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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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and sort of a side. or pursuing her own vision. but certainly no other woman got so close to. brown life and death with the film. starts july twenty first on d w. l o n a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and congratulations a jew to france for their impressive victory at the soccer world cup in russia beating croatia four two in the final there were ecstatic scenes when the players arrived back in paris this is of course the second time that the law has won the most coveted prize in world soccer after it won the trophy on home soil in one
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thousand nine hundred ninety eight now back then it was hoped that what was a very much a multicultural team would help to unite a multicultural but divided country but that's not quite what happened in france remains a society dogged by tensions over race but perhaps just perhaps carry an ember pay with his huge flat and likeability will make a difference focus on europe says that a durga has been gauging the mood in friends beginning in a stronghold of the far right. fines in aberdeen celebrated france's world cup victory on the town's market square to take you know enthusiasm was reserved for striking back pain son to an algerian mother and cameroonian father. was emotionally i love you about my other she wants to marry you i'm. the best
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i'd like to have him as a son. i am the child of immigrants as the fan favorite that something new for abba venus which is a fast enough the right wing nationalists who prey on fins caused by the town's high unemployment rate but amid all the euphoria there are just a few who are willing to voice their complaints about the ethnic make up of the winning team. for fisher are not especially excited no i'm french that it could be the french team they're almost all black. that both as you were used to everything. just a two hour drive away from a view of the bania of paris when many play is on the a key trickle or come from. many immigrant families live in the suburbs. grew up in this building in bondi. look tough to him when he was small and back
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a re was in the same local soccer club with him for them the world cup victory is a turning point and there are usually when the cameras are harris for something negative reports about the suburbs and what's going on the news and now they have something different something positive on which it gets a little kid from how you made this in the world internationally it's a completely different picture. than really explore they're even talking about anybody. hey in american china i'm proud the whole world is talking about bundy for one little chip all this like bond is become a big city to do. all those it is going to. suddenly the residents hand i at the center of a triumph being celebrated by nearly everyone in france. it seems as if the every day racism in france has been overcome it's back and really is still wary of this
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new wave of compassion. that's close enough to france at last there would have been the polemic south african france too many africans on the team who will always be that attitude basically we always have to win. always win and be exemplary french citizens at the same time the players on the team and demonstrating national pride and thus disarming many skeptics. that tumultuous years or at least now they are singing the national anthem it's all that's nice but the previous team didn't sing the national anthem that's not patriotic of course it was. the many young french people in the world cup victory is a new start for the country following the years of fan of terrorism. the first time i was only for the lamb experience in this it's much of this is our generation roll
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here in the us you don't want to die. thanks to this world cup when many in france have regained faith in themselves and in their country. well from that miracle for france to austria then a man who believes in miracles of a very different current is the opening from a rudolph and last christmas eve his home was nearly buried by a series of massive landslides nobody was injured which rudolph puts down to divine into. mention but the hard fact remains that in his terribly in village of droughts and the rest of the hopes climate change is having a huge impact supporting lives at risk the problem is it's well nigh impossible to predict when and where the next natural catastrophe might occur. that just has to step outside to see the scale of the disaster that almost was he
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remembers it as if it were yesterday in seconds one hundred fifteen thousand cubic meters of rock funded down into the valley bearing the road the rock slide came to a stop just twenty meters from his house it was christmas eve twenty seventeen. kinda common kids got home just ten minutes before it happened i had been in sankyo dick for the children's church service and the father said he wouldn't do a sermon that day because it would last too long for the kids so long or if they'd done is ten minutes sermon the tragedy would have happened. the kids have a guardian angel i'm sure of it brenda may have. dr goldberg at ease it has nothing short of america all that he can sit together with his family today. nobody came to any harm. the cat family breeds cattle. in the some of the young animals are up in the high mountain fields but the life stop on
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his pride and joy he says they get to being famous for generations and intend to keep it that way. that's. why there's only ever been farming here ever since a bigamist settlement only farming one tough people no lodges no ski lift nothing only farming governments. the thousand town high valley is still largely untouched by tourism. it's meadows woods rushing mountain streams and a couple of hill fams but the a deal can change at any moment geologists going to heist of found that out for himself that iranian state government had contracted him to theron examine the slopes behind the guts from nearly two months before because they had a hunch about it but the experts didn't find any problems. so it's called guesswork
