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tv   Kino - KINO Favorites Top 10 German Sci-fi Films  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 2:15am-2:31am CEST

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you got to get. to go. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me tell me dictatorship put just one to the shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cantrips and they have problems are always the same fourteen source inequality
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a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny paris tonight work. hello and welcome to keynote exhibition things to come shows how the filmmakers of yesteryear viewed the world of tomorrow life is often on the frets big brother is
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god but there is hope of salvation through into planetary exploration the futuristic visions of german movie makers keynote by for us our pick of germany's best science fiction film. produced in the mid one nine hundred sixty space patrol a rhine was the very first german so i fight t.v. series it was hugely successful in two thousand and three as the front testicle adventures of the spy ship ryan splashed onto the silver screen. on cedar told discount for me it was cool to start school and chose the toy to know for sure about the fringe kind of china. so this is what the future looks like but at least they can still down them like they did in the one nine hundred sixty s. on a land mission here was just going. round petrolia roy and a cult classic. the world in twenty
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twenty the european union has collapsed. a few core countries build a huge wall to keep out masses of refugees from africa. chaos reigns in the cities as fears of a new war consumed the populace rarely has such an horrific dystopian vision of the future been as close to reality as in the coming days. the film has an interesting political edge and boasts a high caliber cast but the love story is perhaps just a little too sugary. from the moment pandorum erupts onto the screen it's created director pushin albert has big things in mind his site for horror trip sees sixty thousand earthlings hurtful through space on
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a mission to colonize the planet tanis the plan is to establish a new utopia but it all descends into a fight for survival during the one hundred twenty three year long journey passengers and crew are put into hyper sleep which least plenty of time for things to go terribly wrong including the sudden appearance of man eating monsters echoes of two thousand and one a space odyssey and alien a balance there's a bit too much for icing but otherwise pandora is a brilliant film. one of germany's most famous film directors already knew as a film student that his movies would look to the future he wanted to make blockbusters preferably in hollywood his film school graduation movie was so impressive invite infill test of the beginning of a brilliant career for roland emmerich. astronauts are
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a child the earth's climate can be controlled and manipulated using microwaves. scott's magic i'm sure dr from from our parts working on today. when a revolution takes place in saudi arabia the us military decides to use weather control as a magic cloak to hide an attack. but u.s. military generals fear that the astronauts on board the science station might not follow their orders they decide to replace them and a battle ensues. about how the fisa might. watch humans wage war the planet suffers. sums of. roland emmerich the next stop was hollywood.
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when world famous pianist paul actually loses both his hands in an accident doctors managed to successfully graft on new ones but the new hands belong to a murderer and the last thing they want to do is play the piano. they just want to carry on killing in his nightmares all that slowly realizes why his new digits have a mind of their own venus film is a classic of german expressionism and quite prescient seventy five years after the film was first shown the first successful hand transplant was performed. in one thousand nine hundred sixty the east german day for studios made a film version of polish stanislav lem's science fiction novel the astronauts when
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i have you know objects from venus is found on earth an international team of scientists travel to the distant planet to investigate they discover that old forms of life on venus have been eradicated and that machines are set to destroy earth with nuclear weapons. and in. the sense may look cheap by today's standards but at the time they were state of the art the film's clearly anti nuclear war message was also highly relevant. cloud atlas follows the fate of humanity across six different eras two stories play in the future in the first global corporations have cloned humans for slave labor. at the end of their working lives they are killed and recycled into food for other
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try owns. in the second earth looks just like it did a couple of thousand years ago except that now the planet is entirely radioactive navigating the different time it was maybe challenging for the viewer but that doesn't diminish the visual impact of the film. keno favorites bring you the best joan so i for films that number three boy seven best seller and with a clear north to the big brother classic nine hundred eighty four. series the first night i am not a number i am a free man. and. happy. they all have a criminal record and they all have very special skills. sam for example is good at
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hacking computers but at cooperation x. no one gets to keep their own name sam becomes number seven. from the outside the organization looks like a job center but anyone who asks too many questions or starts to understand the real machinations of the firm is neutralized that having. nothing like the. one day number seven discovers that everyone has been implanted with the computer chip. is. going. to be here. sam eventually manages to escape he wants to go to the place but will they believe him boy seven is a high adrenaline film about how totalitarian regimes work. remnants
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of the earth as we know it but in the film how the sun has turned the planet into a charred wasteland the search for water is the only thing that matters it's every man for himself. two men and two women fall into the hands of a group led by a powerful matriarch thrillingly played by and the living. and. you know my. pardon for making movies but. the family holds young women captive and uses them for breeding the men are kept in bones and treated like animals or turned into steak and sausages. the prisoners eventually escaped the clutches of the cannibals but their fate is uncertain this dismal vision of the future is compelling viewing.
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and now it's time for our number one pick science fiction films in the euphoric post moon landing era when anything seemed possible if we could hope for the moon mars and jupiter the next operation gallium it looks at what can happen when too much faith is placed in technological progress. to. find astronauts return to earth after several years of space exploration only to find that no one is reacting to the radio signals they are not happy. from some other from enough to talk when i'm in the uk you know me. i am careful. because as you know myself. when the space ship finally lands there's no one that's a welcome the astronauts instead there's
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a long hard trek through the desert ahead of them. this was a view. that most of the books are about us is. the relief when they finally find a village but here too there are no signs of human life. oh. gradually dawns on the astronauts something bad has happened on earth but was it a play. or something quite different. the answer only comes in the final scene. humankind's faith in every improving conditions brought about by technological progress turns out to be a delusion. so that was our pick of the best german science fiction
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movies and yes we do know that the mother of the mole was fritz lang's metropolis from one thousand nine hundred seven that movie already featured in our best german dramas so did we get it right to be michelle favorite drop a satellite that's all for now till next time go easy on the popcorn. x. this week's highlights. moving gallery me. off into trucks on the road. color photos an artist to a place with respect to. electable furniture when food
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inspires. your robotics. brown really love her. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert artists. pursuing her own ambitions. no other woman got some close to him around life and death with the furore in forty five minutes on d w. iran. once again isolated shocker seems now
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a major power in the middle east. dear ones influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want peace. the countries of homes of their towns to isolate. iran from theocracy regional superpower starts august fifth on g.w. . iran welcome to our highlights edition featuring our top picks of the week and let's see what we have lined up for you this time. creative minds to find us a legacy has
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a top one company in northern italy. austrian classic the two big perfect couple of strudel in vienna.


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