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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin. deploys troops to oversee polling stations on the eve of national elections but really they protect intimidate after a bitter campaign pakistan's military is accused of trying to influence the election and attacking press freedom we'll be talking to pocket songs ambassador to germany also coming up. a massive disaster in laos with hundreds missing after
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a dam collapses. several people have been killed and thousands left without homes we have the latest for you. and at least sixty people have been killed by wildfires in the greek capital after the government has declared a state of emergency and has asked the european union for help. plus in the next sixty minutes the racism in german footboard we look at the fallout from the decision to quit the german national team visiting his hometown to hear what people there are saying. how did a very warm welcome to you. pakistan has begun deploying troops to oversee polling stations as it prepares for national elections on wednesday the government says
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it's necessary to ensure a free and fair vote but critics say the military strong to boost the chances of its alleged favored candidate former critical cricketer can the journalists are finding that those who report on his main driver are facing intimidation and worse we talk about that with pakistan's ambassador to germany in just a moment but first have a look at this report. in pakistan second largest city law election campaigning is in full swing but behind the scenes many fear strings are being pulled to favor one candidate imran khan. his party p.t.i. is in a neck and neck race with the pakistani muslim league run by one of the country's most high profile politicians now what serif sharif angered the country's powerful military with his attempts to improve relations with pakistan's arch rival india
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and rein in the army support a visit midsts earlier this month he was jailed on corruption charges. and now journalists like this are huge a little are bearing the brunt of the standoff those who dared to openly criticize the p.t.i. or appear to support now while sharif risk the wrath of the security agencies. and the party of the talk about like the pm alone if you speak for it in any way which results of those really in a very balanced manner to speak for it there's going to be trouble brewing somewhere down the line really see like i said there were there were certain areas you can speak about but it was never about political parties not to do things stand you just kind of reporter the balance mother and you're you're absolutely you know they're at it they're after you and there's this was really startling to many of the editors but but then of carrying on some of us some of us are really really struggling. many of her colleagues have received intimidating calls and threats
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from social media and journalists know all too well which stories editors want to afraid to run but on the record few dead to point their finger. well. i'll take the safest route out of this with. their human rights international human rights organizations and the local human rights organizations have repeatedly called out the military for doing this and the military would mean the intelligence agencies that are associated with the military and. this field of human rights organizations and i'm quoting them i mean quoting them and those that diffuse the ball of too much power over the civil the more government the democratic government the democratic set up and the awful bill this power to get you know we.
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think that's what serves people more about those. just to be on the safe slope in pakistan the generals have always pulled the political strings and dictated the red lines that journalists trust in peril but talk to human rights activists and they agree that the degree of meddling in this election is unprecedented the military has a record of in defeating and each and every location that has been held in pakistan this is part of. her right. to regulate everything. we wanted to confront the military with the actual stations but our interview requests were turned down in the past the generals have denied any involvement in pakistani politics and with the d.t.i. and give mélanie neck and neck the outcome of the elections is far from.
