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this is d w news live from berlin thousands gather in israel to protest the new law they say it marginalizes non jews the druze minority and their supporters say to rally against a new identity law that critics say undermines israel's democratic values we'll talk to our correspondent in tel aviv for the latest also coming up europe's heat wave turns deadly at least three people have died in spain a heat stroke forecasts for spain and portugal are due to reach the highest temperatures ever cordage on the continent. and members of the bar boys main
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opposition party appear in court in harare charged with inciting violence after monday's election the defendant saying they're being framed by the police. you could join us tens of thousands of people are protesting in israel against new legislation they say marginalizes non jewish people in the country thousands have gathered in a central square in tel aviv for a protest organized by the country's druze minority they're calling for all israelis to be treated equally and they say the new law undercuts israel's democratic values by marginalizing not only the druze but also the country's arab minority arab israelis make up about twenty percent of the population. let's bring in middle east correspondent tanya kramer on the line she's. at the rally in tel
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aviv tanya start by telling us more about who's at this protest what does it look like on the ground there. well you can say a lot of people from the jewish community and also actually anti villages as a savior came down from the north. when most of the community thought to tel aviv to approach is the right joined by israeli intelligence tell the truth minority makes maybe less than two percent of the israel of israel's population but they also say no they also are in the army and like the arab israeli community because we are israeli feel israeli but that's why there's so much anger but with this face no we don't really do feel like a second class citizen. this was also reflected this week when some. protesting in the army says they can no longer be in the army because they do not
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equal before the law and that's why so many people turned out to approaches. how will minority is like the druze and the arab israelis be affected by this nation. what i mean the arab israeli community would be always. discriminated against not just trying to. make you know as below actually. the jewish character. only in addition to that old downgrade of the arctic language from the official language to the language the. people who came here tonight will protest against a possible so-called compromise that was offered by the israeli prime minister last three of the disgust with the leadership of the jewish community it's painted to fall because they want to be an amendment to the nation state all that crap all together. given it's a saying they just don't want to be seen as second of the victims and that's why
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they have to come out and protest. middle east correspondent tanya famous after a rally in tel aviv thank you so much. temperatures in europe are forecast to reach the highest ever recorded on the continent this weekend in spain at least three people have reportedly died from heat stroke eight places in portugal have already broken local hit records with some areas hitting nearly forty six degrees celsius that's close to the record forty eight degrees set in greece more than forty years ago. mercilessly the sun beats down day after day driving the temperatures in portugal to record breaking highs. people do whatever they can for relief. authorities have issued a nationwide health alert and urging people to take precautions against heat stroke the most important thing is to drink lots and lots of water.
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i need lots of water something cool and i try to stay at home. easy doesn't stay in the shade and drink a lot and that's. right. emergency services are at maximum readiness because of the threat of forest fires last year wildfires killed more than one hundred people in portugal. expect the risk of fires to rise in the old army and in parts of iowa into as well as in the north. the first alarms were reported on friday some seven hundred firefighters are working one major fire in the hill country of the our garvie. forecasters expect temperatures to hit forty seven degrees before things start to cool off slightly earlier in the week. and the heat wave has hit germany hard as well and while people are suffering here the tree is are also dying
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high temperatures and weeks with very little rain have parched forests environmentalists worried that thousands of trees are not evolved to withstand this heat they say a whole generation of trees is at risk. berlin's green lungs the forest outside of the city turning brown it hasn't rained here in weeks that's hard on pine trees and spruce trees which are less resistant to heat and drought than are the trees the heat is also deadly for seedlings. the forester for this wards is worried about a whole generation of trees the moments you also spend right now it looks like half of the newly planted trees won't make it that's a loss that goes into the thousands. then you told in a good forest manages estimate the cost of the damage for all of germany at half a billion euros they hope the government will help them cover the losses. that he
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has enjoyed all got us when we get into a kind of catastrophic situation that we've never seen before then we do think compensation for the money spent on seedlings should be considered as it should environmental organizations say forest owners need to adjust to the consequences of climate change one way would be to increase the number of heat resistant trees this most from stop that's something the government can encourage investing heavily in more evergreens is a bad idea because we're heading for a mediterranean climate where those trees won't grow. in the short term though what the woods need are a few days of steady rain. now to some of the other stories making news around the world eighteen people have been killed in a helicopter crash in siberia aviation officials say the craft collided with a load being carried by a second helicopter according to russian authorities the passengers on board were mostly oil workers. and police in the russian city of st petersburg have arrested
