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truth. or the football online. this is news coming to you live from berlin zimbabweans are voting in the first elections to take place since the removal of former president robert mugabe last year polling stations have opened and a high turnout is expected we'll take you live to the capital harare also coming up . it's so monuments to one of the darkest chapters in spanish history and the final resting place of the man who ruled the country with an iron fist for decades now
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spain's socialist government wants to dig up francisco franco from the grave d.w. reports on the controversy dividing the country. and go running for thomas seals victory in the tour de france becoming the first welshman to win one of cycling's ground tours will bring you the highlights from the pinal state. well i'm terry marsh and welcome to the program people in zimbabwe are betting in landmark elections it's the first time in nearly four decades that the name robert mugabe is absent from the ballot paper the authoritarian former president resigned after pressure from the military last year there are long lines of polling stations as turned out in large enough. as to vote
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a tight race is expected between the two presidential front runners their mugabe's successor president emerson men and god what and from the center p.f. party voting here and opposition leader nelson chamisa a lawyer and pastor after casting his vote he addressed the media a short while ago. and i procured one genuine and not that bus that i think one victory set in for the people that people have spoken to people are speaking and it's clear that the vote is a vote for victory for freedom of work for democracy at work for a new zimbabwe well this is a landmark election comes months after a long time leader robert mugabe was ousted by the army resurfaced on the eve of the election he declared he said he would vote for opposition leader nelson sham isa rather than his former parties but he did encourage zimbabweans to accept the
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election results regardless of which party emerges victorious while many hope that the elections will bring along or to change to zimbabwe which is suffering from high unemployment and an economy in meltdown d.w. correspondents melanie corridor and sent us this report from harare. and tending our granny with. her effigy that is something quite extraordinary campaign events like this one organized by the opposition m.d.c. party used to be extremely dangerous brutal crackdowns by the government was common place that i was with. for the month i was beaten up and had to spend three months in hospital i was bedridden and could only eat power which my back was badly injured and i thought i would never be able to become a father but by god's grace i recovered. because i know.
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now many are hoping for a fresh start with a new president the preacher and lawyer nelson chamisa. i was i. was a what it was a life this is no woman who didn't know what they were going. to the past is never far behind in zimbabwe the country's economy has collapsed way down by high unemployment hype and nation and binion's and foreign that is the legacy of thirty eight years of rule by the party. now is to have the military having our ousted president open. and i am a free man and god why then take over and now at seventy five years old he wants to continue running the country. although he is a former vice president and was part of the very system that brought the country to
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the brink of collapse when god promises a break from the book of iraq and news and bob way just like his opponents he likes to portray himself as an advocate for change. cheering has sure time in office moment god has opened his country up to her own investment and planted sit. great freedom. her. marriage. after. conception change of heart of the governor and its president he acknowledges some positive developments though for the first time in his life he doesn't have to hide his red opposition shot on the way home after
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a rally he can wear it with pride and without fear. let's go live now to d.w. adrian krishna standing by for us in the zimbabwean capital harare this is a historic day for zimbabweans what's the mood in the capital today. well the mood is very good stereo and it is indeed as you say a very special day for the country the first post-election the first post mugabe election and that is of course for many people something special the young generation has never voted for for anybody else they've never seen the fresh faces on the ballot sheets and let's bring in one guy mr joseph who is one of the people who are waiting to vote right now just if you came here long time ago you just showed up to vote. with that even as a whole all rights and is it a special day for the country and why is that so there it is for should be for the mob well. if one is to vote so we're very excited. to vote
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today of course i will not ask you who you're voting for but i want to ask you what is your vision for for zimbabwe for the future what are you hoping for all we just want in life which is stable in the in a country with the economy growing was right now people are suffering do much additional funding so the voice of the people must be through this election so we. hoping for a bright future for this nation as a thank you very much for your time so you can see the cute right now and not so long anymore but before we've been talking to people who got up at three am four am started spewing and you could see massive queues in all the polling station throughout our way that was really impressive and asked if it's from from his use of as an example people are really hoping for things to change here because you have to remember the economy of the country is a disaster zimbabwe's heavily indebted and indeed something has to change the question is with who. you said this is an election with the first time in decades that robert mugabe is not on the ballot paper remind us what an election looked