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and that was the devotees and iommi conrad reporting from the pakistani city off the heart with me in the studio now it's a pleasure to welcome pakistan's ambassador to the fed republic of germany. welcome to your messages from there now because you know we all agree that you know a free press is critical for a democratic system and get the so in that report some gents in pakistan do not feel safe to speak why is the press being intimidated ahead of this election. could say you know i wish i could say that i was amused by this report what i saw but i'm not actually it was unfortunate because it's quite a sort of quite a misperception i see all those missives that misperceptions being spread in the international media. you know somebody like me who knows pakistan's democracy who's been there as a student you know he struggled in just four pro-democracy movements and ever since
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we have seen this march of democracy in pakistan and i can tell you that this election will bring more democracy to pakistan it's going to be a very free and fair elections even fifteen fifteen is that organization which has four hundred and using it for ten thousand observers mcminn i miss him best if i may interrupt in order for us as journalists are following developments in pakistan there's been huge criticism off the media crackdown you have channels which have been taken off there you have newspapers which have been shut down you have journalists who've been abducted and have gone missing that doesn't speak of a very open and free atmosphere for reporting in pakistan these are kind of generalizations you pick two or three sporadic incidents and if you try to just makes a kind of deductions out of some conclusions out of it which probably suits certain quarters but the fact of the matter is i could one of interesting interview recently there was this president of a pin as you know in pakistan you know news association genesis creation but bit by
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b.b.c. hot talk and in that interview. steve asked him give us some evidence some specific example let me give you one evidence for example one of the organizations in pakistan the human rights commission of pakistan and i can direct quote for them reaffirms the public perception that all parties have not been given the freedom to run the election campaigns candidates from parties such as the pm and that is nobody should have spotted the former prime minister the p.p.p. which is form of benazir bhutto's party and the of ami workers sponte have reported being have used by law enforcement and security personnel during their campaigns it is one of your own pakistani organizations making these claims given that what kind of free and fair election can you have now when i was quoting fifteen like i said this is just one for you from is a conglomerate of four hundred. forty thousand observers the last elections in two thousand and thirteen and you know what fifteen cities for france is ninety percent
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of the politicians believe more than ninety percent actually that there's a level playing field for everyone you know so it's r.c.p. . unfortunately some of these organizations in pakistan. partial sometimes but every day why would they let me take another look which i would say passion the military the role of the military there's a huge perception within independent press in pakistan as well as outside that the army is playing a critical role in this election and some even say it is actually making sure that its favorite candidate in the run can a stock cricketer. a cricket star and now a politician is trying to in full and show that he comes to power are afraid those reports as well but let me tell you something. you know on the day of the election they'll be one hundred million people watching and these three hundred thousand military that you mentioned will be there just to ensure that and this is up in the
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previous elections as well by the way you know there's a coup. if you threats in pakistan there debbie those bomb attacks and everything we cannot have election in a climate of fear so they will ensure that it does not have so if we would have things that they can i jack elections from those hundred thousand people when we have had electoral reforms which will make sure that this election is much more transparent than the previous. and in the previous elections i have no doubt in my mind that there is no possibility that there is no intent there is no will in any quarters and i think this is part of sort of you know look what happens in pakistan if somebody is caught for corruption and this is happening the possible method of these criticism coming from within pakistan not just from outside so obviously this seems to be some perception that the military is trying to influence elections and you think the military is there to bring security to some extent that. somehow this fear that the military will intimidate voters into voting in one direction or i
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think military is there first of all to bring security because there's no climate of second before i think a lot of things that have taken place recently and those are unprecedented in pakistan people always used to say that the corrupt never get punished the white collar crime the rich you know but that is happening now and that is very important because you cannot have democracy without accountability that's right and that is where the problem actually lies accountability and when you talk about corruption many would say that it's being selective applied against political targets that i would just think one find if i can examples on that in people from pizza. party people from poor milan people from people's parties that are just but across the board accountability is happening so then the novotel final question for you ambassador not extremist parties are also contesting this election to give you one example. of fees but aside he's one of the people who's implicated in the mumbai must among them by attacks kiss body under
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a new name is also contesting elections i do. bodett that extremist parties may become part of the mainstream after this election i mean to let me tell you something we're here in berlin in this city this streets named after people who are militants and then became mainstream politicians and then they actually got nobel prize for peace you know so the point is i mean if there's a ten minutes of this at an organization who disapprove violence who want to they work within the constitution and you know within the constitution anybody you know can profess whatever believes to have it should not really not inciting anybody for violence not trying to break the constitution in any way judge and the people decide this has happened in many parts of the world and these are of you know these are not sort of you know if you're a mom by attacks i can go on and on but on that you know there's lots of sort of you know like question marks about india's role in that let's not talk with that
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but the point is that in pakistan it's not the militants who are allowed to know who are being allowed to contest in elections it's actually the people who had let's say at some point extremist ideologies but then they disavowed those that are doing the g.'s they want to be part of the mainstream put politics so why shouldn't we be given this chance ok interesting topic i love of controversial issues thank you for answering all of those questions just a lame but it sounds invested to gemini it was a pleasure to have you thank you thank you for having me here. moving on now to laois where state media is saying that seven people are dead and hundreds more missing after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in the country's southeast the dam was under construction in the province of the to prove when it collapsed elite on monday releasing five billion cubic meters of water more than six thousand people are now reported to be homeless after several villages were flooded many people have been
