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roman emperor nero. did he just get bad press. remount historians are reexamining this case rethinking nero as history been unfair to the infamous emperor. starts aug fourteenth on d w. shift living in the digital world. today give a flying displacement. three d. holograms of actors and setting the stage in a tiny box but first. computer six barcelona now has a brothel with female androids a spanish engineer is working on programming his models to express emotions how will these new robotic sex workers affect human interaction get sexy. i want
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sex it's time to lose on long. sex workers with feelings surges on toes an engineer from barcelona is working on sex robots that can simulate human emotions so i have a lot of that show of emotion that was like. i have a brain i have the architecture of a brain that gun express emotions in a given a way that i thought and then he thought well i have a humanoid system i followed a humanoid system in the sex doll industry and they said ok now we need computers that are available. ready to assemble and then the technology that i can use to put all these together. to use sex robots have sensors that responds to speech and touch with computers in an artificial brain which then signals the robot to take on various emotional states friendly romantic sexy
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a robot from some tools workshop costs about six thousand euros. there are better this footage could send a woman up to forty percent of all men in europe could picture having sex with a six robot. women not so much but there's potential for that too and. barcelona's sex industry has recognized their potential here the first brothel offering sex robots was opened in two thousand and seventeen for one hundred euros an hour and men can live out their sexual fantasies with adults but how will sex with robots change our love life robo psychologist martina moderate thinks these new sex companions pose a threat to real relationships imo so i want to say ninety five percent of the sex robots currently on the market comply with absolutely stereotypical feminine cliches. so completely stereotypical passive women.
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on the one hand that strengthens the objectification of what is human of the human body often the female body it's all that's on the other hand these robots bring very antiquated very gender stereotypical relationship dynamics back into the bedroom. and then she laughed a lot. but sex robots can also be useful the foundation for responsible robotics think they can be used therapeutically for sexual healing. professor thomas special things humans can develop real feelings for sex robots. which is if not from within the sphere i strongly suspect that we will be quick to build a personal relationship with these devices. i'm pretty sure that owners of such appliances won't take long to name that dulls proposition and get into it sometimes doesn't want this relationship to be one sided that's why he tries to construct his dollars to produce human like and emotional as possible but for example if i.
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can. and that leads to the question what makes us human in the first place. the sense of the self who. why do i think i am myself while it's making me the site that these is me. one of the of the things that i was always interested me and that made me think of an architecture for a brain. are invading our love life. problematic these new sexual companions are going to take some getting used to. says no to humanoid sex slaves. and no networkers digital innovators committed to special projects today we need game designer to look around . when he was
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a teen i was forced to flee from syria he came to austria without his family one way for him to forget the war was to play computer games. i was just like. trying to escape that as much as i can with playing video games when there's electricity on and when it's war in syria and you're eighteen more than eighteen years old then you must join the military if you're going to join the military it's either to kill someone or get killed. he wanted to share his gaming passion and tell others about his fate so with the help of developers that specialize in social issues he created path out here players assume doulos role and learn about day to day life in a war zone and what being a refugee is like throughout the game the real abdulla appears peppers grave situations with silly cliches. come on i mean we don't have gallows in the streets
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not in my hometown every home town in syria. he wants to show what it's like to be a refugee and he seems to have accomplished that path out has even led to a nomination for the scholarship program prize. to work as a game designer in syria. it's a long way to do it. will get there. and now standing center stage latest technology makes it possible to create virtual movies that show actors from all sides but it poses entirely new challenges for technicians and creatives alike the first studio has now opened near berlin. viewers i do-i with the actors it's all possible thanks to virtual reality technology but filming as complex each actor must be recreated with a three d. holographic image after all you never know which angle viewers will be watching
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from recordings are made in so-called value metric video studios like value can at the bubbles bag film park near berlin and the design of it confirmed the actors come in and off filmed and each detail is automatically recorded without any further steps needed every wrinkle in my movements in my expressions in my gestures it captures my every movement. with good moment of conception and this volumetric studio was four meters high and equipped with thirty do i take cameras making it able to film actors from all angles simultaneously then special software creates reidy holograms of the characters they can be inserted into any scene. terabytes of men and that means we're recording an extremely large and complex data set because if you were to copy that onto ordinary c.d.'s it would take about three thousand altogether i told. movie makers like canadians to define rich we are now
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exploring the new possibilities this technology offers but it's not enough to know how to use it producers need to create a new method of storytelling. and i do you do with the world when people can watch three sixty degree but just like in real life we need to keep the attention center so the film maker is not moving the camera because. you have the camera you watching whatever you want to watch but then those sound special sound so we can directing did you know if you were and depending on the will you be you might see or not see something so you have ways to add two and three and that narrative and depending on the behavior of the person in the content with a three hundred sixty degree panorama viewers can discover new worlds and take on unusual perspectives such as that of a toy robot seeing the world through his eyes shows those things in a totally new light. that they can explore
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together new forms of storytelling so that's where you know i don't see. it we put i've seen many of you guys a reproduction of what cinema and cinema as its own language and its own reason to be and i think in many vo we have to explore what it could be we still don't know what it could be three d. holograms of actors could become a valuable tool but picture quality is not balanced enough to produce full length feature films yet. there's been some use to physicians i'm sure it'll make rapid advances and that other production science will spring up around the world right now there's only a handful of these kinds of studios and about the more there are the more standards and quality will improve and then it will make a breakthrough in the market. with system of. initial projects have already been completed using these new three d. recordings and by twenty nineteen volumetric studios are expected to be firmly
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and that was our snapshot. and as always to round off shift exit to our internet find of the week today and our box. in this video clip the start is always in the center right in the center in a perfect square or box just like the title of the film. photographer enderby meyers lives in new york and loves creating interesting arrangements some are confusing. others are harmoniously colorful some are full of surprises. or just cute. his movies offer a stage for his favorite objects from daily life. where practical and artistic. and next
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week just a few euros could get you huge returns at least that's what sports betting providers claim but players risk not being able to kick the habit compulsive gambling next week on shift. to go. before the new season kicks off we'll look at the highlights from last season. how buy a new one the championship get a good. house show a good time due to a top team. and wife number relegated for the first time. to go. to.
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some places may be difficult to find on a map. but nearly everyone knows their names. they stand folk world famous products for inventions. european tour of a different kind. now serious regional success story. the robots in a sixty minute d.w. . germany with. any time any place in. the news. media. i know that. they have at the back of those. songs to sing along to download if he has to come from
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super fancy to him to. have varied courses into active exercises are talking about d.w. dot com a splash documented on facebook in the app store. and jammin for free but w . rock n. i. love. sinful school condemned by the church. i know that evil feeling that you feel when you think. your past lives of music. stop hold no one is more popular than. good religious morality preachers subversive. battling with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion
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a clash that brings many. to light. or the two really so irreconcilable. current the devil rock'n'roll. starts august nineteenth w. . after the long hot summer break have you forgotten all about the bundesliga well we haven't before the next season begins kick offs.


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