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the wife of a great fashion designer. starts september ninth w. d w news live from berlin a record drought turns vast areas of australia to dust it's the country's worst dry spell in fifty years and across the globe raging wildfires and extreme heat have scientists raising the alarm they warn rising temperatures could ever burst simply disrupts the earth's ecosystems and also coming up lawmakers in argentina are voting on whether abortion should become legal the issue has been highly controversial and divisive in the homeland of pope francis plus german brian air
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pilots go to join friday strike that has already disrupted the travel plans of more than twenty five thousand passengers they want the budget airline to give them a pay raise. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. australia's most populous state new south wales is gripped by its worst drought in decades with pastors turning to dust and heat waves scorching parts of asia including china and japan wildfires are raging in portugal spain and the united states so what is behind this extrusion weather around the globe well in just a moment i will speak with the environment editor but first this report on the high temperatures and fears that the earth's ecosystems could be irreversibly disrupt it
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. it's been more than fifty years since the state of new south wales in australia has seen a drought like this farmers pray for rain as their crops and livestock die some are forced to shoot starving cattle well others face the prospect of having to simply abandon their land on the other side of the world a similar story the french version mountains are simply too dry about half of this farmer's corn crop has already died in the us record temperatures are fueling the worst wildfire in california history the twin blazes dubbed the mendo scene a complex have exploded to cover an area the size of los angeles in less than two weeks. scenes like this are likely to become the new normal according to an international research team's latest study they call the trend hot house earth i said. it's when the climate is much warmer than it is today three to four degrees.
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four to five degrees warmer than in the pre-industrial climate. international climate targets aim to limit the earth's warming to two degrees celsius but scientists now think even that is too high setting in motion processes which could create a domino effect such as glacial melting researchers argue that without putting in place specific human made climate protections the seas could rise but up to sixty metres so how to curb greenhouse gas emissions scientists say we need to cut industrial carbon travel less by plane and car and eat less meat they say already the earth is on the brink of irreversible warming with severe effects like those in australia the government there has announced a multi-million dollar relief package for farmers but with dry conditions forecast to continue that may not be enough. and let's get more on this now we are joined by
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sonia deane she is the team leader for environment and she joins us from our studios in bonn welcome to you sonja you just heard there that one of the states in australia is in one hundred percent drought with one of the driest winters on record how dire is the situation. well droughts are common in australia it is the driest continent on earth and it's been predicted that climate change would make australia hotter and drier so now we're seeing these predictions come true apparently climate change has altered the weather more modern and is causing the rain that would normally fall over new south wales to shift southward so that rain is falling into the sea instead of over land over this land that is in such desperate need of that moisture you know and it's hot not only in australia we've also seen this around the world and here in berlin for example it's nearly forty degrees today can we attribute all of this to climate change. well he waves and
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drought are natural parts of the earth's climatic cycles but what we are seeing as a result of climate change is that the frequency and the intensity of these droughts and heat waves are increasing so for example this heat wave that we're currently experiencing in europe scientists recently determined that this was made twice as likely as a result of climate change. we heard in our piece there about this new study warning about what's called hot house earth is that the direction that we're heading in and should we be scared well it is alarming and just explain what those scientists did was examine various epics in the history of the earth they looked at our current climatic situation and they projected some possible scenarios and they found that even if we do manage to limit global warming to under two degrees celsius as is the goal under the paris agreement even with this warming could
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trigger a cascade of feedback loops that could heat the earth four to five degrees above pre-industrial times but to be clear this is not a sure thing it's just one possible scenario. some alarming insights there and so new jamie thank you so much for joining us to share them. germany has wrapped up a deal that will send migrants who have been registered initially by spanish authorities back to spain this deal it will come into force on saturday and spain has become the main entrance point as we know for refugees crossing the mediterranean more than twenty three thousand migrants entered spain and twenty eight thousand according to the un that's many more than in italy or greece to deal with spain allows german authorities to reject those refugees who have already been registered as asylum seekers in spain german chancellor angela merkel wants to reach similar agreements with austria italy and greece. arjen time lawmakers are due to vote today to decide whether or not to legalize abortion it's
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a controversial decision with fiercely polarized campaigns for and against the proposed bill the powerful catholic church has been campaigning to get the upper house of congress to reject the measure but there has also been strong support for the pro-choice lobby especially amongst the younger generation in june congress's lower house passed the draft legislation by the narrowest of margins but this time it is widely expected to fall short of the votes necessary to pass into law. and our ethics and religion correspondent martin jack is following the abortion debate and the decision which is expected to be handed down today in argentina there and martin what do you think we're going to see. read no it looks like the know will actually take the day there are thirty eight bodes that have been sort of declared for the no against thirty first but we have to bear in mind that when it actually cleared the lower house in june the situation was very similar and they started