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evacuated but thousands of people remain stranded the dam was shaded to begin operating later this year. for the very latest let's cross over now to jens frederick's bull who is monitoring the situation from the bank of predict what can you tell us about the casualties and how many people are affected by this dam but just well there hasn't been an update on the numbers so far we still only know that hundreds are missing thousand six hundred lost their homes and there are only several confirmed that the number is not more exact they only have these numbers that's the only numbers which are out. so everything is indicating that this is there really big and major disaster for hours and in the region. and if it seems this is the second dam to bust this year in laos how is the government handling the situation i don't know how it is the situation on the ground
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there what i know is that the prime minister. tong so he went to the disaster area now he also took with him some highly high ranking officials so they are supposed to coordinate the rescue efforts now and observe the rescue efforts voz the very poor countries though i'm sure the responses are quite limited this is what we know is that there is some international support now about korea going to took over a pretty poor high for power it has hills and a lot of water so it's actually quite. well suited for becoming something like the battery of asia and this is what exactly the government tried to do in the recent years so a lot of investment has been pulled into the country more than fifty dams are being built or currently planned in the country most of them at least financed by phone at best this such as this one two there was a high company involved and the south korean company i mentioned so it's becoming
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a huge business in laos even though there was a lot of. controversy about the subject because of course it has a huge environmental impact and as you can see now it's also connected with a lot of risk. thank you very much for being us up to date on that. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world israel has shot down a syrian fighter jet the israeli military says it fired two surface to air missiles after it strayed into its airspace over the israeli occupied golan heights syria has disputed the claims it says the plane was targeted as it was conducting operations against extremists in southern syria. analysts in the u.s. say north korea has begun taking down key facilities at a missile test site these satellite images reportedly show dismantling underway at
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this so his satellite launch station north korean leader kim jong un had promised to dismantle the site at a summit with u.s. president donald trump in june. japanese officials say an unprecedented heatwave has killed at least sixty five people in just one week more than twenty thousand have been hospitalized with heat related illnesses in the same period soaring temperatures have been blamed for at least eighty deaths since the start of july the country's weather agency is not classifying the heatwave as a natural disaster. turning out to greece which has declared a state of emergency as wildfires around the capital athens raced through residential areas at least sixty people have been killed and more than one hundred and seventy injured strong winds are fanning the flames across the country the government has announced three days of national mourning. for the worst wildfires greece has seen in
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a decade the flames moved quickly and took many by surprise and coastal towns residents and holiday makers scramble to the ocean the shock still visible on their faces hours after being rescued. if the cause of them if the flames were chasing us all the way to the water was like going to our backs and we dive into the sink it would have left. for others the fire moved too fast in the seaside town of matty and unspeakable tragedy was revealed as daylight broke in after to see me all. this morning we discovered this place with twenty six people men women and unfortunately children. they were found in the courtyard of
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a villa huddle together hugging the image is too graphic to show. mothers don't they were in groups of three and four it looked like they were friends and families who trying to protect themselves. or in the matter. of. the devastation is evident everywhere in marty abandoned cars litter the streets some with the keys still in the ignition the cleanup will have to wait. multiple fires are still burning around athens too many for greek fire fighters to tackle in spain cyprus and other european countries have offered assistance. joins me now on the price of gold is falling and that's surprising analysts isn't it that's not a matter because for centuries in times of uncertainty like these people have hoarded gold and even today is remains the reliable crisis currency or at least it
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used to be because despite the threat of a global trade war gold has been tumbling in recent months why is gold suddenly so weak and when it bounced back. it's a spectacular find this gilded silver death mask has the archaeology world of bonds . the rare and ancient artifact was discovered last week in excavations in egypt on the face of the money the mask is clearly worth far more than the gold and silver that is made of both these precious metals have recently slipped in market value the price of gold has plunged. it's dropped over six percent since the start of the year causing much head scratching usually in uncertain times like these gold is seen as a safe haven. and there are currently fears of a trade war between the us china and the european union for example. the
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banking debt and euro crisis also continue to reverberate. and the consequences of britain's decision to leave the e.u. remain unclear. so why isn't the price of gold rising rather than falling many analysts have a simple explanation. gold isn't being used as a crisis proof investment because there are many other alternatives. in the u.s. the economy is still booming the u.s. federal reserve has indicated that it's likely to hike key interest rates in the coming months. but so far that hasn't soured investor sentiment on the u.s. stock market. some are also eyeing crippled currencies like bitcoin while skeptics regard buying and selling the cryptocurrency is gambling and not investing its advocates see it as an alternative to gold. most analysts are nevertheless convinced in the long term gold won't lose it sheen despite the apparent alternatives currently on offer. it will continue to fascinate people in the future
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just as it did back in the age of the pharaohs. oh well it's not spring and financial correspondent from frankfurt down here in times like these why is the gold price still don't come all have to do with bit confound it. and no actually not when you talk to investors here on the trading floor they are telling me that we are actually in a difficult situation there is a lot of things that are going on in the world we have a u.s. president that is completely unpredictable there is this fear of rising tension with iran for example and also you know that iran could shut down the oil acts of war to other countries all of this could make investors very very warrant when something like this happens we usually see the gold price of going out but in this situation investors are telling me that yes there are warry but they also don't think that this c.q.
