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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is the deputies life from nice man attacks passengers on a bus in germany he stops people on the moving bus in the northern city of lubec a suspect is now in custody police say he's a thirty four year old junker also on the program and blocking threats that negotiations for the european union gives a god welcome to britain's latest proposal leaving the bloc a new chief negotiator michel barnier says the plan could allow for progress. germany's chancellor warns that us also tariffs could jeopardize prosperity on both
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sides of the i'm not taking i'm going to macro says the e.u. is working on countermeasures if donald trump escalates the current trend to spears . and with world cup out of the way are europe's football clubs bust the budget as they shop for stuff it's not just gold school resides in liverpool making on the song back up the most expensive goalkeeper on the plot. to assume. i'm still gale welcome to the program we started with that knife attack that left ten people wounded in the northern german city of lubec i'm out with what's been described as a kitchen knife started stabbing people on a moving city bus passengers overpowered him and held him until police arrived investigators say they have no evidence of any terrorist motive prosecutors that made this statement a short time ago. the suspects identity has now been established
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he is a thirty four year old german citizen there are currently no indications that he has become politically radicalized in any way. up to any one. correspondent mark zandi joins us now from welcome back a police searching for any other suspects. well as of now there's no indication that there was any other suspect some there's a lot of speculation and investigators of this actually started questioning. vick victims of witnesses and the suspect himself was being held and will be brought in front of a judge tomorrow. and what do we know about the people who were injured. well we know for sure that at least ten people were injured about six were stabbed by
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them by the perpetrator and some others got injured while while the trying to get off the bus in a panic and that the bus driver himself was also attacked by this suspect while he was trying to put out a fire that the the bad actually he try to set his backpack alight on the bus before committing these violent crimes ok so god's death have you been able to build up a sort of sequence of events a atoka through what actually happened on the bus. so this man actually started trying to set his backpack on fire he had a combustible agent in there and witnesses recall smoke coming out of the back of the bus rather than have pulled over and pulled out a fire extinguisher walk to the back of the bus and try to put out of the fire when he was then attacked by the perpetrator most likely with his fists as the bus driver recalls then this man pulled out a knife and started stabbing people outside of the bus since the bus sort of
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managed to open the doors before he would move to the back of the bus to put out the fire and he laid it was then overpowered by by passengers and the police were able to arrest him promptly after that i was sort of police presence is there in the back now. well right now behind me as you can see it's pretty deserted this is actually the scene of the crime but since this bus also was headed to taba minda a seaside resort a part of the back where there. is taking place there is a very large police presence and leave it in the city center itself and also at the seaside resort here and i on my way to this location here also experience i saw many police some and there will be thousands of people visiting this regatta tonight and tomorrow and through the through the following weekend and the police presence is definitely high. in the event thank you so.
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i go america has signed off for the summer press conference and barely speaking after a roller coaster start to her fourth term the german chancellor denied rumors that she might step down before the end of the current parliament she also tackled some of the major issues confronting her fragile coalition and its coalition government least how to deal with donald trump's america and how to solve europe's migration crisis. i'm going to michael set aside one and a half hours to talk with the media before her official summer holidays began it's been a turbulent political year for the chancellor and many have wondered whether it would spell her downfall but of merkel was in so need of a home of the it didn't share many of the questions posed by the press centered on donald trump and whether macko could understand why he singled out germany for criticism. i took note it. i
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didn't look for motivating factors when the law. said she would rather deal with the issue rationally. outrage at germany's trade surplus with the us so only concerned traded goods she said. in the audience lesson that you know if we add services to that and the profits transferred back to the us when you look at the trade balance then it looks quite different. because then you see there is a balance and that it slightly tipped in favor of the u.s. a man who went on to say that in the future europe will not be able to rely on the u.s. to be the world's peacekeeper she said that was legitimate and that europe had to solve its own regional conflicts including military wants the chancellor also said she had no problem with trump meeting with president putin's russia has been under international sanctions since of a mixed crimea in two thousand and fourteen. i think it has to become
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normal again for u.s. presidents to meet with russian presidents. after all ninety percent of the world's nuclear arsenal is held by these two countries. on migration macko said that she remains concerned about how the issue has divided europe. this is yeah. it's quite obvious that this puts europe under a lot of pressure. the fact this issue affects every e.u. member state means of course that it will take longer to solve this it shows how divided we are over the issue. but i believe finding a common solution for migration is crucial to the future of the european union. not only in europe in recent weeks migration policy has exposed to visions that threaten to break apart her governing coalition. but at friday's press conference
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she showed no sign of being trouble for missing our only that she looked forward to a few days' rest. now the same press conference chancellor merkel took aim at u.s. president donald trump's plans to impose tariffs on the e.u. auto industry daniel when so we'll have a story in the business section later on this program. in use chief presently goes it has given a cautious welcome to new british proposals about the country's future relationship with europe michel barnier he said the proposals contain useful elements that provide the basis for negotiations but he also could add some elements of the white paper which has left government in disarray. london likes to cultivate an image of cool majesty but that's not what brussels and many officials from the european union perceive. they see a british government that still hasn't figured out how it intends to leave the e.u. in an orderly fashion. in the church side is i don't think this current
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confusion in britain is very artful with. its side life this time is slipping away we're all hoping that it's difficult undertaking can be brought to a half way sensible front of. the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland poses a particular challenge the british government rejects introducing border controls there and rules out customs controls between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. but there must be a hard border somewhere if britain leaves the e.u. customs union northern ireland would be represented in trade negotiations under the world trade organization and tariffs by the european commission not its own national government something i will never accept and i believe no british prime minister could ever accept the e.u.'s top exec negotiator said he welcomes britain's concrete economic proposals but michel barnier stop short of optimism it is also our responsibility to be prepared for all scenarios including.
