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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin almost one hundred dead in indonesia a second to earthquake in just a week people rushed to evacuate their homes as the quake hit the tourist piles of lombok and bali hospitals have been evacuated hundreds of tourists are being taken off the islands right now we'll get an update also coming up. day six of protests in iran with people taking to the streets against inflation and shortages and the economy is in for yet more shocks with the u.s.
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about to reimpose sanctions. and venezuelan president nicolas maduro says colombia works best whalen's living in the u.s. are behind the apparent drone assassination attempt both countries deny any involved . i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show a deadly earthquake has struck the indonesian islands of long and bali officials are saying that ninety one people are now confirmed dead and thousands have been a back way to the seven point zero magnitude quake struck in the northern part of lombok on sunday evening officials say strong tremors damaged buildings across both islands and the after aftermath as authorities scrambling to help those hardest hit
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. injured people in hallways and i in the car park at this hospital in the resort island of bali medical teams are moving patients i cite fearing aftershocks. we are constructing emergency tents with the assistance from the disaster mitigation agency so that we can gather all patients out there. to visit them but we are also hoping that our medical teams and nurses can concentrate more on treating patients and the only question is do. the perishable seven point zero magnitude earthquake struck the indonesian island of lombok at a depth of just ten kilometers she can nearby badly as well an initial tsunami warning was later withdrawn but authorities urged people to stay away from the coast the quake caused widespread damage to homes and businesses on both islands
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and triggered panic among both tourists and locals. we ran out from our house twice two times. everyone ran out because the quakes were very strong. and uneasy is no stranger to earth quakes it's situated in what's known as the pacific ring of fire an arc of volcanoes and full lines in the pacific basin this is the second shot for long back in the space of a week the island still reeling after a deadly quake last sunday all runs government has announced major steps to ease foreign exchange transactions and allow rain ians to bring in hard currency and gold allow us to combat the expected effects of the new u.s. sanctions due to start this week with an increasingly angry population and the economy just limping along this may all be too little too late.
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there for six days in a row now iranians have taken to the street in protest in cities across the country they're angry about high prices and the government. big issues iran's politicians are leading the country into ruin but mismanagement and corruption the misery is plain to see even among people who aren't marching his son a certain that his life won't get better anytime soon. how does the sheer maneuver that i don't know what the aim of the u.s. sanctions is. all i know is that for iranians everything is getting worse the sanctions just hit all didn't we people who are poor anyway like me the rich ones. food prices have risen by forty percent in just a few months few people can afford to buy meat even the price of bread has soared iran's currency has plunged in value since may when the united states pulled out of
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the nuclear deal and threatened iran with new sanctions. the reaal has lost seventy percent of its value against the euro with disastrous consequences for iranians. and things like eggs to matches and bread that will foodstuffs we could still afford to buy so when you can't even pay for a cucumber and that's really bad fruit became too expensive long ago i. deepening hostility between iran and the u.s. also has people worried many are concerned that conflict could break out in earnest . last month the war of words looks like it was spinning out of control. iran's president cautioned the u.s. that a war with iran could be the mother of all wars trump shot back with an all caps tweet warning tehran to never threaten the u.s. again. then last week president trump stirred the pot further with
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a surprising proposal. thank you very much thank you i would certainly make with iran if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now. but i ended the arendelle it was a ridiculous deal. tehran hasn't directly replied to trump suggestion. but some international media report a meeting might happen in new york at the next general assembly of the united nations. president hassan rouhani is expected to go on national television later today to give trump his answer. ok let's get some analysis now with correspondent eric randolph joining us from tehran eric good morning to you all what kind of response can we expect from iran when the new sanctions are announced later today well the. k.g.b. they don't want to give the impression that the sanctions are going to cause too much damage to the economy because they don't want to give protesters more reason to go out on the streets and they don't want it going the other currencies already
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collapsed by more than. the last few months. as a delicate balancing act that the government has to play between showing results showing how it's going to come to these measures in the house limited tools at its disposal to do that ok talking about a limited tools. to be looking at these sanctions and how they're going to be impacting the country's foreign trade internationally especially as crucial oil sector what can we expect to happen there. the sanctions are coming back in two phases the first lawsuit coming back tomorrow that's going to hit things like cars some financial transactions and sales of carpets and things the really difficult ones are going to come in november when the u.s. is going to try and block oil sales now some countries like india and china have already said they're not going to cut or who sells from iran completely. it's going to be a major blow to iran's economy and that's where we're going to start to see potential