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ation is going to escalate as a result we don't see the gold price yet going up also the blue chip index stocks in the green today so yeah that's why they're telling me the reason behind this down there you mentioned the completely unpredictable u.s. president don't trump has fired off another tweet today celebrating terrorists and the reaction on the markets. yes been very busy treating again he was tweeting tears are great either a country which has treated the united states unfairly on trade negotiation they have to come up with a fair deal or they get hit with tears and also earlier he was also saying that now he is surprised that all the countries that are fearing tears are coming to washington to negotiate all of this of course is not a very good sign for the upcoming meeting tomorrow with e.u. president commission president john claudio one such talk about trade a once a talk about tears we don't see movement here yet at the market but investors don't
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think that the meeting with john and u.s. president all trump is going to be a big success. in frankfurt for us thank you. tesla is having problems paying its bills at least that's what investors are assuming after it emerged the american economy builder have made an unusual request to suppliers tesla asked them to refund on invoices it had already paid to help and turn a profit as the shares fell more than three percent on the news the company has been struggling with massive production problems with its lower priced model three tesla burned through one billion dollars in liquid assets in the first quarter alone leaving it with just three point two billion by the end of march as the chief you longmont has said he's aiming for the company to turn a profit in the second of this year. they've been impressive results for google's
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parent company alphabet the second quarter earnings exceeded estimates and were boosted by strong growth in its advertising business google ad revenues rose twenty four percent at a record antitrust fine from the e.u. is set to cost the internet giant billions european regulators accuse google of forcing mobile device makers to install its products when using its android operating system that says it will appeal. ten percent of nike's workforce can look forward to pay rise following an outcry over inequality from next month's more than seven thousand people will be getting a raise this comes after an internal review of the company's pay structure. the night his slogan just do it may be inspirational but the company appears to have done little to inspire its female employees earlier this year a scathing report by the new york times revealed widespread gender discrimination at nike female stuff reported being overlooked for promotion in addition to being
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bullied and excluded night his decision to raise salaries of several workers may be an effort to address some of those concerns nike isn't alone when it comes to an equal pay that men continue to earn more in several countries within the o.e.c.d. south korea is the worst for working women japan comes in second and even countries like the u.s. and germany do not fare much better but awareness about the gender pay gap is increasing the me too movement has helped shed light on gender discrimination women in companies across the world are speaking up and they have been sharing stories about hostile work environment that's why some global brands like nike are now in a race to act. more business for you a bit later in the show but first. on a daring feat that's red hot a polish mountain man has made history by becoming the first person to ski down the
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k two that's the second highest mountain in the wild but among mountaineers is recognized as the most difficult one to climb and they're faced extremely difficult conditions trying to reach the summit of the peak at the height of eight thousand six hundred eleven metas one see was the top pick but on his skis and made his director is descent to the k two base. he was indeed have been is coming up ahead china's president she's a she's in. south africa and indian prime is the more the is india want every nook and why these two population economies so interested in the continent of africa. that and more coming up shortly.
