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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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w. . union . are ammunition. this is the w. news live from berlin europe's heat wave turns deadly and claims its first heat stroke victims at least three people have died in spain forecasts for both spain and portugal are due to reach the highest temperatures ever recorded on the concert that is. also coming up. thousands gather in israel to protest a new law they say marginalizes the non jews our correspondent in tel aviv has the latest. and a new left wing political movement in germany is set to launch next month that's
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led by a political veteran but she faces pushback over her own a hard left agenda. i must wait or thanks for joining us. europe has been sizzling under a record heat breaking heat wave that's been leaving its mark in various ways northern sweden a glacier atop the clambake highs a mountain has melted so much that it's no longer the country's tallest peak experts say the mountain has shrunk by more than four meters in july alone meanwhile bathers in the baltic sea have been warned after thousands of jellyfish invaded shorelines in recent days more than ninety people require treatment on one day at the resort of highly after receiving painful stings researchers say the warm weather has increased jellyfish populations in the area but the hottest place in
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europe right now is the iberian peninsula in spain at least three people have died from heat stroke and this weekend portugal could break europe's all time heat record of forty eight degrees celsius mercilessly the sun beats down day after day driving the temperatures in portugal to record breaking highs. people do whatever they can for relief. authorities have issued a nationwide health alert and urging people to take precautions against heat stroke the most important thing is to drink lots and lots of water. i need lots of water something cool and i try to stay at home. easy doesn't stay in the shade and drink a large thing that's. right. emergency services are at maximum readiness because of the threat of forest fires. last year wildfires killed more than one hundred people
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in portugal. but it respect the risk of fires to rise in the old guard and in parts of iowa into as well as in the north. lot the first alarms were reported on friday some seven hundred firefighters are working one major fire in the hill country of the or garvie. forecasters expect temperatures to hit forty seven degrees before things start to cool off slightly earlier in the week. and the heat wave has hit germany hard as well and while people are suffering here the tree is are also dying high temperatures and weeks with very little rain have parched forests environmentalist worry that thousands of trees are not evolved to withstand this heat they say a whole generation of trees is at risk. berlin's green lungs the forest outside of the city at cern and brown it hasn't rained here in weeks that's hard on pine trees
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and spruce trees which are less resistant to heat and drought than on the trees the heat is also deadly for seedlings. the forester for this woods is worried about a whole generation of trees. right now it looks like half of the newly planted trees won't make it that's a loss that goes into the thousands. then you tolls and forest manages estimate the cost of the damage for all of germany and half a billion euros they hope the government will help them cover the losses. maybe it's enjoyed when we get into a kind of catastrophic situation that we've never seen before than we do think compensation for the money spent on seedlings should be considered as it should environmental organizations say forest owners needs with just to the consequences of climate change one way would be to increase the number of heat resistant trees
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this must stop that's something the government can encourage investing heavily in more every greens is a bad idea because we're heading for a mediterranean climate where those trees won't crew missed in the short term though what the woods need are a few days of state during. flash floods have hit the city of at least in the south of the algerian desert many main roads in the surrounding districts are flooded or close to traffic due to mud these flash floods come after weeks of a record high temperatures in the region which gets almost no rain throughout the year the average rainfall there annually is just around ten millimeters. tens of thousands of people have been protesting in israel against new legislation they say marginalizes non jewish people in the country thousands gathered in the central square in tel aviv for a protest organized by the country's druze minority there they called for all israelis to be treated equally and they say the new law undercut israel's
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democratic values by marginalizing not only the druze but also the country's arab minority arab israelis make up around twenty percent of the population. middle east correspondent tanya kramer was at the demonstration in tel aviv she spoke to us earlier about how this issue was seen on the ground. a lot of people from the jewish community and also actually anti villages as a savior came down from the no one where most of the communities are too nice to tel aviv to protest the rejoinder by israeli in tel aviv so the truth minority makes maybe less than two percent of the israel of israel's population but. they know they also are in the army unlike account the arab israeli community because we are israeli feel israeli but by then so much anger but. no
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we don't really do feel like a second class citizen. this was also reflected this week when some truly protesting in the army says they can no longer be in the army because they do not feel equal before the law and that's why so many people turned out to approaches. how will minority is like the druze and the arab israelis be affected by this nation. i mean the arab israeli community was always. discriminated against not just in shrines in this nation though as below actually. the jewish character. only in addition to that old downgrades they are big language from the official language to language that the. people who came here tonight will protest against a possible a so-called compromise that was offered by the israeli prime minister last week of
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the discussed with the leadership of the jewish community it's painted cobol because they want to be an amendment to the nation state law or that is to convert all together of people it's the spring they just don't want to be seen as second of the victims and that's why they have to come out and protest. or sign. tanya kramer at the rally in tel aviv thank you so much. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world turkey's president russia type editor one has announced counter sanctions on two u.s. officials after the u.s. froze the assets of two turkish ministers earlier this week the route was sparked when turkey detained a u.s. pastor working in the country on allegations of terrorism and espionage. amazon has begun removing products with nazi symbols from its online store the decision comes after the internet retail giant was criticized for allowing third parties to sell right wing paraphernalia the company says it has blocked several
