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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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from the continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destiny to their. new t.v. series for. w. dot com or go. to war welcome to new week of europe max so we have lined up a diverse and entertaining show for you here's a look at what's coming up today. fishing the angling trend is sweeping across european cities. some of the largest
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flock to boost was time also cardinal. sensations ceramic art from pions are made the italian city famous around the world. well when i think of going i think of all the man sitting comfortably by a lake with their fishing rod a few bottles of beer. activity of outside the village but a bit dated and borrowing isn't it bob that's a cliche that is no longer true street fishing has become totally hip and especially popular with young city two of us from paris to berlin we caught up with some of the fishing fans in the middle of the german capital. a lot of young city dwellers have taken up street fishing as their new pastime. this phenomenon probably got started in paris but now it's spreading across europe . angling enthusiastic to arest likes to go fishing in berkeley. and then.
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when i go fishing it really helps me relax forget all your problem or so. fishing two or three times a week one of his favorite spots is the young friend brook and central religion. if you look at the moment i'm stuck with a lot of people believe there aren't any fish around here with their own group there are all kinds of. mostly pike perch and asps they're all great fish. so if. you're good enough there's a perch there's a lot of them too. this one's a little too small for me to keep. you know all the while with. the three there are plenty of better fish pike taste great to you but on the whole of. the water quality in berlin's rivers and lakes is much better than many people think even celebrities have taken up the sport david beckham and his son.
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former german national footballer miroslav klose a and spanish tennis star rafael nadal. especially young people are attracted to street fishing. murawski is in his early twenty's. that's really cool after work but you just go down to the water you just take your fishing rod and some bait and you're all set to go. he's right you really don't need a lot of gear just as well if you're going to go fishing in the city you shouldn't carry around a lot of baggage. st fishing has also become a trending topic on line many anglers. share their videos on you tube. it was great weather is not thirty degrees celsius lots of people are swimming but i'd rather fish. victor has his own you tube channel with one hundred thirty thousand subscribers and twenty seven million viewers. it's one of the most successful
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german fishing channels. i think the main reason people like my shows is that they're not just about fishing. i always try to tell a story to both you and the difference between you tube and regular t.v. is that it's real you know if people can see that and that's why they like my videos because if you do. there are about five million amateur anglers in germany and that number is growing every year. more and more people are joining fishing associations to. do was on food and. i think there are a lot of different reasons for that. one from a lot of people just want to get back to nature and do outdoor activities of and right now we've got all those you tube videos on fishing. done a lot for the sports image and idea and it's now cool to go fishing that's for.
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wall. street fishing sport that's really catching on and you don't have to get all dressed up in fishing vests and waiting boots shorts t. shirts and baseball caps are just fine. other than the studs looking for the street fishing is a sociable activity and you're not sitting around by yourself on a lake you can stop for food and drink and when people get together on the water in the evening it's like being with friends a little so by the looks of. the street fishing right in the middle of the city a new way to relax right outside your front door. well them good cat will continue with the at another water sports. next up on today's express. the world's best cliff diverse gather to compete at lake new cern in cyclone switzerland. a crowd of eight thousand gathered to watch the divers leap off
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a platform twenty seven meters high. each dive was judged on takeoff the number of somersaults and twists position in the air and entry into the water the world series final will be held in italy in late september. an estimated twenty thousand fans of the original v.w. transporter gathered in verse twelve for four days last week to celebrate their favorite vehicle sort of like the summer of love. to see the moon before that something always goes wrong with these busses but they're so simply constructed that you can fix most problems with some tape or string more than five hundred specimens of the iconic ride were on display in the first v.w. transporter rolled off the voice spoke of assembly line in march one thousand nine hundred fifty. rather unusual new exhibition devoted to the life of nineteenth century german novelist and poet tailed off in tonga has
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been in the town where he was born knowing full peen in the eastern german state of brandenburg. there are twelve different scenes featuring more than five thousand playmobil figures on display there's also a special edition figure from tommy himself many of the writers works are set in brandenburg next year will mark the two hundredth anniversary of one thomas birth. he can be anything he wants to be artist weakness from the fellow that is known for his shackle drawings all funny is showing himself on the back of my worst a two to detail and not in comic with this side of the thirty five year old has already made a name for himself in his home country. and we mad him at his first german exhibition. art is
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a lie that makes us realize the truth. his favorite quote from picasso. funded fairy does this for up to nine hours every day creating art and always asking the same question. what if i was someone else. a sailor on a lonely island. or maybe the best tennis player of all time. and it's all a way of. inventing a new world a parallel universe in which things can happen. that i would never experience in real life and that i don't want to experience in real life. so many times that i'm a bit like. a scared adventure for example if i want to make
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a scene in my autobiography where i go to the journey to i would rather make a journal in my in my studio cardboard jungle than actually go to a jungle where there is a lot of poisonous snakes and where i would have to fear for my life. all of his charcoal drawings are based on sketches. in his antwerp studio under feta always starts by building a three dimensional setting for the basic image in his mind. for example a hut on a small island in the middle of the ocean takes a photo of the scene and is dry. what do the scenes portray. longing or desire projected image a nightmare. you can see
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a lot about reality to lying i think so i could see my whole work as one because it does me something about myself or about the world i live in. in a much more interesting way than if i would only draw what really happened. to you. fucked up head it was born in the belgian town of leuven one nine hundred eighty three when he was a teenager he suffield about the american artist. and was mesmerized by the image of the painter working in a basement from the feta has had a successful career in belgium and now his work is on display in germany at the close public encounter. he says if i made a message of peace i'd force myself to have a drink in the hope that it would help to develop my talents more quickly.
