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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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in central africa. to play their culture the state. promised to his son. return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. result reverse culture shock. from the forest stars caucus night w. . highly. football is a simple game twenty two men she's a ball for ninety minutes and at the end i only. live there. hello everyone out there this is daniel hey guys i am come the world cup is over but there is still soul much to talk about it that's why we are here right so let's
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start the show with that question and. why is france the welsh champion. i guess there is not one reason why they became well champion and there was this funny saying. oftens wins games the defense wins championships and i guess these boys just proved it's right yeah i mean france definitely before we even go any further i think they definitely deserve to win the world cup they were heavy favorite coming into the world cup they had a team of stars on paper we know their second team could have probably done very well the players they left at home great talent and what i think was the most important was that for example they had a team
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a collective team of stars yeah and they had a way of playing a system like the shops wanted them to play they had no problem putting everything aside and working as a team their defense was quality their midfield was quality and their attack was quality and i think maybe you won't be remembered as a team who was so elegant but not only shiny yeah but they've got the job done they were clinical in the way they did it yes very little i agree on that maybe we can also add that these were the greatest doubts i thing that they don't they won't grew together as a team but they did so they got better as a turn to progress in the tournament went on so these are pretty much the most important reasons and of course locke get you luck luck is a big part of football when it swings your way you can win and they did. but luck hasn't always been on side that was the two thousand and six well when they lost to
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a. photographer was there and he shot the photo. the gesture was so unpredictable and so violent and so fast especially i just had time for one frame and i was shocked as well and the first thing i did was i i'm looking you know around me to my colleagues and. did you did you see what happened. and my second reaction was one of. i missed the actual head but. i mean there's there are good photographers and there are very good sports photography and in my career i have found that sports photography has a very good with their reflexes because they have to be in ninety eight when france
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won the world cup i was. working in asia covering a lot of riots covering a lot of violence covering situations where things happen fast you develop those reflexes when. the picture was taken during the two thousand and six football world cup final between france and italy of course. the match was important in many ways and that's. who heads. up in the world cup winner in ninety eight one of france's most amazing player is was competing in his last. for a wire service if you cover a final it's not me alone in the stadium there's a team i think we would least ten or twelve photographers in that stadium covering
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that i was very high up in the stands on the side and. i'd been told to do shoot anything except for the classic football picture which is two people both . before the match i shot some of the spectators and there you have the best i can remember this is something about the down so obviously he was already an iconic figure within french for. the full time i can say i had one single nice picture from the from the game. it started with i noticed i noticed. marking done quite aggressively in the box and. there's a lot of pulling. and they started speaking to each other so i kind of zoomed in
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and i thought ok maybe maybe something happens maybe there's some emotion so i'm i'm i'm one of the two of them of course nothing happens i don't even i didn't even take a picture i mean nothing happens done walks away walks almost out of my frame and then he walks back and i'm still somehow on the hot seat and suddenly he just that gesture and i just almost like a nervous react like a knee jerk reaction i just took one picture of just one frame. it's the focal point of this this career. this final and this moment it's just it's all right there it's kind of tragic occurrence but the way. looking at his reaction you almost feel as though he
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felt. justified in head butting. and that he was trying to explain that to the referee. a month later i got a little email from a.f.p. saying oh your picture is the most downloaded picture of the world cup you feel ok well that's always gratifying thank you good good job but i would but then what happened at the end of the year. was that that's when i realized how popular the picture because when you look at the various. and you hear slideshows of course the picture figured most of them. and you had a whole career and amazing career coming to an end in one of the most spectacular ways possible of a world cup final where france could have really won.