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like before in the mugabe era. very much different especially when it comes to voting intimidation there were still some reports that this has happened during this election as well but compared to what we have seen in the years before really minor incidents back in the days there was violence intimidation people could not just go out and vote freely i'll give you one example also of the campaigning time we talked to one of the people who attended an opposition really just yet two days ago and he basically told us that back in the days after the israelis of the opposition he had to go home and remove his shirts his red party shirt of the opposition party because he was scared that he will be attacked and there were cases where really security forces soldiers were just beating up people for wearing the t. shirts of the opposition party but he said this change for the first time in the history of the country he can now go home with this opposition t. shirt on without being afraid. to tell us a little bit about the opposition candidate the main opposition candidate standing
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in this election a grin. we're talking about nelson here where does he come from and what is he what does he stand for. me says a relatedly young person forty years old she used to be a pentecostal preacher and he also has a law degree he has been involved into politics. for a long time always on the side of the opposition and he is a very good speaker you really knows how to bring the masses b i said we attended some of israelis it was quite impressive the way he's addressing the crowd in the crowd is following him but of course there's also some criticism the bottom a lot of people are saying he doesn't really go deep into the problems yes he mentions words like change like we want to invest in infrastructure he talks about these huge scale projects he's spending like a bullet strain but these are all big big words and he does not say where he wants to take the money from as i said zimbabwe is heavily in debt that it's been an economic crisis and he doesn't really say where he wants to take the money for his
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visions for adrian thank you so much for now the green krrish there covering the elections in harare. to the u.s. now where emergency services are battling wildfires in northern california that have killed at least eight people and destroyed thousands of acres of land tinder dry conditions and very hot temperatures have caused almost twenty wildfires to ignite police have now confirmed that the fires have killed two young children and their great grandmother in shasta county one of the areas worst affected by the flames. neighborhoods reduced to ash and rubble the smell of char still hanging in the air some families in this northern california community had only fifteen minutes to flee. the wind just took off and i don't remember exactly what they called it it's almost like a tornado with fire in it and it came over the hill and.
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it wiped out our house and wiped out our next door neighbor's home. firefighters and emergency personnel have been working around the clock to alert residents before the wildfires reach them and shots to count and some thirty eight thousand people have been evacuated so far. but with firefighters struggling to contain the fast moving flames the local fire department cautions that it could be a while before people can return home we understand how how that feels a lot of us are evacuated as well we want to get you back in and help this community come back together so you just know and be patient with us that we are clearing areas and making it safe for you to go home as fast as we can. as officials hope for the best weather forecasters warn it could get even worse the dangerous ongoing heat wave promises more hot and dry conditions that could further feed the flames. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today malaysia's government says it cannot determine with any certainty why flight
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m h three seventy mysteriously disappeared its official report says the pilot and first officer were well rested and showed no evidence of anxiety or stress the malaysia airlines plane carrying two hundred thirty nine people disappeared over the indian ocean in two thousand and fourteen some wreckage has been found but not the plane itself. india has effectively stripped citizenship from four million people in the eastern state of some officials say they will be given another chance to produce documents proving their citizenship but if they cannot they could face deportation india claims it wants to root out illegal migrants from neighboring bangladesh but critics say the list is an excuse to target muslim population. the party of cambodian prime minister hun sen says it has won a landslide victory in disputed elections it claims to have won all the seats in
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parliament official results will be out next month but rights groups are calling the election a sham after the main opposition party was bad. prime minister hun sen is the world's longest serving only. to nicaragua now which is seen. months of unrest as protests demonstrate against president daniel ortega hundreds are thought to have died in the bottoms at the weekend thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the capital managua in support of nicaragua's catholic bishops ortega has accused the bishops of helping in a plot to overthrow him in a coup but there was traitors accuse curity forces of targeting the church in violent attack. is in turmoil protesters battle police in the streets leading to injury and death and even places of worship don't offer any sanctuary. three months into the unrest there appears to be no