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real impacts on. domestic economy with prices going up and things like that and all of this is coming at a time when we've already seen days of protests about the economy and about the government's handling of this crisis now i'd like to pick up on that what about the iranian people eric how are they likely to take the increased hardships that will inevitably result from the new sanctions. obviously a lot of people do blame the u.s. but i would say most of the anger is directed against their own government here remember any of this have gotten used to hostility from americans it's been going on for forty years they expect that representatives to do something about it there was a lot of hope that the twenty fifty nuclear doom and finally iran was coming out of that diplomatic isolation that we could see some profit connections with the outside world and trade and foreign investment flooding in a lot of people feel deeply disappointed that hasn't managed to stick and that's
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from the reformist side conservatives say the government of the past. stupid to trust the americans that it's shown itself to be naive and now it's paying the price we pay will know more later today of course when we hear exactly what these sanctions are going to be for now though eric randall thanks very much for that from tehran. now for some of the other stories making in the news around the world south sudan's government and the country's main rebel group of signed a cease fire and power sharing deal now the agreement will lead to the formation of a unity government south so that has been torn by a civil war since two thousand and thirteen previous attempts at a peace agreement f.l. . police in switzerland are investigating the cause of a vintage plane crash that killed all twenty people on board the world war two propeller plane smashed into a mountain in a swiss alps a high speed police say they have not found any evidence of
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a distress call being made for the crowd. the japanese city of prussia is remembering the victims of the world's first atomic bomb attack seventy three years ago today august sixth is commemorated globally with calls for peace a nuclear disarmament the herschel a bomb dropped by an american war plane instantly killed one hundred thousand people. on stupendous well now where investigation is underway after an apparent assassination attempt on president nicolas maduro he survived what appeared to be a drone bomb attack on saturday police have arrested a number of suspects majoris says colombians or venezuelan exiles living in the u.s. state of florida were behind the incident. in the late afternoon in caracas. president nicolas maduro speech to soldiers was interrupted illusional so it was a drone armed with a bomb it broke off and got me right in front of me something flying exploded. it
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was a powerful explosion which. yemeni protects me. then a second explosion seven soldiers are wounded the durley accuses financial backers in the u.s. and colombia's president juan manuel santos of orchestrating the attack colombia rejects the charge calling it absurd washington also denies any responsibility well i can say unequivocally there was no u.s. government involvement in this at all look it could be a lot of things from a pretext set up by the majority itself to something else. one venezuela journalist who broadcasts on the internet read a purported letter claiming responsibility by an unknown group now for the most part of that cannot tolerate that our people have nothing to eat and no medicine and that our money is worth the money and nothing that i know to. the government says it has already arrested several perpetrators but there appear to be contradictions some people have questions about the second explosion.
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i think the government staged the whole thing incidentally. i cannot imagine that the government was hurt itself. by the way this just pulls our country further down and many fear maduro may use the incident to justify more repression in this divided country while amidst the competing claims about exactly what happened in caracas there's no question that president maduro has made enemies over the years he stands accused of leading a dictatorship by a corrupt military and economic policies that have destabilized the nation and created a flood of economic refugees we bring in now this look at the turmoil inside been a sweat. the last jungle and towering mountains of venezuela a multitude of natural riches coal iron ore gold and the world's largest proven
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oil reserves but this hasn't translated into prosperity for its people. today venezuelans are struggling with hyperinflation empty supermarket shelves and regular fuel and electricity shortages. don't you know and i think the children don't have food the adults don't have food this is inhumane no government should let their citizens go through what we're going through i think we're going to. venezuela's all production has plummeted and the once rich country has been in recession for five years straight this year inflation is expected to hit a staggering one million percent. critics say it's the result of gross economic mismanagement including strict limits on currency exchange. but caracas refuses to take responsibility for the economic crisis president nicolas maduro claims his country is the victim of an economic war waged by the opposition with help from
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washington. and. caracas has announced that it will relax the foreign exchange controls it also plans to wipe out five zero s. from its own currency in an effort to keep up with inflation. but it may be too little too late to convince venezuelans that better days lie ahead. people have been leaving in droves for neighboring colombia some with no intention to return. it's to zimbabwe now where religious leaders lead prayers for peace on sunday as that country struggles to recover from violent post-election clashes it's especially difficult for those who are burying their dead tensions between the winning is out of p.f. and the opposition are still high did obvious no one encouraged the ball and adrian krege sent us this report on the aftermath of some bob boys election.
