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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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but the conditions are right. for now despite all the hardship best but it seems to be leavened. if the lebanese. the trade dispute between the us and china is continuing to heat up but could washington be getting its way with the e.u. do that and more coming up in our business segment with go home. form. and language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w.b.'s. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word american
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could be coaxing germany to. why not learn with him. in simple online on your mobile and free. t.w. zealand in course. german maybe easy. minutes to meet in singapore to discuss the china u.s. trade war after the white house says it wants to ratchet up chinese tariffs meanwhile the e.u. steps in to become the us favorite so it means by. that the figures do the talking nonsense record losses boss found in a mosque makes a promise soon will churn out ten thousand cars
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a week and investors are buying it. this is dean of your business i'm proud of us in berlin welcome foreign ministers of ten southeast asian nations are meeting for multilateral talks in singapore today at the top of the agenda of this meeting the escalating trade dispute between the u.s. and china it's become a conflict with a potential to do harm to many of the region's economies and the latest salvo from the u.s. is giving today's talks fresh urgency. the gathering is taking place amid continuing bad news for members of the association of southeast asian nations or. the u.s. just announced plans to raise its latest round of tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports from ten to twenty five percent. as part of china's growing export supply chain the us young nation stand to lose big in any trade war. a full scale conflict could slash singapore's growth next year by half
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the host country's leader warned the association to brace itself rules based multilateral trading system which underpin the us here is growth and prosperity is under pressure. it's important to us and continue to support the multilateral system and work with like minded partners to deepen our web of corp. southeast asian nations tighten their ties with china following us withdraw from the free trade trans-pacific partnership now they're pursuing a china backed regional trade agreement with pacific powers excluding the us singapore's prime minister said it could be signed by the end of the year. and to the european side of that trade story the european commission says u.s. song being imports to the e.u. have almost quadrupled commission president on close up as a sign the e.u. is delivering on promises made to president obama trump last week in an effort to
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dodge a trade war between the two sides. donald trump has certainly disrupted global trade flows especially when it comes to soybeans u.s. soybean farmers have seen prices for their produce plunged by twenty percent after their prime export market china imposed high tariffs in retaliation for u.s. tariffs on chinese goods the trade has almost ceased the e.u. was quick to take advantage of the cheaper u.s. crop something that must have been clear to commission president john claude younker last week when he promised trump the e.u. would step up u.s. soybean imports. the latest figures show that that process was already well underway. today that you can create commission has published the latest figures on e.u. imports of site beans showing an increase of two hundred eighty three percent in imports of say abuse from the u.s. bringing it used to a sheriff in parts of u.s.
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soybeans to thirty seven percent up from nine percent just one year ago washington had already promised twelve billion dollars to compensate farmers hurt by the dispute with china but with harvest time approaching many of the most still uncertain i think there is maybe just a little bit of comfort there knowing the administration is backing farmers but you no longer weren't looking for any kind of an aid package we want markets to work and markets to feed china was us soybean farmers main market and it's doubtful increased e.u. imports can make up for the loss soybeans made up sixty percent of u.s. agricultural exports to the country beijing meantime has ramped up domestic production and lowered import tariffs on other producers and one side effect of the dispute is that countries like brazil are emerging as the winners brazilian soybean exports to china sort twenty five percent in june. now let's bring in holger
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schmieding the chief economist at bear them back. former u.s. soil beans we're mainly imported by china that trade now a war is now hawt has europe become a not so one with trump ally against china well maybe too big a word but it's true that europe has offered already months ago to the us to forget about the e.u. as european trade war but to jointly focus on changing some discriminatory practices of china and the you know the us seems to know of half accepted that offer yes they are working together how will that effect china trade relations. i don't think it will have a major effect on these relations these relations have always been slightly modified by european concerns that china is not of dealing with for instance issues of intellectual property they have always been marred by europeans occasionally