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end in sight protesters want the president to quit. do you think i mean i'm not afraid i'm dreaming of freedom for you could i go on and take i should go. and you know they're going to. have to go hasn't changed a bit he text the church because the eighty's he systematically persecuted them then and now. last weekend people peacefully protested against all take and for the catholic church. church leaders have been under fire because they have been trying to mediate between the government and opposition groups that's made them the target of attacks suspected government supporters have branded them terrorists in. the church will always stand for dialogue and try to solve problems using words. we are for a reason not to violence. of it all come to this at the end of april president ortega announced he was making cuts to nicaragua with pensions this
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unleashed a wave of protests the worst the country seen since the end of the civil war back in the nine hundred seventy s. ortega has admitted that in response the army has been using live rounds yet another year they cannot get out of. the protesters now point to the president's or thora tarion style. or take it was once considered the hope of the nation his fight against anastasio some more says dictatorship was supported by many leftists back in the one nine hundred seventy s. but critics say the man who once fought poverty and social inequality has since become rich by exploiting the poor. and i'll take his supporters have also been taking to the streets and in his first interview and nine years the president said he would not resign. we have been elected by the people to serve a parliamentary term. so right now we are in the middle of one but in twenty twenty one. the government claims fifty
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people have been killed in the unrest so. human rights organizations however say that figure could be as high as four hundred fifty. spanish dictator francisco franco died four decades ago but his final resting place is still the subject of heated debate in spain his remains are kept in a giant mausoleum north of madrid known as the valley of the fallen but the site doesn't just pay all my age to the fascist leader it also serves as the tune of nearly thirty four thousand people fighters who died in one thousand nine hundred thirty s. on both sides of the spanish civil war now spain's new socialist government wants to exuma general franco's body out of respect for those who died fighting his dictatorship no one knows when this will happen officials are keeping it a secret to avoid protests by franco's supporters or reporter norman traveled to the site to meet spaniards. and against franco's in term and he sent us this report
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. thousands of come to the valley of the fallen to protest the new government's decision day here to honor the dictator's memory they chant long live spain and franco franco. summit carrying the flag of spain under franco and giving fascist salutes other similar restraint they fear the digging up franco might reopen old wounds. the new government is bringing brands to our society instead of solving real problems the problems facing people who are out of work or retired and just stirring up the dust. we're in the twenty first century old. these things should be forgotten. dr said sylvia navarro cannot forget for her a visit to the family of the fall and reawakens painful memories the remains of more
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than thirty thousand people killed in the spanish civil war buried here in mass graves one of them as her great uncle. but i mean we need our. whenever i come here i can't sleep the night before. the growth there as i find it very upsetting they are. navarro's uncle lies in an unmarked grave while franco is buried and a prominent turn inside the monuments church but spain socialist government plans to exude franco's remains that's a positive first step sylvia says. in cakes for now frank or comedy or study in the moving franco is important for our democratic culture. but for me it would also be important to remove our relatives from here. this after all the history and the origin of this monument is anything but democratic luminosity
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democratic. don't touch the valley this is the t. shirt bill i could tell this once franco and the others to remain at what's known as the valley of the fallen and on a valid franco supporter she's all conniving protests against his internment. not the one moment before no one has ever built such an enormous monument that also almost the enemy has for me the dead opponents i don't work for the money where would you ever find more reconciliation than that. if. the social anthropologist francisco for around is served on a commission that explored ways for spain to confront its painful past he backs the plan to move franco's remains. this is one of the most important monuments of totalitarian architecture in europe that's exactly how it should be presented it's essential for spanish society and will strengthen our democracy. it's unacceptable
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that a dictator is on it in a percentage that was financed with public money. the relatives of the victims like sylvia navarro franco's removal can't come soon enough only this can give spain a fresh start she says and she believes spain will only find peace when families can reclaim their loved ones remains. after three tough weeks on the roads of france there right thomas is the new tour de france champion thomas only needed to complete the final stage to ensure victory and secure his maiden tour title because the six team sky rider in seven years to win road cycling to top competition. champagne all round for team sky at the end of a triumphant somewhat affronts just like in the last three years what's changed though is that when he himself the right thomas i'm likely here on the welshman
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secured his first ever told win after completing the rights of paris on sunday it's customary that the race leader is never challenged on the final stage meaning he could enjoy so but competition remaining fifty seven this princes alexander christophe taking the final stage with all the shots and easing. but all eyes were on thomas as he crossed the finish line. joining him on the podium was teammate crisp ruud the defending champion having finished third. but some us victory was a dream come true you are going to slide down because of this race i remember going home from school to watch the end of the sort of trance in the dream is over just to be appalled. so another emphatic win for it seems die thanks to the unlikely as the champions. now extreme sports might seem like a modern innovation for adrenaline junkies but in the bosnian town of must stop
