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my name is the amount of people and they were that's. this is news coming to you live from berlin international observers accusing bob noyce army of excessive force used live ammunition on an opposition protest held over alleged both bring in three people. will have the latest from harare also coming up. lebanon is pressuring syrian refugees to return to their country but
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what about those who oppose the assad regime we hear from one syrian woman fearing for her future plus. there are children here and there but they just started attacking us even mean viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness we have an exclusive report of a series of attacks by far right gangs from the roma community in ukraine what is fueling the final. hello i'm terry march and good to have you with us symbiote ways president. has called for dialogue with the opposition amid high tensions following monday's elections his comments come a day after the military shot dead three unarmed demonstrators at a protest in the capital harare. deployed the troops to disperse the protesters who
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allege the country's elections were rigged international observers have condemned what they call the use of excessive force by the army. soldiers firing live rounds and zimbabwe's capital. the army into district to harare midafternoon reportedly at the request of the police. the country's justice minister said the military had been deployed to maintain peace and tranquility and accused opposition supporters of going on a rampage however the protesters claim they didn't start the violence. it was going on it was. just you know if this is the demonstration that. the crackdown came after a day of protest in the capital people were taken to the streets to protest at the law and the release of the results of presidential polling. crowds gathered outside the offices of the country's electoral commission to demand the release and
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things quickly turned violent the electoral commission called for patience verifying the vote was more complicated than expected the commission chairwoman said the unusually high number of candidates was causing delays in the verification process. but a spokesman for the opposition said the situation was unacceptable and suggested that something unusual was going on it is everyone citizens right to demand that the results are produced in reasonable time ok the fact that the results far right essential that it's just next door to have not been released by off by by midday today is inappropriate and suggests that something wrong is happening we've been here before. as tensions remain high in the country the international community is becoming increasingly concerned with governments calling for restraint on all sides . melanie corrida ball joins me now from harare and melanie election observers from the commonwealth have been commenting on the election and
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the violence so what have they been saying. but terry first of all to press one yesterday they denounced the excessive use of mind against armed civilians here in harare and both parties to exercise restraint it was talking about the election itself though they raised concerns about voter intimidation about the local media being biased in favor of the rulings and m.p.'s and now they are asking the electoral commission to come out with the full report the full results as soon as possible because the delays are of course raising suspicions come to teach me we know that they have to give us the result by saturday but with depression mounting up on them it would be the cape town knows who the next president will be today if they do so we are expecting them to do that during the evening or it might even to decrease the likelihood of protests. so yesterday we
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did see. the government. crack again if there are any further anti-government protests what's it like there on the streets today. the situation on the streets does come out as of now but not on social media there are more pictures and videos appearing online of people being beaten up of people believing even of those shot dead. but in general we also can say that it feels like it is a state of emergency here just not a declared one the army is still out on the streets they have been saying that the police with seventy thousand police officers is completely on the stuff and the army will remain present in the streets until the police indicates there is no one really for them to be around. thank you so much for your correspondent melanie curry the ball there in harare. now let's take
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a look at some other stories making headlines today the u.s. has announced sanctions against two top turkish officials over the country's detention of an american pastor turkey accuses andrew brunson of aiding the failed coup attempt against turkey's president wretch of time earlier on in two thousand and sixteen the u.s. is demanding brunson's immediate release. authorities in the democratic republic of congo say four more people have tested positive for the a bowl of virus in the country's northeast break in north keep who probably it's close to the ugandan border has already claimed twenty lives in cases come just days after another outbreak in the northwest of the diyar sea was declared over. and a twitter user has uploaded video of the aeromexico plane crash films from inside the aircraft the plane went down shortly after takeoff in northern mexico on tuesday more rocked it was all one hundred three crew and passengers survived many
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of them resumed work or their travels just a day after yeah. lebanon is stepping up pressure on syrian refugees to return home some one point five million syrian refugees are currently in lebanon and officials there have repeatedly said that's putting the country under pressure hundreds of refugees have returned to syria in the past few weeks but many more are afraid of what would happen to them if they went back d.w. correspondent on child bora traveled to the town of arsalan where she met a woman who fled syria the assad government killed her husband and son she and her children fear for their lives if they return. it was not a voyage the ever imagined undertaking but the mother of eight and grandmother of three children was forced to flee has city and home. to take refuge in the town of
