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and more determined to build something here for the next generation globally the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin zimbabwe's opposition rejects the result of the country's presidential election is but as we have all said this is a big fish and. there's a bridge to go to south of the front let him go beneath it they've got it day by day various good to get an opposition party leader nelson chamisa up vols to challenge the results we get the latest from hugging block stuff but i saw how they killed my mother. it was awful on them but they tortured us and forced us to
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pray. they beat us and they put a price on us and sold us from one man to the next. the so-called islamic state captured years eating women in iraq instilled in my sleeves three reports on one woman's efforts to rescue them. coming up in the show it's loud it's dropped instead of back an open air festival. heavy metal transformer bomb the blood mix the annual pilgrimage to northern germany field weekend of music and made it play. played. well in a woman's continue on the thought she there's growing tension in zimbabwe as the main opposition party refuses to accept the results of the presidential election.
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when opposition leader nelson chamisa has said he challenged the outcome in court and he's accusing authorities of threatening his party's leaders since monday's vote riot police had tried to break up jimmy's us news conference ordering journalists to pack up their equipment and leave but they relented and the m.d.c. leader was able to go ahead with his briefing here's what he had to say today is a day of mourning mourning over democracy it is a black day because we are seeing a repeat of what we saw during the yesteryear regime deprivation of people reading of the will of the people minute relating the results bastardizing the outcome of the elections and in no way trying to negate what people fight for who are going is the will of the people so that was the views off the leader of the opposition in zimbabwe and within the past hour the man declared the winner by the election commission and mustn't mangano out the zanu p.f.
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party has also made a statement he said the election was free and fair and conducted under the eyes of the international community he also had a personal message for his rival nelson chamisa who knows and. i want to see. who saw a role in the but was present. unfolding. because both call for peace and unity you know a lot of. hope for both loud and ever. from zimbabwe we'll have more on those elections in zimbabwe later but first news from germany the majority of germans say racism here is a big problem that's according to a new survey by pulling institute in for tests the issue of racism came into focus off of football. came to face racism and disrespect because
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roots and he quit the german national team. he wore the german jersey he even won the world cup for germany but football player. was recently caught in a backlash regarding his german turkish identity he then resigned from the national team accusing the german football association of racism. now germans are publically debating the country have a problem with. racism in germany is a very big or big problem for two thirds or sixty four percent of the germans according to latest polls only thirty five percent think it's a small or no problem at all a hot political summer in germany but with nothing to gain for the government in berlin approval rates for the grand coalition continue to plummet. i asked which party they'd vote for less than a third of german voters twenty nine percent would currently cast their ballot for
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the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc the social democrats would get less than a fifth of the votes only eighteen percent. the right wing populist if the would reach a record high seventeen percent the liberals and left each still rank below ten percent while the greens would move up to fifteen percent. according to this poll if there was a general election next sunday in germany the coalition parties would lose their majority in parliament but had to make up ford germans consider health and pension policies among the most important issues to be taken care of by their government so work awaits parliament after its summer break ends in september. that would be up to date but some of the stories making news around the wild yemen may be on the brink of a new break off that's a warning which comes from the in isolation widespread malnutrition and conflict could push up the death three. score for
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a three day cease fire in the north of the country to carry out a vaccination program. at least twenty people have been killed in afghanistan after a suicide attack on a mosque in the eastern city of gardez dozens more have been wounded the attacker blew himself up inside a shia mosque as worshipers were attending friday prayers there's been no claim of responsibility as yet. lego has unveiled its first range of sustainable pieces at london's natural history museum the green colored range includes bricks leaves bushes and trees made from a type of plastic derived from sugar cane the new range will go on sale from november. students in bangladesh's capital tucker have held a fixed day of protests after two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus tens of thousands of demonstrators have blocked roads throughout the week to demand safer streets who fatality rates in bangladesh among the highest in
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the world. now they've been subjected to immense cruelty some seven thousand iraqi women and girls were abducted tortured and sexually abused by the so-called islamic state after the extremists over and iraq's northern singe on district four years ago now the heirs have been driven out but three thousand years view the women are still missing many who have been sold into slavery in syria a bigot or should commit to people trying to find them and rescue them. it breaks my heart she says. shareen children is showing us her hometown since the ruined city of the. she's just come back from syria where many young stooping held as slaves who stopped her olds who.
