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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin europe's heat wave claiming lives at least three people have died of heat stroke in spain as the country labors on to the intense heat for calls to sworn in the next forty eight hours temperatures then and in portugal could reach the highest ever recorded on the continent with from here from a reporter in lisbon also coming up. members of zimbabwe's main opposition party appearing in court in her already charged with inciting violence off of
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monday's election they say they're being framed by the police. and it's being called moscow's version of wood stalled but now several bands are refusing to perform but one of russia's largest music festivals because the country's military is also taking part. in a. time when a home free glad you could join me temperatures in europe all for cost to reach the highest ever recorded on the continent this weekend places in portugal have already broken local temperature records with some areas registering highs of forty five degrees celsius on friday in spain at least three people died from heat stroke. it's already been one of the hottest weeks on record in southern portugal the civil protection agency has issued its highest alert and warns that this weekend could be
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even worse. but the risk is expected to increase and spread to other regions of the country and specifically to the center and to the north sent for to go into the world. across europe the scorching temperatures are causing more than just over crowded coasts the heat has brought drought stoking wildfires from spain to sweden. the hot dry air has also wreaked havoc on europe's harvests in france the vineyards are withering. and in the u.k. grazing pastures for cows have very little green grass. the national farmers union has called a drought summit to address farmers' worries i think we need to be concerned that we need to have been. always wide open about what's what is going on and where offered comes from spain is feeling heat nearly as fierce as that in portugal
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temperatures are expected to reach well past forty degrees celsius this weekend authorities are warning people to take precautions heatstroke has already claimed its first victims. for more let's go to the news than one correspondent peter wise is out braving the often in portuguese sun peter how hot is it that. it is indeed very hot i'm sitting outside a cafe off one of the main shopping streets in this but. the moment of just around the corner is showing forty one degrees at the moment. that's expected to to increase to about forty two forty three in lisbon by the end of the day. but of course across across portugal there are much higher temperatures. as you say as the report mentioned earlier it reached forty five and above yesterday that's expected in some places possibly to reach above forty seven and those even the possibility
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that it would top forty eight which would be a record temperature for the whole year of. course be to me iberia region is no stranger to hot summers of course this is for markable give us a sense of what it's been like where you are. well of course one of the main consequences is the whole country is on that ridge of the forest fire last year during another he suffered a tragedy similar to that in greece recently. more than one hundred people lost their lives in forest fires in portugal last year and the authorities have been working for the past year to make sure there's no repeat of that this year of course this heat wave even worse than last year is not helping with that at all there's already one very large laney's just north of the out of the fields close to the algarve coast to space it a lot of
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a lot of houses are destroyed about nine people have been injured so far in that but it's. correspondent jason wise in lisbon peter thank you for that and please do stay as cool as you possibly can. thank you. and it's not just europe suffering from the heat japan has been battling soaring temperatures for weeks now more than one hundred people died of heat stroke last month while tens of thousands of others were hospitalized in south korea record temperatures of up to forty degrees celsius have left thirty people dead and across the border in north korea the government has warned that damage to vital crops means that the heat wave is threatening a natural disaster. and now some of the other stories making news around the world heavy rains have caused havoc in several districts along india's ganges river more than one hundred fifty people have died there because of flooding and more than one
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thousand houses were left without power what the state government's issue the relief in the affected areas is more heavy rains are predicted. turkey's president. has announced counter sanctions on two u.s. officials after that country froze the assets of two turkish ministers earlier this week the route was spock's when turkey detained a us past a working in the country on allegations of terrorism and espionage. u.s. secretary of state michael meyers pressure should be applied to ensure north korea is sticking to its pledge of denuclearization met briefly with his north korean counterpart three young hole at a security forum in singapore now despite the smiles phone player says the u.s. would take any violation of u.n. sanctions seriously. new zealand's prime minister just in the end and has returned to work after six weeks of maternity she's arrived back in the capital