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no one could have predicted this happening no less it's always possible for it to happen we know that nobody could have forseen it would happen now when we can encourage. high school is often out in the helicopter part of his job is to monitor danger zones from the air. there are plenty of them in toronto and scientists predict that climate change will create many more. it's just a couple of minutes flight to be a stop meant four hundred meters above the valley. it looks stable at the moment. and really beautifully get interested sation increases and indications are it will then we'll have to expect more events of this car and when we measure the slopes we find that nearly all of them are wrong move. it would be impossible to monitor all the slopes in toronto or even just the ones above the settled areas receive the. stream but the geologists do the best they can they have systems to measure the
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direction and distances between reflectance they've set up on the rock faces and the surroundings of landslide danger zones. once a month they also employ a high precision laser scanner surveying. when construction on the new road begins a geologist will be watching every movement on the slopes above ready to start work immediately if need be. for you kind of got still has too much to do fixing the damage from the last rock slides to worry about potential future ones as much of his pastor is gone. the holy spirit had it half the total area has grown there are more than half now just a little section is all we've got left the other part stretch from the woods back there to the next neighbor. from next not. since the landslide they have been to
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rows of metal tank traps outside the house they may stop falling boulders but they also render his pasture useless. since precautions like that are necessary to make it safe for the was he wouldn't even be allowed to live in that house. neither rudolph gets nor his neighbors have any intention of leaving their farms no more than when the rope came close to flattening their houses. we are having this fact replied to how we said we're staying on we're celebrating christmas with the kids and we're fine with it but most of you just have to keep calm and the best thing you can do the best about. the health families seem to have rock solid willpower and well stronger than the mountains. now turkish president red chip tired and blames followers of this man the islamic cleric for toller glenn
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for the failed two thousand and sixteen coup in turkey as a result he ordered the arrest or dismissal of thousands of pro-gun land lawyers judges police officers and members of the armed forces that prompted many others to flee to germany where most were quickly granted asylum but former members of the golan community accuse it of being a sect like for instance scientology so how much to the authorities in germany really know about the inner workings of the movement going to qurna has been finding out. we're on our way to meet a man at an asylum seekers' home somewhere in eastern germany we'll call him fundy he wants to stay anonymous to protect his relatives in turkey where he was a teacher of religion and a functionary in the group then movement. in danger of being arrested he and his family fled to germany turkish president richard type out of one was once an ally
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now he persecutes members of the good then movement as if they were terrorists. i voted for him to have nothing to hide there the split between them and was came after several statements from the governments but we strictly reject violence we've always wanted to convince people through dialogue. the turkish government sees things differently it blames supporters of the muslim preacher federal law good end for the attempted coup two years ago and it's demanding germany hand over those who resigned here. one of the masterminds behind the coup the a mom excuse me said to be hiding out in this berlin apartment building. he's suspected of having commanded and loyalist officers during the night of the coup on orders of the movement. i might have seen him before that though he's supposed to be hiding air hardly ever going on. through but it's
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a long time ago and it's not past two years i only saw him once. that. the green movement denies any involvement in political violence the movement represents itself in germany is being focused on dialogue and education it runs thirty schools such as this private high school in berlin's district that also wants to build several children's daycare centers in the german capital but a former member of the movement has given an anonymous t.v. interview in which he describes the group as a cult. with secret parallel structures. it's dangerous because it projects an outward image that has nothing to do with reality it isn't the managing board that has the power but the imminence. these him and that's come from turkey and they're brought to germany under various pretenses. several thousand girl and supporters have fled to germany from turkey in the past two years they're welcomed
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by their fellow believers in germany like here in berlin the organization has its own refugee initiative for people like bondi the asylum seeker in eastern germany can get help looking for work and accommodation fatties counsellor told him he has no need to worry about being granted asylum. biting in china ninety percent of the decisions are made in favor of the applicants. and i think. that's a very good number and i think this is. a growing movement has responded to accusations of wanting to gradually make germany a muslim country with events like this so-called culture olympics. pupils from ground supported schools around the world to advocate for peaceful coexistence. because this days make to be our movement is based on the values that we have those are for instance the compatibility of religion in modern life religion and
