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tv   Musica Maestra - Backstage in Paris and Budapest  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2018 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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if that can even be said about a group like this. and either way i'm glad to have gotten out of there. like we were. when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. it's. problems going into regrettable be to take between. which one for you also will be paid. for to what i was started simply i don't want to speak. to you giving a couple to detroit their interview spitefully and it's all sort of. escaped out of things you know war also make me all intelligent you're going to taste it it's
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a steamy he's in your pocket so you know. if you kindle. invest you want. a chain of awful bristle going. but that is what i mean coming from the heart i didn't know. you say but i try to be on your team. my name is along that i lucked out. and a mexican conductor. come with me and my great musicians and friends from all over the world. we're now in paris with the orchestra and us and i leave the fans and we're going to perform with them sounded like really great friends that come from minnesota and
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colombia and i'm really. good to meet some of them actually to see some of the others again and. it's nice to be in paris working with this great orchestra but also be with my fellow latin americans that there's always this sense of brotherhood amongst us and our friendship. oh. i'm a little bit a little bit like soccer. well. i don't. want to watch it in the same games actually our pro teams are focusing on what was. the catalyst in time for the south formalising really seemed to miss part of our
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own look last week on the project since it doesn't sound that way better than me and that's a good chap on a short oh no i don't know personally assured of. one of the medal in general she just simply will just have said i'm going to see him often when we look at any highway and we were doing that but we've got some points of bravery in place with that class. i guess in terms of a battle because i don't actually say that i went to rome and there was a question about the order of things we should control i think of. it so i was on the brink of a question professor simon first and foremost on classic of those talking to some of the classical. guys he's one of the consummate artists and he really he said it kind of sounds a couple left i mean who was sort of telling a lot they were nice enough to mix.
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ok yes the congress takes. us. the source yeah let me see if you are yes a plan to save everyone just the last time i can. tell you i thank you very much i was. right. please. let. me let. let me call the family tree
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like i would i like all sweet thank you for your father was a great thank you try. to see me be comfortable with the fam do you think you do if you are a quick google search where liberal. criticism is like you go to school do. you. let let let. let. let. let. people go to concerts every time and see musicians if they don't think that we may not have a normal life where we actually do and it's really nice to spend time doing regular things like cooking with my friends from stage so join me in coming to the house of
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what i call a close to. see if i can learn to make some when i said i'm not a pos thank you like i have a bunch of five dollars a month ago because sometimes when i'm not thank you. thank you for. being here. thank. you very much i must be going over all right thank you very much. congress.
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looks so. the so the so. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. thank you. thank you thank you thank you. thank you.
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thank you thanks. the so. it's really. good for you to show us the guts. was. first. coming.
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i'm now in budapest and i'm going to conduct a concert the will of us orchestra with the finger and violinist back my last column and i one of the things i love about my profession is that i get to meet new people new musical universes and this week is exactly that i've never met us i've never met this orchestra i've actually never been in the best or in hungary all together so let's see what awaits us so we're here with my new band that i'm asking i mean we just finished higher transfer to the article but that's congenital the best orchestra in the mozart a major concerto and tell us where we are because you are here to explain that you are very famous when you go which is the way you go through reading rule the first occur you recall during a. low
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during q from what is happening now you don't like the. family my parents are more officers in the work my my mother was three years ago she was a hard corps player who lost all my father's chance. so he was a british version and we're all right for my mother's father was one of the most famous she's by the history of the restaurant sending her recordings there also making movies was his name following that. yesterday. and there are a lot of people very this was rather slow going to be a lot. of you just very very old and do good things how you
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do this robot and with it within its axis lathe i never made you cut out the land. use planning. so tell me about your relationship to mozart because we're playing our lives on and on for half of our life expectancy so tell me about your relationship with especially this monster contest on march second your world must have the route it was because. each was like the chamber on earth cluster why almost everybody that you can't touch a more constructive you read a book of his father because his father wrote this thing fighting for your school which was published early seventy's so the particle from our playing and the pressure to know how his son was told to ever really do the job so you can do
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exactly what he put to the. coking luckily the older brother was or warrants a true occupation to the awful good like back to. the culture deals where they're supposed to be on the conduct of their doctor but even from the from a sleazy bizarre ourselves he was leaving the house in time and i did say that a lot of since he has been my me he didn't tell me not to get out of the way to the other part of it because it is so odd it's you or me but if you're listening i'm just cool with you and that's why i said she's older you'll really think. that she doesn't disturb us recall every time i read it i think that's my child maybe from cia but because it's been it's been great to work with you like as well the part that you did to mexico that was three times you've been in thailand if only by the
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ice it was like it was in the world was your favorite place in the world you know it's mostly muslim does it was hard and mexico i was much a good place and i'm so glad to hear from you heard it because i spend most of my entire telling the world how great my country but when someone else tells me this makes my heart. making i didn't have the right. lead one's life is hanging by a thread. a trip to work can be a harrowing experience to lead mining town the tour in the republic of georgia has fallen on hard times let the local residents are having
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a tough time making ends meet. next. downstairs. the fans know how to bring the beasts fucking mental. illness instead of. me and not. and easy. to. see. tunes of species come more saving. on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative
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people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate most green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation. the multimedia environment series on t w. o and a very warm welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin with this question to the full veils worn by some mostly women and european countries stand for oppression and isolation or rather perhaps the symbol of self-expression
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garments like the nick of remain relatively rare here in europe but they've been probably.


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