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awesome just across the border in. although it happened five years ago the memories are still fresh this is my son served her husband and his son were killed in the syrian war. at the beginning of the uprising protests were not violent they were peaceful but my husband was killed because he took part in the my son was with the regime army doing his compulsory service and the syrian intelligence service killed him because he deserted. who fears the assad regime but the pressure from lebanon to leave is building some three thousand syrians have already registered to return there that i can never go back to syria. she is especially worried about this man. goes in by as
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a member of the syrian committee tasked with collecting the names of billing return is and sending the list to damascus for approval who is suspicious of the government mitali the names with those who protested against the regime and neither of us them upon arrival or refuse them approval to return but goes on denies the charge. it's not a condition not an issue of approval it's just about informing the government of the names of the people returning. he claims syria is now safe and to convince us he asked one of the refugees who have applied to return to talk to us do you want to go back of course what's keeping me here but it doesn't go quite as he and the song which he is confronted by angry syrians. back to syria safely is impossible. that's all. he shows his bullet scars the military defectors white house today
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leave. but lebanon's government is eager to stop one off million syrian refugees so many say they may be forced to look at europe again. and her friends are among those thinking about making the journey to you they know that it won't be easy but the risk of reprisal by assad security forces is high the third. one of the ladies has just heard of the arrest of her sister by the syrian regime. i want to migrate to europe for the future of my children and i applied to the u.s. but they didn't help me other than. smugglers want that eight thousand euros for the trip and i when i saw the film isn't it meant that i feel. who doesn't know what she would do yet and many here are facing a similar dilemma. it may be too soon to say if there will be
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a second neighbor for a few days to europe but the conditions are right. for now despite all the hardship who last best bet seems to be levanon if the lebanese. was cross over to beirut. bora who filed that report joins us from there unsure how common it is the view among lebanese authorities that it's time for the syrian refugees to go home and how realistic is it to expect them to do so. well that's pretty widespread there is no disagreement when it comes to that. that the student refugees must leave and that it's time but it is realistic or is it not now from my experience and all of these years about being told to sit in refugees especially now they see these still don't think it's time for them to go back because they don't know what's happening in syria large parts of the country their homes their neighborhoods have all been bombed out and also because they fear the
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regime they don't know what action the regime will take against them merely because they left the country so they may be seen as cletus and also because some of them or their family members likely will dusty's participated in a peaceful protest of the regime a dog with them these people are very scared that is why the spotlight three thousand and one a half million syrian refugees have will just start to go back these people are see the regime supporters or those who are ok with the syrian government but on the majority of the syrians like who are still scared of going back eleven on does have the biggest portion of syrian refugees in the world just how much strain has that put the country under. whether that is a very important question it's has put a huge strain on us especially on the civic infrastructure lebanon is a small country it's not a very rich country and also in the past it had palestinian refugees and eleven on since nine hundred forty eight so they feel that this is going to be
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a repeat of the palestinian episode the palestinians came in they haven't left and that has occurred in the civic infrastructure it is all too also i think in part of all tour. the culture a little bit so the christians are worried about the culture changing because most of the refugees coming in are sunnis. and are seen as more conservative here so there are all these worries when it comes to syrians continuing to stay in lebanon and we saw in your report there that some syrian refugees in lebanon on who are afraid of going home are considering making the journey to europe instead of buyable prospect. well not as of now it's very expensive without tells us that there are smugglers and around these are local boys who can take them to greece for eight thousand euros for one person i saw a lot of people go she says maybe that price will come down but we have to remember that these people like who the who've come to eleven and haven't come here on
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a choice they've been forced to turn into refugee so their first instinct is to go to legally and not opt for illegal rees who doesn't have the money but she would also prefer to go to europe legally so she's expecting if lebanon is eager to push her out and she can go back to syria then what is she going to do their only option is to go to europe and she's hoping that europe would come up with some sort of a structured response to facilitate. her visit to go to which we know is very unlikely to happen because the problem of syrian refugees is also change european politics significantly and so thank you so much correspondent bora there reporting from beirut. activists in denmark have held protests against a ban on full face veils that came into force yesterday the so-called burka bans prevent people from covering the faces in public denmark follows other european countries which have introduced such a ban including france and belgium. as. their faces may be