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democracy and that the modern understanding of islam. cite this. but experts are down for all that's truly the case they say federal are good and has never been a reformist theologian and the dialogue with nonbelievers is simply a means to an end. and it is the case that dialogue is merely an instrument to expand the sphere of influence of a conservative form of islam that is oriented along sharia law. should not pay attention. to how they represent themselves publicly but to look at the whole picture and that contains an islamic vision for society here in the west. yet not even the churches in germany fear contact with the girl and movement for the planned house of one in berlin where the three major monotheistic religions are to have a place to pray together the protestant churches partnered with representatives of
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the green movement and the catholic had a publishing house has been publishing books by glenn and his followers for years. which is one reason why forty the asylum seeker is happy to be here. they are in german government a lot of gratitude now i would like to become integrated as quickly as a can and if possible work as a teacher again and reduce. the glenn movement's influence in germany is growing bolstered by those on the run from persecution in turkey. now on a different note the gypsies of spain are sometimes known as the roma people but generally they prefer to call themselves the fraternity it's a proud community of an estimated seven hundred thousand people famous of course for their flamenco music but until recently many young fit our nose were marginalized shuts out from spanish society there are however real signs that
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things are now beginning to change and it's women who are leading the way. of course for young high school dropouts in madrid here roma boys and girls can learn to create tables and text in excel and word the best will later get to work in a supermarket chain adding practical experience to the training. it's a second chance for young people who have long had to fight strong prejudice on the jury mostly in school i was always told that learning wasn't for me your because at least my parents have always supported me isn't about me but if you're going to get it. now young roma have additional support from social action and educational programs many are using them to escape the margins of spanish society he tonneau is spanish for gypsy but here the roma carry the name with pride hardly any where else to they have as many opportunities that women have made good use of them saw as
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a rodeo for instance is a young engineer she no longer sees herself as an exception in school she was a math and physics why is she went on to study mechanical engineering now she's fulfilled a dream and been accepted for a trainee program with a major carmaker she's the only he time now we can buy it online but one of the others no i met he tana at work it's no problem at all i don't make any secret of it on the country i'll tell anyone who wants to hear about it we exist he tonneau is to study and have normal jobs under integrated. of the he tanos accepted to university an estimated eighty percent are women bussed our affiliate ana is a labor lawyer and partner in a small law firm she came from a poor background and was the first in her family to attend college why are so many women learning qualified professions she can only answer that for herself. you know
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where this witness who i'm certain if i had been a man i never would have attended university as a man then i would have had many ways to earn money. as a woman i only had two choices marry well study you could say university was my escape the semester they have there for. solidarity among the heat on us is strong this advanced training courses for university graduates only they've studied law psychology or social work as part of a new support program they counsel other teach on us and that is. one such mentor is a lot. her client is a housewife and mother of two who wants to earn our own money by working with teenagers if possible. advises or on training and what salary to expect a member of the she encourages women to fight prejudice she says it's better for the tonnage to talk to another he turn up and try the standard labor office
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counseling or should i know my clients see me as a head turn i like them sounds one with the normal professions they say she's got it made why shouldn't i do that too we come from the same culture with the new we face the same difficulties and so on that motivates them. in the columbus hall of seville is a city hall that he tanos under their young professionals. awards are presented to the twenty nine most successful among them including sarra the young engineer. the patron is they are trees curry your political advisor to the government and one of the most successful he tunnels of all she says that he turn owners are at last taking their place in spanish society. to the south we just have to realize what a long wait we've traveled to where we came from and all the things we've achieved . now there are many young he time knows and time as taking the challenge isn't
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getting ahead just forty years ago we never even would have dreamt of it. nineteen of the twenty nine awards were given to women disadvantaged for centuries that he towners are catching up fast and forging ahead and the women seem to be optioning the men in the lead from past to future. now here's an astonishing number thirteen million tons that's how much plastic waste finds its way into the world's oceans each year so it's high time many say to declare war on plastic and one of the biggest battles is against this enemy the single use plastic straw can you believe it here in the european union alone more than thirty six billion of the straws a frozen away and nearly it is without a doubt time to rethink. the mission death to plastic.
