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tv   Musica Maestra - Alondra de la Parra and Jan Lisiecki in Zurich  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2018 6:15am-6:30am CEST

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as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the senses of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account of the conflicts. conflict zone with jim sebastian song d w. rock n roll. funk. sinful school condemned by the church. i know that. feeling that you feel what it's like. to go past. stoppable no one is more popular than jesus. the religious morality preachers subversive. battling with marketing potential by placing
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a warning label on music products. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels to life. for the two really so irreconcilable oh come on the devil. can roll stuart's aug nineteenth w. . my name is so long that i doubt that. i'm a mexican conductor. come with me and great musicians and friends from all over the world. we're now in syria switzerland with a wonderful time how they work us their story and we're going to perform with you at a full janish at ski a pianist i happened to know since he was fifteen years old and i feel very lucky to have seen grow and. i can't wait to see them and make music with him in the
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orchestra. i'm really happy to be here with my friend all friends even though his very own identity incredible pianist and wonderful friend i'm really happy to see you after so many years because when i met you. you were a baby baby baby we were talking about yourself that you were that i was a baby baby baby baby baby there was an infant and then i remember you at our house in vermont playing our piano and everyone everybody just astonished by your talent how were you that like fifteen probably like fifteen and now you're twenty one
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you're a very mature old dance and actually we joke about it but the truth is you are. and i was really amazed last night because we had a concert our first concert of the time highly orchestra service where we performed together mozart's ninth piano concerto gena me and he. he played so beautifully and then after you played and then what was then known. it
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was from a good. shot very so for a twenty one year old pianist too who has the ability to play any piece in the records are like that like a star have to come out and play such a simple subtle. find little pieces on the corner that require so much finesse but at the same time could be played. you know almost by any plant is not a very difficult technically took me speaking but that's not so much maturity i was really impressed because i thought wow and to go out in. front of the system audience playing that as a man core i thought that is incredible but don't you find that mode sort of has
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the same elegance and challenging difficulty of simplicity yes as this too and i think. often the easiest things for a large orchestra like the time however. are the most challenging make the really go back to the roots and they think you were very successful in making them. playing in a very pure and crisp style. and run them. do you have different ideas for the encore before and you decide in the moment are you pretty much planned tonight is going to be this journey plan i'd like to take the confidence of knowing what i'm going to perform it's very funny that of course i could play a least a dozen pieces in the moment but i think having that feeling. actually having
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a plan because sometimes after the emotions of the concert after you finish playing the whole concerto you lose a little bit of focus it's almost challenging to describe but when you get back on the stage and you still have to play after you've finished in the sense that it really well to recapture the audience first of all because they've all been relaxed to the concert to get them back in the moment so i like a slow longer for that and not only slow but something that speaks from the heart and not from the thinkers because i've already played the main course and i don't want the longer to supersede well you know this is exactly. the point is not many young pianists understand that and that they do you have showing off and to you know move your fingers as fast as possible and all this you know that i wrote is going around a lot and it's just so refreshing and mature to see you do that and. it's such
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a pleasure to work but as you said i mean never think you put aside that everybody can play quickly right and everybody can play simply so it's finding both or challenging in their own ways and you have to find your own voice no matter if you're playing some things which was a very difficult you find almost as no music because it's all quick and. virtually always have to find music in the same with the simple things it's not but yes i could learn it in a day you're in for two hours and play it in front of an audience in the boat but you have to say and. for me i'm on course and i want to have this for you it's all of it is important to have a piece that has something to say and i'm able to play it every time i do it differently to just based on how i feel with the audience.
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i would like for you to tell me your story in the short way of course but where did youngish and ski come from how come at age twenty one you're one of the best tennis in the world and how come you're so wonderful and humble and i mean i think one of the key things is your mother who i know very well by sad telling tell me your version of hope i'm not going to dispute the mother who protests are fact they're going to have the father. come from a very good family family of non-musicians he was born and raised and i live in
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calgary which was not a musical epicenter in any means they're like me yes a lot of parents exactly and just develop from whatever you find out for yourself and a love for music which i would actually say isn't necessarily a passion for music i love it i spend most of my life with it but i'm not crazy about it i mean i don't think you know every moment of both what i'm going to do on stage and well so do you or do you do because it seemed like a pretty normal guy. i really like traveling in it and i say this i mean it sounds ok whatever you like traveling but today i enjoy it in particular i don't really like going to the places where i'm playing and seeing those but i always even though i spend most of my time on the road anyway because i add to that during the year and i go to countries or places i didn't add to that yes how i know her i don't have time off all i want to do this sit at home and not even get into a car. and just be real with my loved ones because it's
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a lot but trust me whatever whole yes sometimes i realized after the fourth i'm like oh i haven't left home in four days i haven't even gone outside because it was clear that the practicing i've been working i've been relaxing sleeping whatever i'm not. feeling. but to close what's next for you what where do you see where your life going here and here is you know what's next what is your goal because they're such ok i'm going to flip the script question and say a longer what's next for you would you like to do well i'm a mom and it to me that's i really thought it was next year and that's a very simple and complex at the same time. way that i will follow to make sure
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that my son grows beautifully and that's one pipe and as a musician i just love to grow and if i'm not growing then it's like man that i create catch up with somebody but it isn't making here i thought about copyrights ok i disagree yes that's one of the harder questions answer for me because i am a person of the present i don't really think about the past or the future so much i mean i plan of course i have ideas of what i'd like to do but not so much as far as dreaming of or goals where i'd like to play even the repertory i had a planned out for the next two years and that's about as far as i need to think would you like to be a father yes one day hopefully care because i remember when i when i was i was hearing each i my of my teacher kind of kids are really wise man told me what do you want to do to be why do you want to be in your life write it in a piece of paper and i wrote the best of the. in the us. and i thought he was
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evacuated to the i this is really so you don't want to be a mother you don't want to be a good mexican a good citizen that good daughter yes of course i want all of that then this doesn't work and so he made me write and rewrite and rewrite this this phrase until it made sense for everything and it doesn't have to be the best pianists in the world which apparently already are very close to being but there isn't such a thing well because here's it's like and those longer life as you were saying life is big with both your parents and making home wherever you are that's it and in their wonderful concerts they're even better but so i think we agree on that good i'm happy that not all came out of business not all that and that's that's why we're friends and i really look forward to growing side by side good old boy here with you because i'm going to be over the hill but how do you develop and sharing our own develop. in the flesh in the face of you posters on.
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the octomom of an inferno mom team greece one week on from the devastating a forest finds. villages are trying to guard what's left of their homes against looters while rescue teams such for bodies and survivors. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the state. i know. i'm. european stocks deliver lousy performance or. pacing about what time. and battle. five swedes did their own take on the wars of the past.
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