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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is due to every news coming to live from berlin one of germany's best known soccer stars which the national team citing racism midfielder mesut ozil says will no longer play internationally for germany after facing a barrage of criticism for meeting with the turkish president his decision has kicked off a debate about racism and integration. but what do you do if you have to import almost everything you consume and you're not sure what the future holds will take you to the overseas british territory of akeelah and the caribbean it's worries
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over the upcoming election. i'm sorry harmon welcome to the show it's good to have you with us german football star as it has quit the national team of what he called the scream a nation after germany's world cup exit is there who has turkish roots said he faced racism and disrespect from the german media after his meeting with circus president. back in may he was also criticized by the german football association after the tournament and rush. off to a long silence measures israel has finally made his feelings known in an epic three part statement on twitter is ill said his meeting with turkey's president added one was about respecting the highest office of his family's country. in his third post
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released hours later is ill heavily criticized german football association president clinton for his negative comments on islam and multiculturalism and announced he was quitting the german side. a photo of israel and added one at that meeting and may spock to debate that has refused to die in germany with israel being accused of helping out a once campaign for an upcoming election israel says the pats only about football germany teammate going to on the scene here on the left was also at the meeting and explained his decision soon after prefer to remain silent which only brought him more criticism from the kind i don't think any footballer should have their photo taken with any authority and really whether with vladimir putin as the tomatillos did with edwin like you can do on an issue there are enough democratic politicians to be photographed webb could get got to put it you can beat him if he's a pretty shrewd us and coming off to germany's exit in the world cup group stage
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the debate bubbled up again germany team manager all of a bill huff and f.a. chief of the added fuel to the fire with kendall urging him to explain his meeting with out of the ninety two times capped international has done so now and his words have piled more pressure on the german f.a. who have yet to respond. a huge story this morning in germany lima her talking from our sports desk to walk me through it would be good to have you here we heard they're taking aim at german f.a. president right are going though what is this issue with him yeah so is it not shy away he did not hold back he went and he basically accused i had gringo that the of the president of using him as a scapegoat for his own incompetence and he even went a step further and he basically pointed out something that a lot of germans for the microwave background often and that is that if you're successful if i'm when i win i'm german but the minute i lose on the foreign i'm the immigrant and that's what also goes into the identity politics in. in germany
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where a lot of people with a migrant a background often feel that they never german or not it doesn't matter how we can be a world champion but you're still never good enough and people also need to realize that. he was a former politician and he has in the past make very controversial comments about multiculturalism and his slam in germany and feuds that somebody with this sort of use should not be running for the organization. from a sporting perspective what does that mean to german football to lose a player like oh i mean this is detrimental i mean for the longest time he was the model of integration this is where like people were saying all the kids for them i can back on especially those were of a turkish background this is the man that they need to look up to and you know he even won several awards for it and the big question now is what sort of impact will this have on aspiring footballers that you know with a migrant background in germany because a lot of the must be thinking wait a minute if this is how they treat
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a world cup champion somebody that helped germany to win it in twenty fourteen one of they pay us who we can safely say is one of the most technically gifted players in a very long time you know a lot of these kids must be saying do i really want to represent germany and if that is the case that of course would be detrimental to the talent pool in germany and it also leaves the german f.a. in kind of an awkward position. has not been the only critical voice of this organization needs he hasn't and i mean by and chairman collins from a nigga just last week called the d.s. he basically a bunch of amateur us the former world cup captain back in twenty fourteen he basically said look he needs to really take a look at his leadership abilities and whites are co of course is a problematic is that with six weeks to go we will find out who will host the twenty twenty twenty and twenty four european championships and germany of course is in the running for that but they have such a bad image right now that see if they can bounce back if they can recover i know
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him who did every sport suss thanks for your insights. but the impact of that is those resignation goes far beyond the soccer practice also shining a spotlight on germany's relations with its largest immigrant community those with turkish roots it's also reignited debate about whether enough is being done to counteract racism in the sport german chancellor angela merkel has now weighed in saying she respects decision to quit the national team g w took to the streets of berlin to find out how ordinary germans feel. personally it's the right decision but i think it's a shame that he had to resign because he doesn't feel accepted here is someone with a migration background so it would be much better for hunt clinton to resign that this field if you don't fully understand him when he says i'm a turk or part of me is turkish and i respect my president and i think it's brave and now we have to see how the f.a. reality gets on come this the next one from to be. i'm not that convinced by his
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explanation for the photo of her so it's good that he's decided not to play for germany any more right if you don't for me there's been some of. these decisions with the national team was the right one. because the pressure was just too great. come on the. this is i think he did the right thing you know the fronts of a few. years like nelson the other stories that are making news around the world u.s. president trump has lashed out at iran's haasan more money on twitter it warned the iranian president not to threaten the u.s. or quote suffer consequences a likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before trump's tweet came hours after rouhani said hostile u.s. policy towards iran could lead to quote the mother of all wars.
