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really. does iran truly want to teach. the countries of homes their towns to isolate. iran from theocracy. starts broadcaster w. a. i want to welcome to another edition of the show i'm your host meghan li from kids to fish we have a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. working contraptions a spanish inventor creates all kinds of crazy devices for peaceful paradise relax and explore on the island shrieker loathing in the north sea. in summer fish
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dish a kind of lonely income for carers a traditional desktop that. necessity is the mother of all invention but for you to over and inventor ivan miranda having fun is his main goal miranda invents all sorts of objects from a remote controlled beach cars to a sand drawing robot well his inventions don't always so republicans but they have gained a large following on you tube we caught up with him in action in spain. i only one we had a going to make my dad go on. and attack with colorful cannonball. the ukulele from a three d. printer. red beach bug that you can influence. well almost. these are all creations
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by spanish inventor even at random here he is on san sebastian bay at six thirty in the morning along with them is one of the contraptions he designed it assembled himself. if we're all going but i do this is a robot that can write anything i want in the sound. and i built it because i want to. know what's going on by you but doesn't have a publisher in itself. but when i have an idea and i kid i have to do something with it no matter how much. the inventor filmed his sand drawing robots first test run and uploaded it on to two tube. within four weeks the video got more than two hundred thirty thousand hits the robot's writing was upside down at first but even loved it anyway. so. this is our it looks right side up.
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to really be able to use the beach as his drawing board miranda had to get there early that's when the tide is low in the sand especially smooth and no sunbathers or swimmers have left any footprints yet oh wait if there's no getting out of it if anybody got it draws on the rights everything i want to send that is so cold. when he's not testing his creations in the sand even on his tinkering with them in his workshop in the middle of science. bastion. he's repairing his remote control. now thirty eight he's been fascinated by electronic and digital gadgetry since he was a kid. in addition to his part time office job the family man can now we're in
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a living from clips like these he thinks being a you tuber is the best job i've ever. seen and i think. he said i had to develop this time because a legitimate project would be so serious that it would take all the fun out of it. i get in contrast where i can crash my tank and i can make it loud foster and read anything i want and to get me to go to something i think that's what people like about my videos to get a look at you know without it. feels almost seventy thousand subscribers on you tube and they like the videos where everything goes wrong. fortunately he always has a replacement because he prints the individual components himself in the workshop. they can be combined to make a skateboard. or hand crank electronic music the. minute
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you go to. compensate for that his technical abilities are much less limited but it's completely self-taught. not many users can recreate his remote controlled over craft but they follow the creation of his projects and write lots of comments on little fella to come up out of the labor like to follow a project from start to finish that captivates them because in the end something is being created that either was. doesn't i mean when you what they want to see me making mistakes and owning from them just as i don't only show the positive but also the negative. you know the way they break up. before he takes his writing robot out onto the beach he programs the kind of lettering he wants. it runs inventions
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have a short lifespan he can store them in a small workshop anyway usually either gives them away or perhaps to scrap them. from the drawing board to completion it took you from a round of three weeks to make his writing robot and this time he's printing a very special message on the beach in san sebastian. just for our right moving on now to a brief look at other stories making headlines on the cultural scene starting with a look back at berlin in the ninety's that and more coming up in today's express. a new exhibit opened in berlin on this day that takes visitors back to the nine hundred ninety s. begins that followed the fold of the building will i consider it she checked in the post-war history of the german capital. they was it that they said
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a sense of freedom and creativity back that. the song tricked out so one of the soundtrack of those years was techno music stood for progress the future expectations and all. that music was full of hope for change it was like in the year two thousand and something we'll all be dancing naked around the victory column and there will be world peace fleet. the exhibition called night she's been also teaches the left parade which was held every year from nine hundred eighty nine to two thousand and three. swedish model combat turns fifty on saturday in the one nine hundred ninety s. he was one of the world's best known models. designer gianni versace often used chunky bag in his fashion shows he's an imposing figure at one meter ninety three he also holds stocks in u.s.
