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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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only a promise to a sunrise a song only the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass jungle. the result reverse culture shock. ready for that you realize how strange that artificial little is really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on d w. i that welcome to your maxwell daily dose of european lifestyle and culture today we've got the travel bug is what's coming up. all aboard discovery europe with
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a free into rail ticket. bottoms up to french artists paint with empty beer bottles. and drink jam exploring the beautiful islands of cold food. first up we showcase one of the best and most affordable ways to travel across the continent into rail passes are railway tickets that give the holder unlimited travel across european countries this summer fifteen thousand passes were given out for free to eighteen year olds across europe that's all thanks to two berlin as who successfully campaigned to make their dream a reality or rather the dreams of travel hungry teams we've been keeping up with the journey of a young scot and met him in the czech republic where he is exploring the capital city prague.
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traveling to prague by train. student aid and gibson from edinburgh has embarked on an intra led venture across europe. he's fascinated by prague stunning old town and of course no visit to the czech capital is complete without seeing the famous fourteenth century charles bridge. even says some things remind him of his native edinburgh. you have a lot of street music and artists a lot of and so on. but i think prague is. it's very different i think actually nicer than i expected i think yeah the buildings are really amazing when you see it with your own eyes so very i think it's worth to come because it's lighter in person. this interval ticket has been paid for by the european
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union. after even proposed to travel routes unsuccessfully and city europe has a cheery picked him along with fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine other lucky eighteen year olds from the e.u. to embark on this unique trip through europe a journey with a mission. will be ambassadors of this program and hopefully it's going to run for many years because i think it's good it's positive change and i'll be sure in my experiences through social media and probably not giving talks but i could also do that if i wanted to. that's pretty much it i will be an ambassador for. the free interest program is the idea of martin spear and vincent him on the hill who lobbied brussels to introduce a travel programme for young europeans. the intro ticket itself has been around since one thousand nine hundred seventy two. vincent and i know what happened the free travel across the continent can help youngsters overcome stereotypes about
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their european neighbors. that's what the two of them experienced when they themselves went on and interact fancher years ago. experienced great hospitality we were invited to people's homes for dinner in cities we were visiting at the time. some would even let others know we were coming to the city a lot of those work ie moments for us all those new connections those new friendships that we struck up to us that really felt like europe all. of them have a place we got a whole new perspective on europe and truly understand that europe is not so much about its laws or politics but about the diversity of its people your heart. many of the lucky fifteen thousand teens are sharing their travel experiences on social media describing their encounters with the europeans but does this actually help forge a sense of european identity. critics point out that it does little good if all
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these young travelers do is part of a nicer way. atum gibson for his past that's valid to spend time exploring the history of the countries he visits in prague's museum of communism and its environs about the emergence of the former czechoslovakia and its times to the soviet union. he's one aware that after breaks it other british youngsters like him will no longer have an opportunity to win a free internet ticket. he's deeply disappointed with the outcome of the referendum . i think a lot of people voted blindly initially and they didn't really know what they were voting about they were kind of following government propaganda like communism actually. and then it's time for a cold beer. this is after all the home country of the pit.
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after two days in prague it's time for aiden gibson to move on in trail could be described as a kind of speed dating that here you've barely gotten to know place and you're confronted with another stranger. and quite often you travel alone which is just what eighteen year old. can really meet so many other solo travelers and actually make maybe make some difference over the way you can actually have a very good time traveling solo so i recommend. the next stops for eight in our begin to put a pest and. he'll visit for european countries in two weeks and take lots of fresh impressions home to edinburgh. where you can keep up with asians next few stops on our instagram page d.w. your remarks where he'll be posting on insta story now we're headed on our own little journey across europe time to get you up to date in our express starting with a music festival in germany. in
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northern germany fuckin open at the world's biggest heavy metal fast of all has been traditionally opened by a brass band. for the past eighteen years the local fire departments band has played the first concert the evening before the opening. on the first day or around seventy five thousand heavy metal fans are expected in the otherwise tranquil village of just eighteen hundred . back and as host of the festival for almost thirty years now. ana winds has to stay on as editing chief of vogue fashion magazines american edition room is had been circulating in recent weeks that she would vacate the post after thirty years now publish a condé nast has declared that the legendary journalist and native londoner would
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remain where she is. and i went to the scene as one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry. on friday a german actress and singer ingrid carbon will be turning eighty and she became famous in the films of her husband director them out fast in that in the late one nine hundred seventy s. she moved to paris and started a career as a strong sun you. kevin still makes occasional sgrena parents is. now as a child you use almost anything to paint your hands your feet sponges or even the conventional paint brush but to young officers from in france brought up a completely new concept they call it be a paint. the necks of the bottles
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a dipped in paint and used instead of brushes to create portraits the who call themselves null stumbled upon the portrait painting gimmick after a long night which presumably involved emptying a few bottles in the first place. doesn't enjoy a cold beer once in a while. but french geode now asked prefer to use beer bottles in an artistic way. not to not stand for nicola alexander and opt out of this we used beer bottles to make out it's already knew the boss was required to take a. sack and alexandra a kayak met when studying in paris back then they were still into traditional. when a friend asked them to create some unconventional pieces to exhibit in his bath they had an unusual idea. but we were all school during the
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day so we worked through the night it was tiring we drank a few beers and then it hit us how about be a painting. and alexandra swapped brushes for empty beer bottles now they dip the top end of the bottles in color and use them for painting . video adaptation for there are many kinds of beer bottles some are lighter than others they're easier to use the. best stylishly geometrical artworks are reminiscent of pointillist paintings video i get inspiration from hip hop music can often portray famous rappers and characters from comics to good books we usually paint portraits but we also get lots of commissions all kinds of them to do. that
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work is a hit with the public. and they want to get ordinary people involved in the production of out. almost. this is a it's a social event that's just about having fun people watch just paint by a beer and then start painting as well as a room knocked who hang from known in western france often states lined bottle painting events in boston comps. their regular guests at their festivals and trade fans around europe to. their unique style well expensed on launch campuses or is that just an excuse to drink lots of beer.
