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forest in central africa. their culture the state. coolio promised to his son literally like john returned to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result reversed culture. from the forest starts. w. hello from berlin great to be here again from a famous festival to fantastic food this is what's coming up in today's show. race the curtain at the edinburgh festival if anything go.
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to your house of horrors first of optimism has opened in walsall. on the big trip to switzerland home on the famous i am in china. i don't borrow is in the festival fever at the moment among all of us the french festival is in full swing it would have started a nine hundred forty seven as an event for fringe groups of that time eight independent theater groups organized this unofficial event which took place alongside the established edinburgh festival but thanks changed today it's the largest cultural festival in the what artists from more than fifty countries take part but with such a varied program and thousands of events it's not bad easy for performance to get people to come to their show.
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every august musicians acrobats and theater groups converge on edinburgh scotland for the fringe festival and for more than three weeks the venerable. historical old town becomes a stage for performers from all over the world. thank. god they fell full time coming out feet up in the sixty's time tough to. say much is just as well if creativity is unique. as far as i'm aware there's sales in the world where art just lives and breathes it's overwhelming but i think that the best bottom range where you go you get pulled into one direction or another you know what know what you're going to hear. most of the performers spend their day trying to get as many people as they can to come to the show. you come to the show to upsize place right now. more than thirty five hundred shows range from cabaret just stand up comedy to classical theater and musical competition is intense and.
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it's sad it's very difficult where i'm from nine o'clock in the morning just straight away fly or in other words or in silly stuff like jump rope pillars to try and just drop a tight chin because for so many people of course are pretty different things. singer emma jean has come with her band all the way to scotland from australia to play their latest programme titled broken romantics. will be appearing for a total of twenty one evenings emma dean already scored a big success touring clubs back in australia in edinburgh she and her band will have to do their own publicity out this scene with the east to sort of be on the street in a strategy of firing it's not something that was you proud to show you so it's a whole new world out but after last night we noticed that there that ticket sales have spiked so i think word of mouth is a really really. that's probably the best way to write
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a show i was over fifty thousand performances go to make this the world's largest arts festival it's been growing since it was first held in one thousand forty seven and just keeps getting bigger expanding to pubs theaters and even clubs and anyone who can talk their way into one of the three hundred seventeen venues can join. there's a cultural democracy that underpins the friendship so it doesn't matter if your kindness product or you're an artist who's performing for the first time you get exactly the same coverage in the brings program you get exactly the same treatment exactly the same slot and the bad news the host you use that there's a kind of beautiful quality to it it's. a successful theater groups come to edinburgh as well the cambridge footlights are taking their show pillow talk on a world tour the group from cambridge university was founded in one thousand nine hundred three and it's steeped in tradition. every year the company's lineup
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changes. stars like john cleese stephen fry and emma thompson were first discovered here the show's humor is typically british black and merciless. they didn't even have to drum up an audience. it's so much easier to sell people recognise me and think about i reckon i know the lives of people who come up i know on the top side which i watch and that is to try and then they kind of then come to see the next that kind of problem or. they come from a great tradition and face high expectations. such famous predecessors are a tough act for the new york sambal the follow. up you don't leave on bow the same evening just a few minutes walk farther on and the dean will soon find out how effective the publicity for broken. romantics was. the house is two thirds full that's relatively
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good. the audience is taken on a journey through lovesickness suffering and confidence the message is simple a broken heart can heal if you learn to accept yourself as you watch. the show with her voice is amazing i thought it was very unique not what i was expecting until her fully that morning and so most will just keep growing and growing which they seem to be doing really naturally i'm sorry just to get the show in front of as many people as possible to make a new connections. for this day and my gina and her band their dogs tomorrow's another day and another performance at the famous fabulist for it. there's also a big event taking place on bourbon streets at the moment but here at seoul about
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sports let's find out more and today's express. for seven days athletes and sports fans are gathering in berlin's western city center for the twenty fourth european athletics championships on the european model aficionados can try their hand at various events watch some of the competitions in berlin's olympic stadium and even see others up close and live shot putters will get things rolling followed by race walkers and marathon runners in december twenty six team bright child plants was the scene of a terrorist attack the organizers want the championships to stand for international understanding and the unity of europe. because of the heat wave the grape harvest in germany is starting three weeks earlier than usual like here in lots viler southwestern germany. as a little boy i always. to join in for the grape harvest in my parents' vineyard and
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i can't remember anything like this the harvest beginning in early august and the book on. the wine growers haven't been hit as hard by europe's try some are as others have a grape vines roots can reach fifteen metres down so the plants don't wither is fast. and german wine makers are already confident this will be a good vintage. the traditional summer opera festival is underway in verona italy thousands of music lovers use the opportunity to take in grand productions of the city's e.g. during. a production of george kino racine is barber of seville seven hundred seventy five has just had its premiere for more performances are scheduled anyone all these thirty the rhone opera festival ends on september first.