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drug diving has been a test of courage dating back centuries several thousand spectators lined the banks of the river never have to see forty daredevils brave the twenty seven metre jump into the depths below last our native lawrence least though won the competition for the second year running it's his twelfth win over all other divers weren't in it for the win though they just want to test their courage and cool off. courage wall street worries from friday are spreading across global markets today that's right there in that after the u.s. published rather stellar growth figures but fears the u.s. economy may be peaking stock exchanges in tokyo shanghai and solar broadly posting be clients with european markets following suit analysts are skeptical that the record four point one percent g.d.p. growth in the u.s. is sustainable consumer spending and a surge in soybean exports were behind us imports of the growth companies in china
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and in the e.u. us stockpile their adventure is a made trade war fears. the tit for tat war of tariffs between the u.s. and china is now going to hit sales of b.m.w. the german car maker has been forced to raise prices on its s.u.v.s sold in china because b.m.w. assembles these as you use it in the u.s. factory in spartanburg prices on those vehicles will go up seven percent that's due to the terrorists that china is imposing on u.s. products since the beginning of july if w. manufactured more than one hundred thousand vehicles in its u.s. factory last year which were exported to china. now let's bring in our financial correspondent paul brit's from the front woodstock it's strange ball is b.m.w. the only car made goods being drawn into this u.s. china trade conflict. no garrett it is not it's especially german
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luxury brands that are suffering and dying miller has already lowered its growth expectations in june due to the conflict because it also produces its largest your knees in the u.s. and sells parts of them to china and those s.u.v.s are very popular in china b.m.w. who produce nearly all of the models there has already started to shift production of the smaller models to china in order to circumvent tariffs but now is the first to actually pass part of that forty percent tariff bill on to customers. four to seven percent one thing is certain one hundred thousand sold vehicles by b.m.w. from the u.s. to china twenty seven thousand that's not going to happen this year not only due to lower production there but also because the price is probably going to turn out some of the chinese customers. the news from v.w. former c.e.o. was even to call is in the crosshairs of investigators what's happening briefly if
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you can. yes these again making negative headlines this time it looks like investigators are looking into his private misdoings it seems he's moved millions of euros into swiss bank accounts part of which is supposed to be a gift for his wife and if that's true and he didn't pay the appropriate taxes for that meanwhile german car supplier bosch is trying to keep a lid on documents that might shed some light on what winterkorn has known and when he did know it in the diesel scandal over its inference that thank you. one of germany's warmest summers in decades. is forcing venice to harvest their grapes earlier than ever before begin picking on the six of august previous record years were two thousand and seven two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fourteen back then picking begin two days later than this year is scheduled to adjourn while
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institute says this is the earliest harvest ever measurements taken in the region over a series of decades show that temperatures have risen ever every year since ninety eight. and wine growers are not the only ones affected by the unusually hot weather german fama say the lack of rainfall in the northern and eastern part of the country is threatening their livelihoods now they want government help to the tune of up to one billion euros to make up for lost crops. an unseasonably warm and dry spring has sped up and thinned out the grain harvest last year's yield was already down from the five year average this year's is expected to be even lower farmers have been pushing for direct payments for weeks. you know and wendy i also see the urgency for example with the government here in brandenburg first issues to consider calling for an emergency declaration so the farmers can receive direct assistance. in going and route feed says the one billion euros would help
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operations with more than thirty percent losses from last year he suggested some farmers could even see fifty to seventy percent losses a threat to their very existence on tuesday will appeal to german agricultural minister yulia kirchner seen here the g twenty sure report to the german cabinet the following day look there has already said she's concerned about farmers in the north and east. but not everyone believes financial help is the answer the agriculture policy representative for the opposition social democrats argues that aiding farmers would set a bad precedent for other businesses. that's all your business here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you the moment voters up go to the polls and elections in zimbabwe these are the first elections to be held since former leader robert mugabe was deposed by the army last november. and that's out today you also get all the news from berlin more news coming up at the top of the
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off thank you very much for watching see that. smart solutions for knowledge. deny those nasty horses in danger. they're only found at the mounds of three rivers in south africa. from attack is under threat from pollution. aims to permanently protect the rare species.
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