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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 12:00am-12:15am CEST

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the brought. to my. food. this is the w.'s line from berlin another shocking case of migrants drowning at the sea and the european union's failure to agree on a joint policy of boats arrives at a spanish fort carrying the bodies of two hundred pounds migrants up to italy refusing a mission to last the remains of this as the e.u. and its mediterranean mission aimed at fighting people smugglers also coming up. u.s. president donald trump get some say guests for manoir reports say michael cohen recorded a conversation between the two over payments to
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a playboy model plus. drowning in plastic we need people in the dominican republic fighting to save their coastline from this global scourge . i made a few money thank you for your company and then geo boats carrying the bodies of two drowned migrants and once a fiver has docked at the spanish portuguese to italy refuse to accept the bodies it's an incident which again highlights the dangers facing migrants crossing the mediterranean and the failure of the european union to agree on joint policies on the issue this as its elise stance forces brussels to suspend its mediterranean naval mission aimed at people smuggling. one of the last private rescue boats to patrolling the mediterranean as european countries continue to waver over except that you saw an seekers on board a survivor and two bodies a woman and
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a child who died trying to cross from libya. it's unbelievable we're not allowed to dock at a single port in motor italy we're treated like people smugglers or criminals. only spain has recently given landing permission italy has announced it will not accept rescue boats even those from the european union's own anti trafficking operation now spain fears an influx of asylum seekers this week over eight hundred people have been rescued by the spanish coast guard in various operations since the beginning of the year more than eighteen thousand have arrived in spain more than twice as many as last year the majority of them are arriving from sub-saharan africa it's a quickly changing situation if you thought you understood how the migratory flows work three months ago it's already historic information receiving centers are
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overflowing and forty thousand asylum applications are under review new arrivals are registered in emergency accommodation then handed to the red cross. that we try to tell a friend their families or friends in spain or across europe say that they can be reunited elsewhere but if not buses carry migrants further north to madrid barcelona or the french border few have official permission to remain the rest seek to get by without documentation. he was president donald trump has his house against his former lawyer michael cohen to reports of a taped conversation between the two of the payments to a playboy model tweeted that cohen's actions in making the recording were illegal and unheard of u.s. media say f.b.i. agents found the tapes during a raid on cohen's office. a headline grabbing end to another headline grabbing week for the u.s. president as trump departed for
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a weekend of golf journalist shirzad questions about the tape now in the possession of the f.b.i. . it was secretly recorded by his former lawyer michael cohen trump has now hit back on twitter saying it's inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client totally unheard of and perhaps illegal the good news is that your favorite president did nothing wrong the taped conversation is said to relate to karen mcdougal and next playboy model who says she had a year long affair with the president over a decade ago so we cite other quite frequently so dozens of times you were to go meet her dozens of times you were intimate. in the recording trump and cohn supposedly talk about a hush payment to mcdougal. the f.b.i. found the tape when it raided cohn's office in april he was known as trump's fixer
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for many years and it's not the only tape said to exist the tapes made by michael could be a gold mine for prosecutors because there are problems boys and that is the most powerful evidence in any trial. one of the president's one time closest aides could be his biggest liability. so let's now look at some of the other stories making news around the world hamas says it has reached an agreement with israel to end weeks of bloodshed in the gaza strip it comes a day after clashes that killed an israeli soldier and four palestinians three of them amassed fighters israel hasn't commented on the cease fire but so far the truce appears to be holding. spain's conservative popular party has picked. as its new leader he replaces former prime minister mariano rajoy who was ousted
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after a no confidence vote in june because that is appointment represents a shift to the right for the party which is hoping for a comeback in time for general elections which will be in twenty twenty. several japanese beaches have reopened for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami disaster of twenty eleven locals held a ceremony to pray for safety before taking to the water now fourteen beaches in total remain off limits in the aftermath of the fukushima nuclear accident and officials say that some will stay permanently close to the public. sweden is grappling to contain wildfires that are spreading across the country in a sign of how bad things are the civil defense chief actually came out and said that the fight had been lost on some of the biggest wildfires the country has seen in decades firefighters have put out a number of smaller fires but the largest blazes will go on if the weather doesn't change help is on its way though from countries including germany. it's terribly
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hot and terribly dry with hardly any ring for weeks across much of northern europe trees brush and grass are tinder dry and sweden has been hard hit it's struggling to contain dozens of forest fires. many of the fires cover several thousand hectors such large fires are usually very resource intensive the situation is very serious and we only focus ourselves on limiting the damage. firefighters the army volunteers and teens from other countries with water bombing aircraft working flat out the helicopter pilot has told swedish media how difficult it was a bombing missions can be at low altitude with low visibility because of the smoke which can change direction fast. it's a very serious situation and unfortunately it seems the weather won't change to
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improve things only temporarily in the north is sweden and then it will return to the same condition or worse the weather is not with us. nobody has been reported injured but many people have been evacuated from their homes many more told to stay indoors and try not to breathe the acrid smoke. meteorologists say it's rare for a heat wave to last so long they haven't said when they expected to end. for many tourists the dominican republic is a beach destination but its shores of being spoiled by past of pollution there's been a lot of talk about how to tackle the problem but without global action the country's environment minister ones its islands are at the risk of drowning in trash. in. the caribbean sea but not as we know it this footage is of want to see no speech in the capital center domingo posted online by conservationists group.