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time now for today's installment of our series island dreams greece is one of the prime destinations when it comes to the travel trend of island hopping and no wonder the country boasts over three thousand islands in total we're off to see one of the most popular ones situated just off greece's northwestern coast corfu is the second largest of the ionian islands it's also among the richest regions in the entire country. is known by its inhabitants as kara kidda but we discovered a third name. cook food is the seventh largest of the greek islands it's rich vegetation and just the name of the green island the royal cafe and can own means south of the city of course food affords a fabulous view of public niecy the uninhabited mouse on and a landmark of coffee and a flush i have not the money stream on and. this
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is the right spot for plane spotters as well they can enjoy an excellent view of the airports runway. every half hour about leaves can only use little pools for the mouse on and the byzantine chapel reportedly dating back to the eleventh or twelfth century is worth a look here. for its letter types in particular the island and its long sandy beaches of paradise. to choose our nature is a bust the seemingly endless honey coon ass beach is ideal so i think. that's also my new things just my favorite beautiful kite surfing because it isn't as overcrowded and there aren't any rocks in the water and not many swim out of the sand it causes really long and the water is clear out of. the inability of
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long ago also discover cool food charms us to an end because elizabeth had the summer palace built here in the nineteenth century. tourist guide and of us lucky knows the story silly sod it and it is a bad name to place a studio on after achilles her favorite hero from the trojan war for her he embodies the strength and beauty of ancient greece that's why we find statues of the dying and victorious to kill us here in her garden and. the impetus was a big fan of greek mythology. on a children's terrace of the nine muses inside is a middle depicting the killie's dragging the banquet tech to under his chariots elisabetta appears to have had her demanding side as well. also not put out to get there are a few stories about her dining and drinking habits she loves cool foods red and
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white wines very much but she had most of her food brought in from abroad the loyalty of her admirers remains strong to this day. i come from hungary. she was married to france are also fast. and hungry and. i think she looks beautiful very possible. that's why i wanted to visit the house and see the building where she used to spend her solace. of being on. the scene the boy the one of us about the chinese people the nicest parts of her city. yes we're here on the spear not known as the largest square in the balkans and to finish an occupation it was used as a parade ground it's one of today it's a nice mark with a cricket field you could have a sport or a doctor during the time of the english occupational. on the square is a place where tourists and residents alike can get together. from here there's
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a good view of the palace of st michael and st george it was built during the initial few patients in the early nineteenth century near the venetian era fortress . town is a mix of french british and venetian architecture and a unesco both cultural heritage site. when the next day he begins to fade it's a good time to go stand up paddle boarding. the sunsets on spectacular. yet there will not be an avoider so you have a silent paddling out into the sunset because the colors are so gorgeous and the seas are usually very calm at that time the beach is empty so you enjoy the beauty all around you even more intensely.
