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tv   Doc Film - Short Report Slow Life - Exiting the Fast Lane  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CEST

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before the tour hits the peaks thomas needs froome by one minute thirty nine seconds that could all change after three stages in the mountains. by watching the news live from berlin we do have more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget if you get all the latest news and information around the talk by logging on to our website that stayed up to you dot com thanks again for taking. birth place home to moons of species. a home worth saving. you those are big changes and most start with small steps global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but to use the term the good news to clean energy solutions and misunderstood. interactive content teaching the next generation that
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took such action. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation globally as the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. ever wanted to break out of get away leave it all behind your four door to my favorite beach no one to get on your nerves no obligations if you can sleep in every morning chin on the beach every afternoon. every evening. who wouldn't dream of this kind of life i knew i do sometimes. yet here i am brushing my teeth outdoors it's drizzling i didn't sleep well last night and you can tell. that's fact that's more reasons here water comes from the sky not from the tap and
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that's what we luckily it really poor glass night so the tubs full again there for that means i can take my morning shower. with this bowl and here's a little soap to go with it. not really what i'm used to from back home sounds of movie i'm just getting young man who's made this island in the atlantic his second home he doesn't want people to know its name here and doesn't want to draw attention to his little paradise all see it flooded with tourists. i'll be living with him for ten days but this is not a romantic story about freeing yourself from society leaving the fast lane isn't easy. work to call. it the issues become just are dark. as long as the majority accepts and plays into a system you can drop out as much as you like you're still in this little.
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i've known yarn for as long as i can remember but this is my first time visiting him on his island we made a deal did i change his name for this film his previous use sacred to him. here he lives off the beaten path in the middle of nowhere. in this code was a liberal on hardly anyone does it and if they do they call first i can do whatever i want completely relax if. it really does look relaxing young discovered their silence thirteen years ago while traveling four years later he bought the property of the house while having a late breakfast cooking and eating almost always take place outdoors near younes fireplace it's when. i don't have to and why did you decide to turn your back on germany the good to hear. it all goes back to me having grown up in east germany. or the three that are living there for twenty one years
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you internalize the social structure. of the wall came down or if one system vanished and we were expected to accept a different one than going well i didn't believe one word of it so i decided to do what i wanted and i'd always wanted to see the world and so i started travelling and working as i want to long. i still wanted to have a home base but i didn't want that to be in germany what i wanted to be left alone able to live my own life. when i lived in for. young ones the government bureaucrats to leave him alone he hates all that red tape he's not too keen on the politics there either but he still keeps a room in a shed apartment in berlin so well that i couldn't stay in berlin year round well i could but it would really get to me additionally you know why. the president
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nothing ever happens you know with so much is going on there but it's nothing it's always the same go to work go out drink do drugs. and never stops. and how is life here different to take a look around your nature simplicity peace and quiet so tired. young extended the house himself he's a blacksmith and makes a living doing handy work here on the island or as an industrial climate on projects all over the world he's reduced his expenses to a minimum he doesn't need a lot of money. he collects rainwater. no water shortage here. and he gets electricity from his own little solar panel it's just enough to turn the lights on at night but not enough for a socket. yet isn't registered on the island borean germany but he has held a permanent residency permit in australia since the mid one nine hundred ninety s.
