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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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trump is trying to do with iran last week he threatened annihilation this week he's open to negotiations tonight iran telling trump we're not your north korea go off in berlin this is the day. if week good to work something out that's meaningful not the waste of paper that the other deal was i would certainly be willing to make she take his decision the reality is this man is a liar in which cannot trust his word but i ended the arendelle it was a ridiculous deal that i don't believe trump saying he wants to negotiate with iran without any preconditions so i believe in meeting i would certainly meet with the ran if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now that yes that impulse that maybe now trump wants to give the iranian people a chance and god willing this will help us get past our disastrous situation so
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easily get off. the stick. also coming up beginning tomorrow in denmark it will be illegal to wear a full face veil banning the burka freedom of speech or freedom from oppression for women. the ban on face coverings is one of several lawless the government says it has introduced to integrate immigrants feel very disappointed and i feel like i thought we lived in a free society where people can believe what they want and they can wear whatever they want as long as they don't hurt other people. or we begin the day in tehran but you will be forgiven if you think it's pyongyang iran has sent a message to u.s. president donald trump after he suddenly signaled that he would be willing to talk with no preconditions that message we are not north korea earlier this year trump met with the leader of north korea ending decades of u.s.
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foreign policy trump has held the summit as a success but the goal of denuclearizing north korea appears no closer to reality trump threatened to north korea repeatedly and taunted its leader before talks about a summit began is that a strategy that the u.s. president is now trying to use on iran or tonight the head of iran's revolutionary guard leaving no room for interpretation saying iran's president will never meet with truong even by president chump's standards the statement made just a news conference with the italian prime minister was surprising their quality it's the first time a u.s. president has offered to meet with an iranian leader since the islamic revolution nearly forty years ago. and i would certainly meet with iran if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now but i ended the arendelle it was a ridiculously i do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm
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ready to meet any time they want to and i don't do that from strength or from weakness i think it's an appropriate thing to do. this statement was all the more unexpected given the flare up of tension between tehran and washington over the last week on sunday the iranian president warned the u.s. to stop provoking his country. mr trump don't play with the lion's tail this will only lead to regret for ever regret it. true to form from responded on twitter this time with an all caps to rate warning rouhani he would suffer the consequences the likes of which few throughout history it ever suffered before if you threaten the us again ending the tweet with the words be cautious. the two sides began to escalate their rhetoric in may after trump withdrew from the landmark a cold and limiting to iran's nuclear program and in an initial response to trump's
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new offer iran has stressed that there can be no dialogue unless the u.s. returns to this nuclear deal and suspends new sanctions. u.s. secretary of state might point peo also say that while he's on board with trump's initiative he thinks iran should change its behavior before any such talks take place. but as president trump said in monday's news conference his meeting with north korea's dictator also compounded expectations but in his words produce positive results so maybe the international community could be in for another surprise when it comes to iran. to washington. tonight good evening to you karsten. immediately rejected offer to talk was that the final word. or we don't know you never know with. trump there are also some signs from some
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members of the regime in tehran same way we should maybe think about that i don't believe this was a deliberate diplomatic over cuba by donald trump it seemed to be an off the cuff remark in which he reacted to the question from reports of but you'll never know him and if the iranians change their mind and if they send him a big letter with some friendly words then he might just seize the opportunity and have a summit with president rouhani of iran and if only because no other u.s. president has done that since the ayatollahs took over in tehran donald trump simply likes to be unpredictable he likes to be an unconventional president so we'll see what comes out of this the russia investigation carson is making headlines this week there's been a lot of talk about what the president's a warrior giuliani said yesterday he basically said that he's not sure now that
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collusion is a crime and earlier today the u.s. president tweeted collusion is not a crime but it doesn't matter because there was no collusion except by crooked hillary and the democrats now the crime that could be revealed would be working with a foreign power to influence the u.s. election so why the focus now on collusion not being a crime what do you think is going on here. it looks like the campus trying to shift the goalposts a little bit again in the beginning after the election they said well there were no contacts with the russians from the trump camp and from the campaign then it came out that there were a number of contacts with the russians from a number of members of the trump team including his son donald trump jr and they
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said well yeah but there was no collusion maybe they feel. the special counsel will come to the conclusion that there was some kind of at least attempted collusion there were seem to be some more or less incompetent attempts to collude with the russians for instance that infamous trump tower meeting where the trump campaign was explicitly all for its information on hillary clinton coming from the russian government and they were interested in that so them i think that robot comes to the conclusion that this amounts to collusion and therefore they want to muddy the water before hence the point is as you said collusion is just a word that was mentioned in the mandates given to rob what is behind it is the idea of a possible conspiracy between the campaign or some members of the complain and the russians to illegally influence the u.s.