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ireland is already in preparation mode with online advisory checklists to help its companies navigate the possible impacts of gregg's it. with much of europe sweltering on the high temperatures even the regions in the arctic circle are feeling the heat sweden is struggling to contain around fifty separate wildfires some of which have become too big to fight threatening villages and causing major problems in a country more used to dealing with. climate change means this sort of extreme weather event could become more frequent. inferno near the arctic circle. four days firefighters have been struggling to contain a rash of wildfires scattered over a vast expanse of sweden from north of stockholm all the way to the arctic forests . this sense of it feels like we were in vain and it just
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burns and burns at the end we had to back up three kilometers because it became too dangerous. multiple villages have been evacuated and officials estimate the fire damage at around seventy million euro so far at fault as an extraordinary heat wave that has turned much of the evergreen landscape into kindling. temperatures have climbed to thirty three degrees celsius in recent days conditions befitting italy more than sweden and so the italian government has sent help italy the biggest fleet in the work we have one thousand. drop six thousand liters of water about one second in fact the effort to extinguish the nordic blaze has become a european task with further personnel and air support sent in from france germany and neighboring norway. sweden has dealt with wildfires before but rarely over such
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a large area now meteorologists are warning that with global temperatures on the rise fighting fire in the arctic could become an annual battle. and it is your populist government has informed the european union that it will no longer accept migrants rescued at sea have brought to it shows that includes not only those rescued by aid groups but also those picked up by the news own rescue mission operations to fail it's really his struggle to absorb hundreds of thousands of new arrivals in the recent years we have this report about one success story. kalki two lives in the mountains of northern italy surrounded by nature the forty year old makes her own goat's cheese and beauty products. it's a fairy different life to the one she lot back home in ethiopia she was forced to flee the country eight years ago after protesting against fomenting so to foreign
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investors she ended up in italy this. month to me that. i started out with other work and just fifteen go it's i found some land for the animals and now i have one hundred eighty goats psionic good day just business striking her products so well at the nearby market in the regional capital trental. but it's also a stronghold of the far right league party which says that italy has taken in too many migrants but that view isn't a cult by everyone in the city. i have a great admiration for her story and for watches doing that and for the value she brings to the community a lot of drawn to look at alec when he did all the body little we cannot our daughters to take in migrants coming to europe why europe doesn't help us.
