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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin unrest in zimbabwe after the country's election results security forces clashed with protesters who say that the zanu p.f. parliamentary victory was tainted by fraud the country's opposition says that they will challenge the results we'll have the latest from harare. and also coming up in germany opens controversial new processing centers for asylum seekers they will fax to track refugees applications and deport those who are rejected critics say it is
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a death knell for integration and to europe's welters in record temperatures we take to the streets of berlin to see how people are keeping cool. news. i'm sarah kelly welcome to the program we begin with reports of unrest in zimbabwe where two days after historic elections the country's electoral commission says that the ruling zanu p.f. party has won the majority of seats in parliament possibly as much as two thirds but the main opposition party the movement for democratic change has said that it will dispute the official results now riot police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse opposition supporters on the streets of the capital harare troops also out in force and one report says that a man has been shot dead election observers from the european union and the united
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states have called for the results of the presidential election to be released as soon as possible to avoid further volatility. and our correspondent melanie current deval is in zimbabwe covering the election for us she joins us now from the capital harare and melanie as we just heard there we're getting reports a report of at least one person shot dead police firing not only tear gas but also live ammunition we've heard reported what more can you tell us. sort of the situation has been very tense and really only slowly coming down as the ministry is driving some people out of the few times that have been clashes in harare between supporters of the m.d.c. and the police and i kept on seeing helicopters above me gunshots from everywhere i know john those have been attacked as well saying that cameras were broken and some of them would be. just two hundred meters away from the military tanks were just
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passing by people running away from the city center yes we have. this but there might be more there are some reports coming out just now we'll keep you updated on the final confirmation nominate could've died and at the core of this unrest melanie i mean we have the opposition saying that there was fraud in this election we know that the e.u. was observing the vote and that you've actually spoken with representatives what they said. that's right i spoke to mark brock the head of the e.u. observing mission today and he has been telling me that yes of course there has been some major progress and when it comes to the campaign or the election day itself it was peaceful but there were irregularities. that the m.d.c. has been claiming for example access to the state media which was basically a mouthpiece for the zen a p f o seeking a funding printing of the ballot papers have been irregularities and it seems like the opposition does have grounds to challenge the outcome of this election so of
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course the e.u. observing mission has to closely monitor the post-election environment and then we can tell you even more on that one ok so much on rats and i'm going to leave the parliamentary results that we've gotten so far we know that the results from the presidential election they are still outstanding at least officially it's a really tense atmosphere there as we're seeing from these pictures that we're showing who has the upper hand and how much is at stake for the country right now. difficult to say as you mentioned of course from the results of the parliamentary election it does look like there's an appeal will take the president g.m. a moment that was but a meter has been claiming the president he is his and will be his and he's saying that the vote was still is encouraging supporters to go out on the streets to demonstrate what they have been doing is the election not disputed zimbabwe or risks isolation from the international community something that has changed
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considerably after november and of course a big part of the population will feel like their voice was just not that the selections were an undemocratic process so this is why we can say is moment when when he will have a really really hard time running the country. melanie corrida ball with the very latest there from harare thank you. to some other news now and varia has become the first german state to open controversial new processing centers for asylum seekers authorities want to hold asylum seekers there while their applications are fast tracked and deport anyone who is rejected critics say that the system will get a wise new arrival. for many refugees arriving in germany in future this is what home will look like this reception facility in a former u.s. army barracks in the bavarian city of bam bag is the model for the new refugee centers to be known as anchor centers the acronym anchor stands for
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a rival decision and return the key idea various departments which look at asylum applications will be together in one place migration agency labor office welfare or thorough even the courts the claim is that will mean applications are dealt with more quickly. with these centers the migration agency will in most cases be able to issue documents in three or three and a half months when the people are to be granted refugee status rejected them this new approach is the latest chapter in germany's effort to deal with migration since the increase in the numbers fleeing to europe and the government's decision in twenty fifteen to open the borders the challenge of making migration on this scale work has become clear. in many cases it has taken too long for people to find out whether they have a chance of staying in germany and that in turn has held up any chance of them
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finding a job or integrating into society the residents of the anchor facilities will be able to leave to go shopping or for other reasons despite that critics say they are tantamount to deportation centers these are for shelf plan is to open these facilities all across germany or in most parts of the country that will lead to a massive worsening of conditions for asylum seekers. currently holds around fourteen hundred migrants most of them from georgia and africa if things go smoothly similar centers may be opened in of opponents of germany and our political correspondent thomas sparrow is covering this story for us and joins us now from berlin and thomas you know these new processing centers they are controversial what are the critics saying. essentially the migrants would be isolated in these centers and that that would affect their capacity to integrate because essentially they