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police say two people are dead and thirteen more wounded after a mass shooting in downtown toronto the gunman opened fire in the city's greektown neighborhood on sunday night before being killed in a shoot out police young girl the mains in critical condition police say it's too soon to say whether this shooting is terrorism related. to plans ongoing heat wave has reached a record temperature of forty one point one degrees celsius in a city just north of tokyo weeks of extreme heat of killed at least fifteen people and left twelve thousand hospitalized a scorching weather is set to continue authorities are warning people to take precautions to prevent heat stroke. lawmakers in cuba have approved a draft constitution that supporters say well modernized the nation of leading political force remains the communist party the new document has removed the aim of building a communist society the draft constitution also recognizes private property and
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could even open the way to same sex marriage here's more. but also want to know that. on historic reform the cuban parliament approved the first update of its constitution since one thousand nine hundred seventy six. we confirm that we have a draft constitution and that after popular consultation and the referendum will strengthen the unity of cubans regarding the revolution. the new constitution allows for controlled opening up of the economy the party for reform is strong the recognition of private property rights. and the open we already have here paid employment and private property ownership we have to recognise this objectively this is the reality we have to accept and regulate. the goal is to develop a form of socialism that is no longer strictly communist other constitutional
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reforms include limiting the president to two terms creating a prime minister post and addressing l g b t discrimination which is long been systemic in cuba. but that has been the one about who makes the making changes that are important for the country and given the historic moment we are going for it it's been sixty years since the revolution change is necessary. yes it was time to do it we're proud of that it's being done. now it's up to the cuban people to vote on the new constitution a referendum will be held in november. but as prime minister tourism may is making another attempt to wear over her cabinet to her vision for rocks that she called her ministers together today for a special round of talks economic growth and trade post brock's that are expected to top the agenda of britain's divorce new european union will also have a profound effect on thousands of people who live outside of europe a small caribbean island is one of fourteen british overseas territories residents
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there didn't have a say in the bricks and boat some on the island now see the result as a chance to push for independence one day. as part of our road to breakfast series mattis and l'arche will take this is it to gauge the mood. as ships docking in britain six thousand five hundred kilometers away from the british mainland we're in the one off britain six overseas territories in the caribbean people here have to import nearly everything even their drinking water this sport is a life of language. is the only because this is the only board so. if for whatever reason this port closes on. angola itself just like there was no.
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most of the goods come in via the e.u. or more precisely from a poor just fifteen minutes away on the french island off some of. the neighboring islands have close ties but now breaks it is threatening their relationship. we find to be insulting because it will be affected directly and with us a lot of the water has been soft water for years. and. that you know that doesn't present situation but impact that in a negative so local radio host a.j. hammer is angry that i will let it not have a say over bracks said since residents could not vote to break that affect us he and some fifteen thousand other islanders will lose their passports should london come up short and it's going to secure a good breaks it deals with us residents worry that they will be among the biggest losers and will and should have had an a chance to participate in the backseat and that no other people should this site
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and one state but then britain has been. increasing home micro-managing which i think is it fair to us. that mean we have no say because if you take the economy i'm going to take the budget angle it has to be approved by england so we are just puppets in the end the whole thing yet another ways britain. is less involved since hurricane devastated last september many homes still in ruins the state's coffers are empty and the planned reconstruction is funded by the e.u. it is also agreed last largest provider of development aid with much of the month earmarked for education but after breaks it is unclear whether london will step in to help. but it shall be the united kingdom i would say ninety percent of the people that i talk to who are british so i have a clue that there's a political angle so you know i really think we have a i don't think would be
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a big on the agenda of the british government. as one of the issues that they speak about and we don't look for your frustration our exit has reached the point where someone willing answer calling for independence from britain d.j. hammer is for it. you'll be able to fend for yourselves because we discover just about angola and the stars now i'm not sure i must be getting on you know are free to shake. most and williams would have voted to stay in the e.u. the islands depends on close ties with its e.u. neighbors in the caribbean just why many here would rather be a part of the european union than of britain in the way. from berlin still to come on our show watch out amazon jadi dot com is leading a wave of chinese e-commerce giants and i've got ambitions for the european market of stories coming up in business news this is been d.w.
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from berlin we've got more at the top of the hour and as always you can find the latest on our website at www dot com i'm sarah harmon from the whole team thanks for watching we'll see you super super. sunday to. this work goddess for to know. the money and the. ball twenty. time for an upgrade.


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