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well into the long with her daughter will be allowed to cuddle in the parliamentary chamber and is only the second world leader to have given birth while in office off to pakistan's benazir bhutto. corson's government says it's deeply concerned by the violence following zimbabwe's election and what it calls the disproportionate response by the security forces at least six people died after troops opened fire on a demonstration on wednesday staged to protest against alleged vote rigging by president and listening god today more than twenty members of the main opposition party appeared in court in harare charged with inciting violence at the rally. marched into court to face charges of inciting public violence dozens of members of the opposition movement for democratic change who were arrested at the party headquarters police accuse them of some mention of violence while awaiting election
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results at least six people died in clashes with security forces but the m.d.c. as leader nelson chamisa says it is the government that should face justice for the day we have been subjected to all men and i think you are hearing intimidation and . the reason why. information because they wanted to cry and roy the evidence that we have and i must say that. their lesson in this country was one by. his followers to keep calm as he challenges the election outcome police continue to delouse heavy handed tactics on friday they try to shut down an opposition press conference. they eventually relented the situation has left many zimbabweans anxious about the
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future i want to be if they death use in just. a bit jobs i think the president. i think he will move the cart before the old man is one saw i'm just hoping. he will make a change the fortunes of most of us days no law and order here nobody's respecting anyone here so i don't see any future. after winning by a slim margin man agogo has called for national unity and reached out to his rival . plage to be the president of all the. president all those that voted for me and those who did not who knows and. want to see. a recluse or role to play in them but was present in his. he was of south africa has now congratulated for his victory the united states says
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it is reviewing the election results. encouraged at the first test match between england and india has seen the hosts claim victory on day four and one has been a thrilling series opener england all round a bend stoke start in the second innings putting on a pretty bold in display cicada a four wickets india's captain and stone play of it at cooley being the biggest of the bunch the second test match will be played at nude scene in london next week. transfer news now and by munich have soldier lay in it field a total of a doubt to barcelona deal worth a reported thirty million euros the thirty one year old joined by and from eventis back in twenty fifteen claiming three pointers legal titles and one german cup during his three year spell in bavaria his move to barcelona was given the green light by new buying coach nico batu won't be short of midfield options following
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the signing of laon a good at sky from shaka. well it's been cold russia's woodstock we're talking about nash to be at the festival in moscow the event jewels tens of thousands of rock music lovers and dozens of bands for three days of music and revelry but in one aspect at least it's not a tool like the peace and love of nine hundred sixty nine york no russia's military will be out in force and for bands it has struck the wrong chord we will be able to get these guys a pretty big in moscow's punk rock scene the band is called distemper and they formed around the time the soviet union collapsed that recorded twenty one albums and toured extensively at home and abroad and they regularly play the nationalist fi festival. this time around they were planning to debut their newest song.
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but that decided to pull out of the festival why they didn't like the fact that russia's military plans to exhibit weapons at the festival sites. people just want to relax at the festival it just can't be that military hardware be allowed to go on display that's simply propaganda for militarism a music festival should not become a place for state propaganda you go in with just you with a lot of the propaganda. bands that don't end up playing for go the paycheck and the public city some two hundred thousand people attend the festival each year so it's no surprise that the army wants to do a bit of marketing. to build what we've always been critical of the military people should be able to make a conscious decision before hand not after the fact they should be able to decide whether to go to the army or not. if you continue.
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and this tempera not alone to spend. your wish were invited to play at the festival for the first time this year but they too decided to cancel along with six other bands all because of the i mean advertising. guide you could if you go if a band cancels then a second cancels than a third fourth fifth and sixth with that at some point the audiences and the organizers will begin to reflect on it. but if you don't the premier your business the band hopes that they will again be invited to play in two thousand and nineteen they say they would definitely play provided the army stays away. meanwhile germany's famous vulcan heavy metal festival has kicked off and this year the small north german town is hosting two hundred bands and seventy five thousand heavy metal fans from around the world headline acts including heavy metal titans judas priest and more thank you today the way the cross you are organizing against to
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take extra to avoid the sequel should the festival is regarded as the biggest heavy metal music event in the world. and i'm going to leave you now with a scene from suburban idaho where one family woke up to a surprise almost one hundred goats had invaded they got in and were busy feasting on the plants so you would get at the top of the. it's. slowly slowly. slowly. display itself a solid. gold
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a. delight. to. play a place to. play. his work. his fortune not. the monster and figure. twenty.


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