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citizenship. you don't often see moccasin come back in fashion shows these days but he's still one of the industry's top. officials in the southwestern german town of lund out have come up with some creative ways to keep their animals cool during the current heat wave some get ice cream bush pigs are served frozen dog food topped with sunflower seeds. that chimpanzees enjoy apple flavored popsicles. record high temperatures have been recorded across europe and it doesn't look like this heat wave is going to end anytime soon. so those cold showers been running. all this week we've been taking you on trips to various islands across europe and the caribbean but today we are staying closer to home and heading to the german
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island of speak. it's one of the east friesian islands located located off the north german coast because it is only reachable by ferry thanks to only a few hundred residents and abundant natural landscape the island has a very tranquil feeling about it. these seventy beaches stretch for kilometers on all sides is the water and sea world heritage site this is to be eight hundred square kilometer island appreciate the tranquillity. you know to play i don't mean five i definitely like the absence of cars and it's got a bit of the quality of zoot but without all the hubbub of in the way he told me and i don't know if you just keep coming back. of the east freeze an island is the green one trees line the roads but no cause trouble them and no spotlights would slow them down if they did the holiday makers enjoy the slow pace. it's an ideal
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place to start the day with a bit of yoga on the water. with yoga mat here is a stand up paddle board the boards and get in a smaller goon ninety minutes will make everybody fit to meet the day. thirty year old moxie noise came to the island three years ago she can't imagine a better place to live and work. in enough to here in the midst of nature breathing in everything that's around you and you come out of the water and think cool and glad i did that and it doesn't matter what it looked like . at the eastern end of spiegel is a bit built a national park cost and high tech a shows visitors the beauty of the all splatter will be hard to speaker boehner is part of the lower saxony watching c and when you speak of the girls are convinced that it's the prettiest part but the whole
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coastline here is there watch and see national park or the basic idea is to let nature be nature to let the natural processes unfold with as little interference as possible. and that's been especially successful here on the last platter. when you need some people come here to be seen others go out to sea they just have to set sail once out of all top class in tests his students knowledge of the rope in one hand the tiller in the other people robes ropes are for mountain climbing in the pony stables but for sailing we've got lines earrings azer is when there is thick as there. arm but in general the most torn up of this is a sheet a main sheet you have to gather up the main sheet so tight that the sale won't spill over or spill means flaps you see it's flapping all over so halid up tighter pull your right hand to your left just don't let it go here oh no it's great exactly but more. the north sea is one of the most challenging areas on earth for sailing the sand banks the ebb and float and currents have spelled many
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a sailor's do. back on land it's like a ride in the park with a one horse power engine speaker is famous for its horse drawn railway the last to survive in germany. tama pulls the cars along one hundred thirty year old narrow gauge track in line is also there was a popular destination for daytrippers back there at the time of the kaiser's a restaurant on the dune with a view of the sea the gift to buddha as a frisian were a gift but for something to be had to be improved or drink. as in order to be for the real way it was built and i just said to walk that one point seven kilometers mostly across the sand. i expect ten minutes so they realize that something had to be done to make the trip a bit easier. in that fifteen minute rail journey ends at the west end
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terminal decline in a genuine east frizzy and runs the old lever me cafe in what used to be that heated pool. with information of where a little off the beaten path even for the day trippers where there are more for our many regulars and so you know this of course is the last stop for the horse drawn railway many older people take it to the beach since the paths can be pretty long here so they can walk some and then take the railway it's quite a good thing it's all little i won't say alternative but hey we're no fast food place. sides resume kind friendship was. an alternative to speaker hoops many hotels would be the campground behind the dunes right on the beach in the don't days of summer the fine sandy beach draws tourists here in droves. at the end of a long day we put back out to sea in captain will jacobs fishing boat no visitors
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complete without a trip to the seal called in these. harbor seals and rare grey seals bost in the evening sun as laid back as most everything else some speak of the green knight and . time now to disclose the winner of this week's a drop now we have asked you what you would take to a desert island here's some of the answers our viewers sent in oh no for india is from sri lanka would take his wife with him and francisco martinez from venezuela his middle and danielle sierra from hunter s. chose a special japanese and knife and christina kind of from bucharest would take sunscreen quite a wise choice but the winner is linearly intel from germany who would take her cat with her very cute cat. congratulations you've won yourself
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a euro max watch. when it is hot outside like it is here in berlin and also in many parts of europe right now the appetite tends to wane so fish is always a good summer alternative to a hearty meal for today's all our cards we're going to sample a special team from northern spain as you can find out what that is right now. during a summer vacation by the mediterranean nights if she seems to go down past. they can be found among the old cuisine dishes served at the sun pad boss questran in a full mana stream a lot x. demand. shafik to come as favorite dishes a song called salads simple yet sophisticated i mean for me memories play an important role in dining that's when you need something that's top quality and at
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the same time it reminds you of your childhood and it's the best sensual experience you're going to have as a man you're the. taste buds have already learned this in our childhood. your emotions about ike's dining out experience i mean we have your emotional muscle and they gave us an idea. to come as fine as the vegetables from my salad at the street market in the nearby town of plan as tomatoes sweet green onions bell peppers and green beans. then he heads for a fish store that only sell salted and dried card preserve using a traditional method card has almost no fat so it absorbs the salt completely through the pores and the fish doesn't spoil.
