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tv   Treasures of the World - Khajuraho - Temple of Divine Procreation India  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 4:15am-4:30am CEST

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various paths departed from his official investigation. feel. secure. the captain was later to report that what he found was surely the loveliest group of temples in all india and all of them a mere stone's throw apart. heard had discovered the temples a few hundred people hidden in the jungle they had been safe for centuries from the destructive fury of the monster invaders to keep. things. from fifty. feet and. extreme.
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heat. but when he took a closer look at the temples captain tory and sensibilities were fronted some of the sculptures he wrote were most indecent and offensive a shameful sacrilege against the hindu preened quite simply a disgrace for. the sheer senseless riot for this copious joy and relishing the sense who were all in honor of the hindu gods the temples of supreme achievement of medieval architecture and sculptural art in central india.
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from church to the next step. since. the. under the patronage of the lake chandelle a dynasty which reigned here in thousand years ago a distinctive school of architecture thrived and did so in marked contrast to all of the temples in india in a span of two hundred years eighty five larger and smaller temples were built twenty five a which remained to this day the temples of the were constructed according to precise rules each temple standing symbolically for the human body.
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the foundations represent the lay each temple stands on a solid block of masonry the smaller towers starting with the smallest over the entrance hallway are aligned on an east west onto the highest tower the head of the temple known as the she car. every tower peaks in a narrowed section topped with a disk and on this is the palace a vessel representing the nectar of immortality the shikata is directly over the chamber of the body the inner sanctum of the temple. it is like into mt kyla the mythical himalayan residence of the god shiva. dale temple is the largest codger on hold the main tower is thirty one meters high
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more than eight hundred figured scarf from sandstone adorn the walls within and without the three principal hindu deities are here the creator and the god of wisdom shiva the destroyer and the god a fertility and vishnu the preserver and the liver and in addition countless other gods and legends came sculptors their inspiration. david temple is sacred to shiva the terrifying destroyer is also portrayed as an incentive or partly living in a cave. the finally worked entrance looks something like a rich fabric. the mcarthur honest consisting of four arches and resting on mickey crocodile heads his car from a single piece of stone. artistically crafted granite rosettes adorn the ceiling of
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the assembly and ballroom within david osses or temple meads danced here and sought the pleasures of love in honor of shiva. i head is the holy of holies with the phallic symbol of shiva the fertility god the art of codger aho like the poetry of the twelfth century drew inspiration from the thought that through the ecstatic act of love mankind could share in the divine act of creation . and. a medieval poem tells of him avanti young daughter of a brahman priest one night when she was bathing and lotus a pool the moon god trondra came down to her appearing in the form of a beautiful youth and seduced her to this day says the home whenever i think of her
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my golden beloved with the face of moonlight with her firm breasts and her body prickle with the girls of love i suddenly feel my members turning to ice. to this day i remember how she languished where lay on the morning after our night of love cast down the planting stars of her great eyes and the majestic swan slid away across the lotus lake which was a blossom of joy. the moon god advised him of ati to go to college or auto where she would bear a son who would one day become a famous kid. she left her home and gave birth to chandra harmon the ancestral sire of the chiang dallas at the tender age of sixteen the valiant hero slew a lion with his bare hands later the lion came to be the emblem of the chandelle a king.
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or sandstone a curse plentiful in your culture our home and it's easy to work the sculptors were able to work in precise detail. every block of stone was individually selected consecrated and then word before being fitted into its destiny place. in a burst of creative energy the sculptors brought forth a rapturous celebration of life a merry rich and since it was meeting of the sacred and the profane more than two thousand sculptures on the temple walls show gods demi gods celestial dancing girls heavenly beauty those engines fabulous creatures musicians in my throat couples in the act of love. the hindu ideal of beauty to conform the face should be shaped like the ache of
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a hand the brow should be like an arch and the ice should be on and share. on the exterior of the loch sharma temple sacred to vishnu the preserver and deliver the most delightful of sculptures tell tales of gods and men. the elephant headed can maisha is the most popular deity he helps with any kind of problem building a house making attorney or simply writing a letter potbellied and cheerful he sits and made his devotees as they sing and dance for him. a monkey at the feet of two lovers they have quarrelled and the young woman is about to leave her beloved but the man notices the monkey and calls it over startled by the noise of the approaching monkey the woman runs back into the arms of her lover. the elephants suggest the weight of the temple it is their task to bear.
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a freeze along the base of the law charlotte temple portrays the entire culture of life in india under the chandelle of kings in an uninterrupted sequence. of people dancing and making merry and a wedding. in a village just different with musicians playing. the spiritual teacher with his followers listening to him.
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a group of elephants brought sort before two men fighting. a military procession. the school of music. why exactly the temples of country were built no one can say but they are interesting legacy and the hindu world. trace here not for its own sake
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but as an aspect of the define. this. was.
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