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on w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin almost a hundred dead in indonesia second earthquake in just a week people rushed to get out of their homes as the quake hit the tourist islands of lombok and bali hospitals have been evacuated and hundreds of tourists are now being taken off those islands will get the very latest live from jakarta also coming up. day six of protests in iran with demonstrators taking to the streets against skyrocketing inflation and ongoing shortages and the economy is in for more
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shocks with the u.s. about to reimpose sanctions. also coming up in zimbabwe families bury their dead from last week's post-election violence will have a report from our correspondent in harare about sylvia photos of one of those who died one police fired on protesters. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show a deadly earthquake has struck the indonesian islands of lombok and bali officials are confirming that ninety one people are now dead thousands have been evacuated the seven point zero magnitude quake struck in the north of long block sunday evening powerful tremors damaged buildings across both islands and authorities are now scrambling to help those hardest hit. injured people in
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hallways and i in the car park at this hospital in the resort island of bali medical teams are moving patients i cite fearing aftershocks. and i think. we are constructing emergency tents with the assistance from the disaster mitigation agency so that we can gather all patients out there. to visit them but we are also hoping that our medical teams and nurses can concentrate more on treating patients and. not only question it to. the peripheral seven point zero magnitude earthquake struck the indonesian island of lombok at a depth of just ten kilometers shaking nearby palli as well an initial tsunami warning was later withdrawn but authorities urged people to stay away from the coast the quake caused widespread damage to homes and businesses on both islands
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and triggered panic among both tourists and locals. we ran out from our house twice two times. everyone ran out because the quakes were very strong. and uneasy is no stranger to earth quakes it's situated in what's known as the pacific ring of fire an arc of volcanoes and full lines in the pacific basin this is the second shot for a long back in the space of a week the island still reeling after a deadly quake last sunday let's go live now to the region we're joined by joss max walden from jakarta max what is the situation in lombok right now. the latest update from the national disaster management agency is that. still going on. and the affected area.
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the military. is on the ground. and. many. ready to eat meals. and other things. are emergency teams still trying to get to people potentially stuck. unclear whether people are still stuck in the rubble i mean most that they did you know were inside that collapsed that a major challenge for rescue if that is the fact that already this is this is nusa
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tenggara with provence one of the nations or us already in the starter's or in many bridges are reported to have collapsed because of equates i'm say that certainly frustrating rescue efforts that many many many locals and tourists have been evacuated from from it so and from the neighboring islands which are a popular tourist destination ok now just a week ago there were the reason saw a similar earthquake what it's been reported that there was more than one hundred off. thirty say this morning that further to date on the aftermath of that earthquake zones and allow iranians to bring in foreign currency and gold to combat the expected effects of new u.s. sanctions due to start this week. food prices have risen by forty percent in just a few months and few people can afford to buy meat even the price of bread have soared. iran's currency has plunged in value since may when the united states
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pulled out of the nuclear deal and threatened iran with new sanctions and the reaal has lost seventy percent of its value against the euro with disastrous consequences for a rainy and. and things like eggs tomatoes and bread that will foodstuffs we could still afford to buy too when you can't even pay for a cucumber and that's really bad fruit became too expensive long ago i. sharpening rhetoric between iran and the u.s. has also people worried despite a recent surprising proposal by donald trump. i would certainly meet with the rent if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now spite a recent surprising proposal by donald trump. i would certainly meet with a rent of they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now but i ended the iran deal it was
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a ridiculous deal. taran hasn't directly replied to trump suggestion but some international media report a meeting might happen in new york at the next general assembly of the united nations. meanwhile the iranian people continue to hope for a resolution to their problems. it's to zimbabwe now where religious leaders lead prayers for peace on sunday as the country struggles to recover from violent post-election clashes now that's especially difficult for those who are now burying their dead tensions between the winners the p.f. and the opposition remain very high. heard the ball and adrian krishna does this report on the aftermath of zimbabwe's election. was either friends and families pay their respects to susie on the force on her final journey the mother of two was killed in zimbabwe as post-election violence last
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week she was on her way home when she got caught in the crossfire hit in the back by soldiers bullets is the death of the brother joshua tumble still can't believe. it would be what she was a breakthrough in the family. was a bit very familiar. with it will move out of that with his. high portrait is up and. he's. on wednesday opposition m.d.c. supporters took to the streets and were met was brutal violence by zimbabwe's move to what they can institute a gas rubber bullets and life and unishe and to crackdown on opposition demonstrators. president elect emerson one god has promised consequences that was. is the date where some most lenders.
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use to it and in the end it could do it with. fears of violence have been subsided and the opposition is vowing to challenge the election results nelson chamisa insists the presidency. it's his. loop this. means this. and goes to make sure that we've checked the usual spots. but so far has not provided any evidence to back up his claims and the tense situation life in harare is only slowly getting back to normal many people in the capital are still scared scared just speak out scats to criticize the government or the security forces after last week's violent clashes many fear that the time of mugabe who ruled the country for thirty seven years with an iron fist might be done
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but that his legacy of brutal repression still lives on. was. among those afraid to point fingers over his sister's this. i i. you know. no no i was thinking that. once this little comfort in the fact that the deaths have sparked outrage since happiness across the country as they mourn they suspect the government is just hoping that the dust settles as quickly as possible. we have some sports now and at the european championships and laws ago there was more joy for team germany in the pool as florian veld all to gold in the men's fifteen hundred meter freestyle the twenty year old clocked
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a national record of fourteen minutes thirty six point one five seconds to secure germany's second swimming gold of the weekend after their surprise when in the freestyle mixed relay and there was german success in the velodrome as well as cyclists dominic weinstein claimed gold in the individual four thousand meters he beat portugal zero vera two in germany's eighth cycling medal of this championship talking no arlen's fairy tale world cup run ended with a silver medal as they were beaten six nil by the netherlands in the final in london arlen's women had pulled off you know in arlen's fairytale world cup run ended with a silver medal as they were beaten six nil by the netherlands in the final in london arlen's women had pulled off shock after shock topping a group containing hockey heavyweights like india and england on route to the country's first ever final in a team field sport but the dutch won they prove the class above dominating the
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proceedings from the very start to claim their world title and in football brasil dortmund have signed the belgian midfielder axel that's all subject to a medical or new coach lucian fava wants improvements after the squad could only finish fourth in the bundesliga last season. it's all joins the german side from the chinese club. the belgium international start is this country finished third of this year's world cup dortmund triggered his twenty million euro lease cost and sign him this will reportedly take a hefty pay cut after moving from the cash rich chinese super bowl. this is it every news live from london for glad to forget we always have more coming up at the top of the hour and you can always find out more at our website e.w. dot com goodbye from. letter
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we were. when we were. eight percent of americans. will experience hardship.


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