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masked but their outrage is on display over a thousand protesters marched through copenhagen in defiance of denmark's new ban on facial coverings they say the lower infringes on freedoms of religion and expression and the right to dress as they choose i mean that is discriminating a lot of searchlights a lot that doesn't make sense in practice and i really hate this law i think is so embarrassing and i cannot stand being a citizen in this so-called democracy when this kind of. mosque protesters and those wearing burkas and the cabs can now be fined more than one hundred euros more than a thousand euros for repeat offenses opponents say the real price will be paid by danish society we actually live in seeing our freedoms our liberal freedom rights in a society to dress like we want to rightly want and so forth so so i think it's we
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need dangerous step to take the majority in the parliament has done with this because what is what is coming next what is off of this supporters of the law held their own demonstration they say the band upholds secular and democratic values and combat's fundamentalist islam. where we want to take a stand against political islam against the fundamentalists in our society and we have some people who believe that they're in their group right to where it's got to call this all of the face so we're not able to see their faces or she's not able to see their face on this world and want to take a stand against. an estimated two hundred muslim women in denmark where facial coverings some say they plan to carry on despite the ban that i feel insecure now that i'm going out and feeling facing people and.
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everything. but in my believe in from hot and calm i think you know i will be in the same as i was doing it's now up to danish police to decide if and when to enforce the ban. to ukraine where right wing gangs have carried out a series of attacks on the roma community there they've injured several people and killed one man twenty four year old david pup stabbing him to death in front of his children because nick connolly travel to the country's west to speak to pop's widow and two other victims of the violence. this is how it all began in april twenty eighth team you july auntie's attacked a room account in the ukrainian capital kiev a copycat attack soon followed across the country in late june twenty three year old david pap was stabbed more than a dozen times in the western city of leave his death provoked an outcry inside and
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outside ukraine's borders the teenage suspect now custody but how could this have been allowed to happen i what has become the survivors. where in the village where david pappa grew up from here it's just a matter of kilometers to ukraine's western frontier with hungry it's a backyard the region is home to ukraine's biggest roma community many of them live in extreme poverty since the attacks people here become wary of strangers and it's only with the help of pastor fed your progress that we are allowed in it takes us to meet david perhaps with you boy it's the first time she's spoken publicly about her husband's murder. is that when those teenagers came to attack our camp they didn't say a word they just started going at us with their nods i beg them there are children here but they just started attacking us even move viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness. on the day of our visit the
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boy received a call from the police and we've asked her to testify in court she refused to fear she says is too great since the attacks police have responded to requests from community leaders to step up their patrols and roam a district. miroslav heard about the roma community leader and a local councillor in the past most of his work was about helping roma people access to basic government services many here don't even have a birth certificate let alone a passport just said in recent months he's been confronted with a totally new set of problems as the victims of the attacks come to him looking for support. i don't understand where this hatred comes from we've never seen anything like this kind of open discrimination these kinds of attacks. we need to get around to solving the roma communities problems now we're not just kick the can down the road. miroslav takes us on a visit to run
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a roma community on the edge it was hot out there we meet claro a survivor of one of the attacks in libya. these old people and children they smashed my brother in law's head and just left him for dead but i don't want the attackers to go to prison prison doesn't make people any better like they were just kids after all. it's a point of view we hear time and time again where the people here are ready to forgive and simply fear further escalation we can't get a clear answer as we continue our walk through red bunker with miroslav the atmosphere suddenly turns there's been a break in the political church and suspicion this fall and the inhabitants of this roma community. if you watch them they'll give it all back. to someone broke into the church. do you have pictures we never do find out how the
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investigation ends but now the police need rather go without making any arrests at a time when the roma community needs the police to protect them or the never relations with law enforcement attends a mob but suspicion. of authorities are considering changing the format a penalty shoot outs to make them there or and reduce reduce pressure on players going second the name of the new system has been inspired by a very well known swedish band but will football decide to take a chance let's find out. five fresh off the back of a world cup which saw plenty of penalty shootout drama young german play is a trialing a new system. with research revealing the side going second in a shootout loses sixty percent of the time a new format has been devised a.p. also known as ever sees teams take alternating pairs of penalties after the first
