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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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i mean. i am yeah but. this is you know we lose life from berlin shaky cease fire hamas says it's reached a tentative truce with israel in the gaza strip palestinians bury the militants killed in the latest clashes with israeli forces calm has known largely were turned over that last is also coming up a turn to the right spain's conservative popular party likes a new leader help local sato replaces former prime minister of mariano rajoy is either a man that can bring the p.-p. back to power in spain. and sweden fights huge wildfires raging
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above the arctic circle more help is on its way but at the words admits some leases me be impossible to extinguish. the board. on my lark thank you so much for your company everyone we begin our broadcast in the middle east where hamas says it has reached an agreement with israel to end two weeks of bloodshed in the gaza strip while this comes after a day of deadly clashes on friday sparked by the death of an israeli soldier from gunshot wounds sustained during protests along the fence as separates israel and gaza israel hasn't commented on the cease fire but so far the truce appears to be holding. grief in the gaza strip hamas fatah is gathered to mourn one of their own killed in an israeli strike. mohammad abu
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was one of three militants who died in air raids on the group spices yes to die to die his family led his funeral procession through the narrow streets of khan yunis . assassin a of defiance after another friday of chaos the victims of dozens of israeli raids were rushed to gaza city hospital again in the palestinian territory same down the edge of war and only a un brokered cease fire deal prevented a further escalation of. the mouse and the rest of the palestinian resistance are committed to maintaining calm and on a ring of disagreement. but whether this happens depends on what the israeli occupies do in the coming days. israel launched the strikes after palestinian gunmen killed an israeli soldier it's army believe they dealt a major blow to hamas but that doesn't mean the end of the conflict israeli leaders
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have repeatedly said they're in a war of attrition with hamas. when mr bloom we are trying to be balanced and responsible but hamas as leaders are forcing it into a situation in which we have no choice but to embark on a broad and painful military operations. and the spock of this unrest is still a blazing gaza the palestinians want the border fence to come down more than one hundred forty of them have died in protest against it since march. and israel wants palestinians to stop sending cots attached to molotov cocktails of the border they've triggered fires in the country south with daisy she's on resolved this calm in gaza remains an easy. well back here in europe spain's main opposition party has picked a new leader thirty seven year old public aside who has been elected to lead the
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conservative popular party the former ruling party is trying to rebuild its image following a corruption scandal casado is known as a highly conservative politician who opposes abortion wants to lower taxes and takes a hard line against cattle and dependence he replaces a former prime minister marianna roy who was ousted after a no confidence vote back in june casado will now face off against spain's ruling socialist party. all right to talk more about this i'm now joined deferment read to by spanish journalist. a very good day to you who is a side show. well look at selo is a very very a few said very important t. shirt and he was just a member of parliament until the end of the whole of the former prime minister decided to take him as the spokesperson of the party you know that you said and more. e-mail shopify t.
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and this is what look at how the means he is young when he should probably regeneration symbol of the peoples of the moment but he was also very very well known in the party because of these ideological convictions. for example the use of lead and because he was very close to the former prime minister. plus in my day off not of which symbolizes the most conservative but at the same time the most successful period of the people's party in the democratic era spain so you see the savior that the p.p. party is looking for the man that will steer the spanish conservatives to victory in the upcoming elections. well i think that he has a lot of. skills to maybe try to do this it in one hand he is very young he's not has not part of the former leadership.