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europe is under pressure here it is facing many challenges from the outside we can also was under bush the refugees a good journey to europe and four million scientologists italians first that's material slogan oh look i'm disputing threatening the european union oh europe's flashpoints the photos of in forty five minutes funny d w. we make up oh but we watch as i feel the end of the to. the surface of. the game want to shoot the continents feature it's part of it and join youngsters as they share their stories dreams and their challenges the seven percent platform for shark. bay news on this issue she gets
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to learn some new sounds of the so-called shake it up to this concept called side bugs. played. people have put big dreams on the big story playing movie magazine on t.w. . european stores. performances. concerts every weekend. to europe in. oh i am.
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here watching news coming to you live from berlin i'm on the tachi my pleasure to have your company our top stories the collapse of a hydroelectric dam in the province of otter pool in southeast laos has left seven people dead and hundreds missing the deluge swept away the rebuilding and left housings. pakistan has begun deploying troops to oversee polling stations ahead of national elections on wednesday the government says it's necessary to ensure a free and fair vote but critics say the military is trying to boost the chances of its alleged favorite candidate for prime minister former cricket star in don kahn. regardless of the outcome of the election is sure to be historic and this one since more women than ever before are running for office a record one hundred seventy want female candidates are fighting for a seat in the national assembly but to make it they have to overcome significant
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hurdles now liz show from a social media desk has more on that story and joins me now liz give us a sense of what are these women up against. well rita these women are facing a number of challenges especially they have faced them during this campaigning period and some say that they have faced the threats somewhere blackmails they were told that they shouldn't run for office and then there are some weren't even given a chance to show themselves to their potential voters i can show you an example of that has been making the rounds on social media so take a look at this poster here it is of the party t.l.p. it is showing some candidates that are running for office and then take a look at that you have a woman who was running for a seat in the national assembly we have her name there but we don't see her face we only see her silhouette so this is something that many people have criticized for example here we have a comment from con she is a journalist from pakistan also an activist and she is wondering how this woman
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will be able to fully represent other women in the parliament there another thing that we've also seen that lots of people are talking about also criticizing is this poster here so this one is from the party p.t.i. and there this one that we have highlighted this is actually you have a name of the woman there a candidate who is running also for the national assembly but instead of using her photo they decided to show the photo of her husband i know the campaign manager of this party insists that the woman didn't want her face to be seen because he says that this is something that goes against her family values but of course this is something that will affect maybe the resolve of this woman a jury of the elections but emerita in general we have to say that the number of female legislators in pakistan has been rising steadily since one thousand nine hundred five as you see on this chart and there are hopes that more women will come out despite these challenges run for office and also when i was about it seems
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another huge challenge is actually getting women out to vote so what's being done to make sure that they do. yeah voter turnout for women is also a big challenge there are some simple things that really keep women from going to the polls for example there are lots of women who don't have an idea that means you can't register to vote and then you can also not vote then there are some areas and villages for example that have outright banned women from voting and then there's also a lot of social pressure there are social responsibilities who will stay with the kids when people go to vote so women find themselves not being able to go out there and vote but we're also seeing the government really running campaigns to make sure that lots of women tomorrow go to the polling stations we have for example here a message from the government of pakistan saying democracy is incomplete without ensuring women's jew political representation your one decision to vote can impact
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the future of pakistan so vote for yourself vote for pakistan a message there for the women and the government is also using the hashtag their women vote to matters and then we have the luck electoral commission of pakistan actually going a step further saying if we see that there's a low voter turnout among women we will as you know that something i went wrong in a statement here the electoral commission says if the turnout of women voters is less than ten percent of the total voters polled in a constituency the commission may presume that the women voters have been restrained through an agreement from casting their vote and made it clear polling at one or more polling stations or election in the whole constituency avoid the so this is the steps that they're taking to really make sure that women will go out to vote tomorrow tomorrow is the big day and of course we will follow the developments in pakistan and their updates on our website to come and also on twitter and on facebook liz show thank you very much victor check to you.