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spot kick. too often high new teams have a style the win a title but what do they make of the new system. it's good because in the old system the team going second was under greater pressure which could make them lose in this system if the first person misses his teammate can still level the score. that is rated as well as a human count your own player on the way back which makes a difference psychologically so you'll have to wait and see if it's adopted by german football and in the next world cup people are going to live with the system also said to be trialled in english football this season it might not be long before abba takes center stage in football for ministers of ten southeast asian nations are meeting for multilateral talks in singapore today that's right area at the top of the agenda as in meeting obviously the escalating trade dispute between the u.s. and china it's become a conflict with
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a potential to do harm to many of the region's economies and the latest salvo from the u.s. is giving today's talks some fresh urgency. the gathering is taking place amid continuing bad news for members of the association of southeast asian nations or. the u.s. just announced plans to raise its latest round of tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports from ten to twenty five percent as part of china's growing export supply chain to as your nation stand to lose big in any trade war. a full scale conflict could slash singapore's growth next year by half the host country's leader warned the association to brace itself rules based multilateral trading system which underpin the us here is growth and prosperity is under pressure it's important that us and continue to support the multilateral system and work with like minded partners to deepen our weapon of corporation south-east asian
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nations tighten their ties with china following us withdraw from the free trade trans-pacific partnership now they're pursuing a china backed regional trade agreement with pacific powers excluding the us singapore's prime minister said it could be signed by the end of the year. german engineering come along with zemin is planning a complete restructuring of the company is builds trains turbines industrial robots and medical scanners and will be streamlining five of their businesses into three according to c.e.o. job siemens wants to concentrate on the energy industry digitization an infrastructure sector the company wants each segment to act autonomously with less involvement from headquarters it's not here clear how the plants will affect their almost three hundred eighty thousand employees worldwide the company hopes to
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improve its sales and earnings by two percent and early. spring in our financial correspondent paul blitz in our frankfurt. insists he isn't creating holding they've been splitting up the company but it sure looks that way of feels that way doesn't it. the new verse structuring is pointing in that direction yes and you mention it the new plan that's called a vision twenty twenty plus and will begin enough tobar is planning to create three strong divisions one is energy the second one is infrastructure and the third one is a digital industry which will fall to focus on automation in the in the industry and they will be operating separately as in energy will be run from texas used in texas infrastructure from switzerland and only digital industries
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stays in germany so head toward headquarters is probably going to shrink a bit here this is all supposed to make the company more agile more flexible of course or to react to the needs of each of these these sections and even if care is there says he doesn't want to split up the company he's leaving early twenty twenty one so he may be opening up that possibility to whoever follows is this what companies have to do these days to stay competitive internationally. it is certainly a trend we're seeing right now with german companies a lot. has announced plans to syncro prison the middle of it. also whom i forgetting miller yes also and internationally if you look at it in twenty fifteen google decided to create a parent company called alphabet also for more flexibility and that allows the individual divisions to be sold or given individually and that may be interesting
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for markets. in the fund for thank you. starbucks is teaming up with online retailer ali baba to keep pace with china's growing coffee market the two companies will focus on delivering cups of coffee but via my. up beverage deliveries are set to begin in beijing and shanghai next month starbucks hopes to fend off a challenge by beijing upstart lochan coffee which has expanded rapidly on the back of base delivery style box remains the dominant force in china though it says it opens a new cafe that every fifteen hours. and that's it you're up to date you're watching news from a live a from berlin more coming up of course at the top all feel and it's very much for tuning in for i.
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mean. this is noticing for us cycling moving. to fund death families have been. well protected from norway's kleinman to the fulfillment of the family's dream. a sustainable basis in.
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your room and it's next on totally. beyond the mouth of an infernal monkey in greece one week on from the devastating forest fire. villages of trying to god what's left of their homes against looters. while rescue teams search for bodies and survive. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the state. in sixty minutes. ago just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. deep in the rain forest in central africa.
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to find their culture but he stayed. only a promise to his son to leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result of reverse culture shock. was the documentary from the forest starts august ninth w. i that welcome to the show today we're traveling all over europe from transylvania to scandinavia but it's cool off with these topics. cold blooded
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