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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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team want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent. platform for charging. for the first time says independence the people of zimbabwe have a choice at the ballot box that does not bear the name robert mugabe instead voters are deciding between a pastor and a crocodile tonight elected zimbabwe's future how much to remember how much should voters forget i'm often berlin this is the day. let me add to that. both to close the school i'm pretty close specific to
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what you do is you simple minded that it does not lead to. lose it but by me. like a vote for the think you're. going to look cool enough to get him to give up i think that provided that you take some things with the people that look like it if you. go. to people have spoken to people i speak to and it's clear that the bush is going to feel because you don't. want to see what's right you can probably. also coming up tonight in spain a national debate a national divide what to do with the remains and the legacy of a dictator. the protest in the valley of the fallen has drawn thousands who are here to honor that dictate his memory they chant long live spain and frank frank.
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look at the market it's unacceptable that it is on it in a percentage that was financed with public money. we begin the day with the good news first for the people of zimbabwe today zimbabweans went to the polls observers say this could be the first fair in free elections it's the country gained independence almost forty years ago and that has much to do with what or whom is not on the bell for the first time robert mugabe is not a candidate and his al sitting last year unleashed an air of optimism in the country election observers have returned after being banned for sixteen years people are now talking openly about politics and in the last election some supporters of the opposition well they were physically attacked for not keeping their mouths shut or now the bad news one election cannot erase the scars left by four decades of authoritarian rule and half of the eligible voters are under thirty five and they
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have never known a democratic zimbabwe without robert mugabe tonight it is unclear what they would choose a future very different from the past or a cautious step forward while holding on to much of what they know our coverage begins tonight in her. here's in the map with capper to our hour long very long for the first time since robert mugabe was chased out of office by the military last year people are allowed to go to the polling stations and the turnout is huge. and very very exciting this is nefesh time flood scene i hope you're going to bring a change to our country it's a special day because it's all fist time is a new generation to choose who aren't ever since we were born news near it's praised our choices everyone is able to put these flawed
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freely not being intimidated intimidated by is just free so look everything's going to be just fake so after waiting the people are finally allowed to come in here to cast their votes but before that they have to come over here to pick their ballot paper where they find a total of twenty three candidates. neck and neck race is expected on the one side of this emerson i got world of the ruling zanu p.f. although he has been out of the ruling elites minister and vice president under mugabe he's portraying himself as a reformer in his short time in office to try to open up the country to investors and also allow its about winds to express their opinion freer than on the mugabe of his key opponent over there nelson chamisa however does not believe in the sudden change of heart of the ruling party that has been suppressing as a position party m.d.c. for years it could be the first relatively free and fair elections in the history of them bought with the opposition where allowed to campaign even outside the
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capital harare without fear and for the first time since two thousand and two also an election observer mission of the european union was invited the chief of the observation mission germany e.u. parliamentarian broke just arrived at the polling station and the people are not so afraid anymore there is no violence physical violence but perhaps some intimidation . and uncluttered t. procedure to come to the elections concerning the vote the cheats and the b have to take that also is reason for optimism but also a reason for concern for the future of zimbabwe the questions how will the opposition react if the president will win these elections will they accept the results on the other hand how will the powerful military react who has been interfering in politics in the past will they allow a peaceful transition of power. i want to go now to our correspondent melanie crystal ball she is in harare the capital of zimbabwe good evening to you melanie
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the ballot counting we understand is underway right now how did the election itself go were voters able to cast ballots freely and in peace brand it's been truly amazing to see how significant this day has been here in zimbabwe there was six million voters and people were out queuing to put in their vote to put the cross next to that candidate from the very early hour able to to put in their vote and that they're really excited that this time it will be the first time in zimbabwean history that that vote well actually count this is the first election in sixteen years in which international election observers have been awhile and into the country we know that there were some observers from the european union there in zimbabwe have we heard what their assessment of the voting is. we've been talking to observers from the
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e.u. commission here throughout the day and they've been telling us in the morning the chief of the observing mission and he's been telling us in the morning that he does think people will be able to cause the vote that everything that he has been seeing in the us has been very peaceful later today he was saying though that throughout zimbabwe there was some areas where it was truly distressing to see how it does organize the voting was that some people were waiting in line for hours and hours and some people even left and they weren't able to put in their vote so that of course has been a bit upsetting for some zimbabweans we of course have to wait until later this week until there is the official statement alison and then we'll be able to see as well how critical the observers will be how chris how high they will set the bar in order for this to be a truly free and fair elections we've been seeing of the elections for example in kenya that didn't really put the highest that maybe will be different this time and
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we know this election so much about the future of zimbabwe we can't escape zimbabwe's past in the past four decades with the robert mugabe we saw today cheering him when he turned up to do some zimbabweans do they missed them. maybe i think some zimbabweans do miss him he does still have a political sway with a lot of them and he's been trying to really use that for him it's been upsetting that his name is not on the ballot paper he was in the polling station for ten minutes some people were thinking that he's maybe still looking for his name on it he just couldn't believe that it's not fair anymore and he brought a lot of support us with him to the polling stations we don't know if he asked them to come or if they were there from the very beginning and they were tearing his name they were also cheering chummy says name and of course as you know yesterday said that the only option for him would be to vote for tunis and not for this and