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will be kept in those centers for the whole length of the procedure since they apply for asylum in germany until their decision is granted where they're allowed to stay in the country and then move elsewhere where they have to be deported back to their countries of origin so that essentially what the critics are saying what those who are in favor of these measures are saying is that by speeding up these processes by making sure that all the different offices are in the same place and can deal with these applications that all this will become more efficient and that that could actually help refugees then to integrate into the country so there are two very clearly different ways of approaching this issue which has turned into a very controversial one here in germany not only now but also as it was planned a few months ago and now these centers we know that they are the brainchild of the interior minister of course they offer so far they've only been set up in his state of bavaria how likely is it that we can see more of them elsewhere well for now
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it's not likely and there's a reason why they have been set up in a very obviously one reason is that of area really suffered most during the refugee crisis most refugees were coming in through through bavaria but obviously the other aspect is a political one bavaria will have its regional election in october and horse as a whole and his party the c.s.u. the bavarian sister party of angela merkel's see do you want to regain some of the votes that they that they think they will lose for example to the a.f.p. the alternative for germany that's also a party that has been campaigning there on a platform of a more restrictive migration policy and that's the reason why horse a hole for now the interior minister has also been promoting this idea of a more restrictive migration policy in germany and that's the reason why you only see those on percent as for example now. in both area i want to talk a little bit more about another major change that also comes into effect today and this concerns germany's immigration system as well the country apparently resuming
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the practice of allowing some refugee family members to join them in germany that practice of course was suspended three years ago at the height of the refugee crisis thomas what are the new rules and what's the reaction been well essentially this affects those refugees that have been granted subsidiary protection that's a level under the full protection status that would allow refugee to stay indefinitely in germany we're talking here about a number around one thousand family members that will be allowed per month to end germany and reunite with family members that are already here and obviously this is also being extremely controversial on the one hand those who believe that this measure would mean more refugees coming to the country on the other hand those who say that that is actually a right that refugees have to be reunited with their closest family members and that that could help them in their integration process in germany so there are very different views regarding this controversial issue of family reunification but it's
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also something that obviously affects refugees themselves who are now hoping here in germany that they can apply for some of their family members to come and join them in germany thomas sparrow in berlin thank you. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world a ban on the full face veil has come into force in denmark but the government says that face covering garments like the niqab and the burqa prevent women from integrating into danish society and several every other european countries have instituted similar bounds some danes are planning to defy the new law. blueprints for three d. guns will not be made available online in the united states that's after a u.s. judge blocked their publication in a last minute ruling the blueprints demonstrate how to make untraceable printed plastic guns the ruling reverses the decision by the trump of ministration that would have permitted there really exists. authorities say that all one hundred three passengers aboard
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a plane that crashed tuesday in northern mexico have survived the plane took off in stormy weather and reportedly went down after being hit by a strong wind gust the crash left dozens injured but authorities said that most people were not seriously hurt. well europe's heat wave shows no sign of abating here in berlin the temperatures have been in the thirty's for over a week people are doing all that they can to cool off but what happens if you have to carry on working in this heat w.'s anya shot for not going to find out. telling has been sweltering for weeks and split the moment she reaches record highs everyone here is looking to get the heat. inside team going to greece here now in these temperatures oh you want to do is find a way to cool down but what if you find a job that means you've got to skate the heat oh. we are three people with the
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hottest jobs in the capital. happy i just took the temperature here and it's off the scale how does it say here it is and here we're not out there we get up two hundred eighty degrees and how do you survive as you guys are drinking a lot of thinking cool thoughts and you're just getting used to it so here's what. i'm trying sausages how do you cope in these temperatures of a month facing to yourself that it's minus twenty four degrees it's all in the head yeah it's all in the head absolutely definitely like the men who do that it's it's cool it's cool that's cool too. doesn't that what idea works for me and really this is i don't know if there's a book right now i'm at the north pole i mean a lot of people still want to use the current system as you say oh well look you
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can see if you include physics. as a z. as a fun and you're used to high temperatures right but you still suffer in this heat . oh absolutely but without the fire department we're normally used to high temperatures for short periods of time when we've got a lot blase about constantly having thirty seven degrees for several hours also affects us even when we wear these clothes which would normally protect us this can sometimes get on your nerves we sweat and we can only get our fluid levels back by regularly drinking a lot as well as getting some shade if we're not actually outside and also regularly taking off our protective gear. he says anyone able to find a cool place in the capital these days should count themselves no. ice cream. from all of us here at g.w. news we hope you stay cool and with that you are up to date this hour my name is
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