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with no essentially and then this of course turned the other way so it's hard to say why is this such a polarizing issue especially in argentina i think it's a polarizing issue everywhere you look essential because there are of course religious intuitions but there are also moral intuitions i think the. particular already of the latin american gays. there are real really no defenders to be found of abortion i mean the discussion concerning the freedom of the woman to choose or the freedom of women to choose is really quite marginal most of the discussion has been centered around abortion is something that is already happening is something that we cannot really stop the question is what are the legal instruments that were going to blow you and your there are two more you laid it it is very very clear number one that criminalizing women has been nothing but a failure of a policy and this is throwed left in america the sick and broke them. to some degree abortion law to america something that is really at hand if you have enough
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money so the problem this presents is that a lot of women that do not have access end up dying in dire situations or end up in hospitals this shows that there is a lack of equality in front of the law this is a very different picture for the debate and this is at this time what we're hearing in the senatorial debate which is what is that we're going to do about the things that are really here with us it's not whether we allow them or not it's what do we do with them and you know amid all of this we know that argentina of course this is the home of pope francis for example on he's known as a relatively progressive pope when we compare him to popes of past times where does he come down on the issue and how is the catholic church influence in the the catholic church by and large an entire structure of course takes the position that the catholic church usually takes which is anti-abortion but argentina led america by in large it's a very peculiar region so argentina has a group which is actually quite powerful has become quite bird for all over the last couple of years called got to look women for choice or for the right to choose
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discussion of things i mean catholics that stand in pro-abortion grounds or conservatives that are actually sort of siding with the pro-abortion forces whereas you have people on the lift that actually take a much more cautious approach abortion is something that. so the future of the pope is important because the church is important but it should not be read as a sort of black or white thing it most certainly it's not martin gak following the abortion decision in argentina for us it's going to be a close one and we thank you for putting an end to context for pleasure. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world the democratic republic of congo's longstanding president joseph kabila will not run in the upcoming election according to a government spokesman the announcement and months that speculation kabila second term officially ended in twenty sixteen but he had refused to step down now he has chosen former interior minister a manual ramadani to represent the ruling a m.p.
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coalition in the vote. zimbabwe's main opposition party says that it will formally challenge the results of the country's presidential election nelson chamisa and his m.d.c. party narrowly lost last week's poll to president anderson and not a god was an o.p.'s the result sparked protest that was met with deadly force by the military involved ways the electoral commission has dismissed allegations of fraud. and indonesian officials say that the death toll from sunday's earthquake in long island province has risen to one hundred and thirty one with more than fifteen hundred deemed to be of the wounded aid workers have been struggling to reach victims in remote areas and many are believed to still be buried in the rubble over one hundred fifty thousand people have been displaced. now tesla could be taking a very different road in financing its ambitious goals and beneficial and has that
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story thank you sir chief executive below musts ones to take the electric car make a private because the shares surged by eleven percent on the news before trading was halted for more than an hour on tuesday and wednesday the board of directors said it's going to evaluate the plan. if musk can succeed in taking tesla private it would be the largest leveraged buyout in history. musk tweeted on tuesday that he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars a share saying that he'd secured funding a deal at that price would represent a price tag of about seventy two billion dollars he didn't say where the funding was coming from shortly after his tweet musk published a letter to tesla employees on the company's blog where he said that going private would be the best path forward and would allow tesla to operate at its best free from distraction and short term thinking going private would also be one way to avoid close scrutiny by the public market because few did publicly with regulators
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critics short sellers and reporters some analysts believe he would prefer to have less transparency the company is still trying to overcome production challenges which have held up its new model three sedan on which tesla's profitability rests that hasn't stopped musk from announcing major projects like multibillion dollar facilities in china and europe analysts have expressed skepticism at those plans statements about taking the company private are facing similar doubts but if followed through this could be a make or break moment for the silicon valley company as competition from european automakers is poised to intensify with new electric vehicles from our d. and jag you are with more rivals to follow suit next year. i asked. if it's right. strategy by a social media. twitter is relatively new in this context of course rules and regulations of how to make these at hoc announcements or so it's very important but