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you're watching the news still to come the racist in german football we look at the fallout from these decision to quit the national team. but first over to care hot and for more news from the world of business that's right. china's president xi jinping is on a tour across africa and first talks between him and south africa's president. seems to have been fruitful two leaders met in pro toria china will reportedly invest fourteen point seven billion dollars in south africa and take measures to increase imports from africa's most industrialized economy china's president is in africa for this week's bric summit in johannesburg south africa is. stop on the continent after visiting senegal and rwanda is true is meant to further strengthen economic ties china is already the continent's largest trading partner with total
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trade worth one hundred seventy billion dollars. in paying isn't the only leader of a break economy currently touring africa india's prime minister narendra modi is also that he wants to deepen trade relations between india and the african continent he said to address parliament in uganda it's being seen as a delicate but important move towards reconciliation because in the one nine hundred seventy s. uganda's dictator i mean kicked tens of thousands of indians out of the country. a moment that shocked the world august one nine hundred seventy two uganda's president. orders all asians to leave uganda. most of them were of indian origin they dominated the economy owning large businesses i mean accuse them of economic exploitation forcing over forty thousand asians to leave the
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country most of them. left the country those who having a passport there went of a just to the day you will be. like my brother. he became a refugee he was taken to the camp and from there he ended up in malta. but forty six years on many indians have returned today uganda's capital kampala is a bustling city with hundreds of businesses owned by indians like rajni tailor indians own many large factories and have created jobs for locals this success is a highlight for prime minister narendra modi's visit to uganda he's meeting with host president yoweri museveni is highly anticipated so we would anticipate that let's open the sector of tourism now you see so many people going for treatment.
4:38 pm
and we have the transfer of technology in this part of the world. trading yes we would like to see trading good but trading can come later based then farmers have been very successful families. and we have the indian farmers transfer themselves here with their technology train our people. ahead of modi's address to uganda spar lament lawmakers want him to present more trade opportunities and strengthen existing ones well some in a people in this country was troubling to its through the startups. of the ideas that his idea to be baited. i believe if. we six people you know what we're going to ration is a formal. approach from what we can benefit from a bit expertise modi's visit is backed by the african union to promote trade between africa and india which is currently valued at ninety billion dollars
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annually africans hope this can be improved as times with delhi deepening. seven years into germany's green energy revolution which entails phasing out nuclear and promoting renewable energy sources thousands of wind turbines are spread across the country but they only have a lifespan of ten years and disposing of old wind turbines is becoming a big problem not only are they deeply embedded in the ground but getting rid of them is a dangerous business than anything else but grain. these are sections of decommission turbines as a wind park in northern germany. a group of local environmentalists aren't satisfied too much of the base is still in the ground they want the whole thing to be removed. the concrete bases can be crushed and used in road construction. but the rotor blades contain glass and carbon fibers.
4:40 pm
burning them isn't a viable option. do you. think you've tossed on toxic gases. to dispose of them. just clogs the filters will stop. carbon fibers conduct electricity and they cause short circuits and fires in the filters that's why incinerators either won't accept them or they charge exorbitant prices to dispose of them. of the thirty thousand turbines in germany a very large number are due to be decommissioned over the next few years and replaced by larger units. environmentally friendly disposal methods need to be developed before the weight of demolition gets under way. neo compas a company that recycles modern composite materials and there are plenty of them the barriers glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastic are used not only in brochures
4:41 pm
but also for example in airplane construction but what can you do with them once they're scrapped. then to cool. you when you think to cake there is no technology in the world that lets you separate it back into eggs baking powder flour and milk. the same applies to these materials g.r.p. c.o.r.p. . their constituent parts are so tightly bound together that they can't really be separated. the company has developed a procedure to tackle the problem it shreds the material the resulting stuff is light and easy to humble and while it can be burned as a substitute for fossil fuels in the manufacture of cement it can also be mixed with paper production residue and turned into grania less. that granular can be used as a component of cement as
4:42 pm
a substitute for sound. so a lot of. could well turn up in the cement in the foundations of the next generation of wind turbines. thank you. turkish president john has praised the decision by german footballer. to quit the national football team the star midfielder made the announcement at the weekend who has turkish roots was heavily criticised back in may for being photographed with the turkish president but he said that quickly turned into racism and disrespect from the public and the media and following the team's disappointing world cup performance was also singled out for criticism by the german football association now his resignation from the german national side has also been hotly debated in his hometown of gessen kishan invest in germany which is
4:43 pm
a large turkish community and people there feel the case highlights ongoing problems with integration in the country. this is where a young message often had a kick about a training ground in the german city against initiation. today an amateur team is playing here about the resignation of the jemma national player is on everyone's mind. it's new to get some for him it's a brave move by him but as i see it he's only criticized others without accepting that he might have made an error in my view of his mistake was not to have spoken out earlier. as i'm going off and it's not all gone wrong the said by resigning it's made things with integration even worse but for a while i had the feeling that we were all coming together this is german turkish and spanish italian. it all began here at the club fest finally a zero four as his grandparents were coal miners who moved from the black sea coast