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france got it done twelve years later meanwhile the don has won the champions league three times as a pouch now we are asking ourselves for this world cup. that's a nice one who is the player of the turn a man. like margaret i'm going to go with him and i go with him not only you i mean he got the golden ball yeah i think it was it totally he deserved absolutely he was the driving forces behind gracious run to the final. and i liked him to a lot specially i don't really remember one amazing scene of him but many really brilliant passes or his cool again thirteen thousand that was beautiful
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that was drill and also his mental strength i just remember this game was it against russia when he missed the panel to shoot denmark down and i was and then again in the penalty shoot out he scored wow really. he deserved it but i also would like to mention ian has are. no doubt about it a top player and he was very good for dogs but i think in general if a moderate had a little bit more because what he meant for curation what he was able to do for that i mean just look at how much he ran for example just the stats on how much you ran how many balls you played in just also that and he never was the ball it was yeah i mean he was he was great he obviously he's world class there's no doubt about it but then just what he just his presence what he did for croatia was i
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think enough to make him you know the best player turn to because use so valuable to croatia and just like a point of reference point for them all the time he scored i mean he doesn't score as much as you know other. fancy players but he gets the job done in every way very important for the team most important probably. wasn't the first time the tournaments best player walks away from the final without a win. last shot of the one nine hundred ninety four world cup was immortalized by a photographer. was that. i was. when i saw him look in the. self-hate these died a lot of. that
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picture was shot at the final who was making maybe four in the united states it's time for. the game was between brasil and the telly. of the game was tied in then the play had another thirty minutes and after thirty minutes the game. keep the title so they have to go to penalties it was the fifth penalty so i was watching what about you and i keep with him. about there was the number ten was the best known player need telly and the war cup i was at the right side of the goal and i had to call her. the kicker only in the keeper. when the kicker kicks the ball you have to wait you don't have to move you have to wait for him the reaction
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. so usually they celebrate bet if they don't celebrate you have to meet very very fast that's why i have the picture of a budget will look in to the floor after missing the last penalty. i mean decision to prosecute seems to me very interesting but it's not so what are the odds that the goalkeeper stopped the ball or you missed the frame. you can't calculate that. you are a sucker play at thinking why i didn't do the differently. do you think of the pictures there are few elements to see the crowd the residence and grating and roberto baggio who was probably the best player in the field
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looking at this for. yeah it was a very good picture i mean everybody told me inside the company and the we knew dad because we were in the newspapers and most of the newspaper used the picture but i didn't know that to be sure was used to bring tissues. i want to have one of those actually. when you shoot a picture you take one moment of that person lives. that we never repeat in the way. and you take it and you keep it for you that's why for music passion is snug like god i should have picture somebody not. you have in paper in two dimensions. you have somebody a little. the
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raw emotions of what's cup history saw are all joy and right. when germany played it in the novel minds in one nine hundred ninety emotions boiled over. and this photographer caught it all. off for not constantine yet for the most of us it's quite. a squint to have you on. the scene as to what it is i. only had in i got fourteen of them played footy but also holden dunn. and. even hidden in mumbai. at least didn't heiling wasn't the. media of the plots but i'm not going to bust.
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most annoyances speaking to these who didn't have to watch and that's not much of the times that side of. the plight of this new law abiding citizen in glasgow test the board fifty one shots of yvonne tough within each his own. when he said i'm one of them and understanding that it happened also condemned us as fatah and walking as fertile and watch a slow month and sign couldn't other one thousand indians and in the long run can have other states as one of these to talk out. just. thinking one can. feel an inch tall and five any of it really often does
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fox come on you see this one spoiled times to. lunch millions folks who started this whole would. not to have a. few minutes been socialized on my scooter tense atmosphere hoods on. all of. us have to go fishing then by disputes if it's back in to stop. that's us indefinitely. or does he plan it up on top of that and the that is the enforcement officer. of the stomach to face the dust down but didn't do so a lot and not learn all. the basement as he should people snore. just going to carry on. a fight and that is far worse off course but so mr littlest would do so long as the sun was eyelids. to commence
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with a cough and how much i'd need to see if the left would be s.-q soft i didn't decide to move in with up if they look like that if they hold. up the status in the smooth in the hall small. as. this. tends to. let me know cook up. i think because i for one. does want to. do can't you. just. with a copy of the. best one i think so i learned that committee. that's why i'm school on.