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another quote i was trapped in a party and forced to dance all night there was no way yes and even worse no way out. his works are almost like storyboards for rochelle. funny if ada says there are no precise iconic graphical visual images these days he says people need fiction and they need to wear masks. these pictures are powerful they draw you with. they don't want to be very good about it but it's kind of like a meditation also which clears your your mind allows you to make up stories i think and that's what we all do when we have time to start to make up stories and to pretend you're somewhat somebody's sort of think the what if question is a big question i think. so you really have paid guy you can be whatever you want.
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even more a. bigger question than the what if question. with a relatively happy that's when i'm in the studio or at least. that's where i find most of most that of these. truths and lies. a new spin on the fed views his work as part of the great ongoing story on canvas he's traveled with homeboy it's been painted with willem de kooning. the exhibition at alan ensconce punning runs through september ninth. and now it's time again for a new installment of humax extra two and today we are fulfilling a view oh a quest from santiago to chile and id have it on a cow those stars would like to find out more about switzerland so we want to take
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you on a trip to the solomon swiss town of look out of nowhere the candle like shame of the family history is currently gathering at the shores off lake my dad oh as the famous film festival is in full swing there at the moment as we join the crowds often love us to find out how the film festival shapes look at uno. this swiss town of locarno is nestled in the slopes that rise from the north end of the largo majority the piazza grand day lies at the center of the medieval town during the annual film festival the square becomes an open air cinema with seating for up to eight thousand people. in the morning the town is still quiet but one person is already working tirelessly daniella haas has to make sure that all the screenings will go smoothly and safely no matter how unusual the location.
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is that i didn't seal off the pizza ground to complain when we have to make some compromises given the sun is truly you'll hardly find a setting like this anywhere else it's one of a kind you have to see it for yourself. but from an odd blind by palm trees leads from the piazza grand banks straight to the largo majority leader the german director zondervan level back comes here to unwind a bit in between p.r. appointments. her latest film will have its premiere this evening on the piazza tron. the mission is this is our goal is the greatest part of it for me is this open air cinema i've been here twice before so this is my third time for me it's like an enormous gift for example i went swimming in the largo majority last night and i simply can't think of the better place to have a world premiere until i. look upon those old town is just
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a five minute walk from the lake. the alleyways all around the same time tony parish church lead to the town's oldest restaurants. the movie stars can relax chat and eat like royalty in these establishments. for. most of the film festival cinemas are all. so in the old town district swiss journalist then hauser has been reporting on the film festival for over three decades he appreciates that he can always find a quiet spot to write his review after watching a film. says to me this is paradise and enchanted garden like it's just magical this is you know put you right back into the movie because your time for. another movie theater is in a converted school building. photographer marco abrams has his next shoot and the custom of this can tell you built in the middle ages. the north wing has undergone
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extensive renovation. the magic straw it once housed a monastery school this is where the film festivals major gallus are held. marco abrams likes to photograph people from the international film industry in the medieval cloisters he's been chronicling the film festivals development in his books of photos since about two thousand and one your thoughts about agnes and a place to take pictures with the lights great and there are some excellent perspectives i've taken more photos here than anywhere else with a broken i thought it was the. early evening on the piazza condé things are getting tense for daniela haas he briefs the security people one last time the eight thousand seats under the sky are gradually filling up. zondervan metal brackets ready for her walk down the red carpet put just as she and her main actors stride through the closed entrance to the piazza k'naan day the
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first viewers slip out and away soaking wet a sudden thunderstorm has struck. the top i hope it stops to let in some consolation to think it's better for it to rain now and then during the film i'm incredibly excited really but i wish the rain would stop so all the people who have come here to see this picture can watch it without getting some experience in kind or in this. that's not bad. but the die hard fans who sit all the way through stand by metal backs what doesn't kill us will need some good waterproofing. the next day the weather gods show mercy it's blue skies and buildings again and the car knows piazza grandy is the picture palace again only for ten days as every year in august.
