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tv   Sarahs Music - Harmoniemusik in Berlin  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2018 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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it was most you don't put bringin on that miss visited me i was once a political falling. coming world. hi and welcome back to serious music these days we have huge chub t.v. lie streams all for our entertainment but in the eighteenth century they had something even better they had a form of live music called harmony was sick. how
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many was he with originally played outside in the open air or big banquet today we're playing a modern day how many was the concert here inside at the berlin film money in the chamber music hall and i'm going to be playing with my wonderful colleagues from the berlin film one of. the.
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i am. i am. the oboe gets all the best shoes i must say well harmony music is obviously opera so we are creating our own little opera production within just eight or nine players and of course every opera houses leading lady and i get to be the leading lady here sorry about that the obit does get the most tunes and shares them out a bit with the clarinet and then if you need a sort of. comic grandpa guess who gets the bassoon the bassoon
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but i ope magine harmony music is really tiring for you for the oboes and the clarinet especially because in an orchestra you know we have a few bars rest but if you play all the time that's true it is tiring it's physically very tiring but it's also very exciting because there's no conductor the responsibility rests with me to lead every want to breathe and show where we begin .
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records dying of central command or i don't want to go on the unwritten. outmoded marxist so. hard for the sarcasm like i'm going over this thing. so with all this this was that's all it's on it's process yeah do invite a like that one that is it might finally lets you know that. ferguson what do you think whatever. the horns of the other glue in the mortar and the polish and there are lots of the hole in the saudis it's an incredible attractiveness we are part of it's just a fun it's to get new before india here when it's see a poor floyd event in harmony with each piece to watch how one needs to him when he was sick before ludicrous not to try to force them to it's. knowledge it's a tool and hot in the. clear how many was he confessed last month all seem to be
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taught the most and so i stopped if i got the fun for once when samantha since i discussed it once stanton me a cost once instance on the food that you don't get. that's one bites of haagen when one does this i used this property investment standing to finish being twenty one classy disc clanks playing. for the. i'm here with our bass section not only martin double bass but more second bassoon is also obvious section martini felt often called top us of a hope made speeding by anglaise on something and i truly think it is not true not good not understand the go and follow tell the first in the movement cut and cut and if you do enough i got not if you would i
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comedy stick in tom. ford in ice and blizzards are just as or garden yesterday as on or worn in some tidy home does it give us the would you just love to hear you know mom beyond us funding guns cause an openness to get closer to home just get caught and if you're on done give the beauty from both sides and father were better and few of us are before as he did it from the one hundred most up on the net i know how unusual before me a document under the cloud as it does. does get dusty so is this going nose or is this. what i want to get on the nose or the highlights or what it is i'm annoyed to d. feel like this. again how does the canon get out of this process for me as morgan not as far gone on gabriel and he should be damani before kong music its are here
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on dick rosengarten this new world to see how many music deep enough wholesome ecommerce the concerts about to start i am so looking forward to playing harmony visit with my wonderful colleagues see you next time.
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her. how. how. martin to beset by all instead. it should be an was ordered by. him i'm sure it was i know him torn portion of it's nice to be in
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a solid dr shepherd's. super bowl and nine times out of today's horn challenge with martin ok. that's good although. so we hire him for tonight. but he's into. a victory for team spirit france celebrates the world cup champions. the national football team in las diverses france itself fansites anaheim's has changed. the world cup success has transformed the nation charged by terrorist attacks labor dispute.
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european stars deliver closing performances. on a. as flashy i am from boy as i am a newcomer to move. club english pop group culture club. follow. up. cause for. these movements the live. earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate boost green energy solutions and
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reforestation. the community interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d. w. . hello and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and congratulations are due to france for their impressive victory at the soccer world cup in russia beating croatia four two in the final there were ecstatic scenes when the players arrived back in paris this is of course the second time that the three call law has won the most coveted prize in world soccer.


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