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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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the top stories we're following for you here at b.w.i. the east one person has died in clashes between security forces and protesters following zimbabwe's election the long grueling zanu p.f. party won a majority in parliament but the opposition says the poll was marred by fraud and that it will challenge the results. and with that you're up to date i d w news about coming straight out growing unease about chinese firms buying up german know how beneficial and has that story and a whole lot more after the break. from being told. she's worse than a goddess for to know. the monstrous and feverish. beethoven finished bomb twenty two.
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francs through to help launch international gateway into the best connection self road and radio. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world . experience on standing shopping and dining offers and trying our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport c d managed by from. when push comes to shove keep out china by germany things that needs to stop protecting its industry and infrastructure from chinese takeovers. mind the entrepreneurial gap european women of finding it hard to found company. and supermarket dot bringing touchable and affordable work. the mess.
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let's do business actually that's not the message today from berlin to beijing the government gearing up to veto another corporate takeover but the chinese are best as involved or quick pulling their bid for the german firm like that it was a clear signal from the german government a new law giving pauline the power to block the takeover of german companies by foreign firms if judged necessary as in the case of toolmaker life and chinese company young tight tight high a sign of growing concern over the scale of chinese investment into europe's largest economy last week the german government prevented china's state grid corporation from taking a twenty percent holding in electricity grid operator fifty hertz. but it was uneasy about handing a chinese state company some control over the country's power grid but chinese businesses feel singled out. and. this
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concrete case shows a company from belgium and a non european one from australia bought stakes in the business but when a chinese company wants to invest it's being prevented for reasons of security. that some analysts argue such fears will backfire on german businesses which one of great artists the chinese market sensitive and delicate topic. but our hold on we do get that our government is acting very responsible but at the same time respecting that there is a high need earth for having open markets. for having good relations to time. but not at any price the german government has decided for now. foreign investments in german utilities military and aerospace contractors as well as other strategic enterprises could prove difficult from now on. let's get more on this from
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economist chin to get another view on this very interesting story and it's certainly not black white. tell us what your opinion is is it a good move or a bad move here these developments as you say it's not a black and or white story of course every country has the legitimate right to protect its interests however on objective criteria so that challenge here is that politicize have to avoid a special lax china i mean otherwise just to give you an example how can we explain for example duck russian companies are allowed to enter german gosse networks invest into networks coming from also not a well developed market system so sooner or later this sort of specific china legislation is going to create tensions bilaterally with china on the investment but also on the traits are well on the trade side what what could be the
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consequences there how could it affect not only investment but trade as you put it . that's a very important issue we don't talk on the about investment issues here one need to bear in mind that china has integrated itself very successfully into the global trading system since two thousand and one when it became a w two member and one side effect of this is of course the country has a koolade over the last years massively capital foreign reserves and the logic of the global capital the system is that this capital has to be invested sooner or later in other countries so prohibiting investment means also sooner alright or trade will be also a conflict thing and field so we need a deeper discussion about a level playing field i don't see here a real problem all security issues it's more about a level playing field that european companies also should receive an equal
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permission to invest in china well what should germany be doing how should european officials just in general be reacting to china to create a level playing field because it's the chinese up until now who have been so protectionist as far as investment in the other direction go. absolutely and this is the quote this is the core issue and we as western countries not only germany and europe but also the u.s. have to insist that china has to open more its market because it creates mistrust that chinese china is investing in advanced technologies in european countries and there is indeed bait that does know how it's going to be stolen and relocate to china but i think this is not this is not the core problem the problem is once china opens up its market also for foreigners to to invest in that country so market forces will regulate again the investment behavior at the moment there is