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. how do you get mail. i don't. know but i have a mailbox here and i don't want one just one that or otherwise people would send me e-mail. we're off to get some drinking water not at the supermarket but from a spring and that takes a while. because this is taking forever we've already got half a liter. if it is up that's pretty optimistic. it's fine when you're out traveling but all the time i wouldn't have the patience. dammit we now have scored fourteen liters fourteen and it must have taken about fifteen minutes twenty twenty. tonight young ones to host a barbecue for some friends it'll cost him seventy your errors but that doesn't
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bother him he says money's just connel slips of paper and if you have it you can spend it. if you just paid cash don't you have any cards no personal cards so no bank account no not here and not in germany when you knew that so people can transfer money to you know well we don't need them to go through look at church checks works just fine with all. of these are legitimate legal tender the barter of the. good to move because if there's a problem why should i pay a bank to take care of the little bit of money i have of my own growth of the past and. young doesn't have health insurance either. in germany it's mandatory but young hasn't been registered there for decades i'd be terrified without insurance where he died for all the elements not be able to afford treatment. young won't
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stand for being called a freeloader when he needs money he works for it and he's saved wherever he can instead of a fridge he uses a cooler which he feels with ice at the nearby port. the first guests start arriving in the afternoon more than twenty of young's friends have made their way across the bumpy church road to his home many have emigrated themselves. you don't care about germany at all anymore not at all i go back to visit my parents once a year but i can't stand it for more than a couple of days. because how come. what kind of question is that germany is terrible. i can't say i agree sure some things in germany can get annoying but i like living there most people here could hardly picture it any more. the next morning is a bit hung over. all
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. the others lifestyle satisfies a trending need for a growing number of stressed out city dwellers and workaholics decent aeration. what you doing during branches gathering what can't you see them growing branches words how come. about going to the forest clean. morning workout. this event not have you ever wanted to find a woman to share this life with it seems like a big commitment voice in conflictual sure but it's a radically different way of life the way of chosen to live is also very complicated. but i have you ever met a woman willing to try even if it didn't work out. oh yeah several what went wrong
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. were dished up another city turned out to be more interesting you know. ordinary life running water stuff like that. this must be the price ian has to pay for dropping out he says he's fine without a companion but i've known him for a long time and he's often told me he'd like to start a family. and who wants to grow old alone i certainly don't and commitment here there's one thing you get used to quickly here and it's things taking longer you often have to wait off of its vast viaducts and by street for example john just forgot to bring the keys to the house next door where the neighbors let us charge our cameras caught us all to live here i'm always worried about having enough electricity it really stresses me out i need my phone and my camera. whatever i thought i left a mirror in the car. well they're not in the car or in the backpack. it took eon
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two days to find the keys but we still managed to get electricity from the neighbors outdoor power box. right now young really needs his phone to he's expecting a call about his next job for a german company by the way young doesn't pay income tax. their government forces you to pay taxes if you don't you go to jail it's not fair i never agreed to being a slave to you paying taxes with each euro your spending that's not a small sum or dream are we so obsessed with money that's not what life is about. this is. a tough argument yun is entitle to live his life as he sees fit but society can't function if people don't follow the rules like paying taxes and insurance everyone needs to contribute in and of a young is leaving in a week to earn some money that's why he's on the curb talking on the phone about work it turns out that's part of life too you can't get by with no money at all
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to be. kept back to journey back to my reality i'm visiting yalit his apartment. yun is just here for a day tomorrow he's heading out to do some installation how can he make an honest living without paying taxes. course. it's all legal i'm a german citizen with a foreign residence and i'm deregistered from the state system because i'm never hear. here perform residence you're given some one hundred eighty days to earn up to a certain limit without it being taxed and that goes for germans in germany. who don't who don't use things the way you live is a feel selfish you've left society behind while he did take part in anything.
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i do take part in life everywhere but it's not so i'm socialized his girl poor i can reputation but i honor game you know in standing over your house no one telling you want to do. you respect everyone and take care not to step on anyone else's toes. possibly. if this is approved it's taken young twenty five years to get to where he is now dropping out of society is a long and complicated process right now young doesn't want to think about getting old or ill that may be naive on his part but i've never seen him as contented as he was on his own little island. today i'm traveling to the state of sex and a place where he can really feel you julep growing together gurlitz your money.
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and cause a little ole yoko bridge connects what he wants to buy and to date this freedom is a central location for both cities and at the same time a strong symbol for united europe. this next d.w. . enter the conflict zone. is a mumbai. because columbo so is the judge trade so is corruption my guess is that if you mcalpin the bets off is the outgoing president tom mondale sons of us who say good when the job peace prize for having friends got to america's most describing such is very good does he deserve it conflicts so far in sixty minutes on g.w. folks. make
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your smart t.v. smarter with the t w force more to. find out more at dot com smart t.v. . today i'm traveling to the east.


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