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the for mostly from the new machine. home system left him for a comeback advancement that's the law of the commission bidding to hire a list but if unchangeableness beach and. i think it a month under the guns. this is. a muslim's no one will need to see. the two of them one time since i was in as a useful class of the system. but what was the lasting image from last sunday that's bottling whenas from france . all the plucky run asop from croatia we were in soccer at for the final and experienced losers who celebrated like well champions but see for yourself. it's one hour to go to the final and the atmosphere here in
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the center of zagreb this electric you can hear australian english american english german actually creations from all over the world came here today to be part of this historic moment. now is very bad with the higher level they don't activity it oh scribes. one of the of us last year with us are gone and she just goes with rabbit out of africa and also this is happening that it looks like up close affinity of this call to fight hey guys i got i got one question yeah what are these are water polo shirts or both this is cool it's really it's well eric yeah yeah when did you become a fan of gracious. when japan crashed out and i was supposed to still be in russia the nurse is not in the front so i sold my trick. it's i then left the money i boarded the flight for a shuttle and came to spend one week here with my friends but what i also find remarkable about gracious success at the world cup is that not just people into
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a show or let alone japan know and support russia but also people in the wider region for example listen to what this gentleman has to say buy and i as a crew it's we know this is joining us with you or this serbians forced on us but i just consider to be i should not be have these are kind of months would be to mention the relations between neighbors are not always good down here also because of the wars that happened in the ninety's but maybe it once again football can help bridge gaps and that will be beautiful thank you how was the only one i know at france i was. way i my prediction but this game is for us three for the race. within fifteen minutes or so france scored to go that four one now how did
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the i want you i was the we go thank you how i finally know why they wear the water polo who own a bed through only god. i thank you. it's a little too much yeah be able to do this. it's just that second that you know i keep my nice thick. it was nice to know you were always like the easter egg roll over happy to friends well that was a really good question through a very. well i mean.
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you're. just saying we. could lose a. little oh oh no he was a. little in full swing by nixon which you only. shall obey. that's and i myself was on the ok to lie down but if you don't think i was. yanking on will i say i was so i was. just honest ok. ok finally i rely on you to what you hear and nothing but would say because i think you will think you are going to reflect oh you know.
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we think you know we have a live show but oh ok so you know because painting of what was right for my story so i didn't mean it was nice you think that what happened yesterday during the final was crazy i mean just look at what's happening today and the team will come here in one hour and i don't know how many people you can fit on that square but it's a matter how was. it was behind me as the man who was the coach of christ and nine hundred ninety eight with the blessing when they came in. let's see what he had to say for the girls they say was hot i was i actually wanted to do an interview with him but i know now that whatever first i
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was so fed up i was no snicko i wouldn't be deemed to be anything i was yes i mean him it's good stuff i might not see. it was yeah it was going to be i was looking at it i really do you mean you are a little bit like this i really do and i did that book with the little boy i think i did the maybe the make me feel good thing to do you know if he really was going to get out of the ring you know the younger it was the reception of the creation team bus just as joyful and impressive as the simply fantastic celebration the day before i even told a radio reporter that the germans can learn one thing from the collection or should
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i make it so much a record of what we have been waiting for all right now for it you know right from the airport to the sense of where i was caught now i don't think you're right. but the people here are thinking and thinking and thinking and saying. it. was it's a real shame though that this wild partying was overshadowed in the end by the presence of a strong nationalist singer thompson he entered the team's bus at some point in the company of them to zagreb smain square this is probably exactly what crazy does not need if it wants to build on the positive energy the national team success in russia set free the country. the day after the celebrations was heavily divided again whether the singer's presence was right or wrong many people on the main square decided not to sing with him sending a clear message that they don't want to go back to the past sunday but don't want
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to see their joy hijacked but why did the team not protest on the pitch there is so much better and i'm less thank you i am we see you soon let us know what you think is well down below and thank you for watching. football is a simple game twenty two men choose a ball for ninety minutes and at the end.
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of the. victory for team spirit france celebrates their world champions. the national football team because a person is francis so such a high. success has transformed a nation. by the tax labor strike.
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plan and more determined to become something human for the next generation gloomy as the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all mine play. play. play. the odds. this is it will be news live from berlin several people are injured in a knife attack on a german bus policing the silence down to eight people on a bus in the northern city of lubec police have a suspect in custody a local media saying is a thirty four year old german we'll get you the latest. also on the show john charles saga americal signs off for the summer after pre-holiday per.


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