexual harassment in schools or the workplace. you show chen is one of the few attorneys who take on these types of cases he explains to renee that there is no legal definition of sexual harassment but he promises he'll support her in her lawsuit against the police who failed to help her at the time. for a woman. a feminist movement that doesn't have it easy in china she the doctoral
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student from hang joe continues her work despite the challenges and she inspires others from inside this student dorm room new feminist campaigns are springing up all the time. so if you're richardson is the china director of human rights watch she joins us now from washington sophia thank you so much how prevalent is sexual harassment in china but we don't really know because it's very difficult as your setup piece suggests for. women to feel confident that they can then should report those kinds of allegations in the girls will receive a credible hearing or even if there is a commonly understood or legally operational definition of sexual harassment but i think that we're seeing some of these kinds of cases come to the fore particularly at universities suggest that it is fairly widespread but what do you think so is the biggest challenge that me to activists are facing that are unique to china.
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well it's everything from state sponsorship towards extraordinary hostility from president xi jinping this government to independent organizing but there's also there's another dimension to this story which is that from president xi on down there's also a renewed push to make governments part for women to stay at home raise families have children and play much more traditional roles and i think that's probably also discouraging people from reporting sexual harassment that certainly doesn't indicate that the government itself is going to move towards clearer definitions of violations or be more eager to hear them in court so that's that's a that's a significant negative trend so why is that why do you think it is that the government feels the need to censor these voices well you know this is a regime that's long known for its hostility towards any sort of independent or organized criticism and you know much of the hostility or much of the effort to get women to stay at home is largely
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a function of demographic problems or at least what the government perceives to be demographic problems that people aren't getting married they aren't having enough children that the population is so badly skewed after years of the one child policy that the population is aging rapidly and the government can't persuade people to have enough children how to make up for the considerable hole in the population i think a lot of these forces combine such that authorities shut down groups that are doing something so innocuous as to raise awareness about sexual harassment public transportation you know which in theory at least is a guaranteed right on paper under chinese law so what about the chinese people you know what if the began to change attitudes there among the public towards sexual harassment. well i think it's precisely these kinds of activists who need to be allowed to speak to raise awareness about what is and isn't appropriate behavior
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you know to push for changes to laws to make it clear about what should be prosecuted for both police and courts to accept those definitions and not question women when they try to report these kinds of cases and not reject their cases when they actually get to court i think those are important levers of change in chinese society all right so if you richardson the china director of human rights watch thank you good for joining us on a program thanks. now egypt is preparing to enact a law that critics say will silence political dissent on social media parliament passed a law earlier this week it grants the government new powers to block or punish people with large online audience as it now needs to be signed by president. before going into effect and let's talk more about that with our social media editor carl naslund who joins us here in our studio carl tell us who could be affected by this legislation a lot of people are those this law would apply to anyone who has more than five
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thousand followers online so that basically means any accounts with a large following will be treated as a media outlet it could include journalists bloggers and even regular citizens so this law is even requires include some broad restrictions for online activity and news gathering and here's some of the basics about what this law would do it's pretty broad here it outlines the publishing of so-called fake news it bans incitement to breaking the law it outlaws of filming even in prohibited places in public and it requires a government issued license for any new website so you can see a very wide ranging law here and it even has some associated punishments along with it as well the consequences here range from banning social media accounts and suspending or blocking websites to possible prosecution and the fines the government says this is a law that's really meant to prevent the spread of false information but critics
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say you know this law's vague for example doesn't define what false news really is so it could be used in order to silence government critics what is it going to mean for online activism because social media played such a big role in egypt and in other countries join the arab spring right exactly we actually reached out to several activists in egypt many of them were reluctant to talk to us we did reach one woman with more than one hundred thousand followers on twitter she spoke with us but did not want us to use her identity or her face and she told us really it's starting to become the internet is now too dangerous for activists in her country here's one she told us. i think we could look to the need to start looking for different platforms. over working in organizing that aren't limited to the social the social media we need to leave the internet and start finding lots of organize and to discuss issues that aren't centralized