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have begun to mother my best friend and i held hands around here. i took her and made her a slave. she killed herself while she was there prisoner. and i have other friends who are still in their hands it's difficult to cope. she's only twenty two but she van has dedicated herself to finding the kidnapped women and children who she thinks are still in syria it's detailed detective work. she's helped by mahmoud a friend and former smuggler. sometimes my contacts in syria hear about people who've been kidnapped from people who've just been freed they might send me a photo of a kidnapped boy you can ask if i know him that i ask around here whether anyone is missing my boy if so we go rescue him not.
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sometimes the islamists allow their prisoners to call their families and sometimes the families are found for help she calls the kidnappers and fishes for information trying to find out where they are. what would you feel if i get them to trust me then i ask them things like what's happening where they are how many airstrikes have already hit what. mark wooden i are in touch with the iraqi security forces and forces in syria to tell us about is trikes. we compare information to localise the people we're looking for that was and given that. they work with smugglers in syria to bring the former prisoners across the border they say they freed more than sixty people so far. it mostly only works though when the families pay a ransom to the islamists or at least to middlemen who used the families have to borrow the money. if they can't get enough we help them. i have
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friends in europe and america and they give us the money to buy the woman free. show her around russia early was held prisoner for four years her family paid for her release. if they're going to get a job which she has got i saw her they killed my mother. it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on us. since all of us from one man to the next. she says she was on the brink of killing herself but then she came across a mobile phone she secretly sent her family photos and a video three months later she found and shingle found her her family paid thirteen thousand u.s. dollars to get her back. one thing i want i want you to
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meet all the prisoners from them they sell them to each other like sheep it's terrible. and they help themselves to ten year old girls get us back to the mosque . she van also tries to help the women afterwards in the absence of psychological support she has organized a number of self-help groups today she's talking with women about suicide what are the signs that someone is in danger of hurting herself how can others help you have to support each other she tells them. as i don't know i know we have all faced death and that life now is hard but we've survived we cannot give up and let the muslim. brotherhood the sun is setting as we leave but she wants to go to mt singe or the years edis holy mountain to honor her friends who
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are buried here killed while fighting i.r.s. for she van it's a place where she connects with them where she gathers strength for what lies ahead . that exclusive report by the w.'s the judiciary there's some return to our top story election results in zimbabwe getting two very different narratives coming out off the country in detail the scars one hundred trees joins me on the line from the capital city of in this start with amazon mongan what he described these elections as a celebration of democracy and freedom is a short while ago he had a conciliatory was for his rival tell us more about his message and how it's likely to go down where we need to understand that someone god was sees himself as the reformer as somebody who's bringing democracy to the country although he has been part of the ruling elite for a very long time of the very party that has been running the country for forty years just last year he got into power when the military press quit chased out gaba
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and since then he's trying to opening up things and he sees this election as another example of him opening up so according to him everything went free and fair there were no major problems and he once again said that even what to measure millet national service said but this is not fully true because it's a national observers have been saying that they're wearing these problems in the electoral process for example that your opinion is that there's an unlevel playing field and elect of trust was that the electoral process to be set in the cation that things did not go as well as you could trace it to be and the needs of the opposition m.d.c. in essence your misa has called this a day of mourning for democracy and he says his spot he simply does not accept the results of this election what does he and his party plan to do now. well indeed said that once again today that according to his numbers he won the election he