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it seems to be legal i want to read something to you from those rules on fair disclosure as they're called and it states that companies are required and i quote to distribute material information in a manner receipt reasonably designed to get that information out to the general public broadly and non exclusively and that is of course precisely what twitter does it is certainly broad it is not at all exclusive anybody analysts investors anyone can have it so there you go it's a deliberate it's so it's transparent but is it spot it's probably not smart and i would think it's probably not smart specifically when you look at the loan must because you don't musk is a serial tweeter like some other people these days making the news are and he doesn't always take it seriously april fool's day this year he tweeted that test just went into bankruptcy now that is not really a joke when you're running a seventy billion dollars company that can really start shock waves and resent the
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markets down not only for one company this is problematic you can't joke like that in such an irresponsible way as though of course people wondering with him specifically is this is serious announcement is that show he names the number for twenty he wants to pay four hundred twenty dollars and people said well for twenty is the marianna reference it's stolen languages or is that a joke is that code nobody really knows and now the company's worth even more because the surge of share is set up the market valuation of the company of course makes little muscular rich he made more than a billion dollars yesterday just like that because he owns about thirty three million shares and they went up thirty seven dollars each so he made a tremendous amount of money but it's just about the same amount of money that short sellers lost those investors that are betting against tesla they lost over a billion and they actually lost over. six billion in the last two years iran must must be liking that much more than his own riches of course briefly wouldn't it i
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mean is it also quite a bit going private i know why the big car maker has done this. i'm sure there are lots of advantages as far as the long must and his strategy to feel a very ambitious man or is he wanted to from there he held accountable to shareholders and regulated exactly well or once you are listed on wall street you're not only accountable but you're accountable to your shareholders on a three month basis quarterly numbers so of course wall street favors short term thinking and that of course means that as a c.e.o. you might have to make decisions every once in a while that help your numbers in march and june or so but that are detrimental maybe to your long term strategy into your vision. you want to keep that vision alive thank you. german ryanair pilots have just voted to join this we dish belgian and irish colleagues in striking on friday and of the announcement ryanair already cancelled one hundred forty six flights to destinations all over europe affecting more than twenty five thousand passengers those numbers are said to rise
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as the german pilots join the twenty four hour strike to demand a higher base salary ryanair argues pilot salaries and not to guard pilots are also fighting the airline of a base transfers the maximum number of flight hours promotions and annual leave. let's pull in our financial correspondent correct booze in frankfurt any sign at all of ryanair budging on this. no ben and if we token take into consideration how the management of ryanair has handled recent conflicts with the union it's likely that this will escalate further in ireland after pilots went on strike ryan air threatened to transfer planes from ireland to poland and force the employees to also move from ireland to poland the management in the negotiations with the unions here in germany has talked about potentially doing something like that here as well that's why it's so significant that in this case
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unions from four different countries of the european union are acting together it's a first for such concerted action they're joining their forces in order to try to prevent the management of ryanair from playing of one side against the other economy by passenger numbers ryanair is europe's largest airline how's this going to bookings. well run itself doesn't give exact estimates in the case of those islands strikes the managers have said that they have had a negative effect on bookings and in the long run of course this indicates that the times of thirty to forty euro tickets are over as you know also ryanair will have to do something move and as you know the.
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unions are acting in concert of action on the european level it's not likely that you know the super low costs will hold at ryanair ok troubling times for flying europeans the caribbean in frankfurt thank you. in troubling times for the prime minister absolutely has been a lot of hot water banned because the former malaysian prime minister not a browser has been charged with three new counts of money laundering at a court in the capital kuala lumpur razak is already facing charges of breach of trust and abusing his position in connection with a multi-billion dollar scandal involving a state investment fund that denies any wrongdoing but the accusations have led to his stunning fall from power and a host of legal troubles. yet another day in court for malaysia's former prime minister najib razak he's accused of pocketing the equivalent of more than ten
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million dollars from a company linked to the state's investment found one m d b. now j.p. did not guilty and was released on bail but this is just one small part of a much larger investigation that could see the former prime minister spend the rest of his life in prison if you simple meant is proved. emotions run high when our jeep was first arrested last month after police said he and his associates had stolen billions of dollars of public money from the state fund to finance a lavish lifestyle. rates on his properties turned up a trove of luxury items such as handbags and jewelry who worth more than a staggering two hundred seventy million dollars. investigators also said nearly seven hundred million dollars was transferred to not sheep's private bank account. in a recent interview he again denied to the charges are worse nor didn't have any knowledge
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whatsoever of monies coming in i would not have couldn't do it and you're going you know. the investigation has now also spread to other countries including the u.s. this yacht's was impounded in indonesia after requests by the u.s. department of justice it's one of thousands of luxury purchases they said were made with money siphoned off from the farmed. out the allegations of corruption at the highest level of society have caused outrage in malaysia they contributed to not sheep's defeats in the general election in may it was the new government who insisted an investigation into not be reopened after he had initially been cleared of wrongdoing while in office. now the hope is that justice will be done.