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to feel is this kind of mindset to make it harder for newcomers to contribute to italian society even here you'll ruin chip could you why should not try to draw the best out of each person when you will no doubt will be very wise you know that once the migrants arrive here we shouldn't constantly try to marginalize them but. it's negative and it's counterproductive. the farmer is following her words with deeds she has already employed a fellow migrant to help her out with her business and plans to hire two more. a new report of the scale of forced labor around the world slavery. forty million people worldwide were enslaved in twenty sixteen the phenomenon is present in countries around the world the report named north korea as the worst offender millions of men women and children are subjected to forced labor forced
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marriage or sexual exploitation some are sold into slavery north korea tops the list of countries involved more than ten percent of its population is used as forced labor yawn me park was sold as a sex slave to china and managed to escape. how he's saying he's honored to meeting this dictator and he's impressed by how larry king is running the country it's like you are meeting hitler and saying i'm impressed by how you're killing jews right now the global slavery index compiled by the organization walk free list seventy nine countries in which more than forty million people are trapped in modern slavery germany is among them there are some hundred sixty plus thousand slaves in your agricultural industry in your meat processing. importations when your domestic workers but where you are
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most affected by the products you buy the report says developed countries import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods every year including cell phones and t. shirts produced with slave labor. this is d.w. news live from berlin still to come back here in sprint specialist peter sagan when stage thirteen of the tour de france in an exciting sprint to the finish line. first are some of the other stories making news around the world donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen secretly recorded his client discussing payments to a former playboy model that's according to u.s. media reports current mcdougall says she had an affair with the president in two thousand and six he has denied it reports say the recording made it two months before the twenty sixteen election was seized by the f.b.i. in a raid on cohen's office earlier this year. rescue boats in the u.s.
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state of missouri have recovered the last four bodies from a tourist boat that sank in a storm yesterday i witness video shows two so-called duck boats crossing the lake in rough waters only one of them made it back to land the death toll now stands at seventy. palestinian militants are shot dead an israeli soldier on the gaza border israel responded with air strikes on hamas targets throughout the gaza strip killing four palestinians it's acts are triggered renewed fears of another escalation between israel and hamas united nations has urged both sides to show restraint. a business that has returned to anger machall and what he had to say about this brewing trade face off with the united states daniel winter is here that's right and i'm sure for i don't need to remind you who's at the center of all of these comments as well u.s. president donald trump has been stoking it the trade dispute with the e.u. and china today signaling he's ready to slap tariffs on all chinese imports and
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accusing the e.u. and china of manipulating their currencies he even found time to criticize the u.s. central bank's monetary policy german chancellor angela merkel meanwhile reiterated that the e.u. is determined to counter any u.s. tariffs as mrs merkel told reporters in berlin the situation is very serious. tensions continue to run high in the german car industry with the u.s. government this week repeating threats to impose high import tariffs on cars and components germany's car makers association was quick to underline the importance of its members for the u.s. economy german manufacturers and suppliers operate over three hundred plants there creating over one hundred thousand jobs in production alone. german chancellor angela merkel warns that the tariffs not only threaten global growth prospects they also contravene world trade organization procedures. the e.u. should call a spade a spade namely that we think it is incompatible with w t o rules we don't want
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these tariffs we believe that we harm each other not only that we are harmed in the european union but that this can have much wider implications. e.u. commission president john claude younger travels to washington for talks on trade next week if a solution can be found the e.u. says it will consider further countermeasures. some retaliatory tariffs on american products came into effect at the start of this month for jack daniels the united states biggest whiskey exporter it may mean hiking prices in europe and washington correspondent claire richards had went to lynchburg tennessee to get a taste of the problem. american whiskey in the firing line now that the european union has hit back against president donald trump with tariffs of its own companies like jack daniels are being forced to make sacrifices that could hurt their bottom line. i'm here in lynchburg tennessee home to jack daniels of the
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office kids for they cited state they said they plan to increase their prices some ten percent of the consumers in a year year and they're worried that people are choosing what they think will forego the expensive american products and simply take the. tennessee strongly back to trump in the two thousand and sixteen elections that's likely the reason distilleries here are feeling the brunt of europe's response as brussels turns up the pressure on places the republican party needs to win in the upcoming midterm elections. now the few hundred residents of lynchburg have found themselves in the center of an international trade dispute. if the terror situation is going to. the overall the bottom dollar of jack danial getting their product to anywhere outside of tennessee or outside of the united states and that would raise their cost. and eventually could affect lynchburg. where the biggest fear
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is what unhappy customers in europe would mean for jobs here in tennessee. it probably will be. them having to pass that cost on to the consumer so. poor people in germany would have paid more for. sorry. for europeans of price bump and for jack daniels a painful hangover from donald trump's tariffs. and donald trump is threatening to impose tariffs on all chinese imports let's dig deeper with the culture on wall street. how long it's taken the. well i mean first of all those tariffs are not implemented yet and it might take some months if they come at all but we do see certain industries certain companies where we do see some pressure of the car industry for example or other multinationals like caterpillar