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was friends and families pay their respects to susie on the fourth and her final journey the mother of two was cute and zimbabwe's post-election violence last week she was on her way home when she got caught in the crossfire hit in the back by soldiers bullets it's the death of brother joshua much tumble still can't be. sure that would be what she was the big winner in the family. you know when we would hit. this up and. he says god and wednesday the position m.d.c. supporters took to the streets and were met was brutal violence by zimbabwe's. what they can and gas rubber bullets and life and the mission to crackdown on opposition
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demonstrators. president elect emerson has promised consequences that was. if he didn't listen. i'm going to institute and indeed tended. to inquire into these fears of violence have been subsided the opposition is vowing to challenge the election results nelson chamisa insists the presidency is his. plume this. business. and goes just to make sure that we protect it was felt but so far has not provided any evidence to back up his claims and the tense situation life in harare is only slowly getting back to normal many people in the capital stills gets scared just speak out scats to criticise the government or the
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security forces after last week's violent clashes many fear that the time of god who ruled the country for thirty seven years with an iron fist might be gun but that his legacy of brutal repression still lives on. was. among those afraid stupid fingers over his sister's death i. i. is that. he will. not i would think unity i was. the first sylvia my forces loved ones this little comfort in the fact that the deaths have sparked outrage since happiness across the country as they mourn they suspect the government is just hoping that the dust settles as quickly as possible .
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force now and at the european championships and laws go there were a more joy for team germany in the pool as florian well brock took gold in the men's fifteen hundred meter freestyle the twenty year old clocked a national record of fourteen minutes thirty six point one five seconds to secure germany's second swimming gold of the weekend after their surprise when in the freestyle mixed real life and it was more german success in the velodrome as well as cyclists on mike weinstein claimed gold in the individual four thousand meters he beat portugal zero all of era to win germany's eighth cycling medal of the championships. and in hockey arlen's fairy tale world cup run ended with a silver medal as they were thrashed six know by the netherlands in the final on in london arlen's women had pulled off shock after shock topping a group containing hockey heavyweights like india and england on route to the country's first ever final in a team field sport but the dutch proved
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a class above dominating proceedings from the very start to claim their eighth world title and in football proceed dortmund have signed the belgium midfielder axel that's all subject to a magical new coach lucian fov wants improvement after the squad could only finish fourth in the bundesliga last season now he joins the german side from the chinese club along june the belgium international start as his country finished third at this summer's world cup dortmund triggered his a twenty million euro release clause to sign him and so will reportedly take a hefty pay cut after moving from the cash rich chinese super league. so over to gary hart now intentions are tween the u.s. and turkey are putting new pressure on the turkish currency as right brian turkey's dispute with the united states over the fate of u.s. pastor andrew bronson is threatening to further destabilize the lira the u.s.