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does not accept the official numbers by the electoral commission but he was not very clear what exactly is going to do basically it has two options right now he could go to court and she confirmed that he would use all legal and constitutional ways to challenge the result to one option would be to go to court to the supreme court to challenge the elections and the other option would be of course to mobilize his supporters to bring them back to the street because he has a massive support base but if we think back what happened when they the outbreak of violence when opposition people went on the streets this might be a dangerous option and this is probably the reason why you did not say that this would be an option right now for him and this is beginning to sound like a deadlock with two competing narratives they had me in such great hopes of this election on june the first one of the possible gobby into what to be able to make of these developments absolutely i talked to a couple of young people on the street today to get their opinion on this issue and of course they have different political parties they are supporting but almost
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everybody was like well we definitely need things to change in the better the rich and you know the bab was almost bankrupt the country is heavily deficit and there's a huge unemployment number for young people extremely difficult to find jobs and most of those people told me well our number one priority is now to have stability finally so that our economy can get back on track and that we finally have a perspective again of increase in heart on it thank you very much for that update from that. ok helena joins me now and she has the latest on the tip for tat tat of between the u.s. and china thank you and we're talking about more threats on both sides of this off to donald trump's top economic adviser says that the united states and china have been holding high level trade talks but the two sides appear to have found well little common ground larry kudo described china's threat to impose another sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on the u.s. as weak and said the wall second biggest economy was quote in trouble with
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a trumpet administration accuses china of stealing intellectual property and not playing by trade rules china denies those allegations and says u.s. protectionism is a threat to go global trade. and we can bring in our financial correspondent for more on this now daniel coupes the frankfurt stock exchange and daniel china has said it's prepared to hit back with further tariffs do we have details on what. yes it all seems a little bit to be like kindergarten hell of a tree in those two countries first the u.s. president says i'm going to hit you with tears than the chinese counterpart they're saying they're going to hit back as well and china is a country is just very proud and they know they have this big potential so it's clear for them that they need to react so yes we are learning that possible terrorists could be including natural gas peter turkey turkey's condoms yes you heard correctly condoms and helicopters and while china is saying
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that the u.s. tears are completely an over reaction of the u.s. president they are calling their all in ones actually reasonable and also cautious after a meeting with his u.s. counterpart one of the chinese foreign minister stated that china wants to keep negotiating but let me tell you had another topic is going to be also the number one topic here next week at the stock markets we are quite we are expecting quite some volatility because of that and. also seemingly to imply that the white house is nearing trade deals with the european union and mexico tell us more about that yes exactly he is saying that they are making progress and that within a month new details could be released this would be rather surprised actually because there is still lots to talk about between the u.s. and the european union and also with mexico but i guess there's also another reason why it's saying this at the moment and many in the tram administration share the
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view that china has isolated itself in this tears discussion and they want to send a message to china are making clear if that they don't just you know depend on china and if china doesn't get more flexible they will do more trade free trade with europe possible with mexico and that you know china really needs to rethink and maybe get a little bit more flexible all right diet coke for us at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you daniel. ryan is irish pilots have conducted a fourth day of strikes prompting the budget carrier to appeal for third party mediation to solve the dispute some three thousand five hundred passengers were affected by the latest industrial action which comes as ryanair faces increasing pressure to improve working conditions for the strikes are planned for this day next week with pilots from ireland belgium and sweet and hedging to walk off the job if their demands aren't met. well the summer heat wave is taking its toll
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on europe's waterways as levels full but the temperature also affects fish and that's proving a headache for factories that rely on the water cooler for cooling like on germany's biggest river the high where one company is stepping up efforts to avoid getting into hot water with authorities. this is a cooling tower run by a german chemical company thing a s.s. into. the water comes from the rhine and lowers the temperature of the production line but before it's pumped back into the river the water itself has to be cooled down again to ensure it doesn't heat the river up that use of energy and it costs money with summer seemingly getting hotter being s.f. is investing in more thrilling towers. where thinking they'll be more of a need to cool down then in the past due to company expansion as well as possible climate change this kind of construction is about being prepared.
