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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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from before it starts. w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin tensions rise in zimbabwe as the country prepares to announce the results of the presidential election. as the election authorities prepare to make their announcement reports are coming in of clashes between armed police and opposition protesters in the comparable harare. the new gateway to europe with their roots cut all refugees are now turning to the
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straits of gibraltar to reach the continent that is causing problems for spain. well i'm sorry martin thanks for joining us two days after historic elections in zimbabwe the country's electoral commission says the rulings m.e.p. a party has won the most seats in parliament partial results show the senate has picked up one hundred nine seats in the nation's two hundred ten member assembly as compared to just forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change or m.d.c. the remaining states have yet to be announced and the victor of the country's presidential poll is not yet known monday's vote was the first since robert mugabe was ousted as president after thirty seven years in power. or correspondent melanie
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core of the ball is in zimbabwe covering the elections for us and she joins us now from harare it's clear the p.f. has won the parliamentary elections but the results of the presidential poll or not what sort of reaction are you seeing there are those points. well we haven't heard anything from the center p.f. yet no official statement but they are preparing for us to victory and that's what i have heard we have been seeing the opposition on the streets though there have been demonstrations and clashes between the police and the opposition today and they already started going out on the streets claiming victory yesterday when we didn't even have that many results he says been saying on social media that he is confident that he will win the presidency so you can guess the tensions will be rising here we can expect the opposition not to be exacting. the electoral
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commission so far and we'll have to see what happens as soon as the presidency is announced the results will start trickling in when it comes to the presidency as well shortly. observers have already given their pursed public assessment of the election what are they saying have deemed the election free and fair. well this morning it was only the african observers that have been giving that statement we're still waiting to hear from the e.u. observing mission and with the african countries will have saved a bit. biased possibly they seem to be endorsing this election they have been saying that of course there are some concerns by the m.d.c. they have been naming them when it comes to the ballot papers and communications but they've also been saying that the country is really moving towards democracy that this is a major shift and that there have not been any if i. and nation out of the
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constitution and that frame i can. only thank you so much for now that was a mill of the crew of the ball there in zimbabwe she's covering elections for us and the woman you saw on the other half of the picture there was the electoral commission spokeswoman she's about to announce the presidential results we hope we'll bring those to you as soon as we get them now of some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a ban on full face veils has come into force in denmark the government says the veils known as kneecaps or also burkas of course prevent women from integrating into danish society several other european countries have instituted similar bans some danes are planning to defy the new law. forensic experts say dozens of caskets handed over by the by north korea likely contain the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war the handover was agreed at the june summit
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between north korea's kim jong un and us president. more than five thousand u.s. troops remain unaccounted for in what is now north korea. migrants are increasingly using spain as a gateway to europe third traveling the short distance by boat through the strait of gibraltar proem morocco the spanish coast guard rescued nearly a thousand migrants last weekend alone the refugees are choosing this route as other countries such as italy crackdown on arrivals correspondent marcus burnished reports now from southern spain. rescue teams have just pulled another twenty one people from the strait of gibraltar off southern spain they consider this a slow day compared to most but these twenty one rivals present a problem for spain the maritime rescue service wants to take these migrants to to refight the nearest port but the port refused permission a common occurrence. you know you. of all men are. over the
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course of the entire past year we've rescued sixteen thousand people but this year after just seven months the number has already climbed to twenty two thousand. metres. the ship carrying the rescued migrants docked at the nearby port of august the rest instead but the situation there is no better the migrants had been stuck on the ship for days now they're on land looking for shady places to rest. a few kilometers away jose antonio gomez is waiting for the daily food delivery more than six hundred rescued people were brought to this gym over the weekend. they called us on saturday and then the people came they were simply too many of them. local authorities are responsible for looking after those arriving at the
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church has prepared food volunteers are helping out but people are getting impatient. we aren't eating well we don't have a proper place to sleep to aren't enough clothes and we can't call our families to reassure them that we're still alive. spanish authorities are overwhelmed after talking to migrants it's clear that the strait of gibraltar is gaining in popularity as a crossing point. i was going from ivory coast to libya but they told me that morocco would be a better idea. refugees want to go to spain before they chose libya or italy. just thirteen kilometers lie between africa and europe at spain's southernmost tip . spain once again has become the gateway to europe for many thousands of migrants it's not the first time and there are reasons it didn't have