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the european athletics championships is underway in berlin and on thursday germany's hopes rest on an athlete who overcame many odds to represent her country discus thrower claudine vito was born shortly after her parents arrived in germany from angola and sought asylum now after a successful train your career she is ready to prove that she is europe's best. claudine v.t. has medals in her sights she's already thrown her personal best this year sixty five point one five meters and now she heads into the qualifying round of the european championships in berlin ranked second this is how moment. vettel i was in the stands at the two thousand and nine world championships in berlin as a fan now i can hardly wait to experience it all down on the field as an athlete needed in. the tour was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety six in frankfurt
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oda near the polish border have parents fled there from angola and spent many years in a home for asylum seekers they weren't easy times for the family but sports helps claudine to find her way in life and overcome plenty of obstacles including racial discrimination. it doesn't matter what skin color you have just long as you stay true to your roots and your country so i'm so happy that i can represent jam he championships. claudine beats it was already a force to be reckoned with youth level she grabbed gold at the under twenty and junior european championships and that's despite her rivals towering over one meter seventy nine feet is a good ten centimeters shorter than the competition in the discus circle. and. i may be smaller than the others but i have very long arms which gives me a wider radius when i say. i believe the smaller you are the more nimble you
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are in the circle. and her coach asked that combine knows a former olympic gold medal winner and shot put make the perfect duo ahead of the competition they're using every opportunity to make minor improvements maybe that'll be enough to help claudia vito bring home a european championship medal. good luck to our now to tennis to multiple grand slam winners showed signs of their best form at the toronto masters standout rink over kane. three sets meanwhile reigning wimbledon champion novak djokovic had a slightly easier path into the second round. stand in orange must have been fearing the worst against nick carried off a full steam the australian it's hard to keep up with. the curiosities form can change dramatically from one set to another in the second very brink or took the initiative aided by an injury to his heavily strapped opponent. five wrinkle now
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how about feel for his ranking has slumped off the true new yorker a shins last year. but he's getting back to his best the majestic back had flowing again this way swept through in three sets. novak djokovic which is another veteran big name who's had his share of injury problems in recent years too good for the relatively young they're both doing minutes of pressure which. are to even the best get bokes down in frustration djokovic should render to break in a second search. and then to design ground some of. the bad moods didn't last long he completed his reign on a tie break tougher matches await. sprinting legend you saying bolt's has confirmed he will train with a professional football club in australia the eight time olympic champion will be
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joining with the central coast marine ors for an indefinite period since retiring from athletics in two thousand and seven bolt has made no secret of his footballing ambition and had a trial with the german giants percy adornment back in march most recently the thirty one year old trained with the norwegian top flight side strong as god set his new australian team have stressed that he will not be guaranteed a professional contract at the club. and in motorsports debt stricken formula one team force india has announced that it will come out of administration after a group of investors agreed to a rescue package the team went into administration in july with former cowen or v.j. madea under investigation for fraud in india the deal means that force india will be able to take to the great at the next grand prix of the season that's in belgium later this month. just pick mind out the top stories we're following for you here
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at e.w. as he pleads grip large regions of the. scientists say that they fear rising temperatures could be a reversible a disrupts the earth's ecosystems and the paris climate accord might not do enough to stop it. and don't forget you can always get t.v. news on the go just download our app from global player from the apple store it will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can use the app to send us news relevant photos and videos and you can watch this program on live stream. and with that you are up to date i'm sorry kelly and thank you so much for joining us have a great day. touch move. on i'm. going to move.
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on. to move. on. to. the business of beauty women and men are spending more and more money to look good . business studios are booming and the cosmetics industry is turning record profits . and if that's not enough there are other methods. because looking good is the key to success. made in germany austria totally. in charge of the conflict zone with me should sleep on from the. treatment
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of migrants to freedom of expression to n.z. tara lives on standards of human rights across we're all slipping my guest in ghana is michael flood the director of the agency focus on the men through gods does he believe you up is doing if ten to protect human rights conflicts so far in sixty minutes d.w. . rock'n'roll. sinful lives condemned the church and all the evil feeling that you feel when you cite the apostles of his music car stop will come. rock
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and religion clash that brings many parallels tonight for the two really super reconcilable coming to the devil long can. storms aug nineteenth t.w. . looking good but at what cost in this edition of made we look at the global beauty boom i've been fizzling thanks for joining me these days in hats in your appearance can be as easy as opening an app we tried it out on me have a look smooth the skin feel blemishes get rid of those duck rings bigger eyes.


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