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that are using the same tools we used nine years ago it's really interesting to hear that activist there in egypt might go off social media altogether maybe finding a new platform a new way to communicate your critics seem to say that this is not just social media it's part of a larger trend of cracking down on free expression in egypt yeah definitely i mean in egypt recently the governor has blocked hundreds of new science and blogs this year around a dozen people were arrested and charged with publishing false news that includes actually one prominent example from earlier this month of really kind of a disturbing case and this involves the lebanese tourist who was in egypt she was arrested while visiting the country for posting a video complaining about what she did experience there including alleged sexual harassment you see or hear a as a result she was arrested charged with deliberately broadcasting false rumors and sentenced to eight years in prison she's currently appealing this verdict but the worry is that of course this new law could give the government even more power in
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terms of broadening this crackdown on content that they don't want to see on social media all right our social media editor our karl nasa tracking the story for us thank you so much karl. now a new report has highlighted the scale of forced labor around the world the global slavery index estimates that more than forty million people worldwide were subjected to modern slavery in two thousand and sixteen the phenomenon is present in the countries around the world but the report made north korea as the worst offender. millions of men women and children are subjected to forced labor forced marriage or sexual exploitation some are sold into slavery north korea tops the list of countries involved more than ten percent of its population is used as forced labor yawn me park was sold as a sex slave to china and managed to escape trouble preying schemes on.
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how he's saying he's honored to meeting the dictator and he's impressed by how work it is running the country it's like you're meeting hitler and saying i'm impressed by how you're killing jews right now the global slavery index compiled by the organization walk free list seventy nine countries in which more than forty million people are trapped in modern slavery germany is among them there are some hundred sixty plus thousand slaves in your agricultural industry in your meat processing. importations when your domestic workers where you are most affected by the products you buy the report says developed countries import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods every year including cell phones and t. shirts produced with slave labor. danish icelandic artist is one of the most popular and engaging artists of our
4:40 pm
times and he says that's not first large scale insulations using a whole range of media but drawings and sketches are still central to his creative process and now a new exhibition in munich puts his multifaceted skills on show we have karen hopes that from our culture just to tell us more about this so karen sounds like a bit of a scaled down version of typical yeah that's right i mean this is the guy who seems to have an almost sort of superhuman command of the elements i mean we usually see some working with. light water air temperature to sort of created desired effect or to get his point across that he's also very much of course into putting his works into the context of public space is a very large ones at that so this is really kind of like going back in the timeline of his creative process it's called watercolors and we'll see why in just a moment and it shows that sort of after that initial spark in his brain everything begins on the page. next edition that shows another side of.
4:41 pm
these works may seem a long way from some of the spectacular installations but the more delicate work much about the way you approach. a bloke that was hunted down by a chunk of. melted away. public chunks of ice were placed on the paper examining what it means to that twenty thousand years melts away not the first time that he's let nature take. of itself his first point i think during experiments with twenty years ago with his father who was also an artist as well as a cook on a fishing boat you know and i have known we asked ourselves what if the boat were a pencil and the sea were making the drawing. stiffed one day what would it look like if we flipped the motion of the boat and the waves around here and so the motion of the sea becomes the motion of the hands during the drawing
4:42 pm
a spirit and how would that look at this than i was him. so he dipped a ball in ink placed it on a sheet of paper and let waves and time to the rest it turns out the sea favors clean lines and surprising turns each illustration is a study of the inexorable flow of time. as in all of his works. of us chewing. as he does his lethal calm form this is not about comfort. you to visit is about taking part in the production and accepting the fact that you are also responsible for what you see ceased. it seems our consumers left between spotlights and the white automatically tend to become active producers even without any prompting by the museum some of these dancers may even of ask themselves the same thing the artist village.