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probably the image of that regeneration that the spices i asking. for the people's fire and also he is also very strong in their i.d.'s pushing for that traditional values of the people's party and that this moment that the people's party is in retreat from the voters need to reassure that they are the us and compared to the progressive government of socially spend the sonship. what the voters are looking for it's an opposition that is very very opposed to the socially. new. government and roni this is going to be very good for south east and don't you ssion i knew it was the show or two. and yes i have thirty seconds left over what does this tell us is development about
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the political landscape in spain. only to go landscape use more and more polarized the right getting. more of a right the right landscape piece is getting very strong and the left that left us with a socialist government. left. i think is very polarized and this is going to be very good for probably another group of the liberal democrats. that they're finding themselves right in the middle. class was reporting from the spanish capital madrid thank you for joining us art let's get you were caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world . the european union has temporarily suspended its naval operation in the mediterranean sea that's as italy were fuses to accept migrants rescued by its vessels operation sofia was launched back in twenty fifteen to tackle migrant
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smugglers but it has increasingly found itself rescuing people at sea the e.u. is now reviewing the mission. with a mass for peace the divine mercy church in nicaragua as capital managua has reopened its doors the church came under siege a week ago when critics of president ortega took refuge inside gunmen loyal to the president and started shooting at the opposition members and followed them into the church two people died in the siege. back here in europe sweden is grappling to contain wildfires that are spreading across the country and a sign of just how bad things are the civil defense chief has come out and set the fight has been the last against some of the biggest wildfires the country has seen in decades firefighters have put out a number of smaller fires but the largest blazes raging above the arctic circle
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well only go out if the weather changes help is on its way from in a country is included in germany. it's terribly hot and terribly dry with hardly any rain for weeks across much of northern europe trees brush and grass sucked in the dry and sweden has been hard hit it struggling to contain dozens of forest fires. many of the fires cover several thousand. such large fires are usually very resource intensive the situation is very serious and we only focus also on limiting the damage from. firefighters the volunteers and teams from other countries with water bombing aircraft. working flat out the helicopter pilot has told swedish media how difficult was the bombing missions can be at low altitude with low visibility because of the smoke which can change direction fust. you see it rocks it so that it's
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a very serious situation and unfortunately it seems the weather won't change to improve things only temporarily in the north is sweden and then it will return to the same condition a was the weather was not with us. nobody has been reported injured but many people have been evacuated from their homes many more told to stay indoors and try not to breathe the acrid smoke. meteorologists say it's rare for a heat wave to last so long they haven't said when they expected to end. the seven grand prix is taking place this weekend in the southern town of hockenheim and ferrari driver sebastiaan settle on own turf is looking to stretch his lead at the top of the driver standings and he delight at the locals in saturday's qualifying after a final push secured him oh position the general start alongside finish driver
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terry botha's who came second goal just as fellow countryman i can and that will begin in third world fattal's the closest rival for the championship lewis hamilton of mercedes could only pose the fourteenth fastest time after a hydraulics failure saw him abandon the session altogether. and next we had two in monaco where the idea for a diamond leagues the latest track and field meeting featured a new world record kenya's beatrice produced the crowning performance of the season in the three thousand meter steeple chase here's a look at her record breaking run and more. twenty seven year old beatrice chip koichi already had the fastest time this season in the three thousand meter steeplechase but here in monaco she found an extra gear and shaved more than ten seconds off her personal best said he'd a new world record of eight minutes forty four point three two seconds becoming the
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first kidney and woman to hold the record. i mean i think my aim was get on and get to. the women's one hundred meter which of marie jo's a to loue of the ivory coast she crossed the finish line at a blazing ten point eight nine seconds adding to her streak of success a diamond league and quickly becoming a fan favorite in the post poll at linux world american no miles retained his title in the two hundred metre of it and lowered his personal best ted knight team point six five seconds in the process he didn't leave without showing off a bit for the crowd. next stop for the diamond league is london's olympic stage. and finally brags it is worrying him many british business isn't something as trademarks are at risk because they'll no longer be protected by her pain loss so in cornwall and the west of england people are gearing up to defend one of their
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tastiest traditions. golden brown crossed fresh out of the other than the scent of cotton wool in the oldest pasta bakery in south western england the traditional snack has come could every corner of britain a top bank sport and a tourist rule were good absolutely up when the results come to coles to close the cornish pasty the best in the world. and they have them in america in the in michigan but i've never had them here's a bear so i've had them here instead for and has been producing the original since one thousand nine hundred sixty comprising potatoes beef and vegetables sitting in the paste. crimping is done by hand one hundred twenty million cornish pasties a made in britain every year or them in cornwall and that's thanks to the e.u. . of course pricing nowadays these images appear g.r.u. circulation so in the mating call an image to follow the rest of the recipe on this
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transportation so just use mindreaders were described earlier with a little bit of seasoning but post he loves hot school when it comes to the issue of breck's it may well result in a new trade agreements with the u.s. and american produces a demanding free access to local markets for cookies from the states. the irony really is that it will continue with a new because it's a european scheme is a european regulation that's been awarded. but the percent of the quest must stay safe and continue protection within the u.k. copies flooding the local markets for world champion cornish pasty bacon that's just unacceptable modern recipes new ingredients sure says graham cornish which incidentally is his real name but the big items must stay handmade in cornwall not least for historical reasons as the chosen stock of miners who stands shame to cornwall this part. was of the help of the miners dr holmes and not
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only was it ten mind being called also last night she didn't really want to eat the arsenic afterwards. therefore they had was often discord in. the minds of since closed but the pasty lives on and many hope it will stay that way friends of the pasty are ready to fight breaks it or no breaks it. and we end on that tasting i thank you so much for watching. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good. eco africa people have projects that are changing the climate for the better. it's up to us to make a difference to an. exit. w. after.


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