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shocking volunteers and local authorities into action. but there was a large quantity of solid waste being discharged from the osama river. it's the sixth day of the clean up and we have retrieved some sixty tons of waste. but there is still more work to be done to protect local marine life and the dominican who live there or of again. the great quantity of toxic components of plastic and metal components making a species sick. really threatening species that are resistant to pollution. threatening diversity and the health of all species and. the universe for. every minute of every day the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean and estimates suggest that
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there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish in terms of weight by twenty fifty a global problem effects dominican locally. it's taking a closer effort to clear up this one beach but clearing up is the easy part. pretty much harder is agreeing and in acting a global solution to plastic waste. the german grand prix is taking place this weekend and ferrari driver sebastian vettel on home turf is looking to stretch his lead at the top of the driver's standings and he delighted the locals in saturday's qualifying up to securing position the german will start alongside finnish driver. who came second quarter says fellow countryman can and will begin in faired and closest rival for the championship
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lewis hamilton of my status quo he posted the fourteenth fastest time of hydraulics phineas going on and on the session. in cycling a late sprinter from spaniard or. saw him win the fourteenth stage of the tour de france a stunner was fastest on the stretch to claim his first ever stage reign now britain's gobind thomas retained the yellow jersey as overall leader of the team sky ride a contest skate questions on the controversy created by doping allegations surrounding teammate chris froome. stage fourteen a one hundred and eighty eight kilometer route culminated in a difficult final climb in the town of mond and it was along that ascent that belgium's jasper story even who had led for over thirty kilometers was finally caught by spain's all modify like france's giuliana phillipe jumped ahead of story even into second but the spanish rider power to victory with a late burst in the last climb friday was overjoyed with his first ever tour de
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france stage when. they live i mean this is own real for me we dreamed of this victory worked very hard and finally we made it an incredible day of victory in the tour i can't describe the feeling. the stage wasn't without controversy though team sky rider garron thomas who held on to the yellow jersey for another day brushed off suggestions of renewed protest from firearms over alleged doping in his team b.t.w. . in london the latest edition of the item diamond league saw a blistering performances because u.s. athletes ronnie bake a setting the pace in the men's one hundred meters and that was local success to cherry in the women's long plastic a nuke. in the men's one hundred meters at london stadium ronnie baker of the u.s. took top spot. he finished the race in one point nine zero seconds
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ahead of second placed zano hughes of great britain. and in the men's four hundred meters qatar's tore up the track in the final stretch with an impressive win over powering polled the deal of the u.s. look at terry's time of forty four point zero seven seconds was a national record. and in pole vaulting american some kendricks got the best mark defeating closest rival renewal of year new all fronts and you can see the american truly is in the mood for a victory lap was in the women's long jump britain's share of proctor who has battled injuries in recent years to gold with the season's best leap of six point nine one metres. and in the men's four hundred metres hurdles norway's cost involved will who won gold at last year's world championships sprinted to victory in forty seven point six five seconds.
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oh you're watching news life from berlin we have more coming to you at the top of the hour but you can also log on to our web site that's dot com really easy to remember for around the clock news and information but in the meantime we want to leave you with a german concept and it's fi and electronic music pioneer group called cut back with a special guest appearing live you will never guess from where the international space station chairman astronaut alexander guest.
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