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p.f. so we'll see if that maybe we'll have a big effect on the maybe a lot of people who would have voted for this and otherwise well now listen to mcgovern put in the vote for to me so you have the two point you could be an interesting side effect of this entire process and it's the opposite you know that she's a word to win what would change in the country you're meeting stiffle to say what we can say is that he has promised to change a lot he's been using big words and big statements saying that of course he will fix the country's economy which is in a disastrous state at the moment that will be a difficult task to fix he's also been saying that he's going to take care of the infrastructure that he's going to introduce fast speed but the train is not clearly outlining what he's going to take the money for from that so we don't know if he can actually attain the change that he is promising but if he were to win or we can
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say is it would be a big change for the country because it would show that there is an alternative to the senate here which has been running the country for almost four decades are there corresponding melanie grew the ball on the story for us tonight and there's a bubble in capital harare melanie thanks very much. and our coverage continues tonight from harare i'm joined by doug colton he is a human rights lawyer douglas good to have you on the show we've been following you today on twitter you tweeted today reminding voters of their rights urging them to stand their ground to wait for polling station results to be publicly posted and if you could help our viewers understand the process there in zimbabwe are you afraid that the counting results could be changed or faults in five by the polling station officers so it's important to understand this interest or context really has by way has had its disputed and arguably rec'd elections for for
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decades. and so this is an opportunity for citizens to verify the result at the earliest possible moment is when the result at the polling station level is is posted outside the polling station if if citizens can obtain a photo of those ones which will to be a live in form from all the living thousand polling stations then it very least we can know that we can verify with that that may result has been manipulated as it moves up the coalition chain from would be able to constituency level and ultimately the national level and how concerned are you though that the type of this corruption could take place is the possibility the potential high. absolutely in that. zone appear to have absolutely everything to lose this election and have rigged elections for decades and so while certainly we have
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seen an opening up of space we have seen a number of things which are which of very considered so firstly a group of data analysts have analyzed his role and found up to potentially nine hundred thousand. on the photo is wrong. and in a country of of an electorate of only about five million six huge potential swing. that's the first the second is that there were reports that. a plane an airplane arrived. in the middle of the night about two days ago and and there's the suspicion is that there were a lot ballots on that on that plane as it didn't follow customs procedures so they are these major concerns it is it remains unclear to a lot of people where exactly that rigging might take place but we want to
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eliminate all of possibilities one of the ways that painting those returns from the polling stations results and doug let me ask you if mr gardner if he were and sunup if they win the united states according to the u.s. state department seems unlikely lived in even sanctions that happens on zimbabwe. that really is a disaster scenario for the country right it would leave the country in almost suspended animation. certainly it it would i think you know i have advocated for for some time that. sanctions. need to be lifted against. the sanctions although they are targeted sanctions against particular individuals rather than against the nation itself. they do have a detrimental effect on on the recovery of zimbabwe and so it's really essential i
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think what's what the u.s. and the e.u. have said is that they that they want to create theory. i think the reality in a in a sense is that we already don't have a free and fair election and that everything that that has happened in the pre-literate environment terms of the state media which has been totally biased towards toward sunapee it in terms of the way that sick has conducted the electoral commission has conducted themselves in an untransparent man and refusing to release important information people having to go to court. simply to get the most basic things like a voter's roll from from sick. and so to that degree the election is already not in compliance with the law or the question really is with is with the opposition is able to overcome those those hurdles open on an even
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playing field in order to win the election on the list human rights lawyer joining us tonight from harare thank you very much we appreciate your insights tonight. thanks very much. but tonight at the white house the u.s. president meeting with a leader from europe and this one appears to be exactly what donald trump has been waiting for italy's prime minister. now unlike the french president or the german chancellor who have already stopped by the white house mr conti well he has some important things in common with the u.s. president both men came to power in a surge of populism on both sides of the atlantic and both leaders are on the same page when it comes to migration they say that their policies and laws are broken and they have promised voters a fix wants to build a wall onto his government is threatening to shut ports and borders here's part of what the u.s. president said today early. he would become friendly over the g.
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seven meeting some phone calls and i agree very much what you're doing with respect to migration and illegal immigration and even illegal immigration at least taking a very firm stance on the border. a stance a few countries have taken and frankly you're doing the right thing in my opinion. and a lot of other countries in europe should be doing it also. some to take in that stance a long time ago and they're doing a lot better so i just want to thank you just happy for being with us tonight. as the u.s. president their new best friend let's go to washington our correspondent carsten phenomenas on the story for us tonight good evening to you carson so made it clear that mr conte is his go to european leader but you know with the german chancellor when the french president they visited the white house earlier this year they both they receive these warm welcomes and the these declarations of best friends forever is there any substance to saying that conte is most useful friend in europe.
