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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2018 7:02am-7:15am CEST

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trade was a good and easy to win of those words coming back to bite us president donald trump washington now pledging twelve billion dollars to farmers to cushion the effects of the trade dispute with china also coming up following in shooting pains footsteps india's new render modi visit south africa turning the page on the dark chapter in his country's history with uganda. down the shovel with used wind turbines how the clean energy generators become an environmental nightmare and what to do about it. this is your business update on the home free in berlin glad you could join me now he famously tweeted that trade was a good and easy to win but it seems like president troubles protectionist policies might not be paying off after all the u.s. has said it will full count twelve billion dollars in emergency relief for american
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farmers hurt by president trump's trade dispute with china europe and other nations the plan which would use direct assistance programs already in place is expected to go into effect later this summer fall as of soybeans and dairy among other products have been hit hard by counter terrorists from the european union and china particularly each which were a response to tariffs already leveled by trump let's check in with our with a financial correspondent yens a quarter yes twelve billion dollars actually be enough to shield the agricultural industry. it is a start but it might not do the trick the u.s. agriculture industry is the one industry that probably got hit hardest so far from the ongoing trade disputes with countries like china mexico and canada and the agricultural industry is one of the very few industries that actually is running a trade surplus meaning it exports more than the imports of the say that trade
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surplus last year in the agricultural industry was a good twenty one billion dollars u.s. president donald trump on tuesday also announced that farmers should be patient in the long run they should be the big winners from the trade policy of the white house but as for and how obviously farmers need support from washington games we should point out as well that shares in the u.s. based washing machine company well pool of course they've been down fourteen percent on choose day of course company was a proponent of stricter trade controls on its industry but it doesn't seem to be working out quite how i hope does it. it is a very interesting development because the whirlpool earlier this year was pushing hard for the results to impose tariffs on imports from washers and driers specially from asia well washington did so so now we have those terrorists what whirlpool did
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not as the made expect obviously is that the white house would also impose tariffs on steel and so on. meaning at the end that the cost of a whirlpool are far higher than expected a couple of months ago on top of it we also have higher oil prices there's also a drag on the numbers of whirlpool so the company disappointed in a big time was their earnings report they also lowered their earnings forecast and that stock got hammered by more than fourteen percent so you could say be careful what you wish for all right yes quarter in new york for us thank you yes as many europeans look forward to their summer holiday ryanair starfall preparing to strike more than six hundred of ryan as a list two and a half thousand daily flights had to be cancelled on wednesday and thursday staff in spain portugal italy and belgium will participate in the walkout the airlines
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pilots are demanding more transparent systems for promotions and chance for as while camping crew a calling for better working conditions and salaries. chinese president xi jinping is continuing his tour of africa and talks between him and south africa's president cyril ram oppose in pretoria seem to have been a fruit for china will reportedly in their best fourteen point seven billion dollars in south africa an increased imports from africa's most industrialized economy south africa is she's third a stop on the continent after visiting senate gallery wanda his tour is meant to further strengthen economic ties china is already the continent's largest trading partner with total trade worth one hundred and seventy billion dollars. well china's president xi jinping is not the only leader of the bric economy in africa right now indian prime minister narendra modi is also there looking to
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deepen trade relations between india and the african continent as well as smooth the relationship between his country and uganda after tens of thousands of indians were forced out of the country in the one nine hundred seventy s. by the vendor to idi amin had addressed the ugandan parliament on wednesday. a moment that shocked the world august one thousand nine hundred eighty two uganda's president mean orders all asians to the view gonda. most of them were of indian origin they dominated the economy owning large businesses i mean accuse them of economic exploitation forcing over forty thousand asians to leave the country most of them left the country those who having a lot of support there went of a just to the day you went there because they feel. like my brother.
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he became better fiji he was taken to the camp and. he ended up in malta. but forty six years on many indians have returned today uganda's capital kampala is a bustling city with hundreds of businesses owned by indians like rajni tailor indians own many large factories and have created jobs for the locals this success is a highlight for prime minister narendra modi's visit to uganda his meeting with host president yoweri museveni is highly anticipated so we would anticipate that lets open the sector of tourism. now you see so many people going for treatment. and we have the transfer of technology in this part of the world trading yes we would like to see trading but trading can come later. namely in the farmers have been very successful families. can we have the indian farm was transferred themselves here
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with their technology train our people. ahead of modi's address to uganda spar lament lawmakers want him to present more trade opportunities and strengthen existing ones well some in ne young people in this country was troubling to us through the startups they have the ideas that this idea that a b.h. abated. i believe if i'm always expedience of generation as a form. of proud for what we can benefit from will be expertise modi's visit is backed by the african union to promote trade between africa and india which is currently valued at ninety billion dollars annually africans hope this can be improved as ties with delhi deepen. seven years into germany's green energy revolution which entails phasing out nuclear and for most when your ball energy
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thousands of wind turbines are spread across the country but they only have a lifespan of ten years and the spacing of all wind turbines is a big problem not only are they deeply rooted in the ground but getting rid of them is dangerous business and anything but green. these are sections of decommission turbines as a wind park in northern germany. a group of local environmentalists aren't satisfied too much of the base is still in the ground they want the whole thing to be removed. the concrete bases can be crushed and used in road construction. but the rotor blades contain glass and carbon fiber is nice to burning them isn't a viable option. the humvee paul bremer just bombed for think you've just on toxic gases. stiff to dispose of them for dust clogs the filters
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will stop. carbon fibers conduct electricity and they cause short circuits and fires in the filters that's why incinerators either won't accept them or they charge exorbitant prices to dispose of them. of the thirty thousand turbines in germany a very large number are due to be decommissioned over the next few years and replaced by larger units. environmentally friendly disposal methods need to be developed before the weight of demolition gets under way. neo comp is a company that recycles modern composite materials and there are plenty of them the bios blossom carbon fiber reinforced plastic are used not only in grocers but also for example in airplane construction but what can you do with them once they're scrapped. thank you when you take a cake there is no technology in the world that lets you separated back into eggs
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baking powder flour and milk so it's all the same applies to these materials g.r.p. n c r. there constituent parts are so tightly bound together that they can't really be separated and could move the company has developed a procedure to tackle the problem it shreds the material to resulting stuff is light and easy to humble and while it can be burned as a substitute for fossil fuels in the manufacture of cement it can also be mixed with paper production residue and turned into granny less. that granulation can be used as a component of cement as a substitute for some. first so a lot of disused brochures could well turn up in the cement in the foundations of the next generation of wind turbines. that's it you're up to date with the latest
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