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china is an attractive place for westerners to invest but we are basically kept out by china and this is the core issue and we want to answer your your question straight by that are investment treaties a deeper investment liberalization that has been on the agenda for example in europe but it has been on hold for a while it's a good time a good moment given this debate about protectionism to to advance and liberalized investment on the chinese side you heard from economist thank you very much thank you most women than men live in europe but they lag behind men in founding companies combining a career with family life can be a challenge and the support from governments barrie amongst the card study shows sweden offers the best conditions in the european union portugal comes in second followed by belgium the u.k. and spain easy access to capital information and training the women are also
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decisive as is access to networks portugal is seeing a big boost to be melodramatic since the global financial crisis. value is a seeker of new frontiers originally from argentina the forty one year old who has lived on the coast of portugal for the past fifteen years after devoting herself to research in cutting edge animation she decided to start her own company two years ago two thousand and sixteen i was approached by an investor. why don't you grab your research and you create a company and i said that's a good researcher going to create a company tiger woods let's just prove the power of the technology and so we went to the game developers conference there they showcased what makes my d.d. most so unique the program allows users to scan a person with a smartphone in order to make a three dimensional virtual image of them. at first i couldn't really believe it so
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they say can we just see a life and then we show our life them on their mobile device and they literally say that was the best thing they've seen and show or value entertain employees are bringing their virtual selves to the digital realm closing the gap between reality and fantasy so we need a brother or your d.d. ro another to connect to other people in the digital world so we bring people outside digital isolation. so the whole goal is to actually create a new generation of connection for a new generation of people she uses her philosophical approach to bring people together. or to be embedded into a video game so to play with our friends or if you are in that really try reality environment or value is no stranger to digital environments running a startup however is a daily challenge for the entrepreneur. i can spend hours to saying all the
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challenges we have to overcome from fundraising from. playing for learning about tax issues internationally forum hiring from mike solving very difficult problems in addition to her current projects or volume has given herself a more personal challenge the young mother wants to apply her software to applications that address the learning needs of kids. i just wish one day maybe not in a year or maybe five six or seven we would be able to provide these technology to every child in the world so they can learn from any other children so we can do peer to peer learning with d.d. i'm over on a girl volunteer was looking to make the virtual realm more inclusive by bringing a human touch to the experience. now imagine going to the supermarket to buy ott the concept of a new show in los angeles commenting on the relationship between arts and the
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business about welcome to sparrow mart the fruit isn't so crisp here but the soft drinks are well especially soft. everything is handmade with felt in lucy sparrow's exhibition that opens today it's a playful commentary on consumer culture and the disposable nature of our everyday lives instead of scale ability and efficiency stero mart is about individuality and painstaking work there are more than thirty one thousand grocery items here each with a little soul as pharaoh says she's exploring art as a commodity it's not a consumer product every item is signed available for purchase. there's also an a.t.m. and checkout both covered in felt i think that is a huge amount of the art world that it's about money and that seems to be almost a taboo subject with the art you know it's got to have the integrity obviously that there's a huge art market out there where people purely by to collect and i think that's as
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much a part the art world but don't mistake sparrow mark for a cynical cash grab the artist says it's about making art accessible it was always very important to me that people could buy it people that wouldn't necessarily know many buy art they could buy something for thirty dollars well at fifty pounds anything like that they could take it home with them and i frame that and they have that for the rest of their life i don't think many galleries that you can come and do that and this is the last time i'm going to do that because it's essentially quite unsustainable in other words there's still a big difference between art and the supermarket candy aisle. i was doing business with you.
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enjoy the conflict zone with jim sebastian coe for turkey is not an easy ally for the west of knowledge my guest is the turkish foreign minister never to travel show you how the differences between turkey and the e.u. becoming impossible to reconcile. the two.
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conflicts so far. d.w. . blues sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. as ecologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike. yeah i. see nothing else. in the letting the sleeve of the left in the little anyone see. my little. good by their culture the state.
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only a promise to my son was made to try and return to the concrete and glass john. the result reverse culture. reference back you realize how strange artificial. really connected to life i. see the forest starts this night w. . turkey is not an easy ally for the west to manage viciously insulting if it doesn't get its way it alternates between pressing hard for membership and pretending it no longer needs it my guest here in the german city of the us will go off is the turkish foreign minister lute travel scholer all the differences between turkey and the e.u. becoming impossible to reconcile.


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