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tv   Kick off - Beirut Parc Part 1  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want peace. the country's opponents their doubts to isolate. iran from theocracy superpower stance of august fifth on g.w. . if.
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none of. them are going. to move move. move. move move move move. to a governing of the. signal depth of the phone with them just enough. of the. company. of. them to. figure. out something that not. not let up with everybody how was it the goblet at the top of the don't know said good help. this. minus three minutes a day i'm just
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a fire it's almost funny when somebody else i see in the event of the in the. right guard was. to go both gold ream i live in a refugee camp in the bekaa valley in lebanon tween the houses of lives where most syrians live and have a nice. suck on. the road with us so. i love the idea of the two friends fled four years ago yet their homeland syria is only a few kilometers away it is. just beyond the mountains. to get ass was good i'm going home. i
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think back on the things in the honda going to suddenly another moment that's close to that of a promise not to do that again and i think i'ma. about fourteen thousand people across the border yesterday. like both dreams across the globe sixty five million people are fleeing war on terror crossing season continents risking that not seeing a counselor refugees and migrants and cross into the country hundreds of thousands more are expected to do the same and they're not always welcome. migrants breaking down. well why politicians derive. you know has to be signed connection going back to going back. however only a few of the make it to europe and america while most syrian refugees have headed for neighboring countries like lebanon. no other country has taken more.
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refugees than lebanon britain averages only two refugees per one thousand inhabitants lebanon two hundred thirty three every fifth person in lebanon is a refugee you cannot trust some call fine i can bundle and this is myself i'm not a god that kill we are causing fear inside of him how tough was it magical when a candidate is kind of a little anxious that the mud needs to know. just that it has. not seen or should have been and eleven is going to connect. only eighty kilometers from back up nice beirut the capital never once known as the parents of the mediterranean city has always been cold between east and west christians muslims all for dogs jews druze it eighteen different religious beliefs
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how to be found in beirut. today over three hundred thousand refugees live here. in the center of the city is beirut park the place where the whole city comes to play football now in the summer of twenty sixteen passes full of children of iran i always am goals driven from the hung like lot. that i was on the thing that. was. i don't know that there.
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are but if this is one of those let me. have a look. back on what. many of these children have seen wolf but not a football pitch to boys and girls from syria and palestine goodish children and lebanese that. have come. back for. that now that's for. many of them these all the past of a football jerseys and shorts food some socks. that have come up that it will. look like that but it may look good all the bits are going to. come up with a. little bit of a. little. bit.
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by. bit yes. let's see if we can. get to. wrap. it up. this is all being organized by germany's going to institute in beirut together with coaches from local football academies are going to be going to the stock market is not on them but i know it's not a one that particular like. temple law that i'm not i did not. give up but it. said i what i really. only something. i don't like so i'm not i. think so i looked like a wall but i got where was i going to go down bust. this is also not god up. thank
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. god thank you out of the soccer camp lebannon nine hundred kids a week training grounds all over the country remains at least eleven others to the north in tripoli and cider in the sun here at the park the kids help from the beirut area. that. some here are familiar with the pitch by god and he lives close by. zero zero. zero zero. zero. s. it's where i've got some of that second set up of lots of.
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stuff. that. it was almost like this was just. what it. was. because i still was. as if it was. eleven year old adam is also a refugee not just recently about his home life can be lives two hundred meters south of beirut park in his camp shot teela built for the palestinians nearly seventy years ago.
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adams people have been fleeing since nine hundred forty eight since the founding of israel and the palestinians have fought for their homeland and lost with every israeli arab war more and more people leave the shrinking country many head north to lebanon beirut and ghettos like shatila. generations later the hope of returning is a distant dream half a million palestinians live in lebanon an estimated twenty thousand of them in shatila. since the start of the syrian war that is almost double now there are plenty of syrian neighbors living in close quarters. a ghetto in the middle of beirut that the lebanese never enter but the palestinians and syrians have settled
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in despite the current conditions. that oh my. goodness about the. school. was. that i mean yeah i doubt that that was one moment that all our. girls that was fifty was. a force field but the way that. you should that is you. shall. call it in the house not that it was. going to. be increasing numbers of refugees is a problem in adam's school because shatila can only expand vertically uncontrolled patchwork life. i feel certain that i know what i'm buying i want to know much
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about. how i live now with them but. i. didn't want to feel something. however electricity is important for the apartments in the dark narrow alleyway but it's different for those who live above. i should think. adam lives on the rooftops you know where the ghetto almost seems a daily. the people living here have no electricity and wash their clothes with water yet they can see for miles and some even dare to dream.
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of. so don't go so how do you got the. most when some of us are but. i think. that the my lawsuit. says. that i use it. but i don't. need it. you. gave. him a lot of us have had enough. going . he has made all my friends. yeah.