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elections and that of course would be a crime and the same goes for obstruction of justice if well when it comes to the conclusion that the president tried to hide things he didn't like he didn't want to be seen in public and misused his authority for that. day the first trial to result from the robert muller rush investigation began the trial of former manager paul manna for the new york times today's is that the u.s. president should be judged by the company he keeps now that has not seemed to be the case. could it be changing what your opinion. i don't know but i don't believe it and i must admit that as a european observer of american politics i don't really understand what is going on in the united states right now and i have been following us politics since i studied here in the nineteen nineties it seems like the political dispute this
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chorus in this country if it takes place at all has left us all connection to reality and facts it's all about which strive to you belong to iow fought for or against him and that is of course boring that's a danger to democracy if the citizens can no longer agree on what the facts want to stand and what you should do and what you couldn't do what kind of behavior is morally acceptable and what is not but that is the state of the united states right now. the war over who owns the truth a corresponding kirsten phenomenon the story for us tonight in washington carson thank you. northern iraq was liberated nearly three years ago from so-called islamic state when it swept through the region ideas targeted minorities like the young c.d.'s who don't follow the islamic faith militants killed the kid now did in slave thousands of yazeed and
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even now the group is still recovering from what the united nations describes as genocide or returning and starting afresh is a mammoth task very few people are trying to start a new life in the region and its capital sin jar or shingo all as it's known in kurdish. begin to show traveled there and she brings us this exclusive report. ice in ruins devastated by invasion and the fight for liberation most people fled when so-called islamic state took the city and killed an enslaved thousands now that the islamists have been expelled only a few residents have returned in many parts shingle feels like a ghost town to end of years after liberation from i as only three thousand families have returned to a city which once had more than eighty thousand inhabitants. there's still no
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sign of reconstruction there are no hospitals schools a functional administration he has hedy's living inching gun kill abandoned by the political it's. the head of we've got no electricity and the water is bad. there are bombs and mines all over the place. they have to clear them. they've now before the us you just can't live here there's no work so people aren't coming back . because the situation doesn't improve soon than we who have returned will leave again very soon got enough. stephanie yes wants to stay no matter what the twenty four year old studied to be a teacher but there are no schools so he opened up a glass workshop with a friend the problem is that nothing is being rebuilt which means even his business is struggling. with that people won't come back as long as there
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are so many different political groups here working only for themselves there are thousand different groups and they're all only looking after their own interests. he means the different militias that are still active in the city they run their own checkpoints and have their own agenda all parties want influence here in the singe amounts being close to the syrian border the region is strategically important to kurds to the central government and backed up to turkey and iran. she goes mayor fatemi damaso is the city's people are suffering from this clash of interests he is the yazidi put in office by the central government then left to fend for himself. and is the senate that is. treated like fourth or fifth class citizens let me give you an example i had to live in the mountains for three
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years and five months there were six thousand families in the mountains if we weren't yazidi they would have taken care of us like they did other people. know how about the. residents come to him every day asking for money for reconstruction but he can't help them the government says it wants to press on with rebuilding shingle but almost pessimistic after the latest protests he says he expects any available money to be spent elsewhere. well i'm joined tonight by our fortunes he is deputy executive director of johns to global organization that is a multinational in geo which supports victims of yazidi genocide mr borders it's good to have you on the show tonight joining us tonight from the city of s. and here in germany we just heard. what the conditions our reporter encountered in
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gaol has the international community has it forgotten what happened to the. thank you so much. did your report. there's going to be expanding it do you want to get it. going to get sacked six hundred forty or so. cheaper to try and get brought in. extra activity or the economy seeing the local communities either actually other. countries. or communities of our community are still counts
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in it is a bit in it and they're. caught up when we now need sacrilege and humanity yes our people. were and they are. there are thousands of defectors doubters or survivors if over sixty nine been discovered just this process are not started so this attrition will enable our misery and i think. you know. mr moore if we know that thousands of young women are thought to be held captive by so-called islamic state what can you tell us about their fate tonight to do we think that they'll ever be able to be released and come home. yeah i mean
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they're. probably didn't until now that they're dead i don't know c.d.'s actions by the international community or by our local or since our government reduced our story least those were listed as people i'm still hoping you'll do this no know what happens to do the door to door people it's not. this one specific of the hot face six psychological and physical abuse. that isis on and answer that you found like sort of like not just me and he does. what happened to them so those who are in. this is captive and ten now that. being said shifted to this time until now for forty years we are their fate if i don't like that the future of years east and now we don't know when