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change much either i was morocco is busy dealing with domestic issues it can spare the energy to watch its borders it's time to make a deal again. larkspur was there reporting from southern spain now to a major change in germany's treatment of asylum seekers the southern state of bavaria has opened controversial rapid processing centers for migrants so-called anchor centers or part of interior minister hall so the hope is disputed plans to reduce the numbers of migrants arriving in the country the government says the centers are designed to speed up asylum process in the aim is for each case to be decided within eighteen months asylum seekers whose claims are rejected would then be deported from the centers critics say concentrating so many asylum seekers in one place could hinder integration and lead to the rest. well to help put this in
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perspective we're joined by political correspondent kate brady so tell us kate how much of a change these centers represent in the way that germany deals with asylum seekers well the sense is quite literally put the entire asylum application process at least at the moment but the area under one roof says the registration the application and the final decision to grant asylum or not and the authority is saying that that aim at least of the senses is to speed up the application process far siloam because there are also concerns particularly when it comes to dating life or side them seek as he will be living in the center of course they are allowed to move around the area but they're not allowed to come and go as they please so there has been some criticism with some people comparing the census to jail or even detention center is now the senate right now or only in bavaria they are the brainchild of the bavarian in the now and federal interior minister for the
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last hosts the whole for any chance briefly if you can of these centers being replayed elsewhere in germany or in the e.u. for that well this is a pilot scheme that's expected to last around six months and there's been very little interest from other german states at the moment and it's even being touted in brussels. as a possible measure across the european union but that some of the biggest criticism has come from this concern that the census will actually hinder integration for asylum seekers of course time spent at the center this time that could have been spent in german society and learning german for example kate thank you so much t w political correspondent kate brady. facebook has uncovered what it says is a coordinated campaign to influence u.s. mid-term elections in november the company says it has removed more than thirty pages it is aimed to mislead users facebook stopped short of identifying the source of the misinformation in february the u.s.
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justice department indicted thirteen russian nationals for interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. we don't want people or organizations creating networks of a kind to mislead others about who they are or what they are doing that was just part of facebook statement as the company confirmed it had removed thirty two pages and a kind involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior. this social media giant said some of their activity was consistent with that of the russia based internet research agency a so-called true farm which managed many false accounts and reach more than one hundred twenty six million americans during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election campaign the vice president is adamant that should not be repeated. any attempt to interfere in our elections is an affront to our democracy it will not be allowed the united states of america will not tolerate any foreign
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interference in our elections from any nation state. from russia china iran north korea or anyone else. this time around facebook said the fake pages went to much greater lengths to conceal their identities their coordinated campaign of dissent from ation comes just months ahead of the u.s. military. president trump himself has said he is very concerned that russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the vote facebook admits the investigation is still in its early stages going so far as to say we don't have all the facts including on he may be behind this latest breach. but heat wave here in northern europe shows no sign of abating the temperature has been in the high thirty's for weeks i can confirm that people are doing all they can to cool off but what happens if you have to keep on working in the heat the. north
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went out. funding has been sweltering for weeks as the moment it reaches record highs everyone here is looking to get into the heat. of the team going to greece here now in these temperatures oh you want to do is find a way to cool down but what if you've got a job that means you've got to skate the heat oh. we asked three people with the hottest jobs in the capital. as a champion i just took the temperature here and it's off the scale how does a guy who has to stand here when i don't usually get up two hundred eighty degrees and how do you survive as he does here by drinking a lot of thinking cool thoughts and you're just getting used to it so it doesn't mean.
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i'm trying still to just how do you cope in these temperatures demands by saying to yourself that it's minus twenty four degrees it's all in the head yeah it's all in the head absolutely definitely hides the manhunt you do that so it's cool it's cool it's called. this is that what idea works for me and really this is the north pole doctors are going right now i'm at the north pole i'm delighted at the still want to use the current system as he would say oh well look you can see into prison. who. lives as a z. as a fun and you're used to high temperatures right but you still suffer in this heat . oh absolutely but we have the fire department we're normally used to high temperatures for short periods of time when we battle a blaze but constantly having thirty seven degrees for several hours also affects
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us even when we wear these clothes which would normally protect us this can sometimes get on your nerves. we sweat and we can only get our fluid levels back by regularly drinking a lot as well as getting some shade if we're an action outside and also regularly taking off our protective gear. he says that any one able to find a cool place in the capital these days should count themselves lucky. way back in just a minute with business is get hot debate joining you then thanks for being with us . they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa
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. stories for both people and community their friends shaping their nation.


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