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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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home in twenty four seconds dead zero point zero four seconds better than the previous best set by britain's liam tan cock and that's your news right from d w news don't forget you can always check out our website u.w. dot com for all the latest and all the breaking news on my actuator in berlin thanks for joining us. for. the language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w.b.'s. happening. today. sure linked to news from africa
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and the world. your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you unwelcome to do separately programming from foreign to me from the news of easy town i would say d w to africa come join us on facebook at t w africa. europe is baking in so tropical heat crops across the continent withering german from a high coterminous harvest is history. we've had to raise the feet would been storing for winter with nothing in the fields we can't put the young animals out to graze they get winter feed in the sheds because the fields are totally scorched. michael turner expects his losses to top two hundred thousand euros and he's only one of the many farmers who face ruin. we have the felix the entity we're facing the worst
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harvest of the century many farms face the prospect of going under crop losses are in the range of fifty to seventy percent we're calling on the government for a crisis aid program and can have spoken. germany's farmers association would like a billion euros from berlin and says that would go some way at least to ease the effects of harvests which are projected to be well down on last year as things stand right now though farmers aren't likely to see any fast cash agriculture minister yulia clarke no wants to see what happens before deciding at the end of august climatologists say the parched fields drought and rising temperatures mean the future could already be upon us. here if we keep going like we have been by mid century we'll be at a two point four degree increase and that would make extreme weather events like the wrench or rain and heat waves more frequent. and that worldwide this year
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even the far northeast struggling with unusually high temperatures. a new law has given the german government power to block takeovers of german companies like life felt by foreign firms if they encroach on national security the economy ministry had pressed for a veto because life makes tools for the aerospace industry. as it became obvious berlin would reject the deal the chinese withdrew their bid so life remains in german hands last week the german government also prevented china's state great corporation from taking a twenty percent holding electricity grid operator fifty hertz instead it asked state owned k. of your bank to buy up a stake berlin was an easy about handing a chinese state company a say in the country's power grid public infrastructure it just too critical to be in the hands of a foreign company. but chinese businesses feel i'm fairly singled out.
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and. the case shows a company from belgium and a known european one from australia bought stakes in the business of tanya. but when a chinese company wants to invest it's being prevented supposedly for reasons of security. some analysts argue such fears will backfire on german businesses wanting greater access to china it's sensitive and delicate topic to our whole but we do yes our government is there to very responsible but at the same time respecting that there is a need to good for having open markets. for having good relations to time but not at any price as far as berlin is concerned foreign investment in german utilities military and aerospace contractors could prove difficult from now on.
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its share price here two hundred seven dollars and all of a sudden apple was worth a trillion dollars the company made its market debut in one nine hundred eighty but the share price of thirty nine cents if you bought ten thousand dollars worth of shares back then your investment would now be worth fixed point four million it's the world's first. publicly traded company to be valued at a trillion dollars the milestone reached thursday marks fallacious triumph of a trend setting company that two moderates named steve star still silicon valley garridge forty two years ago but in one thousand nine hundred seven it was on the brink of collapse its macintosh deck's top selling consumer seemingly unwilling to pay more for it than its microsoft alternative but when it was at the i pod and i phone things began to look up again and apple gained a cult following after the death of co-founder steve jobs tim cook went on to make
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apple a historic stock market success. today everyone has i phones i pads i products and the oil on there is significant they have been able to continue to sell product increasing prices high the next apple competitor is an eighteen year old sitting in their garage somewhere for now though there are plenty of current competitors to worry about it earlier this week china while way over took apple as the number two smartphone maker in the world. new legislation in germany will make online retailers like amazon liable for the sales tax of foreign vendors using their platform amazon and others would be obliged to provide vendor names addresses and their revenues to the german tax authorities if they don't comply the retail platform operators would become liable themselves for the taxes. should it become law the measure could bring the german government
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hundreds of millions of euros every year. tesla is in talks with two german states as it explores building a mega factory in europe negotiations are also underway in the netherlands the facility will assemble batteries as well as vehicles test says the decision on the location will be made by the end of the year just recently test announced their plans to build a large factory in china the news emerged just ahead of test us quarterly figures this week losses doubled to seven hundred twenty million dollars as the company struggles to accelerate production of its mid market model three saddam. put on the other hand is earning more than ever before despite diesel gate and it from suing costs the group earned six point six billion euros during the first half of twenty eighteen that's two point one percent more than just the same period last year but
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first starting wars the second half of this year could be difficult. it could struggle to comply with new emission standards applying in the e.u. starting september an entire range of models are currently waiting to be certified . ryanair is facing us collating strike action in europe as it struggles with trade union negotiations this week the budget carriers german pilots voted to strike as they pushed for collective labor agreements after talks failed last weekend the union gave management till august the sixth to come up with an offer next friday the tenth of august pilots in belgium sweden and ireland planned to walk out as well. they accuse ryanair of paying much less than other budget airlines charges the carrier denies. it's been five years since lehman c.e.o. joe kayser carried out his last restructuring plan i'm now he's us again the three
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sectors gas and power smart infrastructure and digital industry will now be autonomous the run that way decisions can be reached quicker hopefully helping drive sales and earnings behind the restructuring of the plan to float all three independent divisions on the market in separate i.p.o.'s where they can be sold or merged something that has a ready happened in other areas of the siemens group medical technology division health nears went public in march in athens siemens is telling shareholders that the some of the separate parts is worth more than they are to get their. legal entity by itself doesn't create any value it's more what you have in there and. city to do so because this is going to be in the hands of a sustainable stakeholder oriented value. because he created the
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optionality still unclear is what effect the restructuring will have on siemens three hundred eighty thousand workers worldwide germany's i.t. mittal union doesn't expect any additional job cuts it's biding its time and waiting for management to explain what concrete changes the new plan will bring. whole week there was gridlock on barcelona its main concern via thorough fare hundreds of taxes paralyzed inner city traffic and they were even prepared to camp there they want the government to restrict the number of operators working for right chair services like cab if i. believe this is the first time that texas has taken a decision we're one hundred percent together on this and it has to be thirty to one and nothing else he means that in future only one permit should be issued for every thirty normal taxi permits among those worst hit by the strike tourists
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trying to get from barcelona airport to the city center extra bus services have been laid on but they were still packed full it we're trying with all bail because the bus was for suitcases is very difficult for us honestly it's a tough day today especially with children and six hours jetlag things are hard. what became a nationwide strike ended on wednesday when the transport ministry agreed to limit the number of permits issued to write cheras like the regulatory details will be worked out over the next few months but for now at least the taxi driver says celebrating victory. this german supermarket wants to wave goodbye to plastic wrapping customers now have the option of buying their meat and sausages in environmentally friendly reusable boxes to avoid plastic waste. i think it's great people should prevent place wherever
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they can he doesn't like i don't think many people are against the green movement they say one person can't make a difference but it can turn into a movement with a lot of impact. customers start by buying a box for their meat and sausage purchases they return the box when they pop in for the next shop in exchange for a new clean one the project is a matter of personal ethics for the supermarket manager. was just as different when i introduced it because i'm convinced we need to change we have to take new approaches we found a strong partner with a w w f. m a shopkeeper by the north sea and we have to do something. especially the north sea sustainability something has to be done. by the most. and if this project proves to be a success it could soon be rolled out in medical supermarkets pulled across germany
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