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candlelight in corfu says aptly named old town restaurant the menu features traditional and indices the most famous of which is a freezer a stew of be over. at about the seventh you get to get out everyone who comes to cork you must try the sofrito it's fantastic it's our traditional dish and it simply tastes wonderful if they go. down to it's its turn tricks still cool to cities by great nightlife. now we feature plenty of musicians on this program but this next one is not your run of the mill songwriter or composer florian kepler design and sound the professor from stuart got creates the alert sounds of electric cars and other industry products his latest project sees him transform dance moves into noise. getting it when i don't know how things will come out that's interesting for me to
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be with and i get the impression we do better at things we've never done before and where the end result is completely uncertain will it work if yes how well it worked the design the hype and plan special about sound is that we perceive a lot of it something consciously and of course that gives us a great opportunity that we can use sound to shake moods that middling thinking. and how do the shape our perceptions something florian can investigate in his studio the stuttgart musician and composer develops new sounds. all types of clients. ok go back to the beginning please because a phantom of fact in recent years has concentrated on museums for the hashtag mine museum exhibition in stuttgart starts gallery for example he worked with students from the music academy to produce a kind of audio guide for smart but once. its users get both information and music
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. on top it announces you know in a sound environment it's different from say a parking garage we've just been in on your way to the museum from your own every day life in your announced in a place where you can move through the party. and experience the works of art hanging on the wall hanging from a different kind of perspective. names you can. but isn't the endless barrage of sound more annoying than a relaxing silence. florian caplets says there is no relaxing silence in the museum voice over here we actually want this ambience of conditioners and ventilators and fluorescent tubes that will give off sound and we can start there and ask can and be some very very subtle ambience becomes even closer to absolute silence and if you did nothing your tony up called a managed must silence is in itself
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a sound and museums temples of culture where reverent silence is expected from visitors. in mannheim xnu const tell a museum florian kepler encouraged his music design students to go a step or two further. the idea was to make the museum a club where the art isn't in the eye of the beholders but is co-created by them. this into active aspect is reflected in the principal work florian couplet conceived for the mannheim could starla the collect. should wall here the viewer can virtually experience almost every work in the museum's collection it's nice to interest rates and this is not only underestimated we're going to have of course area very small parties on display but now everyone can come in at this point they don't pay admission you see rather than tell people about the work the museum has and then lock most of them away sometimes for decades but now everyone can see what
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they're really interested in saida so book us into submission i wish. florian kepler is interested in nearly everything along with his museum projects the music design that is developing sounds for electric cars going to be so horrific is a slight on the supplied investigations can be turned the other way and be of interest music years while we can experiment with these driving algorithms. it isn't. so good when i really love is when you see how both areas relate to and don't exclude one another. florian traveled a long way before he finally brought art and commercial success together originally the sound inventor wanted to be a rock star. for a time his band held the pictures was the opening act for blood and bob geldof but the big break never came in hindsight it may have been for the best florian kepler
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had a free hand to devote the next twenty years to developing something that still fascinates him. to style these in a failings of uncertainty where you don't know is going to ask if there's something you haven't thought of and to explore new possibilities and that means a lot to me. now it's time for you to get involved are your marks d.i.y. experts show you fun ways to brighten up your home and today patiently has a project that you can make using household products. a pension for love can go to me there's hardly anything more relaxing than watching
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sport and if you feel the same why not make your own hanging out of jobs here's how . you need ten preserving jobs without. a chain about ten metres long which you can get at hardware store. at a pizza great forty centimeters wide. hanging basket. why is. decorative gravel which you can also get at the hardware store. measuring tape. and ten t. lights now you can start the first one of the chain around a job near to length because you would need ten chains of exactly the sling. now attach the chains to the glasses you simply has to connect a chain link with each other.
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to be able to hang the jaws later you need ten more chains in different lengths. of the chain and choose lengths between twenty and fifty centimeters. now also attach these chains to the jobs. and now it's time for the little stones put a handful of each glass. then placed it on top. so that your lantern later hides horizontally mark three equidistant points on your pizza great this works well if you fold the tape measure to form a triangle. now distribute the s. hoax evenly on the great. and from below.
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do the same with the chain for the pizza grill. now you can hang your lights where you want to watch them light. the final step arrange the line tents. you have a new high catch up for a balcony or terrace fans of all things colorful can also use colored glasses you can buy them online or in some art and craft store. and you can check out many more d.i.y. projects i'm fantastic designs on our you tube channel interior design that's all we have time for today glad you could join us. next time on your lax robots makes all those words out of sound it's one of many
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ideas by spanish invented even the rondo he uses a three d. printer to create new devices and then presents them on you tube although it doesn't always go as planned even miranda next time on your own bags.
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the. odd couple. of. small. business you got news coming from buddy and let's go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul and we are going to go for strong new york in the studio more on those stories in just a minute but first this news just going to move the perspective closer. to. a good. goal iran wants and
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insulated democracy now a major power in the middle east the bronze slim's continues to grow move economically and above all militarily the buzz among the monkey some of the country's opponents who have their jobs in iran from the biggest regional superpower stores august fifth hong d w. so must the box open air festival in northern germany the bottom middle class will showcase dozens of new. comes from the blog. b.t.w. that's called export. markets open here in two thousand and ten tons of other circuits are going to double in the end. my first boss
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was a sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this oceans will miss something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home but it took me more as the fight. finally they gave up invention by young guys like that but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreate or goes than rising i'm biased as knowledge i want to meet those women back home to my bones by going to meetings and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the home and i work at speed of. the. union. would.
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lead. me. to. the odd. odd . mr w. news coming to you live from berlin zimbabwe's new political. gets off to a shaky start the country's opposition party the movement for democratic change refuses to accept the results of the presidential election its leader nelson chamisa says he and his colleagues have been harassed and threatened since monday's vote earlier riot police are trying to prevent their new school. also coming up the
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