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thumbs up for stainless steel to promote their metal drinking straw the twenty year old economics students funny and money well are taking it to the bars and restaurants of brussels in their free time. they don't earn any money from their activism today's focus is marcel's by cafe. was. the goal is to convince marie the manager to switch to the straws. invalid barrel project is meant to prove that you can help the environment without much effort to convert we already think he can logically we're reducing our plastic come sumption with our reusable straw was a reusable bottles but we want to appeal to the people who aren't ready to completely alter their lifestyles to comparability first before someone said. the stainless steel straws costs one to two euro's apiece much more than their plastic counterparts for the proper care they can last
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a lifetime. the two women order the straws from china because there aren't yet any manufacturers in europe. but the demand is there consumption of plastic straws in the e.u. is seventy one per person per year. you think and that of course you get what's really great is that we're getting a lot of feedback from restaurants they say hey you know stores that sparking a lot of discussion among our guests say look at their drinks and suddenly they're discussing the global plastic waste problem so i suppose a creating awareness on the state if you. said i'm not sure. and so are things disposable plates. the buyer future a company in the netherlands makes products out of sugarcane recycled cardboard composite plastic and wood all materials that don't need to be grown especially for these products this party plate for instance started life as a palm leaf. the industry is growing quickly.
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slightly more expensive but if you would take into account the environmental damage that's being done who pays up to clean up the mess and that's basically local governments or n.g.o.s that do that so if if we would move to a carbon tax and through pricing then probably by a basic a possible war would work out work out cheaper. brussel still produces a lot of plastic waste the compost back company wants to and that's. that produces tree hundred fifty million trash bags each year made from purely plant based materials. you know funding worth one of the major materials comes from a thesaurus not the kind of car do so this will from sicily in. fifteen years
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ago someone came up with the idea of using this plant commercially what's up if the move from. oil is expected from the seeds to produce the bags it takes centuries for a normal plastic bag to break down but under the right conditions it can take just six months to a year for a calm possible bag to decompose. stainless steel straws. perm leaf plates. compostable bags small steps towards a world with less plastic. and i'm sure we all agree these are small steps in the right direction and that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on d.w. dot com forward slash focus on europe oh visit our facebook page stories and to come back next time around until then bye bye and ships. thank you. thank you. thank you
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move move. move move move. move move move. move move move. move move. move. move move. a smaller. car culture. car hair. or maiming. superfood struggling long long gone job let over six. lifestyle during. the moment. thirty. dollars. fork or more
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for. hijacking the news sometimes more are going wrong with the news was being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them. and why. in countries like russia china churchy people are told is that it's not and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was going to go off and i were going to go.
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iran. wants an isolated theocracy now a major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. the does iran truly want peace. the countries of holmes have their doubts to isolate. iran from fiachra see. stars of august fifth on g.w. . frank food to help watch international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located in the huddle feel connected to the.
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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from. i've. a knife attack has left ten people injured in the northern german city of liebeck a german man allegedly started stabbing people on a city bus passengers overpowered the attacker and held him until police arrived authorities are investigating the attackers motives but have largely ruled out terrorism. british prime minister to resign may has called on the european union to move closer to her government's position on the irish border after breaks it speaking from northern ireland's.


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