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we continue with music about a completely different kite auto bert's folding dominoes on the old woman had to market have in common they all part of christophe's assaults new album big song for me well the french artist is something obvious some collector is always looking for something new to incorporate into his experimental gest pieces in addition he shows videos at his concerts just like not have book. christo show solos performances are a dialogue between music and images a multi-faceted interaction of sounds voices and images that continuously repeat themselves. but i have exploited these repetitions allow you to explore the details of all the
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way to infinity. that i feel is to a just soul listens carefully to the sounds of whatever space he's in right now he's at the harbor for historical ships in hamburg not all places mean the same to him as a bunch of get the middle of it. i hear the same as everyone with this whistle is probably from a ship but that it sounds a bit people like but nothing very distinctive could stop them and thereby exist with it all the time is the other but there's nothing yet that i'm really interested sure the. result is about through them or more interested in specific thing as i can hear people speaking. us saying stuff i go with all the. folk from you know the case unless things like that and i heard this . subtly.
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in twenty fourteen took his film team with him to martinique that's where his family originated big son pays tribute to his parents who were killed in a plane crash. and you know it sounds like the apes in planet of the. possible that's not bad which works but for me to be really interested in the sounds of a place i have to be connected with it was an old walk people just working like the other girl was. last year she saw was invited to make music at the studio been
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e.t.i. in the french pavilion at the venice biennale zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one evening he came across these young women and recorded them on his phone. the next day we went to the studio in ethiopia and i harmonized their singing in attic ords to the melodies that you. could use it if you could have if i recognize their energy on. the floor they had this kind of craziness of youth that the acquittal in what i like best is people singing a capella it's what's easiest to harmonize almonds is it your. bag
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because still schussel has perfect pitch he needs it for his audio visual art he's been developing his sense of hearing since childhood. moved it that was just so my dad was a musician. and from early on in our learning. process he gave me and my sister some quite strict rules. he told us that whenever we practiced we had to say the notes whatever we were playing so if we played mozart or something it was like this it's the them with the ship it's with the. jewelry there's another view of the soul if you going to go there it's an excellent practice for hearing music without proper you know how you. just song doesn't only want to be able to hear sounds perfectly and recognize the notes he wants to capture there and
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since. we get to do the for the goal is to reveal things that are already there this is just a lucky solution i.q. exist that is all throughout like that sound the idea is to bring everything back into one straight line. to know what's. putting the world in order bringing in harmony and creating new realities. that's kristoffer sort of subject. from music to a museum but instead of looking at paintings all sculptress you can drink what
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sounds weird but the world's first voc a museum has opened as where of cross in poland a newspaper headline the vodka is part of polish d.n.a. and we learn more about the history of the national drink during a visit to the vodka museum. warsaw's new vodka museum can make qantas words of its visitors the vodka tasting is part of the tour and it promises to be a high proof experience it is the amount of course you don't drink it warm but it should be room temperature that makes a difference high proof alcohol tastes better that way and so this is a. must drive you to your health. your face now i wouldn't say it tastes good but that would be worrying if i had to ever tasted good to be ok i think of it peaches i know from my own experience the more you drink the better it tastes in smoke the. vodka is part of polish history during world war two for instance poles
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used the spirit to bribe the german occupiers it's been distilled here for some five hundred years so it first only for medicinal purposes enjoyment came later as the interactive museum shows that i have testable them we can read some very interesting things in this book from the sixteenth century the oldest one here to mention vodka. such as recipes for medicines come into. holes distilled what nature provided wheat rye and most of all polish potatoes vodka became the national spirit it's imbibed at birthdays weddings and funerals what. it was meant to mark the culture in traditional just like tequila in mexico with whisky in scotland and champagne in france the sump on the front. at nearly forty percent alcohol by volume it's not the healthiest drop could warsaw's new vodka museum does mention that too. and what vodka is
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for the poets jesus to the swiss many tells a regions i'm known for something particular we share some of them and i was serious regional success stories for example she's from switzerland phase this. would write it was named after the region from which it comes the valley in the canton of byrne this is the original even if for more than one hundred years the cheese has also been produced outside switzerland but for the alpine republic it is clear they can only be one real m. and. and that's how it is a hog she is made from cow's milk and comes complete with homes. even though many. also use the name the most and intel is the epitome of swiss cheese. markets editor says it is even more. these are all get picked this cheeses had an impact on
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our valley and it's still the king of cheeses. what makes them and toast a typical and unique is that it tastes almost sweet. and so is the valley in the canton of down in west central switzerland some one hundred thousand people live in the region which thrives mainly on dairy farming. to visit emma gave its name to the valley and locals are proud of that bridge with architecture from for centuries. not only in intel cheese is made in the region but with its unmistakable red label genuine him until it is easy to recognise. cheesemaker who knows toy he has to make sure that the consistency is right he can't lift the cheese himself because it's so big. in the sites there