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seller accounts and is reviewing the status of others amazon's regulations banned third parties from selling products that promote hatred violence or racial or sexual intolerance. chinese artist and political activists i way away says his studio in beijing is being demolished by chinese authorities i posted a video on his instagram account of an excavator demolishing a wall i has been an outspoken critic of chinese government policy he moved to germany in two thousand and fifteen. and here in germany a new left wing movement aims to shake up the political establishment it's called in or stand up and it's the brainchild of sorrow of connect the parliamentary leader of d. link the left party she's an unapologetic supporter of hard left policies her effort to reach out across political lines however has caused pushback from established parties as well as within her own party sorry can connect in some of
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his support and she plans to launch a new movement on september fourth page went online this weekend with ordinary people talking about what they things wrong with germany. one conventional and we want to offer something unconventional a new creation of politics that really speaks to people and encourages them to get involved consciously decided against funding a party but we do want to change the party and we want different majorities in parliament because we want a different government under gilmore and. others in her party don't see those majorities on the horizon fagen connect could face a rocky road we see as a reader a boon i don't see support for such a course here in the left or in the other hurley's lot by dint of the time leading greens aren't on board either mainly because of next critical statements on welcoming refugees. as it is going to be an umbrella movement with sorrow of agony flashed in the greens because the positions that have been circulating recently
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especially for a return to more nationalistic positions in the greens don't support that. nor does the social democrat support next idea of giving disenchanted voters an alternative to right wing parties. and i sort of are going to make this dreaming about a strong left wing populism in germany that's the wrong way to stop the rise of the right it's no good if umbrella groups on the left or the right like for instance in italy try to determine the country's direction. some political scientists warn them back into next movement could actually weaken left of center parties this battalion's esteem but it also means for the political parties isn't really losing power this is because many people stay away from the parties or because you see in the umbrella movement it's all they needed to be comprised and talking connect says they have many prominent supporters who exactly they have won't become public until the fourth of september. protesters outside of washington d.c. have descended on the headquarters of the national rifle association over its role
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in blocking stricter gun control laws they're calling for background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun and a ban on assault weapons and high capacity bullet magazines but supporters of the n.r.a. also turned up to defend their right to carry such weapons claire richardson reports from fairfax virginia. in a polarized national debate a rare display of the two sides talking to each other but both are holding their ground. here at your court property over life which is a crime now it's not the only one who's i'm sure i can thank you everybody was necessary to repel an integrator from my home i don't know as we don't it's a heated discussion as protesters and counter protesters clashed over the role of guns in the united states but this is a stop on the march of our lives national road trip that's been aimed at raising awareness about gun violence and registering people to vote as you can see it's a smaller protest than some of the ones we've seen earlier this year but the
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location is important we're here right in front of the national rifle association which they blame are buying off politicians. across a police barricade and are a supporters say it's people not guns that are the problem they don't want any restrictions on their ability to carry such weapons it's someone who doesn't follow the law because we let's face it criminals don't fall the law comes out and decides to hurt me or anybody else in the group i want to have adequate protection to help those kind of people guns are the great equalizer it's you know if i'm up against two hundred fifty pound man i cannot physically defend myself without some form of you know self sense weapon. but showing up wearing guns is horrifying for students who have seen their classmates gunned down before their eyes i'm not saying you know take away all their guns but i'm like you right there are disregarding like the laws that everyone who like lost their lives in america to gun violence and life is just like disrespectful. walking all over was
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a student who died in the mass shooting at a high school in parkland florida earlier this year he was gunned down by an air fifteen by someone who was known to be a threat today is his eighteenth birthday we're not going to forget about him because this shouldn't be happening i shouldn't have to hold this post or he should be here with us with elections just three months away there's no sign of compromise gun control advocates will have to make good on their promise to vote out politicians who support the n.r.a. . to sports now at the european championships in glasgow the records are tumbling in the pool first swimmer british from or out of p.t. broke his own world record in the men's one hundred meter breaststroke the reigning olympic champion clocked a time of fifty seven seconds dead still light the home crowd peter shaved is zero point one three seconds off his previous best which he set at the olympics in rio de janeiro two years ago next there was joy for russia as claimant kolesnikov broke the men's fifty meter backstroke world record the youngster came home in twenty
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four seconds dead zero point zero four seconds faster than the previous test set by britain's liam tan cock you're watching t w news don't forget you can always check out our website d w dot com for all the latest i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. if you just don't interest you in our news computers or didn't even after he killed many civilians was the mean irish people commuting my father one of the sisters and i was a student to be cool and i wanted to build a life for myself at these to luis i suddenly realized became owlish kind of song. for finding insights global news that matters d. w. me for my.


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