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yeah and i'm up to my family. yeah. ok mike. yeah. one should always have to you know no one escapes the camp. so it's something special for the palestinian goldstein to train a beirut park from time to time. even before the summer camp
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where a team all of them palestinians from the refugee camp except one. is levon helm's. i don't. know. but there was a yeah. because i don't. want about it.
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or and they're such that. you know when i get a pen and a man said and i were going to be eligible. and they knock. it off. as a had when i get a car you know i know. that i should ask the national asset financing if they knew you know i submit that it is the data. so should i accept that i was putting on a homicide i will. defer to.
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the federal police or the fed almost. this was not. it was. i who has schooled in the center of beirut nearly everyone has lebanese lessons are in french as you know in secondary schools in lebanon the language of the former colonial power however on the playground the spoken word is our. sort of. these it was. you that it was from us i'm not gonna happen but. i the son of. his family have always lived in beirut. the city is the home the pharynx apartment
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is only a few meters north of the beirut park football pitch not far from madame like him she also lives overlooking the city but she only needs thirty seconds to reach the eighth floor. routers father is a driver he's not rich but can provide his daughter with a good life. i. use it to learn. a little bit to laugh though somebody should get the. one more thing should know that he. says. yeah i don't think trophies. is a best you. say to him i can show you the results.
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stitched. post just. should i say ok because i don't trust and i can't control the ball i can score i love to be a. teacher of sport i like. to give. that kids what i learn things for that they can be good. how do you. follow them mohammed supports rulers ambitions he has played football all his life but growing up his life was vastly different. i think you know i never. said yes to.
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so. heavy. that they will. not out there will be here. let's. just say about sri ship at the this is melanie i'm a fish. that's. what i say i'm not leaving. fear. as in it's all there some of the thoughts to leave it was really not a necessity it's just the serve the love the love that i'm here for that anyone else in the muslim world that at the root of the army and the government should be . a skill member they should watch but every day that number out of the one i'm one of those of us that has little foot head of what they are. there was more sniper machine gun fire in beirut today.
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between nine hundred seventy five and ninety nine to lebanon was pulled off in a civil war where countless groups for one another in ever changing minds has. been the notorious house to house fighting the right forth against the left christians against muslims and in the background israel against syria on the piano. the lebanese know what clean me back then nearly a million would driven from not. even off to the wall the country never truly find peace. today one still sees the scars of war in beirut many buildings are still to came and society has still not fully recovered. lebanon still has no become it civil war and already carries the burden of another. the syrian refugees cost the country four point five billion
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dollars a year. the welcome in lebanon can be vastly different for syria som a very positive thing talum by out in the bekaa valley a local n.g.o.s has opened up a youth problem as a school for the children. but also a place where they can meet and enjoy themselves. feel their lives are there. to go also play football up the soccer camp in the bekaa close to the club says here in lebanon seems a place one could grow to life until they're able to go back house. says. it's. ok. so.
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he got into the open and rescue and it's a kind. of that's for the most one who listens to. just. to do. want to do this for. sensation to move into the function is that none of them are designed to telling us. but not everybody feels immediately welcome for the reims the beginning was difficult when they arrived they had nothing no home no school no one to take them in. this. nothing was left. there and they didn't. the mo would have none of this so far there are seven
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members of a pleasant good looks out over the birth. of the mother. some of them nothing more oh mother her more soaring. nothing is free for the people here the top holdings from the un was sold on the black market for fifty dollars a piece the hot sun self made the land is rented the house of us marines fall to find a job as a carpenter never get every day he drives to work in his truck doesn't. he needing just. enough money bob last. month's it. was and there's a hell of a good direction and we're still going. to do it mark i know the most show over the summer for you said no thought of doing it. for the month of.
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honor so just you know what could be done and what should the motive give you start but it's clear that isn't the job. i did. when i took years of study of it to be you know not what me doing my best. but the more sure tonight i'm going to walk about here so they're going to have a different look. and it's sort of do you know for the look. and feel for you now because of the temperament when we first found out. that the just really fit into. the research so that must have been on my head i was imagining something i would know i was there you see a magical time this fall and they're going to have done. it will be some time before the two guys. because of the war we couldn't go to school for two years.
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of the dreams of refugees in lebanon dreams of who. i am. the future. king of. i am i and. others oh i hope.
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the more. they want silence in syria. and they won't be silent in exile. seven people who fly to europe from the brutal persecution in their homeland are filing criminal charges against the country senior officials. testifying against
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assad seeking justice for syria. fifteen minutes g.w. . european stars during performances of the be. above of concerts every weekend of such a good live in concert on. a. live. make your smart t.v. the smarter with the d w four small to. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. decide what's on sunday
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hey. i've. a government spokesman in gray says more than twenty people have been killed in wildfires raging out of control near athens the great government is seeking international assistance to battle the blazes that have destroyed homes and forced hundreds to flee for their lives. in a non significant pretty.


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