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fighting for a better world with fashion sounds weird but it actually works the upcycling label of bridge and tunnel from hamburg is perfect proof that the founders not only want to design beautiful outfits and assess a waste but also do some good with their concept they have even won several prizes . for hamburg's start up company bridge and tunnel makes fashion items and accessories that are sustainable fair and attractive all at once and they do it with materials that would otherwise have landed in the trash. factory on the models we make our things out of old jeans it doesn't matter if they're donated by strangers or if they're ours. we get them from very nice people often with a notice to try. this one says these were my favorite jeans and we've been through a lot together it's great that you can give him a second life toilet seat and try to sleep. and i wish you continued success nick
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he's a student so we can help this old pair of pants have a new lease on life even for him. the finished products reveal nothing of their origins as old parents sustainability isn't the only factor motivating the two entrepreneurs a textile designer and a cultural scientist social criteria motivate their choice of employees as well as the summer. you might call it a reawakening we believe that nothing comes to an end people who might never have worked a seamstresses before but have a talent for it can do it if only they're encouraged supported and empowerment we also believe no material is trash until you see it is trash and find us as moved to the top of. the denim preferably from the thighs section of the jeans is cut into strips and used for instance to make pillowcases. this model sells for some ninety year olds. by now because some people say our products are expensive
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wrong we're not too expensive conventional products are too cheap. included in the price of their products are not only fair wages for sewing and design but also marketing and the love that goes into them. we wish them the best of luck with their concept and hope that their products will someday be a successful of the items in our new series starting today we will look at products from around europe that have gone on to make the place of origin world famous our first stop will be the italian town of located three hundred sixty kilometers north of rome it's famous for its unique ceramics also known as fiat i insist arjun's have made ceramics for centuries stating back as far as roman times today the residents are still keeping this traditional craft life. the italian city was founded over two thousand years ago its most beautiful square
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. boasts a large fountain with palaces nearby. the town. every day used in the first century. industry standard. grow up with this crowd we take our first class kids in school or see basically. it's a cultural and historical tradition. for some forty. one thousand artists working in the industry this factory. is famous for its ceramic decoration. the artist's work is drawn from. typical answer themes are most common.
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also designs of custom ceramics. there are many different clients can choose from a wide range of options from the third century to the present day. this will. feature symbols of different districts. the city's oldest can be found in the. family residence. back to the. factory on the same street for many years. there the word every.
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he. is dedicated to the diverse history of the industry. may. suddenly. drinking coffee and hot chocolate very
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popular they say. created. his son manages his father's legacy. something practical. if you wanted to create simple and beautiful objects. that were going up i got a lot of good ceramics from finance are you feel just for the eyes and this moment talian city is keeping the tradition alive. however
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featuring more famous regional products from all over europe on your max in the upcoming days we would like to know what's famous in your hometown and our region let us know and when you do your name will be ended out of magically into our prize draw for this year max watch you can find more information on our web page just go to dig dot com slash live stuff so good luck that's all we have time for today but i'll be back again tomorrow on the bound for myself and then tie your mixed in with you in berlin and so watching and see you again soon. on the next edition of your own max. diverse popular and entertaining edinburgh's festival fringe is a career launchpad for many a performing artist hoping to be discovered but it's not easy to lure people into watching your show as there are so many actors competing for the audience's
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attention kerk not next time entourage. come.
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come. come come come come. come come. come. the fast pace of life in the digital mobile shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the wheaties flames and interviews with makers and users. in fifteen minutes i'm going to. pick up. for the new season kicks off for a look at the highlights from last season's. alibi in munich won the championship
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get a. culture shock turned into a tom. why ham are relegated for the first time. to. spread the. odd. his word god is for tonight. the mind stroke and favors. beethoven twenty. his creations and for his brand mistake of all come lock up an icon of the fashion world.
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what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer in the sun smashers got that start september night w. . so we may get improvements all the time we have more of public transportation and i would be in the big city is. some of it is a good car sharing the point is that energy has to call in the form of clearing the soft renewable we need to produce wonderful batteries for cars so that all cars will while in the electricity with no emission batteries with high capacity of electricity it will take us hundreds of kilometers
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it's just very tough engineering problem it's chemistry physics it's material science what we're doing it will take time but we'll get. to. the united states is really imposing sanctions on iran three months after president donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen international nuclear deal iranian president hassan rouhani lashed out at the sanctions which take effect early on tuesday he accused washington of launching psychological warfare and slammed trump's call for direct talks. in indonesia searching for survivors and distributing emergency aid after sunday's earthquake at least ninety.


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