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are historical reasons for that. the chinese used to be subject to customs duties at the border and because each wheel was taxed they were made as big as possible about one hundred kilograms. these weigh about ninety kilos which is a good size for us in the products you're on those. models for because we then cut the cheese into small rectangular blocks of one hundred fifty or two hundred grams . and there was for. tourists to visit a special showcased area and been told to find out exactly how the famous cheese is made. yeah. it looks like a traditional farmhouse. the cheese is still made in the traditional manner like most today's visit is one to know where the holes come from. them and all he's doing. emin tall is a cheese with large holes that go through to fermentation process lactic acid
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fermentation and the breaking down of locked and probiotic acid fermentation which happens when probiotic acid bacteria are added this only happens in emmen target and they produce carbon dioxide that confiscates and that's how these nice round holes are created to go also and. this is where the cheese becomes. then pressed into a mold and stored in a brine solution. the results go down well with this is it. my case it was nicomedes and she starts to have a certain bite to it via roma has to be a little bit pungent if you research a failed but. very nice cheese is fantastic the temperature is not too cold and it's stored for at least a year or a year and
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a half that's why the taste is more intensive. it's the infancy flemish. it takes about an hour it's across the region of every telephone north to south by car. and a visit to this mountain restaurant is always worth while. she finds its way into all the dishes here. so i'm i'm i'll just call them blue we use it in our code on blue for quite a heavy dish or we fill our ravioli with it for something lighter with tomatoes and all. to buy it would be from this. rose in the mentalities generous quantities of milk. and without the milk they would be no him and obviously the king of cheese. and what comes from your region and his famous were white that's what you want to know
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this week maybe it's a special building a tradition oh this or a piece of clothing as always you can find all the information on our web page just go to d.w. dot com. if you take part your name will automatically be entered into a prize draw with a bit of luck this year max watch will soon be yours so good luck now when you watch the next report from on high five serious you might think something's wrong with your eyes but trust me everything's fine we're looking at art that's quite clever optical illusions are a favorite for our five feature european artists here are. five european artists whose works will have you taking a second or third look. british artist howard lee reminds us that see should not always be believing. were you able to tell which of those hot dogs cams all popsicles was not the real mccoy. number five artists who make you do
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a double take. howard leave when it comes to hyper realistic drawings he certainly has the force. but he's truly great the. next stop is a veritable feast for carnivores courtesy of german artists. there's the full range of the products from sausages and how to mince meat except the only appetite they'll satisfy is of the home accessories for. number four in our list of intriguing artists who happens to be area every item you see in butcher's shop is actually a cushion made of fabric she stocks over forty products in her store. over in london the historic market appears to have crumbled overnight levitating.
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in fact it's one of a number of installations across the city crazy number three must of optical illusions. he specializes in fake facades such as this building which appears to have been flipped upside down. this house in the town of margate seems to be sliding down into the from the brilliant. it's all a question of perspective illustrated by the work of this. you have to be in precisely the right spot to see them. to. revel in deception. here being a computer bath comes in handy for the dutchman. the effect of his extraordinary paintings the first time on his laptop before translation of the street with a critic paint. the dummy
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here then this body painted. canvas she's also managed to get her time i didn't know and. the number one artist who makes use of twice. channel has had millions of views many tools of trickery op paints a black background and no shortage of ingenious. and tomorrow we'll continue with some really magical moments by the way you can find a lot of reports also on our facebook page that's all we have time for today but hopefully see again tomorrow i'm about and so i buy. on the next edition of your a man because six had
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a dragon watches over this house in the town block in central front and that's just the first of the morals of waiting visitors to the house of match the museum is dedicated to show motion hope it was famous as the father of modern stage match. your own natural porter megan leave volunteered to go inside focus focus i look and sound. good. on. the boat.
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the dawn of modern design nicholas kulish checks out both architecture in days south and orders and get in the mood for the articles highly anticipated hundredth anniversary i want to find out more about balance his legacy and. she takes a journey back in time into this place of revolutionary ideas not an architecture.
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thirty minutes. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers one official information as attorneys i have worked on the streets of many cantrips and they have problems are always the same fourteen solution ecology a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption to gun afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans the humans and seem right to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and weren't a d.w.i. .
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are we alone it's a fundamental question of humanity trying to figure out whether or not. life existed on mars pretty clear water was there quite a bottomless well that would be it's so on mars the atmosphere is one hundred of what we have here on earth it's very very cold at the best it's like we have you could imagine bringing some supplies to the. you know you do and build a little self-contained pressure vehicle or vessel which would be on the surface there are things like oxygen that you can harvest from the atmosphere to help make living possible. if you want to think of humanity if we really want to survive forever we're going to have to rob the earth eventually i know that seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. else.
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this is deja vu news coming tonight from bali and drugs and why fires across the globe what is causing these extreme weather conditions the view from space shows posh regions there's a normally a lush green a new report says rising temperatures into the simile disrupt the ecosystems we talk to an expert also coming up norway because in argentina prepared to lose only
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read the abortion should become legal the issue has been highly controversial in the home.


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