4:44 pm
to goals and justin he was the first footballer of turkish descent to play for germany after a while of cup america langer used to play football with ozil in his hometown. he was quite interested when we met his kids he was a very quiet boy always carrying a ball around always with his father near the pitch. an example to follow until recently ozil had been a proud poster boy for integration today many germans were turkish heritage can understand how one photo could change everything. he was by germany's own fans all because of a photo he also took a photo with article a medical it's his business takes a photo with our to one the scope of it's a catastrophe how bad things have gone and because of one photo for me it's trying to use. turkish german or both integration research is from the essence center for techie studies say young people feel close to germany but also different from the
4:45 pm
non migrant population they say germans and german politics struggle with people who don't want to commit to just one nationality. research al-amin a car door has called for a reasonable debate on identity she says the integration policy of the german football association has failed. we have a real racism problem in germany it's not something we can say is exclusively on the far right racism has long existed at the center of this society. she says those who have the interests of both sides at heart have lost the winners of the debate nationalistic turks and the german far right. to defrost down state sixteen of the race was briefly interrupted by a protest with several riders requiring medical attention farmers tried to block the road with bales of hay police attempting to control the protest inadvertently
4:46 pm
sprayed several riders with what appeared to be pepper spray defending champion chris froome and overall leader thomas were among those receiving treatment before continuing the race. here in germany the country's highest court has today ruled that hospital patients may not be forcibly restrained without prior approval by a judge the practice while strictly regulated was thrown into the spotlight after two a psychiatric patients in southern germany were tied to their beds for one of them says he still suffers trauma from that experience. i was strapped to the bed i woke up in scream for help then they sedated me again. but there was no one to talk to the nurse or guard on duty i had to yell for someone to help me what else could i have done. these
4:47 pm
a muslim in time is disturbing memories of the day he was committed to a psychiatric he was twenty one just graduated from high school and felt emotionally unstable when he tried to fight being institutionalized he was tied to the bed the official term is restrained and if they continue to restrain me the next few days i was left alone in the room where the bed they inserted catheters when i was fully conscious. the legality of such practices varies from state to state in germany some are given doctors leeway to order forcible restraint without getting authorization from a charge the high court's ruling will require the states to change their laws it reflects a trend in many european countries to drastically limit the use of coercive measures and increasingly seen as and fringing on patients basic human rights. as market what's your there might be situations in which tying a patient to the bed cannot be avoided but this is never a therapeutic act rather it's a safety precaution and an act of helplessness on the part of the people who make
4:48 pm
the decision and can't protect themselves any other way and of course when this happens and usually deeply undermines patients trust them and start. martin one time s.s. has an experience around his his faith in psychiatric services together with other people who have been treated in psychiatric wards he founded a center in cologne here he organizes and supports those enduring a similar ordeal he organizes regular self-help groups. not that often after my release i was sometimes suicidal but i never went back to the psychiatric ward if you meant a lot of people feel the same way they're suffering terribly but they say this forcible treatment is something i can't bear that's why it's so important to consider whether psychiatric ward should simply stop these practices altogether. and germany over one hundred thousand people a year are admitted into psychiatric wards against their will professor doctor called binah is researching how to reduce violence in psychiatric wards he's in
4:49 pm
charge of one of the few clinics in germany that uses alternative methods his rule opening to rules instead of locking up. into often and that doesn't mean that behind those open doors we can completely forego the use of force you know so far we haven't achieved that although it's my dream to do so but what i can definitely say is that our approach reduces force and violence without raising the risk of escapes niche tyga. because our. today martin in time is still struggling with the trauma of having me restrained he's convinced that german clinics resort to this drastic method much too easily. the american artist james taranto is the most important contemporary artist of our time he writes that light and space and garden is an exhibition of his work at a museum in modern by southern germany real the never marketed this is here to tell
4:50 pm
us more welcome robyn first of four for those who don't know the artist is more about what he actually does. he works with light and space and he sort of floods rooms that you can walk into with light with kind of oceans of light if you like and creating color in there for you and you can literally walk through it or walk walk in it we'll see in a minute it's all about perception and how light used in this way can change your perception it can change the perception of a room of its depth of its high i don't know whether people can see this here behind as its width and there's no horizon in his works really if they sort of go on endlessly and cholera is very important off color can change our emotions come to if there's a a room that's completely red you feel warmth if it's completely blue it's over you
4:51 pm
feel cold or i think anyway let's see how he transformed the exhibition rooms in the freedom board a museum in bob bob. let there be lights as told in the old testament of the bible this was the crowning act of creation. without lights we could not see without sleights there would be no life. no life or something that was important to us physically. literally the skin. or trial it produce letterman so what happens to be a food. we don't think of it that way. james tyrrell himself is a creator of lights not a gaunt but an artist whose material is light artificial as well as natural.