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can pass is there now about what is drawing anyway is that us making an impression of the world or is it the world's ability to make impressions on us. near the exit visitors are confronted with the baffling machine every few minutes it begins to. see what it actually does you have to close your eyes the machine draws by burning temporary lines onto your retina. that amazingly is literally making a canvas of our inner eyelids i think that's very it's incredibly out there you know if you've ever gone to see any of this installations it becomes very clear that it's very important for him to really. interact with the viewer the people come to see who's outwardly yes tell us about some of his kind of bigger works yes those all those they tackle are ones well i would say that one of the most spectacular ones was the new york city waterfalls and that was when he installed
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four manmade waterfalls along the east river and at the brooklyn bridge in lower manhattan and he loves water falling because he says it's like watching the passage of time and so he's drawing the viewer in a different way changing the way that they evaluate and can experience this sort of very much wider public space that ran for several months back in two thousand and eight but the show that really secured his place in public consciousness was this one that his spectacular staging of a suns that this is the weather project in the turbine hall of the tate modern in london this was a reflection on on weather as one of the very fundamental encounters that you can have with nature when you're living in a city but it also plays with the notion of bringing weather in saw it inside the mind and the experience of the viewer and then the viewer goes outside and proceeds to take that outside so you can see that he's really is really expanding our notion of space and very unexpected ways. and it all of this also reflects his his ever
4:45 pm
deepening interest in climate change and so he's always sort of a very elemental and down to earth kind of guy he's interested in connecting and looking at. the global to the local all right and this exhibition is now taking place in new york in munich at the people who take them are down all right karen helps out from our culture just thank you very much. i'm going to return now to that breaking news story that we've been covering for you here on t.w. a knife attack on a bus in the german city of new bac has left at least eight people wounded two of them seriously that is according to local media and police and a police spokesman has said that there were no fatalities. and let's go right to it to lubeck where hunt a couple on the line who works for a local newspaper there what is the latest that you're hearing. well what i'm hearing is that. around one thirty in the afternoon. america.
4:46 pm
got a bus service going from blue to the coastal resort of call the mover. to colonise of took a night out of his backpack and began stabbing passengers and it appears that before he started before he took out the knife there was that there was a fire which may have come from his backpack. so the the explosive group of the police is. has been searching the area. around the bus. yeah that's that's pretty much what happened what we know about the suspect is that he made here radio leases there have been reports of the police have declined. to confirm any details while we don't know for sure is that he isn't police custody. we should say you know we are waiting for police confirmation on that and a lot of the details that have been coming through on twitter and from local media is there anything you can tell us about this boston who was on it. well it further
4:47 pm
it's a regular city bus. that was full service there may have been forty fifty people or a. little time to say that off the top of random about sure and when it was over but. probably. a number of them were on their way to the problem of the walker which is a large sailing event in the coastal resort of. ok and what about the people who have been injured any more details on them. some of them have been taken to hospitals but i can't really tell you any more about that. and what about the in the area. where this happened. well it's still cordoned off. where i'm standing now. there is there are there. firemen the police. the whole street is blocked. and.
4:48 pm
the remaining passengers who are not injured have been taken away by a bus. that came to pick them up. reporter a hundred a couple from the cubicle next to him speaking to us on the line thank you very much i know. you're welcome. you're watching news that little of iraq will have an update on that breaking news for the story for us at the top of the hour and to forget you can always get the very latest on our web site dot com all the news and information on the clock and also on twitter handle they're actually did have uniques.
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remove the food. from a child time. three children document their daily find for survivors on the. structure of the traumas and the desperate hope. for help from. yemen gives the most. fifteen minutes on t.w. . it's all happening it's a very clear cut sure link to news from africa and the world. your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to the
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discussion in program and from one examination from the news of these events and while with safety debited comes the traffic come join us on facebook at g.w. africa. some must see now from the fucking open air festival in northern germany. fucking metal bubble will showcase dozens of newcomers from the. w s club exports are going to write their. fucking opener to thousand and ten starts in just such dublin and ahmad. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. and found that deep in the rain forest in
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central africa and the little boy in the closing table because the n one. money legal costs he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son made son only the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reversed. the crews were trained from the forest storage all these night w. . me. me. me. this is you know
4:53 pm
we've used line from berlin several people are interested in the knife attack on a german bus police say an assailant stabbed eight people on a bus in the northern city of lubec several of them are seriously injured the suspect is and police custody will get the latest also on the show the german shells on the americans signs off for the summer ever pre-holiday press conference merkel says her government must strike a delicate balance on the hot button issue of migration and sweden struggles.


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