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gay rights activists who were taking part in an unauthorized rally organizers said they would stage one man protest after city authorities turned down their request to hold a parade a law banning what the russian government calls quote gay propaganda has been in place since two thousand and thirteen. amazon has begun removing products with nazi symbols on them from its online store the decision comes after the internet retail giant was criticized for allowing third parties to sell right wing paraphernalia the company says it has blocked several seller accounts and is reviewing the status of others amazon's regulations banned third parties from selling products that promote hatred violence or racial and sexual intolerance. the british government says it is deeply concerned by the violence following zimbabwe's election as well as the quote disproportionate response from security forces at
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least six people died after troops opened fire on a demonstration on wednesday people took to the streets to protest against a legit vote rigging by private president. today more than twenty members of the main opposition party appeared in court in harare they're being charged with inciting violence at the rally. marched into court to face charges of inciting public violence dozens of members of the opposition movement for democratic change who were arrested at the party headquarters police accuse them of from mentioning violence while awaiting election results at least six people died in clashes with security forces but the m.d.c. as leader nelson chamisa says it is the government that should face justice for the three days we have been subjected to all men i think you hear intimidation in bed just yesterday obviously when they did the reason why they wanted information
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from us because they wanted to cry and roy the evidence that we have and i must say that. their election in this country was won by the m.d.c. . chamisa has urged his followers to keep calm as he challenges the election outcome police continue to deal out heavy handed tactics on friday they try to shut down an opposition press conference. but they eventually relented the situation has left many zimbabweans anxious about the future and one to see if they death use interest. it did take jobs i think the president. i think he will move the card before the old man is one so i'm just hoping. he will make a change the fortunes of most of us there's no law and order here nobody is respecting anyone here so i don't see any future forcibly after winning by
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a slim margin man and god has called for national unity and reached out to his rival. wage to be the president of all the. president all those that voted for me. those. who knows. i wonder. what was the reason. for this is no congratulated him on his victory the united states says it is reviewing the election results. to sports news now at the european championships in glasgow the records are tumbling in the pool first british farmer adam p.t. broke his own world record in the men's one hundred meter breaststroke the reigning olympic champion clocked a time of fifty seven seconds dead so the delight of the home crowd peter shaved
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zero point one three seconds of his previous best which he set at the olympics in rio de janeiro two years ago next there was joy for russia as clear men cause less than a call of broke the men's fifty meter backstroke world record the youngster came in came home in twenty four seconds dead zero point zero four seconds faster than the previous best set by britain's liam tam cock serena williams as prospects for the u.s. open have taken a blow after she pulled out of the rogers cup a key warm up tournaments citing quote personal reasons the american battled back to the top of tennis after lifesaving surgery last year following the birth of her first child she was runner up at wimbledon last month but her most recent match in san jose california ended in a humiliating six one six love defeat to britain's joanna contat the worst defeat of her deputy a career. in football fans will soon have a chance to forget their country's disappointing world cup performance the
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bundesliga season is just around the corner and byron munich fans are once again favorites for the title with an ageing squad and little transfer activity this summer there are questions over their ability to win a seventh straight title but new coach believes the bavarians have what it takes. things have turned out well on by and pre-season tour led by coach nico kovacs the team has been enjoying its preparations for the new campaign. the atmosphere could hardly have been better on that. we want to make each player better but i expect passion ambition and progress. things that defined himself as a player he spent two seasons of by him as a battling midfielder and as a coach he proved his worth to his new employers by beating them in the german cup final in my. tummy the coach communication is key which. i think of us i think he still thinks like
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a player he's meticulous and he talks to us a lot. his main task will be to oversee a generational change in robin and from korea barrier in their mid thirty's but remain key players if you need players have arrived so he has returned from a loan spell at hoffenheim gorecki has signed on a free transfer from shall those things you know so you know if i've noticed that our training sessions have been longer than perhaps some of the players they used to say it's good. for the season a clear it's the same every year here. that doesn't just mean a seven wonders league title in a rugby. spine to be just as dominant in the german cup and the champions league. you're watching to debbie in is don't forget you can always check out our web site t w dot com for all the latest news from around the world i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks so much for joining us.
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