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for. the rivers temperature and oxygen levels have to be monitored constantly it's almost twenty eight degrees in the brine near mines. high temperatures leave companies with the choice of either reducing production or paying for the continued use of river water. that firms are forced to pay for using river water we've installed a measuring instrument the firms have to pay when they reintroduced the cooling water and that caused them to rethink the practice. low water levels are also proving a headache cargo ships are traveling almost empty and many goods have to be shipped by rail or road. now whether it is driving up beer sales are nowhere more than in china is now the world's biggest beer market and heineken wants to get in on the act and expand in the country over top spring giantess buying a forty percent share in the listed entity of state owned c r b which is the
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country's biggest beer maker heineken will merge its operations in china with those of its new partner with more and more chinese raising a glass the world's second largest brewer hopes to tap in to that growth. was backers from region now and if you're missing the football world cup fear not exactly fear not hell or thank you and i think the fifa world cup finished a few weeks ago well think again the fee for each was campus taking place in london and it's a tournament for gamers playing the popular fee for football video game of the image of couch potatoes in front of the console is no longer gone it's now a multi-million dollar industry gamers train as much if not more than real for bowlers and they even have doping tests is more. this is what it's all about a trophy fit for a major tournament the prize money isn't but even the winner picks up two hundred
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fifty thousand dollars gaming is now big business no longer the preserve of teenagers bedrooms. more than twenty million people competed globally in the fee for world cup but only these look if you made it to london for the three day grand final it's all very serious players keep in shape in the gym there are even doping tests to make sure gamers aren't using medication to lower their heart rates during the stress of a game is a good measure live thing everyone should be on a level playing field this was definitely something they don't really even really think makes a big difference than a video game but if you. buy into a competition you never you know he goes up and we shoot out. the growth of the sports was underlined by x. germany football the message those of announcing this week that he is looking for gamers from around the world to represent his team. footballers like the often train for just a couple of hours a day but gamers sometimes have to go to extremes especially when learning new
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commands for new games or consols in the beginning that's when it's very heavy because that's when everything game is brand new you have to learn everything from scratch so it's a you know like thirteen fourteen hours referees or even on how to make sure everyone is playing fair maybe virtually this woke up this anything but child's play for you know is the one to formula one has been given a job to after the shock announcement that longtime red bull driver down the condo will be driving for renault next season ricardo has driven for red bull since two thousand and thirteen where he's won seven races and made twenty nine podium finishes they know who have struggled since rejoining formula one three years ago and will be hoping the australian canvas still wore them to their full monty henri they coude the looks set to replace carlos signed from on the event team. and now for cricket yes cricket on d.w.
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the first test between england and india has seen england collapse to one hundred eighty all out in their second innings india now have a great chance to wrap up the win ishant sharma was the best of india's bowlers in birmingham taking five wickets india need one ninety four to win and they're currently on fifty four with seven wickets remaining not a something different some could call it a sport at germany's famous viken heavy metal festival has kicked off with music fans from around the world descending on the village now hamburg topping the bill this year british rock legend judas priest and with the sun shining the music screeching and the beer flowing freely visitors are already having a great weekend just take a look. at a faster vulcan lives up to its most.
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seventy five thousand hard rock and metal fans from around the world have descended on this more north german village. i'm here because i love metal and this is the mecca of metal it's my third year here. and like every festival worth its salt camping out on a huge field this part of the fuckin experience. but i love it it's like coming home it's a feels like home every time i come in. and i'll come back a million times. was we are from mexico. ok. keep picturing it is nothing better than coming to vulcan once a year to let it all hang out to give yours a good last and to enjoy life. these
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days two hundred bands of performing on stage is. headlined by british metal legends to just priest. despite all the posturing fuck'n actually has a reputation for being a very friendly festival there's hardly ever any trouble. perhaps that's because everyone here gets direct pression out in the mosh pit. and we'll have more on the back and heavy metal festival live ten about two hours from now robin metter from a to disc will join me and he tell us more about it you're watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin here's a recap of the top story that they're following field in zimbabwe the opposition
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movement for democratic change has rejected the results of the country's presidential election its leader nelson chamisa has said his party had evidence of election fraud. and would challenge the outcome in call. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the gorgeous down good from google play off from the apple still doesn't give you access to all the latest news from around the one as well as push notifications when you breaking news and you can also use the after to send us photos and videos which you think might be up interest to us. that fit to me a myth that she might on the do you have been used to but i'll be back with you in half an hour to join me then if you get a bad. call
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smart. they're ready to risk everything for a new my. memory no one saw me and see themselves as men in women's bodies. both are having a sex change. and both play soccer how does that affect their lives on and off the field.
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beyond a lot of them in santa monica in greece one week on from the devastating forest fire. villages. trying to god what's left of their homes against looters while rescue teams search for bodies and survivors. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the state. in sixty minutes. iran. wants an isolated theocracy now a major power in the middle east. airlines influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does
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iran truly want peace. with the country's opponents have their doubts to isolate. iran from theocracy. start august fifth on g.w. . bush fund being just a lifetime achievement type coming off of plots because i. didn't have all the names as upsets not as god's good but i saw it like i see the finish front. when two transgender footballers transition into man male hormones change their bodies and muscles testosterone turns go.


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