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imposed further sanctions on two ministers and president rest of the wants cabinets after months of plunging exchange rates the currency is now hit a fresh low against the dollar inflation also rose again in july to nearly sixteen percent that's a fifteen year high increase in pressure on the central bank to hike interest rates . for days one issue has been dominating the front pages of turkey's newspapers. the country's spat with the united states has fueled fears of full blown economic turmoil. at the center of the dispute is u.s. pastor andrew brunson's seen here in a white t. shirt turkey accuses him of helping to plot a failed military coup in twenty sixteen after spending twenty one months in jail he was transferred to house arrest at the end of july to speak about that didn't go far enough for u.s. president donald trump who swiftly imposed sanctions on two senior turkish
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ministers. that in turn caused the lira to slide to a record low against the u.s. dollar continuing and already existing trends take a look at this. as you can see the number of turkish lira you need to buy a dollar has been rising since the beginning of the year but in august of record was set five turkish lira and now by new just one u.s. dollar on surprisingly on the streets of istanbul the mood is far from upbeat. things aren't going in a good direction it's terrible that one u.s. dollar is now worth five lire we are ready have financial problems and i don't approve of it things will get worse that's what we're expecting. turkey's dispute with washington isn't the only factor affecting its economic prospects concerns over the independence of the country's central bank president ed one's ability to
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tackle soaring inflation are among other issues weighing on investors' minds. and this just goes beyond just this dispute between the us. he's a professor of economics at the university. constance and joins us now from. how traumatic is the situation in turkey and how is everything. you know we need to see that these sanctions imposed by the u.s. are so cold smart sanctions and they aim on a very specific problem but at the same time they tried not to harm the whole economy so the direct effect of the sanctions i would not see a big one i would not expect a big one the reason why we have seen such a big reaction last week on the exchange rate originates from the general problematic economic conditions inflation has risen again current account deficit
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is increasing so the country is moving towards a serious financial crisis day by day a crucial question is the sanctions have a signal and the question is whether other countries will react in a similar way and their financial investors serving the reactions very clearly turkey's worship with europe is also on the rocks but what role can the e.u. play in this dispute. yeah exactly the question is the americans have reacted very clearly because of what one single pastor there are thirty german citizens and there are increasing war says that europe should also take such strong steps but one need to bear in mind that turkey has different interests with the european union compared to the us or was it worse that we have a migration deal as europeans with turkey we have also this financial integration
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a large extent of these loans in dollars and your terms for turkish companies are coming from italian banks from spanish banks so i'm skeptical that europe can act as heavily as the us with respect to sanctions and the question is also whether we should do need because a collapsing financial system in turkey will have having costs also for europe just let's talk more about that is a is a collapse really eminent and in which way would it be limited to turkey or would it would it have further consequences. so it is no exaggeration that turkey is moving towards a financial collapse because it's a tragedy how can an economy stabilize the exchange rate and the current account by keeping this high growth rate so there is no signal that there is a political will to reduce its kinds onsen based growth rates at the same time if
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this collapse comes of course we have a large amount of loans in italy and we know at the same time that italian banks have been in troubles for months or just remember after the elections how critical the situation was in europe and if turkey the financial system collapse and turkey the central bank in europe has also again to bail out italian banks and that will trigger a political conflict again and europe so in this bigger picture. destabilizing turkey is not in the interest of the european union. and thank you very much for this analysis. china says it's prepared for a long trade war with the united states the statement comes in response to a series of tweets from the u.s. president on a trump praising the effects of trade tariffs that he has opposed is followed beijing's publication of a new list of retaliatory tariffs on u.s.
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products that came in response to washington's threats to impose new duties on two hundred billion dollars worth chinese import chinese state media lashed out of trump and described the new us tyros as quote extortion. the u.k.'s international trade secretary liam fox says the chance of a no deal breaks it is growing he blamed what he called the european commission's intransigence intransigence raba in an interview with the sunday times newspaper fox said there was a sixty percent chance the u.k. and the e.u. would fail to reach an agreement talks have hit a rough patches news negotiators have said that britain has failed to make realistic proposals but this government has so far insisted it has drafted a mutually acceptable for the present plan prime minister to resume as cabinet have split on how close the u.k.'s economic relationship to the bloc should be.
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and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you right now people in indonesia rushed to evacuate their homes as they were hit by a second quake in a week hospitals were evacuated as the quake struck the islands of long block and bali almost a hundred people confirmed dead. iranians of protesting for a sixth day in a row about their economic problems and that's before a new set of u.s. sanctions hits this week to soften the blow the iranian government is planning to lift restrictions on using the currency survived and. that's it today you watching. from above and more force coming up at the top of the hour to go on is the web sites w dot com for more information that's all from our.
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