4:52 pm
is installations have no subjects and no focal points they shroud viewers in lines until they lose orientation. no focus no object no thing and you see that when you get the white out while skiing you can see it. flying when you're after the cloud and after you gauge an instrument flying. also when you dive we are entering this new. landscape which is the landscape with horizon and we're learning to navigate it. charles arts is a sensual experience. what it first looks like a painting is really a space. here everyone who gives in to it is frozen back on themselves.
4:53 pm
you are literally investing in your your thing and it's not so much my seeing that i present to you and then you can go and. with knowledge put into your. james taro gives us a key that opens the door to the subconscious. we encounter his words as if in a lucid dream. no boundary lines expands spaces even if it seems unattainable his works give us a hint of infinity. costs is quite incredible isn't it the directors most famous a bounty for an unfinished work on the road and create a yes this is this is a volcano in arizona it's a volcano crater i should say it's an extinct volcano not true he got this in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine he's been working on it ever since in great
4:54 pm
secrecy and it and i quote is meant to be a massive naked eye observatory for experiencing celestial phenomena now it's right in the middle of the desert you can see it here in arizona hence there's no light pollution in the area so the night sky is crystal clear and around building can be seen from above construction inside the crater it's all shrouded in mystery though that's what exactly will be when it's finished because it's not yet open to the public but he's also made a number of what he calls guys spaces around the world we see some here which ring closed rooms with the sky holding the roof and depending how it shaped the natural light filters into the room now it has the effect of an optical illusion as it brings the sky towards you evidently when you're in these rooms i haven't actually baited one of these rooms i want desperately to be more of these rows i also want to visit that actually because when it's finished it will be the biggest art work
4:55 pm
in the world wow but but they haven't drilled a hole have the in and the roof of the museum in but in back to. the. i just think it must be a wonderful experience to go there there's lots more on our website of course d.w. dot com slash culture in the exhibition goes on to the end of october should anybody be in the area where i don't mow from augusta disc thank you very much. you're watching d.v.d.'s coming to you live from london do stay with us if you can find again a standing by he'll have more news and information for you in just a few minutes you're watching news from. the back of.
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the boat going to. move the boat. under
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pressure i am here is facing many challenges to our from the outside the family coming so close and push the refugees a good journey to europe and from being in scientology italian's first that's material slow down her hours to induce you to correct me the european the fear of smashed the flu so few days to come. close. pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth noting. presents the latest finds. looks over the shoulders of makers and users. in forty five minutes.
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but i don't feel the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears what's coming up. on house talk on t.w. though they do use the female superhero on a mission to chat to smart women smart trucks smart station a legend this and by no means missed out on brain creasing dangerous stuff. made by. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found them deep in the rain forest in central africa and the little bullock was able to vocally left him with the enemy in one thing. money leave the costs he
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was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son mates are now only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth w. this is day w is live from berlin a national emergency increases fast moving wildfires cause death and destruction
5:00 pm
the port side at least seventy four people have died as the flames close in on the capital the government calls on the european union for assistance we'll hear live from athens for the latest also on the program. hundreds missing i said damn collapses in laos far as the size of the have been fatalities and thousands left homeless. pakistan deploys troops to polling stations on the eve of national.


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