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they will be released if and when we did i mean nobody's killed. or nobody care for i write those. richard but that is no c.d.'s actually it will have do you think mr borders that it is possible for yazidi to end their muslim neighbors in northern iraq to one day live in peace and maybe put the past behind them is in the type of reconciliation do you think that will ever be possible. i don't think any reclusive issues will be pushed out i just prefer just this process as you know that just this process has not begun since forced the four years stated mission. we have thousands of survivors sponsors of it since the victims. of mass graves. just
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of keynotes been in pieces iraq could decide on their countries but until now that is the only constant to take them to the court to give us it is just as so just this we don't believe that there would be any type of reclusive nation. i should be clear that this is also one of the beauties and that is it is a fish to retreat back to do it yes because many of those who will. commit crimes against us these how to turn it back without fear yes i don't. need to shut it down. just create that if you'd be better if i did so justice is so important just this process is sort of our time before speaking about any liquids issue for us it's ok mr ahmed according to more just joining us tonight
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he is executive director of an executive director with youngster global organization mr vargas we appreciate you sharing your insights and your experiences with what has happened in northern iraq thank you very much thank you so much. well beginning tomorrow it will no longer be legal to wear a face veil in public in denmark the new law known as the burka begum is expected to draw protests by danish muslims and some have valves to defy the ban saying that they are being discriminated against but danish lawmakers say the ban is all about protecting women and equal rights on demand it's not just handing out flyers sarah wants to fight for her faith twelve years ago she made the decision to bail her face but from now on she'll be breaking the law. i feel
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very disappointed i feel like i thought we lived in a free society where people can believe what they want and they can wear whatever they want as long as they don't hurt other people born in denmark and raised by turkish parents sarah and her fellow activists are come paining while they still can trying to win support for a demonstration and they're getting that support i think it's a violation of human rights just one other time when men are deciding what women are supposed to be wearing i think you kind of pushing them or away from society it's important that. you accept that there there's like a cultural difference in parliament sarah has an appointment with one of the initiators of that then mats for leader of the governing liberal party is convinced that the cop has to be prohibited even though fewer than two hundred women are affected they find no middle ground. you're very ignorant about i'm sure we are
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all over the walls of this is why i'm saying we love why we need to put the value i'm saying we live in denmark it's very sad in denmark we have the freedom of religion. the discussion escalates into an argument formats the kneecaps stance for the oppression of women that's why he thinks it should be banned. the cop and chop all the comments of that thought all instruments. to an end and that end is so for control of women and the not if occasion of the female kinda and we want to fight that the ban on face coverings is one of several lawless the government says it has introduced to integrate immigrants some critics say it will only divide society further and in the end to veils are rarely seen in the streets of denmark. sarah describes the new cup as
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a sign of religious humility but if she remains faithful to her beliefs she faces a difficult future in denmark her idea of religious freedom could end in isolation within her own four walls. well i am not exaggerating when i say it is hot across europe health authorities have declared states of emergency from germany to italy to france a brutal heat wave is taking place thirty nine degrees celsius one hundred two degrees fahrenheit right here in berlin today making it the hottest day of the year so far and no relief is expected for at least the next ten days are here in germany the rhine and the elbe river they've soaked up so much heat that fish are dying in huge numbers thousand pounds of dead fish or collect. in the city of
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hamburg just last weekend in switzerland the helicopters are trying to still dry reservoirs so that cattle will have water to drink and in denmark cattle are being sent to slaughter because the pastures used for grazing well they do not like that they are brown they are not green and it all made us of paul's today when a greek climatologists explain how these extremes are connected how they are increasing and how they are of our own making. it was called a part of the ice. but i was with we all have seen it but i've got to be the last. there would be mark among frequent extreme weather phenomenon. because the
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climate globally is being the stuff. we have. a question. or an addition on the souls that these produced by humans the burning of force influence. and this is why we need to learn to respect. the strength of the phenomena that has been no reason to speak that by humanity. and. since in the past twenty thousand years. and those pictures there from greece well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues on line. you can find us on twitter either at
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the news or you can write directly to me and off t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day to see the never. noticed.
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the first. movie. narrow narrow on the way. the beauty craze. title primeness portraits on a statement celebrating natural e.p.o. single. why hide what makes a person who needs. the romex next on d w. there's no stopping the chinese dragon.
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changing plans to rejoin the international economic mess and seize the investment initiatives china's goal is to develop a billion dollar trade nitwit between asia and europe. but is beijing playing its hand silk road to contact china's way to the top. in the forty's. iran. wants an isolated theocracy now a major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. cut does
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iran truly want peace with. the countries of homes have their doubts to isolate. iran from theocracy regional superpower start august attacks on d w. i they're welcome to another edition of your remarks here's what we've got coming up for you today. dream destination discovering a european lifestyle on the caribbean something. lost from the past sweden is gay i guess let's takes rock said evergreen song tool.


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