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accusations that china is not fully respecting the rights of european companies in china so it should not be really new to china that's not just the u.s. but also europe that has some concerns about chinese practices i hope however that europe is not going to be as disruptive as trump well do you recognize any strategy there how is it is it just disruption and who benefits from it. it's difficult to see a real strategy behind what from his doing he seems to have kind of a pattern he tries to does wrapped things with his tweets with his utterances and then see how play pieces fall into place after words he's given to occasional u. turns strategy is too big a word but to rock the boat and then see what happens afterwards is probably your description it looks like a he's gambling all the time would he be successful in disrupting free trade in using europe to help with the trouble with china. well so far we have seen
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a lot of disruption we've seen a lot of noise we have not seen much progress instead we have seen terrorists being imposed including steal a living or terrorists on the e.u. there is a good chance that if the u.s. indeed now works with the e.u. to put pressure on china so that china changes some of its practices there is a good chance that somewhere to this terrorist war. yes i do see an end to that i hope that we come to an end before the end of this year already as probably china will have to settle at some point in time for this meeting the chief economist of the baron bank thank you very much. you're welcome german engineering company armored siemens is planning a complete restructuring the company which builds trains turbines industrial robots and medical scanners will be streamlining five of their business sectors into three according to c.e.o. joe kayser zimmerman's wants to concentrate on the energy industry digitization and
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infrastructure sectors company wants each segment to act thomas lee with less involvement from headquarters it's not yet clear how the plans will affect the almost three hundred eighty thousand employees worldwide siemens hopes to improve its sales and earnings by two percent annually. the american economic attests lies sinking deeper into the red in the second quarter they lost seven hundred twenty million dollars doubling lost in the same period last year now company c.e.o. elon musk wants to ramp up production of the model three its more affordable mass market model in a letter to shareholders must says he wants to build ten thousand units a week tesla's under great pressure to churn out more vehicles various setbacks lead to difficulties on the production line and fewer cars produced the plant.
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as a good check on the markets with corporates in france paul tesla is burning money when will they ever start to make some. stores like the one that's behind me here in frankfurt they don't have a problem to sell but cars you know if you walk through you'll see the sold signs it all comes down to whether tesla can make their cars whether it can speed up production and there's actually a heated debate about that among investors on an investment forums and they're of course always the true believers in tesla who don't really care about the numbers right now anyway they just believe in the vision but there are critics also musk has promised ten thousand cars per week and twenty nine thousand and even went so far as to say a million is possible per year in two thousand and twenty now that would mean twenty thousand a week and asked how that could happen he said well shanghai expand expansion
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plans into china and europe so there'll be a plant in shanghai. that isn't going to start producing until three years from now so that doesn't add up the popular joke amount among investor critics is now the truth has been shanghaied. the share would slump off to those figures but investors seem to believe the company can really make the mobile says don't. yeah the share winds up and. after trading on wall street up to eleven percent at one point that's because yes tesla is burning money but hey it's burning less money than we expected so that's actually considered good news and. promising profitability in quarter three now do you believe that i'm not leave that question open but yet the share price went up and in specially you went up after
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a conference call with investors. in the last quarter that was a very controversial scene where he were must shut down questions from investors at one point it was very rude he apologized this time and it was said that the more muted tone actually appeal to investors they like that all that's in frankfurt thank you very much. and that's it for me and the business team erin bell and i'll have an update for you in the next hour i see that. comes. from going to. come.
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to a. young mom of an infernal machine grease one week long from the devastating forest fires. villages of trying to god what's left of their homes against looters while rescue teams search for bodies and survivors. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the state. enjoy the conflict zone with jim sebastian faulks turkey is not an easy ally for
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the west and knowledge my guest is the tough you sean miller special member who travels sholay all the differences between turkey and the e.u. becoming impossible to reconcile. with the. conflict so fluid in sixty minutes g.w. for. iran. wants an isolated theocracy now a major power in the middle east. your bonds of influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want peace. the countries of home sick of their doubts isolate.
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iran from feeling perceive. stars aug fifth on g.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and europe is in the grip of a devastating heatwave has been scorching farmland and triggering wildfires worst hit so far is greece which has seen what's been described as europe's deadliest forest fire in over a century at least ninety people have been killed in a number of a.


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