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boeing where we do see stock prices falling a bit but overall the market is still taking it easy we just finished the third consecutive week where blue chips actually saw gains even if the market was tiny little bit under pressure on friday but overall the market really takes it to rather cool who at this point and so china can simply impose counter-terrorist as they've done in the pasta because they just don't import enough u.s. goods to match what the u.s. is doing so how could china respond and certainly if we look at the figures the u.s. exports to china in the amount of a good one hundred thirty billion dollars and they import goods from china in the amount of a good five hundred billion dollars so on this side the u.s. seems to be in the driver's seat but china certainly has possibilities to counter one for example would be if china just devaluates its currency the yuan is going
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to fall further and actually it already dropped to the lowest in about two years so that's true a certain degree would level out higher tariff they can also stop buying u.s. treasuries they could make life miserable for u.s. corporations have been active in china so there's a whole lot actually that china could do to counter those tariffs against thank you it's been a pleasure. and that's all from me to fill in the malays in german football it goes on down in fact carol yes there have been more accusations about mismanagement of the german football federation known as the day after the defending world cup champions germany unceremoniously dumped out of the tournament in the group stages and the criticisms continue this time from a former national team great who now manages by in munich. it all looks so hopeful for team germany when they were at their training camp in preparation for
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the world cup they were on top of the world and had no idea they would quickly come crashing down former german international striker and byron munich manager karl-heinz woman had this to say about the d.f.t. . right now it seems to me that they don't have a clear cut professional way of dealing with crises and i'm not at all surprised because the d.f.t. is full of amateurs and i'm not at all convinced that at the end of the day the right solutions will be found with these people who are running things just like. the ball is now in the d.f. b.'s court should they choose to play one thing is certain germany can't afford another tournament disaster because then no one will be safe. with the world cup out of the way it's up clubs are racing to sign the tournament standout playas what usually means its most flamboyant tacos this year it's a goalkeeper who's gone into the record books to joining english english side
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liverpool for an eye watering fee. allison backer is now the world's most expensive don't keeper liverpool paid roma almost seventy five million euros for the twenty five year old their brazilian international didn't concede any goals in seventeen of his thirty seven syria appearances for roman last season the transfer fee breaks a record held by the italian legend be fun. in two thousand and one he was bought by eventers from parma with a regular price tag of almost fifty three million euros if you compare the prices paid for two phone and allison it pales in comparison with the most expensive goalscorers paris and german teammates kenyan and back they cost one hundred thirty five million euros well neymar came in at a whopping two hundred million villefort pool coach jurgen klopp will be hoping allison can bring a level of consistency in the upcoming premier league campaign. and to cycling at
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that stage thirty eight of the tour de france team sky continues to roll although they sprinting specialist appear to say that of the board same did win the day in a dramatic finish the almost one hundred seventy kilometers along route one from dawes are to violence meanwhile the overall leader had to get a jersey hold the guy thomas of team sky continues to fight off allegations that he's team's performance it's a little bit too convincing. stage thirteen was considerably flatter than previous days in the alps with the route favoring the sprinters for breakaway riders including switzerland's me can't share and belgium's thomas to ghent set the pace chair held the lead but with six kilometers remaining was gobbled up by the taliban . fiji a burial in sin attack inside the final kilometer but the frenchman was caught with less than three hundred meters to go. he has paid us again showed his strength and added to his victories on stages two and try winning this time by just half and
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we'll norway's alexander christophe took second ahead of france's. slovak ryder was delighted with his win very happy it's a one today very nice for me and thanks to all my team mates as they did again very good job teams guy ryder and aaron thomas held on to the overall leader's yellow jersey but saigon extends his lead in the green jersey points classification. that's it show up today wolf here at the top of the hour of course as always the web sites t w dot com.
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victory for team spirit france celebrates the world cup champion. the national football team has announced first france itself. the world cup success has transformed the mission. by terrorist attacks labour's. system. the fast pace of life in the digital.
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shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the way he smiles and interviews with the makers and users. in forty five minutes to. make your smart t.v. even smarter with the d w four small to. watch and watch when you watch it up today extraordinary in depth you decide what songs find out more. dot com smart t.v. . iran ones and isolated the uk a city now a major power in the middle east. sometimes continues to grow politically
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economically and above all militarily. does iran surely keep some of the countries are known and have their doubts iran from beyond the sea regional superpower starts august fifth on d w. welcome to another day in trump lands today began with tweeted criticism of his own fed chairman that hit the dollar president trump venue went on t.v. to say he wasn't criticizing the chairman's direction but he doesn't always agree with him but should we even be talking about the president's tweeting habit anyway tonight's you'll hear from a u.s. media commentator who says the media should just stop paying the president so much of.


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