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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2018 5:45pm-5:57pm CEST

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would it. take to be taken seriously in the world of what appears was coming out women's talk about. the female superhero much more towards smaller states in the gym or increasingly dangerous times a double for my. shifts in living in the digital world coming up. learning what you choose relaxing on instagram. and life projections on dancers. the first innovative technology. up a video that is causing a stir in t.v. and social media it's a russian language show produced on the platform created for three d. games. an alternative take on geopolitics donald
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trump and kim jong un. three of various global leaders starring in the enemy did satires up a bit nic. what also sets the three d. show apart is that it's created in the unity game development environment. the animated characters are played by real life actors filmed with motion capture. because the show was. not going to. let you. owe. the program is produced for g w in the capital it's been broadcast since november twenty seventeen with a new episode appearing every week and all. production technique makes it all
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possible. cause our. think here. to be able to develop things as fast as we can and there is a. really nice quality way. the time pressure is intense each episode script is developed over the course of the week then it's straight into the recording studio . not everyone wants to be filmed during their work for the satirical show some of the voice artists have russian clients too and they fear a backlash for being critical of the kremlin. but this group has both speaking and singing parts. meanwhile five three d. artists compose new backdrops and props for the latest videos this time they need to add a bomb it might also be overwriting of hats. objects are added or changed by drag and drop with the unity game development engine which has previously been used to
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program head games like super mario run angry birds and monument valley. it was the lead in creative producer who came up with the idea of using the game platform as a three d. studio he prefers to remain anonymous. where you create twelve minutes of free and every week. without unity it would be impossible even for a big studio. the developers of zappa vagueness also draw inspiration from well known music videos and movies here vladimir putin wraps along the coast in similar style to. and the terminator seems to have had a russian grandmother. in. motion capture is used to film the movements this special suit has forty two markers to capture all the actors movements and gestures. two dozen cameras are used to create a full picture. that makes it possible to reposition the resulting figures later.
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it's not unusual challenge for the actors. it's usually different from being on stage in the theater you put on the suit and i become one with the role for example the trumpets putting on a really rough voice. hey you. think myself larger but my body more massive so basically this is the pure arts of acting . for. a dedicated expert oversees the facial gestures he uses his fingers to position the mouth and set the right expression at the end all the individual parts are put together in one scene i ran there about twenty five different cameras from different angles and. there are cuts in the best way to action and to show details to show.
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the speedy rendering process is a huge advantage success in both t.v. and social media suggests a promising future for the satire with millions of facebook and you tube views. the show is broadcast on a range of channels around the world. shifts she feels the future. of the networkers digital innovators committed to special projects today an i.t. consultant. marcus wants to make the world a little better of the digital technology. his pet project is an program to identify money attrition was first utilized in india. if you go to a slum in mumbai you might see a six person family sleeping eating and living in
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a tiny space with no sanitation and just three toilets for eight thousand people. that's when you know something has to be done an estimated eight hundred fifteen million people around the world don't have enough to eat malnutrition can rapidly become life threatening for children in particular but diagnosis normally requires lengthy on the ground monitoring by medical staff. know makes a diagnosis possible with no specialist knowledge required if you attracted interest worldwide including at the republican digital convention. it's an amazing and very rewarding experience actually. we need to bring. sustainable development together to. develop solutions his contribution to the child's growth monitor up. and down remotes learning over crowded classrooms and lecture halls are
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a common problem. in cologne students are learning from home via video the concept is called flipped classroom. in these new video of the no one's. lectures on you tube martin barney is a professor at colognes technical university his area of expertise materials technology and synthetics he likes to use the summer break to carry on teaching in some kind of just listening or sharing knowledge is something we can do elsewhere. so the time we actually have together here at the university can be used for interaction. the concept means that students can decide for themselves when and at what pace they learn from the farm the first it's useful to be able to pause the video exactly at the moment you don't understand something fully so you can. give it some thought it's. the videos or at most fifteen minutes long research shows the
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brain can't process new information for longer than that best of all your students have been passing their exams since the lectures were put on line. oh. yeah a growing number of teachers are trying out the new format twelve year old sophia is watching a math video at home and bavaria she doesn't have much time to learn the new material. yes yes. yes. it's great because you can always really watch the video if you don't understand something. then immaterial from the video is then discussed in the classroom with practice helping the students to internalize the information. in the students can watch the video when and where they want as often as they want so that also means i can start at a more advanced point in the lesson because the students are prepared. to go i.
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produces the videos from home with a lot of practice he's able to make a two minute video in a half hour he says the film's lessons have improved the students' math skills. and . more school teachers are now using these instructional videos especially for math and physics. knowledge at your fingertips online also helps to level the playing field among students. some students work or have families or doing night school. now they can take all the time. they need. they can fit this in with their domestic lives. concept. shift says a well schooled idea. now is shorts and sweets to
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ship snapshots. looking for a little relaxation amid the daily grind through the animations by andreas vanish that might provide relief. everything here runs smoothly. and everyone scores. form spoke perfectly from one end to the next if only it would always like this for users a satisfying experience the animations created with cinema for the software are eagerly realistic. for swedish motion designer has more than three hundred thousand followers on instagram . but now it's time to relax. stop with the snapshots. now as always at the end of shift exits our internet find of the week. today existence.
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what could first the dancers of the projection. feel the breathtaking performance was created by japanese filmmaker. and involves a complicated interaction between algorithms and the dancers movements then the visual effects are projected live onto his body on the wall. feel. slightly the biggest hurdle is the render time just time for the laser minimal interest in the film. whoever has been off the scale with almost one hundred thousand views and video. and next week. forty percent of men could imagine having sex with robots according to a new study how might sex robots change your perspective in physical love could
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they even be used as a form of therapy computer of next week on shift. smitty everyone is going to have to suffer through just two of hundreds of thousands of children living in an overcrowded of a few gee camps and moving on thanks to a football project they can get a few hours of respite at beirut darkness the great. thing about. beirut for kids getting refuge in football. in thirty minutes on t.w. .


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