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is that we buy this piece here the midsection from the back of the it's been soaked in water for five days and then another two days with the water being changed three or four times a day to draw out the salt. and now it's become quite a bit thicker again as it's to take this piece here are going to have got its original coloring back and it's ready to take it with i will call or. card is a staple in catalan cuisine it's eaten fried steaming little roll it was once considered a poor man's food but now it features on the menu seem to. restaurants back in the restaurant it doesn't take long to make the sound. that cut the green onions marinate them away a cherry finish and set them aside and. dice that to
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mars has his hands greenbelt has. quickly launched the flat. plunge them into cold water and come into slices. now the fish by hand. but again you do it by hand because you have to separate the fish from the white nerve fibers running through it. you want to get rid of them to make the fish clean and transparent. but it's a lot of work but it produces a wonderful purity a flavor that it is. going to want to get the work that. makes the vegetables and the bone. dress the salted fish with chinese blossoms and all the foil. ideally easterner it with a fork. now it's time to serve the sound layer for when they are.
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the tomato then the fish and then the rest of the vegetables. and. when a fish is deep frozen to preserve it as it is done nowadays that changes the taste but i'm planted remembers what it once knew that's rooted in our memories not less there's a lesson all of us never forget is the authentic tanks to fix he was one of them and that's why soldier carter has a pot of gold made cooking today top. song contest salad. a traditional danish from catalonia that's the chief of cult status. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook.
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you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook line. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. normally when we visit a place and it pleases us we want to take a bit of it back home with us so we take a photo or buy a souvenir but what do you do with all of those kitschy little things once you have them at home wells with a fresh heart refer. to ranges hers in a kind of altar dedicated to her memories of places and people well it seems that a lot of folks do that so she decided to photograph them and it's all come together in a book entitled alter. vacation souvenirs
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knickknacks every day odds and ends arranged at home or at the office like designing little still lifes just about everyone has them it was photographer who also shall macaws the house all to us. i. have got a whole bunch of them. so naturally she took her first photos of these altars in her own home in zurich. look at these astronauts my kids' parties kitsch objects from a machine instead of up like they were doing a circle dance so he could stay. constant or pick and said hey look gay astronauts on the moon goes down wall and here we have a whale from one of my daughters it's quite artistic. i've got a lot of this stuff millions of objects really it's like a collective work of art
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a little like. joseph boys once said that everyone is an artist you can't deny that there's a certain amount of style in these kinds of alters fearlessly composed and shaped into a simple arches but it can be confusing for other up service. what is the connection between these animals and walnut oil. and what's this. human it's not to collect things but why we also have the photo of a alter asked a psychotherapist to write some text to accompany the picture this. is a physical these secular alters have one thing in common with religious orders. and is there really great so repositories you know the items on display you have no
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religious structure you meet they simply remind us of something that was important or personal to us. you know. that makes sense. so what's all that behind him. and. dustin those are terra cotta figurines from africa and the main reason i have them is that i couldn't afford egypt and statues and. show me your altar and i'll tell you who you were. who knows what personal stories lie behind the photographs that appear in the book. by the way all the first house have had some details removed for privacy reasons only the photographer knows the whole story. this is. this photo comes from an elderly woman who ended up in a retirement home all her clocks show a different time. and that's one of the major themes here the trends in nature of
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time and. we still have a loss of questions why would anyone build a computer of cardboard. and antos flying swatches leaning on the wall you can kind of you can't really decipher the meetings behind these things and if this were for example it doesn't have to mean that there's likely ninety or that the flyswatter represents sato mazo tendencies or anything like that. all sleep time. we did manage to find out that the flawless watches belong to the photographer herself she bought them one day on a whim at a flea markets now because of her collection of. small missions it can become a bit obsessive if every object you discover suddenly becomes worthy of collecting and presenting. but i'm not the only one who has these kinds of alters my friends
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have them too so i just asked them whether i could photograph them yet. it's so gross this project took on a life of its a. and entertaining collection of private shrines to pay tribute to some of the treasured possessions. there were that we were wrapped up today's show if you missed any of our reports be sure to check us out online of course follow us on facebook we will be back tomorrow with the highlights and the best picks of the week until then thanks for watching and so. time on your own max the highlights of the week tropical dream caribbean islands with an unmistakable european flair. ancient legend count dracula as medieval home in romania. and free right eighteen year old europeans try can. throughout the continent would for. next time i'm highlighting.
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the law but the the the but the but. the body. clock. the ball round the b.m.w. the best guy is the best school cheers the be .
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moving on beethoven. his work goddess fortuna. the maestro and famous. beethoven insist upon twenty. it's all happening so it's a visit. to a link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptions stories and discussions can you and welcome student news african income family life from. time for an upgrade. how about sure that grows on buying. a house with no. poor design
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this is news coming. europe's he. can speak as a country under the intense heat. of the. temperatures and unfortunately can reach the highest ever recorded on the continent.


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