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well known trump is known for saying one thing today and saying the complete opposite tomorrow but i think we have to point out that indeed the political positions of mr conte and his coalition government are much closer to donald trump . the positions of say. or mccraw donald trump and many of his people including some of the new best that have been sent to europe have repeatedly criticized what they see as too liberal migration policies in europe and the globalist multilateral instincts of the european establishment and instead they have expressed support for the new right wing movements in europe and the leaders of places like hungary poland the czech republic austria and now
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it's a leader of course as the fourth biggest country in the e.u. italy is so far the biggest prize if you like for trump if you want to drive a wedge between e.u. countries when it comes to issues such as. immigration trade or how to deal with russia. in person we know that the u.s. president to switch gears for a second he has never stopped his verbal attacks on the mainstream media and he recently met with the publisher of the new york times in that meeting we understand was supposed to be off the record but it didn't stay that way the u.s. president tweeting had a very good and interesting meeting at the white house with a g. salzberg at the publisher of the new york times and spent much time talking about the vast amounts of fake news being put out by the media to help fake news has morphed into the phrase enemy of the people sam well that prompted a response from mr berger he wanted to and i'm going to highlight a part of his statement he wrote i repeatedly stressed that this is particularly
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true abroad with the president's rhetoric and the enemy of the people. it's being used by some regimes to justify sweeping crackdowns on journalists i warned that it was putting winds at risk that it's under money democratic ideals of our nation and that it's eroding one of our country's greatest exports a commitment to free speech and free press of course you know what is your take warning what you experienced as a foreign journalist reporting on the us and has that rhetoric from the white house has it made your job more dangerous. no i wouldn't go that far i mean there have been incidents when some of our colleagues have been booed at trump rallies for instance as part of the media group covering such events also people you know call you fake news even though they don't really know what kind of media you're working for but we have never been physically threatened of course you
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never know that person with a gun could of course do terrible things but again there hasn't been a string of attacks on journalists or media offices so far at least i think the bigger problem the bigger threat is really what this does to media freedom to democracy worldwide and to america's standing as a supporter of freedom in the world because any dictator autocrats can say when he's moving against his own media zone journalists critical journalists can always say well you know i have the same problem as the u.s. president i have those fake news my journalists also enemies of the people so i have to do something about this and this is really on donald trump because what he does is he does what he thinks suits him and his personal interests and he doesn't care about what this does for media freedom or democracy here or elsewhere. all
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right a correspondent in washington kirsten phenomenalist with words tonight kirsten thank you. well from creating a political future to remembering a political past it has been four decades since these fans dictator francisco franco died now his remains are kept in a giant muzzle liam north of madrid which is known as the valley of the fallen but the former fascist leader is not the only one buried there it also serves as the tomb of nearly thirty four thousand people fighters who died in the one nine hundred thirty s. on both sides of the spanish civil war when el spain's new socialist government wants to exude general funk was body out of respect to those who died fighting against his dictatorship or reporter norman street will travel to the site near madrid to meet spaniards who are in favor and who are against franco's internment
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he said is this report. thousands of come to the valley of the fallen to protest the new government's decision day here to honor the dictator's memory they chant long live spain and franco franco was somewhere carrying the flag of spain under franco and giving fascist salutes other similar restraint they fear the digging up franco might reopen old wounds if not i want to know what is the new government is bringing on brands to our society instead of solving real problems the problems facing people who are out of work or retired but just stirring up the dust or whatever that. you. were in the twenty first century and all of these things should be forgotten. dr sylvia navarro cannot forget for her a visit to the family of the fallen reawakens painful memories the remains of more
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than thirty thousand people killed in the spanish civil war buried here in mass graves one of them as their great uncle. but i mean we need our. whenever i come here i can't sleep the night before. there are i find it very upsetting. navarro's uncle lies in an unmarked grave while franco is buried and a prominent term inside the monuments church but spain socialist government plans to exude franco's remains that's a positive first step sylvia says. for not only your study in the moving franco is important for our democratic culture. but for me it would also be important to remove our relatives from here. this after all the history and the origin of this monument is anything but democratic. then look at
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the. don't touch the valley says the t. shirt. a good head is once franco and the others throw. maine at what's known as the valley of the fallen out of out franco supporter she's all the noise in protests against his ex imation. now the one moment before no one has ever built such an enormous monument they're also almost the enemy for many of the dead opponents i don't have the money where would you ever find more reconciliation than that. if. the social anthropologist francisco for around is served on a commission that explored ways for spain to confront its painful past he backs the plan to move franco's remains but i mean this is one of the most important monuments of totalitarian architecture in europe that's exactly how it should be presented it's essential for spanish society and will strengthen our democracy to go to the market it's unacceptable that a dictator is on it in a purcell
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a car that was financed with public money. and the relatives of the victims like sylvia navarro franco's removal can't come soon enough only this can give spain a fresh start she says and she believes spain will only find peace when families can reclaim their loved ones remains. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either as news or you can write directly to me at t.v. and don't forget to use our hash tag the day every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the knickerbocker. of the. from the from.
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this is d w news live from berlin tonight in what was once called africa's breadbasket voters in zimbabwe have gone to the polls hoping to sow the seeds of real democracy this was the first election since independence without robert mugabe on the ballot zimbabweans waited in long lines beginning at dawn to cast their votes and will go to the capital harare for the latest on this landmark.


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